Sex with strangers

We went to a quiet alley and I pulled my pants down and bent his way. He pulled his cock from his pants. A not too long fat cock, I love those fat cocks. Don’t get me wrong I’ll try to take any long cock that fucks me but I kinda dislike the real deep fuck and prefer the stretching of my ass a lot more. I stood there like a whore with my ass high up in the air while I pulled my cheeks apart, showing my gape to him. He looked in it and was inspecting it, getting his cock hard by doing that.

I could feel the head of his warm cock against my ass rim, and it opened me up completely. He stood with his back against the wall and it was clear to me that I would have to do work and fuck myself. One of my favorites things that really makes me feel like a filthy whore that is dedicated to getting ass-fucked. I could easily stretch my rim around his head and I could feel his thick cock entering very slowly. We took a while with this moment since it was really exciting and we both started longing for the moment of actual penetration. Meanwhile he pulled my hair and pushed my back down, making sure I created a nice arch that would push my ass up. Standing like that and getting fucked requires a lot of effort and that’s what I really like about it, like I said before I really love to do all the work and be used for ultimate satisfaction of the other person.

I stretched my ass far enough to swallow the head completely and we we’re just relaxing while I could feel his head getting bigger and harder. He had a good potency and rock hard cocks like that are the best and most easy to fuck! It was time to get in to a bit more action, so I f***ed myself down on his cock while standing in an arch with my hands stretching my ass. I wanted to show him how good I was and how easy I would take his cock, so I slid down slowly and it finally disappeared all the way inside me. Satisfaction was great at that moment since I didn’t had anal for a while and I started my high-pitch whore moaning and I knew I would get a proper anal orgasm. He was silent during the sex but his incredible hard cock told me enough.

So I “sat down” on his cock for a while both just enjoying the warmth and juices of our bodies. I could feel my ass getting lubed by his precum. It was time to fuck myself, I was longing too much for it. I spread my cheeks as far as a good and started to fuck myself in really high tempo, ofcourse my ass had no problem with it and with cycles it was as wide as it could be. The stranger enjoyed my loose ass and seemed quite surprised by telling me he didn’t expect this anal to go so smoothly and that it actually felt like he was fucking a whore’s pussy.

Stranger: “Just keep that ass coming baby”

Me: “Use me whatever way you like, just make sure you get satisfaction “

Stranger: “My cock is satisfied so I am satisfied, you’r the best ass I’v had for a while”

He was still standing against the wall and I was riding his cock with a slow tempo and gentle approach. Ow I was getting satisfaction as well 

Stranger: “ I love to see my cock go in and out that hole , i see how your rim tries to hold on to it when it’s moved back out again. Just lean back against me I want to push it in till our balls touch”

I ofcourse did as he pleased and pushed myself all the way on his cock. My greedy ass easily swallowed it could feel his hard cock inside of me , he knew how to work those cock muscles cause he moved it up inside me and I really loved that.

Me: “Oeeeehhh that fits daddy”

Stranger: “Let’s get in a bit more comforting position back at my place , I want to see you naked and get my cock sucked while I’m relaxing on the couch”

We went to his place wich was a 5 min walk and we took of right where we left of ….

Stranger: “Undress yourself and get down on all fours in front of the couch”

I did as he asked while he sat down on the couch and opened his zippers and pulled his cock out.

Stranger: “I got a wig here , I really would like you to wear them”

I’v always got excited by crossdressing but never tried it cause I never had to balls to confront my fucking buddies with those fantasies. This was going to be my night ! I eagerly put on the wig and some fishnet stockingsand sat down on all fours again. Just as I was starting to feel a bit silly things we’re about to get on fire.

Stranger: “Turn me around and show me that ass, spread that hole for me !”
I turned around and stretched my ass and I could feel the lust starting to pump again.

Stranger: “Look at this … a fucking fatter ass that most of the girls I fuck , fucking pretty. Fat whore seducing me to fuck you. I can fucking see my precum in that fucking gape. How about you come suck that cock clean , where you left your filthy juices on ?
Me : “Can I” ?

Stranger : “Don’t talk you pig , just get here and open your mouth”
With strong f***e he took a hold of my head and pushed me towards his cock.

Stranger : “Don’t you fucking suck on it yet , just make a circle and keep those lips wet. Keep that tongue down I just want to glide over it k ?

With my eyes I agreed with him and he put his cock in my mouth , just laying it down on my tongue. I could taste the bitter sweet of my ass and I could feel lot of precum rolling out on my tongue. It was really fluid , nice salty taste … the good stuff 

He slowly started fucking my head and I tried to keep my mouth in such a position that I would give him best satisfaction when his cock entered. Not sucking and not using my tongue as he wanted, just a hole where a cock could be put in.

Stranger: “Don’t you gag on me , just get it all down your throat. Swallow it before it becomes too much. Don’t want cum stains around the place.”
He jammed his cock in my throat and just kept it there for a few sec , then moved back out a bit again and kept repeating. My whole mouth and throat were filled with sticky icky and I got a lot of satisfaction at that moment.

The stranger pushed me aside and it was clear it was time for more ass fucking ! He made clear I had to sit on his cock, while he layed down on the couch. He wanted me to sit with my face towards his.

So I sat down and put my hole on top of his cock.

Stranger: “Look at that cock when it goes down your ass”

I put aside my own hard cock and balls so I had clear view of that thick cock that was about to get inside me, again! I was naked, he still had his cloths on … just his pants down a bit so his cock could get out. His strong hands started touching my body and I felt like a whore that was pleasuring him. My ass was gaping on his cock and it was really sucking it in, so I spread my ass and instantly his head disappeared. I let out a moan and I just couldn’t resist to drop down on it.

Stranger: “Yeah just sit on it and relax a bit , let it get deeper and feel it grow insided of you”

He moved his cock muscles and I could feel him moving and growing inside of me, so fucking hot! My own cock was rock hard and leaking a lot of precum.

Stranger: “Don’t let that dirty cum of you get on my cloths, anything you leak you better catch with your hands”

I did like he said and kept one hand under the head of my cock to catch anything that came out of it .

Stranger: ” Don’t you think about cumming now , you do that when we are done k… The only thing cumming is my cock in your fat ass”

Me: “I’m afraid my ass will cum, I can’t help myself”
His cock was reaching maximum size in my ass and I could feel him pressing up my prostate, god I love that feeling of rock hard, warm, sticky cock inside me…

Stranger: “You sick fuck and you’re supposed to be a man? How can a man have a fuckhole that can cum? Start riding … Do it gently just moving those hips and that fat ass. I want to have that ass rim slowly stroking my cock.

I put down my feet aside his body and got up just a little so could move up and down slowly. Here we go ! I did as he wanted and started in slow tempo , my ass feeling and enclosing every part of his fat cock. Aw yeah I was getting fucked and I couldn’t keep my voice down, I sounded like a whore and was making a lot of noise in the middle of the night. The stranger that was probably affraid of waking up his neighbours and them noticing he was fucking a man quickly turned up the sound system a little with the remote.

Stranger: “That’s it , just do your job aaahhhh so relaxing… You can speed things up but I’ll blast quick so be aware”

Things started getting more intense as I upped the tempo and I could feel my ass getting stretched real nice while his precum was dripping out of it. I was starting to sweat and really enjoyed this work-out wich was really good for my condition and general health.

Stranger: “Ahhhhhh keep it up girl cmon , you’re gonna make me cum !”
His cock was really getting way too hard for him to keep it up very long and I had to focus not to let it slip out of my ass cause he was just stretching it to very large gape.

Stranger: “When I cum I want to you to sit down on me and stop fucking yourself k ? I want it deep inside of you and don’t want any drop leaking out of you”

The moment was there and he put his cream inside me, a true moment of joy and satisfaction. I could feel the warmth of it deep inside my ass / belly and I made sure I tightened my ass up so nothing would leak. Really wanted to make sure all that good stuff stayed in me and I could carry it along with me home for some fun afterwards. It was a lot of cum and it was clear this man didn’t masturbate a lot !

He quickly pushed me of him and told me to get dressed and get the hell out of there. That’s what I did and that’s what I wanted. I couldn’t wait to go home and have fun with his cum in my ass. I rushed towards my apartment got in the bathtub and pushed my fingers in my ass, when I took them out his cream was all over it and I had a proper taste of it while I pleased my own cock. What a tremendous night :D

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9 months ago
Hot story!
9 months ago
Always a fan. Well written and very hot.
10 months ago
now that's a story ! instant fav :)
10 months ago
love it
10 months ago
You wanted it, you got it....nice!