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I'm not sure even at this point if my sexual likes are a product of something I was born with, predisposed to be open to what I am, or if it is a learned response from those that taught me. My sexual universe seems to be ever-expanding born from the good, the bad, the strife, disappointment, and randomness of the lovers I had. This is a recounting of a man from my past who helped mold me into what I am. I can't say whether I am grateful for the man he was but I can see the positive in what I learned in my time with him.

He was a backwoods, small-town, d***k, with a standard sized cock, and a foul mouth-one never shy to treat you like the slut he saw you as. I can't say we ever cared about each other as people in a relationship would but we were there for each other's urges as much as two unattached persons can be. I at that time started fairly young and inexperienced becoming a lush with time passing I became what I thought was a 'good' lover.

We started innocently enough messing around in my f****y's house, my first taste of a man and I liked it though I had no idea what I was doing then. Time passed till we met up again, I'd had a few guys but looking back now had learned almost nothing. My education began slowly sneaking out the window to have him pick me up or evening trysts before curfew. When I began to drink heavily I believe I started to come out of my shell I could excuse my behavior on the liquor and let my inhibitions go, small town chatter can be deafening.

Meeting up more we became more in tune to each other I finding a taste for roughness, the smell of sweat, beer, and cigarettes. He the kind of man who would tell you that you were a whore and then the next breath tell you to come over to fuck cultivated a like for being somewhat subservient. I liked when he screwed me hard in our d***kenness, when it took hours for him to get off because he had 'whiskey dick'. The next day I would look at my bruises or scratches proud of myself wearing them as badges of honor but somehow felt something was missing, knowing I was simply a piece of ass for his use. I tried using him as much as he used me but these things always get muddied up.

One afternoon we met at the park near our homes walking together up the path into the woods. I was excited to have his cock and thrilled that we were in the open park. The possibility that we would get in trouble if caught never really crossed my mind although someone seeing us was arousing to me. I didn't know then the terminology for the things I like. We walked off the path slightly into the woods and he told me to strip. I did immediately knowing that if I didn't he would just as easily walk away. Naked I stood before him as he got undressed his dick hard, I wet and ready for whatever he would dole out to me. He indicated I should give him a blow job so I knelt before him as he firmly grabbed the back of my head ramming his cock down my throat, thrusting in and out his pre-cum slithering around on my tongue and in my throat. I couldn't pull away I knew because he had a handful of my hair but I wouldn't have anyway I liked what he was doing I liked that he was in control. He continued until my throat was feeling sore, he would have been fine feeding me a load of his semen but the alcohol constantly in his system meant he would need more then that.

He picked me up running his penis into me, using a tree behind me to support part of my weight. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck the scent of him alluring to me as he kept jamming upwards into me. He played with my breasts pinching the nipples as he smiled telling me what a slut I was but I didn't care what he said I was enjoying his cock banging around inside of me. The tree bark was grinding into my back the pain searing but welcoming as he pinched my nipples and bit them causing me at every moment to be further aroused. I wondered if he would want to put it in my ass today, he knew I liked it and was surprised when he found that out but sometimes he would with hold something I wanted from me just because he could if he knew I wanted it. The only thing he ever heeded was if I wanted it harder but he enjoyed giving it to me rough.

We fell into a steady fucking rhythm he inflicting pain on me at his whim the look on his face showing how much he enjoyed it as cum built up in his balls. The pain on my back echoed the pain of my nipples, the angle we were at perfect for him to grind against my clit while pummeling my insides until my muscles clenched and spasmed around his dick as I orgasmed. He kept pumping away at me as I felt the tell tale signs from his body that his load was coming. He put his cock in deep as he could as his sperm flooded inside of me. Then like nothing had happened we got dressed and left.

As I grow sexually I seem not to fit into any one category liking seemingly everything that I have tried with very few exceptions as to things I would not be interested in. I wonder if it is possible to like everything, to be capable of being subservient to someone and yet dominant to another person. I have learned from my lover that it is okay for me to like everything and that respect trust and love for your partner enables you to be open sexually without inhibitions or fear and that it deepens our understanding of what we are and how connected we can be with another person.
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