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She sat down on the bed I didn't know if this was just a strange coincidence or something she had been wanting as well or if it was only fueled by the lengthy day spent together now dwindling into the early morning hours. Had reason left us and tomorrow we would see it starkly different? I couldn't pass up the chance, knowing it may not happen again, to fulfill my curiousness a desire I'd hidden that could now be given in to. We looked at each other unsure how to start, understanding how liquid courage often played into these situations and the excuses it could bring with it. I placed my hand on her inner thigh massaging slowly upward until I could feel the warmth where her legs met. She lifted slightly pressing against my hand.
I was nervous and fearful not being one for foreplay and wondering how my lack of liking such things would help or hinder my ability to please a woman. I knew how I liked to be touched but new each person was different. Maybe the idea itself and the newness of this tryst could carry us through where experience was lacking. I'd started something now that I couldn't turn away from. I unfastened her pants glancing upwards to make sure I hadn't been mistaken on what was going on here. She smiled a little shyly as we wiggled her out of her pants. I looked at her clingy thongs noticing that in my hedonistic haze I liked how they accentuated her lips which I knew were hiding under the scant fabric. I placed my hand between her legs again rubbling her with a firmer stroke feeling the heat and a faint moistness as her breath took on a different pattern. She retreated further onto the bed shimmying out of the thongs on her way. I crawled towards her as her had rose quickly to help me out of my own pants.
I wondered for a moment if she had done this before as her hand worked its way down parting my lips, finding me already turned on she smiled. Still on my hands and knees I got lost for a moment in the sensations she was creating. The tip of her finger was sliding easily around the opening as she kept pulling her hand backwards dragging it across my clit. I had forgotten for the moment this was reciprocal but glanced down to find her legs parted wide open for me. My heart was racing a million miles a minute as I looked at her swollen lips, protruding clit, and the sticky wetness we had generated. She lay her head back as I started kissing her stomach easing my way slowly to suck her clit into my mouth. I ran my tongue all around as she shifted pressing harder against my mouth I opened my mouth wider running the tip of my tongue to her wet slit.
I couldn't resist it any longer but she pulled away. I looked at her confused but then understood what she was doing as she turned around squirming underneath me till she started licking my juices which were accumulating quickly. 'God I thought it feels so nice how will I be able to concentrate on doing something to her' thought was to be left out of this I decided action was the best thing to do. I dove down burying my tongue inside her as deep as I could then started rocking my mouth up an down hitting her clit with it. Her taste was incredible I knew now how people could say it was addictive. As I ran my tongue firmly to the left and right I hoped I was doing this right...
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3 years ago
Sexy shyness rendered in warm words! ;-)P(eter Pan)
3 years ago
nice looking for next chapter
3 years ago
You really create a moment, your words are very....well spoken (or written as the case may be) something you rarely see on here, well done x