new and nervous 2

continuation of new and nervous

...I hoped i was doing this right. She grabbed my head pulling it as tight as I thought possible against her as I moved up an down till the tip of my nose was covered in juice as well. My pulse thudded up my neck into my ears as she stuck two fingers in me massaging forward looking for my g spot while she sucked and nibbled on my clit. I could feel my muscles tensing deep down inside me thrilled that she was so good at this. I felt a little odd that I was going to get off before her possibly I thought I wasn't doing it as well as her but I'd never done this before. I needed to stop thinking though and just enjoy what was happening. She pushed my head away from her and slithered farther under me as she began yanking her hand up an down harder against my clit as her fingers banged around inside me my muscles started convulsing. I closed my eyes thinking I might pass out for a moment as white lights flashed behind my eye lids. I flinched as she bit my nipple. Damn I liked that. She stayed latched on only releasing when I started orgasming.

I opened my eyes staring bleary eyed at her as she smiled up at me. I couldn't help but smile back as she wiggled upwards placing her dripping wet slit in front of me. I told her to close her eyes then I sat there looking over her body. I got up as lightly as I could gently pulling my dresser drawer open to retrieve a dildo and lube. Quietly I tiptoed back over as she shifted up an down needfully on the bed eyes still closed. I didn't warn her but she seemed to like it as I slid the lubed dildo in a gasp releasing from her lips. I rubbed some lube on her clit breathing warm breath on her to induce the warming sensation, she arched upwards. I needed her to get off now as much as she wanted to herself. I sucked her clit running my tongue over it, flicking it as I slid the dildo in and out in deep firm strokes. She screamed and startled me as she started coming and for a moment I didn't know what to do so I continued doing what I had been until she pushed me away. I looked up at her for approval, she smiled and nodded then got up and started putting on her clothes
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3 years ago
Lovely first try at lesbian love.
Tasty story! ;-)P - Peter Pan
3 years ago
Nice story, but why "nervous"?