Used by a gorgeous ladyboy.

(Yeah it's been a while but i'v been busy … doing the thing in real life with a new guy i met and there is not much need for xhamster at the moment :) . The story below is based on a true experience and i just changed a few details to spice it up a bit)

This story is based on a true experience and happened a few years ago, on a great night out in Amsterdam. It was before i had sex with guys on a regular base and i entered a complete new and exciting world...

During that period of my life i was single and i only recently started watching ladyboy porn and started to like seeing dicks in my porn collection. I noticed it when i got very interested in blowjob video's and actually was looking more at the dicks than the girls.

So me and a random friend went out for a night. Just a good night , dressed good , pockets filled and ready to burn the money and hopefully get laid ! We had a great night , went to good clubs with the quality movie and met a lot of female potential. Still every guy knows that you have to be really lucky to get a woman in to bed and it just was not our night. We decided we'd go for some food and while we we're eating we started to chat a bit. I'll name my friend Steven.

Steven : Quite a night huh ?
Me : It was great , shame we didn't score some women.
Steven : Well , we didn't score yet...
Me : Nah I'm fed up, bit tired.
Steven : Nah you can't be tired, the best is still to come ...
Me : The best ?
Steven : Yeah , i know a few clubs and bars arround here where you can easily get some. It's just a bit different, but i think you don't mind.
Me : Don't mind what ? Be clear man , don't like guessing.

Steven and me discussed ladyboys a couple of times and Steven claimed he fucked several, I claimed that i had no interest in them. But he probably knew better.

Steven : Ladies pretty and trashy as hell , just a dream come true. They have more to offer than your average club whore.
Me : I think i know where you're heading, i'm not in to that.
Steven : But i am, we're going to take a look and you are comming with me.
Me : Well, that can't harm too much i guess.

In my mind i got excited and scared at the same time, i actually noticed my heart rate going up. I was very curious of what i would find there.

We went to a street that's known to where the gay scene is located and i could already see ladyboys and transexuals walking arround. Some would upset me but to some i actually felt attracted. We went in to a bar and Steven clearly seemed to know some people here. It didn't took long before we were speaking with these 2 gorgeous looking young females.

We had a bit of chat and we started ordering drinks for them and i really felt great and the adrenaline was pumping. After a lot of drinks and dancing i started to talk 1on1 with 1 of the girls named Luna.

Me : So you come here a lot ? (Yeah lets just say i benefit from my looks and not my opening lines)
Luna : Yeah every now and then , whenever i'm in the mood.

I was stunned for a second and looked at he pretty face and the thick trashy makeup, perfect breasts and large ass that was amazing !

Me : The mood ?
Luna : For partying...
Me : Define partying for me please :)
Luna : Heh , partying for me is doing whatever men like you want to do to me.

Boom , the hearbeat went up and i could actually feel my dick itching !

Me : I'm not sure what i want to do at the moment.
Luna : You know what you want , you just can't accept it yet. Haven't tried it yet, you have no idea how horney it makes me.
Me : I make you horney ?
Luna : Yeah you do handsome , it's mostly freaks arround here. My friend and me we're waiting all night for someone like you and your friend to turn up.
Me : I'm not sure i can satisfy your need..
Luna : I'll make sure you can , i'll help you with that.

Luna grabbed my hand and dragged me back on the dance floor, turned arround and pushed here ass against my crotch. She started grinding it slowly , with good f***e but not too much. My dick been hard for a while and it felt like big release of pressure, just being able to rub it against her ass. She put her hand in my neck and pushed herself on to me. I could smell her delicious fragrance and couldn't help kiss her neck a bit.

She started whispering in my ear..

Luna : Stick it right between my cheeks.

I reached for my crotch and put it right between, so i was actually rubbing my dick along her asshole.

Luna : Aw thats it , i can feel myself opening up. Fucking hot. Mmmm

At this point i was beyond all boundries and my mind was only focus on fucking this girl, didn't even care she was atually a he. To me she was a queen ! She was wearing very thin and tight black leggings and bent over a bit while she was grinding my cock. I could actually see the rim of her ass , well at least the shape in the pants and i was completely focus on it. I took out my finger and i softly rubbed across it.

Luna : Mmm , you see you want that hole , you'll love it.

Without putting f***e on it i could fill it actually trying to suck my finger in and i really got in to the game ...

Me : Thats a greedy hole you got !
Luna : It can eat all day... never satisfied.

During all this we we're dancing in the back of the club and no one seemed to be noticing us, it was crowded.. only a few girls standing next to us stared a bit and i could see them getitng a bit nervous.
We went to the sitting area , ordered another drink and just relaxted a little.

While sitting there, i looked over her body again and i could see a firm swollen cock in the pants. It kinda scared me but also interested me a lot. Luna noticed me looking at her cock …

Luna : You can touch it if you like , go ahead.

She took my hand and before i knew it my hand was on her cock.

Luna : Don't make jerk movements , just move your fingers gently arround the head.

I was very excited atm and i broke the boundry of hesitation at that point , i didn't mind the cock anymore i fell in love !

Me : Damn thats a nice cock, it's fucking bigger than mine !

Luna : Yours is smaller indeed , i just felt that. I'd say it's average size, i wouldn't get a lot of satisfaction from it...

Me : Uhm ok , so what you mean by that ?

Luna : If you'd think of fucking me tonight , think again. There is no way that tiny thing is going inside me

Bam , she quite destroyed my mind and i felt very humble. Here words didn't actually harm me since i got quite strong confidence and i actually enjoyed someone degrading me …

Luna : I'm fed up , walk me to my home.

We went for a walk and she took me trough a big park. It was dark and there was clearly no one arround except for a few d***ks and people fucking. (Wich we couldn't see but the park had a reputation for it) All this time is still was quite excited and was kinda hoping things would still turn arround and she would invite me in. Somewhere in the middle of the park we walked down a very dark and silent place and Luna suddenly stopped.

Luna : Get on your knees …

I responded like a dog and was ready for anything to come.. and in my mind i actually hoped for her cock to come out again. She took down her leggings and i could see her cock being tied to her belly with some kind of special belt. She took it of and a huge stiff cock popped out like a jack in the box !

I was drooling all over the place and my heart was pounding like a machine. She put her hand on my head and hit me with her cock ! Oh my this was something , i could feel her pre-cum leaving staines on my face.

Luna : You made me horney , you're not going to fuck me so you're going to suck me.

Me : Can i please ?

Luna : I have to piss first , but i don't think you mind sucking the pee leftovers out of my cock ?

I couldn't care about it , i couldn't care i was about to suck a cock. To me she was still a girl and the cock was just an extra toy for me that i haven't discovered yet. Not one moment i thought about possible consequences or possible diseases i could get from sucking a strangers cock. It just didn't bother me at all. She started pissing straight next to me and i just watched , even this actually excited me more and Luna noticed it.

Luna : You're a filthy whore you know that , whores don't fuck me … they suck or get fucked nothing more. You fucking seduced me and then i get that pathetic cock. Sorry but my ass is probably to loose to even get a grip on that thing ….

She was done peeing and started pulling my hair and pulled the cock on my face … I could smell the pee and it made me crazy. It was so nasty and dirty, i wanted to taste it !

Luna : Keep your hands on your back , if you touch me i'm gonna knock you out cold and open your mouth. Show it to me !

I did as she replied and was eagerly waiting for her cock.

Luna : Bah , you don't have really good teeth.

She took out a small bottle of mouthwater from her purse and handed poured some in my mouth. I cleansed my mouth with it , spit it out and did the same another time.

Luna : I'm probably taking a risk by sticking my cock in there but you're lucky im in the mood !

Luna : Allright i'm going to put it in your mouth but i want to contact yet, i'll tell you when to close your mouth just open wide enough so i can enter.

I spread my mouth as far as a I could and she entered … I could feel the warmth from it. I was going crazy and it was very hard for me not to close my lips arround it and suck it empty like a mad man ! I could feel a little salty and sour tingle on my tongue and i knew it was little bits of precum. I was very happy to taste it and gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Luna : Allright that's a good start so far , you can close your lips arround my cock. But i don't want to feel that tongue yet or anything else. I haven't cum for weeks so

Ofcourse i did as she wanted and i close my lips just arround the end of the head of her cock. It was quite cold outside and i really enjoyed the warmth comming from it. I also remember how hard her cock was and how stiff her balls looked. Clear signs she was telling the truth about not cumming for weeks .. My spit and her pre-cum we're mixing up in my mouth and in no time i had no choice but to start swallowing it. Not that i minded it ;)
Luna pulled her cock back and i was scared i did something wrong.

Luna : I'll give you a good taste k , stick out your tongue.

She hold her enormous dick with 1 hand and smiled a bit.

Luna : You're a weird guy you know that , first you want to fuck me and in 1 hour i have you craving for the taste of fresh cum ? Unless i am mistaken ofcourse.

Me : You are not , i want it !

Luna: Then i'll give you some.
She started jerking of her dick while i was still kneeling with my hands on my back and my tongue out...

Luna : You better be ready …

Luna started to slap her dick on my tongue and i could really get a proper taste from the source. Ending up with large strings of her pre-cum dripping on my tongue. At this time i realised i didnt even get a proper suck . She was just using me as a fucking cum dump ! Still i was happy enough my tongue actually had touched her dick during the slapping :)

Luna : Your candy is comming , when i say suck you on my knob like its a lollypop...You'll be like a vacuum cleaner k ?

Yes , here we go ! My dick was hard as rock and i could probably cum if i only touched it...


She jammed her cock in my mouth and i got high from satisfactiom

Luna : AWWW here it comes !

She put her hands on my head and put her dick actually in my throat. I was sucking as hard as i could and then i could feel warm liquid being inject inside my throat and i was having a gag reflex. I was so fucking hot that i started rubbing my crotch and i actually came inside my pants ! I remember that feeling of that sticky cum getting actually stuck in my throat … lovely !

While she was cumming she pulled back and i immediately stack out my tongue. More cum was cumming and she layed her dick on my tongue.

Luna : Use your tongue as basket , don't spoit it just keep it there for a while !

As she wanted i managed to keep the cum on my tongue for quite a while and experiencing the taste sensation. I just loved it how she made me enjoy the taste of cum , this was not cumming in the mouth as duty. I actually believe I did enjoy it more than she did …

Luna : Stick your tongue in my piss hole please …

She spread her cock a bit and i gently pushed my tongue inside , shame there was not a lot of cum left in it since i sucked so hard most of it was already in my belly.

Luna : Awww yes that was a relief , well i guess i see you arround in the club ? You'll lick my ass next time k ? Ow you can swallow the rest of my cum now.

Me : Yes

Luna just walked away and left me in the park with the cum in my face and i swallowed the rest of her load while walking to the train station. I didn't even bother removing the stains on my face in fact i wanted to keep them on and jerk of to them later that night when i was at home.

We'v met some more times but those are stories for a different time :)
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1 year ago
i like that story!!!
1 year ago
Damn that is one hot story!!!

1 year ago
@pat4tights sorry voor de late reactie maar kom nie echt heel vaak op xhamster , weinig tijd maar dat was volgens mij the eagle en prikbar ? Als ik me niet vergis hoor , ik ben er maar een paar keer geweest en meestal behoorlijk van de kaart ;)
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
I live in amsterdam, what club did you go to?
1 year ago
those are the best experiences