Wife fucking best friend - Part I

Things got out of hand

This is something that happened a whole lot of years ago on a Friday (I don't
remember the date exactly) when my gf and I had my best friend over for
dinner. At that time I lived together with my girlfriend (I'll call her Anna)
for approximately 2 years. We have a steady relationship with a normal sex
life. We were both pretty 'normal' in bed but we both didn't
have anything to complain about. Anna was 22 years old back then. She was a little
overweight back then but a very sweet faced brunette with green eyes.
Diego is an old friend from school. Spanish, a bit short and skinny like I am
but he was really goodlooking. He is a bit of a ladies man and had just lost a
girlfriend to India. She had moved there with her parents and left him heartbroken.
We invited him regularly to our house to eat and watch a movie.

So that evening we had dinner together and went on to watch the first video. In
our appartment we had only one large room that was our living and
bedroom at the same time. We had a couch that can be changed to a bed
and because we were very lazy we always left it open. We always
changed into something 'easier' when we arrived from work and jumped on
the bed to watch television. So we did that day... We were all very
comfortable with each other so Anna was wearing shorts and a loose
long black 'sl**ping dress' with a bra. This was no shock to Diego as he had
slept over a few times, so he knows us very intimately. Anna and Diego had a
very good relationship. They were always flirting with each other in front
of everybody. It was nothing more than a game and everybody involved
knew that.

Well, take this setting and our history together, add a few drinks and
you shouldn't be surprised that something happened! We were all three
half-sitting/half laying down on the bed. I was laying to the left,
Anna in the middle with her head on my shoulder and Diego to her right
on his side. I had a perfect view on Anna's tits from above. She had
huge tits back then (double DD) and they were pushed together providing
a view of her cleavage that always turns me on.

Like I said we had some drinks and were all three a bit giggly. At a dull
moment during the movie I found myself looking at her tits.
I said "hmmm, great view from here..." and I immediately added "...look Diego, look!"
just to embarrass Anna. Diego, daring as ever lifted his head and looked!
Anna then hid her cleavage with her hands while laughing out loud.
She acted embarrassed like a little innocent schoolgirl but in fact didn't really care less.
We continued watching the movie but I had already lost my concentration.
I felt a sting of erotic tension when Diego looked her up and it felt so good,
reminding me of that night in 1999, that I wanted more...

I slowly started to play with her titties using my right hand that I had laying around her.
As she didn't object I continued. I moved my hand in her shirt and
cupped her tit and tried to find the nipple through the fabric of the bra.
I started playing with it and it became hard.

She still didn't object and laughed about stupid jokes in the movie and
Diego's hilarious comments. After a while I began using my left hand to
feel up her left breast. Diego by now had noticed my actions but acted
as if he had seen nothing. Anna however playfully hit me on my hands
and quasi-angry told me to stop playing with her tits. I just grinned,
cupped both tits and saw my chance!

I asked Diego again to look at her titties. "Diego, look at these titties,
wouldn't YOU play with them if you had the chance?" Diego lifted his
head again and had a nice view before Anna tried to prevent it.
"Yeah, if they were mine I wouldn't stop playing with them!", he said.
I was surprised to see Anna playing on with it. I was feeling quiet
horny by now. I suddenly felt the need to play around with
my girlfriend in front of my friend, even showing her to him. I wish in
retrospect we had a video camera back then. But I didn't know how far she would
go. I said "If you just lay down on your back at least he can see how I play
with them without him hurting his neck!" She laughed about it and quasi-
protested but I pushed her on her back and hold her until she kept still.

I laid down on my side next to her and started playing around with her left
breast. Diego was laying down on the other side watching what we were doing.
Anna then surprised me yet again when she yanked Diego's hand away and put it
on her right breast saying "You can do the right one otherwise
it will get jealous". Diego pulled back his hand in shock and looked at
me saying sorry with his eyes. I was shocked too but laughed at it so
he noticed I wasn't upset or anything. My heart was racing. You experience this
excitement totally different with booze than when under the influence of xtc.

Anna meanwhile laughed out loud mumbling apologies. She then said "Hey, I
thought it wasn't fair, he can only look while you play!" and laughed again. It
was clearly alcohol talking. I had never seen her do something like this when
drinking. We had not planned it beforehand, we never even fantasized about it
together in bed. It just came out of nowhere! I said that it was ok with me,
but that he wouldn't dare anyway. Anna then moved her head towards him and
called him a "chicken". She then tried to put his hand on her breast again
while teasing him. He tried to resist but when I started to encourage him he
finally reached out and put her hand on her breast.

Anna said "You see, it's not so hard". I then pointed at his crotch
and joked "it is! it is!" and we all laughed breaking the ice definetely.
Diego then lost all inhibitions and slowly started to rub her tit and nipple.
He still looked a little bit uncomfortable but he didn't stop. Anna encouraged
him saying it felt good. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes while
'watching' the movie.

I don't know about the others but I really wasn't paying any more
attention to the movie! I guess they didn't either because nobody
laughed anymore about the jokes. Meanwhile I was moving with my hand
all over her body inside her shirt. Anna then suddenly sat up,
took of her bra and exposed her tits for a few seconds before pulling down her
dress down again. She laid back again, took both our hands and placed them on
her tits again without saying a single word. I loved it when she took command!

Diego was startled for a second but he started fondling her again
so it seemed he got over his primary shock. I was really surprised
because she has always been so self-conscious about her body. She would
never wear a bikini for example. But it seemed she didn't care at this
moment. I continued with caressing her tits, neck, belly and arms.
Diego then started to do the same. I moved on towards her shorts and entered
my hand in them. While I was trying to enter her panties too Diego took
over 'my tit' and now was taking turns on both.

We all didn't say a single word anymore. We also didn't look at the television
again as we were both looking at Anna who was trembling under our hands. She had
closed her eyes and opened her legs a little bit to make it a little
bit easier for me. Then I took my hand out and moved myself down to her
legs where I took off her shorts. She opened her legs again and I
started to rub her pussy trough her panties. Anna then suddenly moved
her hand to Diego's dick and started to rub it through his jeans.

Meanwhile I had already discover that I had more interest watching Diego fondle
my girlfriend than getting of myself. I was so aroused that I was trembling
from excitement. In my head I was already thinking of how far this could go,
would this be it, or could we go all the way? Would I like that? I know that
when you are excited you want to things you would normally not do, but afther
the excitement goes you are sometimes left with some perverts remorse :)
Could I ever talk normally to Diego again? Would he look down on me for sharing
my girl with him?

But those thoughts vanished quickly as I put my fingers in her mouth and
imagined those lips around my friends dick. It would look so slutty, so hot.
I then decided to take things a bit further before it would stop and
asked Diego if he wanted to kiss her. He answered me silently by moving his
head to hers and they started to kiss passionately. I was having a perfect view
on my friend kissing my girlfriend while she was rubbing his dick! I told Diego
to take off his pants but then he said he had to go for a quick pitstop.

I watched Anna carefully to see how she would react because I was afraid that
this would end it all, but she just laid down there and kept kissing me.
I told her I would get up quickly too to get our camera (still no digi-cam) to
make some pictures. That is when I shot this picture.

When Diego, who by now had gotten rid of his pants, shirt and socks returned
you could clearly see his hardon through his boxers. He laid down next to her
again and they both started kissing and touching again like if it was the most
normal thing. I got up myself to copy Diego and took of my clothes
until I was left in my shorts too. I lied down to her other side and
she immediately moved her hand inside my shorts and grabbed my dick
that was very, VERY hard.
Meanwhile Diego had seized the opportunity and
had moved his hand towards Anna's legs where he caressed the inner
side of her thighs. He then slowly moved towards her pussy where he
moved his fingers under the sides of her panties. When he didn't
encounter any objections he moved his hand inside her panties. Anna
reacted by moaning and moving her legs further apart. She had also
grabbed his dick and was jerking off both of us by now.
Diego had lost it by now and fingered her passionately with his finger(s)
while rubbing her clit with his thumb. I watched from above for a minute
to see his vinger enter her pussy.

I then got on my knees next to her face on the bed, pulled my pants down and
offered my dick to her mouth. She opened her eyes and started to suck me like
crazy! For a second I though I would cum too early. Diego got on his knees too,
probably aiming to be sucked off too but unfortunately for him it
didn't come that far. Anna started to breathe heavier and faster. She
appeared to be closing to her climax and started to suck me off even
faster while she was really pumping Diego's dick. Diego also started to
rub her faster and really worked on her clit. This went on like this
for a full minute until she came like crazy.

I was afraid to cum too and ending the party too early, so I pulled back and
reached for the camera that I had prepared. I now moved on to 'Directors Mode'
and told Diego to drop his trousers too. He hastely took them off and
positioned himself on his knees again so I asked Anna to hold his dick in her
hand so I could take a picture. His penis wasn't very big, even a little
smaller than mine which isn't big to begin with, but who was complaining? :)

Anna did as I asked and I went on to ask her to lick the tip of his dick.
Not only did she do that but she took the whole tip in her mouth and started
sucking him off. So far the scene by scene direction. Diego then took matters
in his own hands and sat with his knees on each side of her body hovering above
her chest. I took a few pictures of her sucking him off (*) and then stopped
making pictures and moved closer to see her tongue playing with his dickhead
from nearby. It was the first time I saw my girl (any girl I ever dated) suck
another mans dick, and it was mesmerizing.

Then I said I wanted to see them fuck. The issue was that we didn't have any
condoms in the house, neither did Diego. I really didn't care at that moment
because I trusted him and she was on birth control anyway. And I wanted to see
that dick entering Anna! I asked again, "Anna do you want to feel him inside you?"
Yes, she nodded and opened her legs as an invitation.
I didn't even have to ask Diego and he certainly didn't seem to care about the
condom issue. He moved back between her legs and moved her legs up by her
knees. I told him to wait for a second and put his dick between her lips before
entering her SLOWLY. I was then able to take this pictures.

He fucked her for a minute or two, playing with her legs while I was kneeling
next to her so she could suck me off again.
When he was about to cum he looked at me and asked me if he could cum in her
pussy. I told her yes, but Anna, almost inaudible said no, I want him to cum in
my face. I was actually happier with that plan so I moved away and let Diego
position himself above her again. I told him to wait until I could position
above his head to take a few great pictures (this one I did NOT lose thank

I asked her to stick out her tongue and he grunted like an a****l when he came
on her tongue but also on her lips and cheeks. Up until now this is still the
most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life. Even though more adventures
where about to happen.
To see her eyes looking into his with a glazed look, waiting for him to deposit
his cum in her mouth, probably not even noticing I was standing there watching
them....Seeing his semen splatter on her tongue like in slow motion. I wish I
had a video of it!!!

Unfortunately the picture quality isn't that good to see the drops of semen on
her face. You can see her squint her eyes though when a stream hit her

By now I was ready to explode and I was happy that he didn't cum inside her.
I was excited as hell, but I still didn't fancy the idea of sticking my dick in her
with his cum in it. Somehow the love for creampie never took of with me ;)
I put her legs around me and started fucking her like a maniac for not more than 20
seconds with my face close to her cum-covered face before I came in her like a
wild a****l. I wanted to cum in her face too but I felt so good I just came
inside her.

(*) I don't know how, but we managed to lose these BJ pictures!

The Aftermath

We then all three laid down on the bed. I felt a little bit of embarrassment
taking over from my horniness. For a moment I didn't know if we had done good
doing this. I felt a little bit weird with the fact that Diego had
fucked my girlfriend. What would he think of me now? And how would she feel?

Anna was thinking something else because she moved her head towards me and
whispered: "I hope you aren't mad with me...?". I nodded that I wasn't and she
kissed me on the cheek. I felt a little bit better now. I guess we were all
three a little bit embarrassed at that moment because we didn't say a word and
glazed at the television while caressing each other. After a while Diego
excused himself, picked up his clothes and moved to the bathroom where
he cleaned up and put on his clothes.

I asked Anna how she felt about what happened and she told me she felt
a little bit embarrassed towards me and Diego. She was afraid that I
would think she was a slut now and would leave her. I felt relieved that
she wasn't mad at ME for encouraging her so I told her that I wasn't mad at all.
In fact I felt incredibly aroused about what had happened and that I was definitely
not mad at her. But I told her too that I wouldn't kiss her again until
she had brushed her teeth!! She didn't get it at first but then she
realized she still had Diego's sperm inside her mouth and turned red
while biting on her hand in shame. :)
Diego then entered the room and said he was going home. I guess he felt
a little awkward. Anna sensed it and tried to assure him by asking for a
kiss before he left. They kissed and she told him he had been wonderful
and asked him if he didn't think bad of her now. He replied that he loved
her and she smiled in relief. They kissed again and then he left.

Anna moved to the shower to clean herself up. When she came back we talked
about what had happened. I asked her how it felt to have two men fondling
her and she said it was great. She felt like the center of the world.
I also
asked her if she would ever want to repeat it again with him or some
other friend. She looked at me, biting on her underlip and with a
naughty twinkle in her eyes. "Maybe, I don't know" she said but it
seemed more like a "YES!" to me :)

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Thanks :)
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a DVP is still on my wishlist, a baby not so much though ;)
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If these story true lifestory, you are very smart hubby and avesome guy. It is better for
you to have enough and very well fucked your wife ... under your wish and addmits, than have to fucked her weak/bed ...... Now, you both could have to rich experience how is good sensual DP or tripple penetration might to be... Amazing is share that so stretchable and widely woman's holes. Her pussy and anus is Gods creation for
huged and stregth fucking, and her pregnancy leads her womb and belly for maternity
and POWER to birth a child. Even a smallest baby during birth is most larger than twoor three huge cocks....
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Hot! Lucky man!
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Very nice! Would love to have someone fuck my wife while I watch.
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it was! hope to finish the background stories for the other picture sets soon :)
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great story thanks for sharing sounds an awesome night.x