A set of instructions

I sent my lover a set of mildly specific instructions as to what I wanted that evening, my sexual appetite often changing, this way he would know exactly what I was in the mood for.

Lover, here are your instructions, I have laid out everything for you in order from closest to the bed to farthest in order as per the instructions.
1. Get home, come inside.
2. Close the bedroom door.
3. Put the blindfold and handcuffs on me place my hands over my head, give me a kiss.

I had laid out the handcuffs, blindfold, lube, toys, a riding crop, and cock ring all the things I thought would be necessary for what I had in mind.

4. Lube up one of the anal plugs of your choosing and put it in me.
5. Put your penis in my mouth and let me suck on it.
From there the instructions became less specific I wanting to give in to whatever he had in his mind. But I supplied options; tease me with the dildo for a while, or remove the plug and insert the next bigger one, or put a rubber on and have anal sex with me, whip me with the riding crop, give my nipples attention, or put the cock ring on because I like the way the raised bumps on it felt as they rubbed against me. I also wanted to suck on his dick more before we had sex.

I had been fantasizing for the better part of the day about what I wanted which had only heightened my anticipation. I lay ready for him across our bed waiting the long minutes until he arrived, replaying the instructions in my mind. I hoped there would still be an unknown element to our playing.

I heard his car pull in and I lay there waiting and waiting for what seemed forever until he finally came in closing the door behind him. He smiled at me and looked at the items put out before him. I love watching him undress finding something so sexual in his body a treat just for me that I always take pleasure in. He picked up the handcuffs and blindfold coming around the bed to my hands placing them in the handcuffs and tightening them down onto my wrists. The blindfold slid over my head, he adjusting it over my eyes and behind my head gently. I rested my head back on the bed feeling his breath as he kissed me.

My heart thudded in my chest being all keyed up as I was, ready for our adventure. I had purposely unfastened the caps to the lube earlier so I would not hear them opening but I heard him by my feet now. 'What was next on the list, I replayed it in my head, one of the anal plugs'. It was slightly cool as it nudged against my opening seeking entrance. Slowly it worked in till I could feel it was all in there as he worked it in and out. Then he started sucking on my clit, licking my juices, the slight stubble from his facial hair further exciting me. I've never been much for having oral done on me, enjoying sex far more, and seeing it as a delay in what I really wanted, but with him I was growing to like it. I squirmed around slightly knowing I wouldn't get off this way but enjoying the sensations. The plug came out to be swapped for the next size up having grown used to the last one I liked the increase in size. I could feel the tightness and warmth starting in my belly as I flexed my muscles while he continued licking and sucking on me, then tweaking my nipples.

He stopped and pulled the plug out and I gave up on running through the instructions again, eagerly waiting for what was next. Again he came to my head his penis glancing against my lips. I took the head in my mouth, it was a slightly odd angle but working down his shaft hungrily. I thought as incredibly hard as he was he must have the cock ring on but he didn't. I was pleased that he was enjoying this so much and I was impressed with his dick as well. It seemed to change sizes at random sometimes slightly longer sometimes thicker then was normal this time it seemed to do both. Infatuated as I am with everything about him I wanted sex but also wanted to keep him in my mouth. I know that he isn't likely to get off from oral either so I would at some point get what I was wanting.

Pulling away from me part of me was disappointed but the rest of me wanted him in me more then that. I waited as patiently as I could to see where it would lead. Not needing any lubrication he slid his penis in me. It is an incredibly delicious feeling when we join together as I wriggle under him as I flex my muscles tensing and releasing against him as his head hits the perfect spots. His rhythm strong but slow I tend to like deep hard thrusts as compared to incredibly fast. My eyes closed under the blindfold I wonder if he is looking at my breasts but know his eyes are probably closed too getting lost in the feeling. I often think I am going to pass out when I orgasm with him as I feel it building knowing I'm getting close and he can feel it to knowing we're in sync and he knows as I do how our bodies respond to one another. Lights start flashing behind my eye lids as heat spreads through me and I start coming as he is now pressed chest to chest with me I hear it in his breathing then he groans something indescribably pleasurable and I can feel him twitching aware his muscles are convulsing and that his body wants to stop moving because it's overloaded with the sensation. I know his eyes have rolled up in his head and the feeling is flowing through him as he spurts inside of me. The blindfold had slid off by now and he lays there on me as we catch our breath smiling at each other and sharing little kisses of affection as we often do, his penis nestled inside my warmth and both of us content to leave it there.
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3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Very sexy scenario! - Peter Pan
3 years ago
Loving this one