Amongst friends

Growing up as 3 horny teens was tough on my group of friends. We were so horny we couldn't even figure out how to get laid most the time.
One of my friends was the worst. Always talking about it.
We'd go over to his house to watch sports or play video games, after a few hours he'd always find a way to pop a porn on. Always. Now watching porn with 2 other guys always felt a little weird to me and my friend Brad. We were normal teens at that point and too worried about what was gay or straight.
Finally after a while I mentioned to Brad, "I swear if John does that one more time, we should just whip it out and go at it. Maybe it will stop him"
Of course it was only a week later and we watching some boxing and drinking a 6 pack of beers one of us had stolen. Being young, the beer went straight to our heads. Sure enough, after the match. Out came the video.

Now John's tastes were great in my opinion, big ass, and lots of anal. Normally I wouldn't get aroused because of my discomfort, but between the 2 beers(I was a lightweight) and excitement I quickly sported a firm young dick.
After about one scene I undid my pants. John and Brad both noticed subtly but said nothing.
Slowly I took my self out of my pants, and Brad manned up and did the same. I'd never had gym with Brad, and had never seen him. I was impressed with his large cock. Both girth and length were large. It had a softer quality. Meanwhile my head was huge and swollen looking. I noticed John was glancing nervously over from his end of the couch and light rubbing himself.
"what are you guys doing?"
"I figure I might as well do what I always do for good porn, and jerk off dude"
"yeah, what do you expect john?" Brad followed
"Oh, ok" He replied
He pulled down his pants. He whipped out a slim and firm cock. It was smaller than mine, but only barely and mainly due to my larger head.
Now since we were all youngish and smallish(well brad was a bit bigger, but it's relative) we all fit with room to spare on the couch, I was in the middle But after a few minutes of light stroking I said. "you guys should scoot in, we should jerk each other off, it'll feel better than doing it ourselves like always". I had expected some resistance, but between the light buzz and huge arousal there was none.
It was the first time I'd touch another man's penis.
Johns was firm, slim and slick with precum in my Left hand.
Brad's was slightly softer and larger in all ways. His cock was pretty impressive. Brad grabbed me low on the shaft while John played with my swollen head.
We all stared intently at the larger woman getting railed in the ass. In only 30 seconds I could feel John start to swell up, I knew what was coming. Him.
I don't think he fully expected it, he squirted all over his chest, even hit himself in the adam's apple, and covered my hand. He quivered almost longer than he lasted.
"dude, you totally came too fast!"
"sorry man, you were right on how good someone else's hand felt! I'll go get a towel"
"don't bother man"
"I'm sorry"
"Dude, you owe me big, that looked like it felt great"
"yeah it did"
"John, you totally have to put your mouth on me to make up for it. You know, suck me off"
"what?! Dude, no way. That's gay"
"no man, it's only fair. It's not gay if you're not the one that want's it"
Brad chimed in, "fair's fair man, you did blow fast" (I think he wanted to watch)
Brad and I kept jerking each other. John looked perplexed and worried, and finally relented. He bent over and wrapped his lips around me as Brad jerked me and stared. After a few seconds I felt his tounuge flick my head. It felt amazing. For Now I love blowjobs, but they never make me cum. Just something weird. So even being young and horny, I was not going to cum. I felt Brads hand slip away as I thrusted up more against John's head. I heard him choke a little, but I think so many hours of porn had taught him to relax and keep at it. Brad wasn't even pretending to watch the porn any more. I could feel his cock firming more.
"John, I'll be honest, I don't think I'm going to cum. You're off the hook."
He pulled up, "good, I was worried you were going to cum in my mouth"
"Yeah, but I think you have to suck Brad off instead"
"Dude, really?"
"Yep" I could see that John seemed to relish being dominated slightly, who knew.
So john crawled over my lap a bit and put his lips around Brads larger cock.
As he did this I notice John's still dripping cock had firmed back up and was poking my lap and my own cock.
I started playing with his balls and perineum(gouch) with my slicked up left hand. I knew from my own experience how great the felt.
Brad sat there smiling from ear to ear watching me touch John while John sucked him. I light touched Johns asshole with my sticky/slick fingers. As john's head went up and down, I started to lightly work my finger against his hole. I knew from my own body how good a light touch felt here.
Brad's eyes got larger, and I could see the ecstasy on his face.
Gradually I had worked my finger up to the middle knuckle. slowly I worked it out. John squirmed just a little but kept at it, harder then ever. I could hear him gasping slightly and gagging occasionally. Slowly I worked my index finger in an out. Then my index and middle.
Brad was making panting noise I could see his face tighten.
I heard John gag hard and Brad's whole body stiffened.
John pulled back and took the second and third large strands to the face.
"fuck man, you could have warned me, I look like her" John said, besides a little quiver he didn't even seem to notice my fingers sliding from his ass.
"Sorry John" Brad replied sheepishly.
"Yeah Brad, I said he's should suck you, not get a facial from you" I said.
"Sorry, sorry, I couldn't help it. It's a great video" Brad lied.
So there we sat, me in the middle hard as a rock. Brad with cum leaking out and John nealing next to me.
"Brad you totally owe me now" John claimed with his hard cock ready for action again.
"I guess you're right" Brad said, he was always about fairness.
"Actually, I think Brad owes me first. Since it was me who had you suck him off john.
Brad barely took a seconds noticed and slid down to start sucking me.
"Don't worry, John. I'll have him do you too, that was poor form. Just jerk yourself nice and hard".
John did what I said. Once again I reach behind him to touch his ready asshole.
His ass seemed greedy for my fingers. He didn't say a word, but stayed kneeling towards me and brads fast moving head. Jerking, and lightly pushing his ass against my hand. Brad was really earning his. He cupped my balls and was working his tonuge and taking my huge head against his throat. It was always joked that Brad followed me, and he was eager to serve after I'd gotten him a blowjob. I felt so much pressure and so close, but I couldn't cum for him either.
"Brad, you're amazing but you can stop"
He looked up dejected.
I got up from the couch, "time for you to suck John"
So now John was near one side kneeling upright, and Brad on all 4s sucking him.
I turned my back to the tv and felt Johns tight ass thrust into Brads head.
I worked my right hand into John's ass this time and took his left with my slicked left and reach towards Brad's ass. We caressed his balls and area together. My other hand fully finger John's Ass.
Brad took initiative and switched from John's cock to mine and back. He worked both of us in, sword -ighting us into his mouth.
Finally I had John work his finger into Brad's ass slowly. Brad squirmed. I think he'd never explored his body as much. I stepped back slightly.
I enjoyed watching Brad suck John as John thrusted into his face and against my fingers. All while John's arm reached back and lightly finger Brad's asshole.
Slowly I stepped around behind John and slid out my fingers.
My large head was glistening with pre-cum and Brad's saliva, I lightly pushed it against John's ass. Searching for his little butthole. I found the spot and pushed. I could feel an incredible tightness. Even loosened by 2 fingers for a while John's ass felt impossibly small against my head. I could hear him gasp as I pushed.
"relax" I whispered into his ear. Slowly I felt bit by bit slip into him, until I felt his butthole slip past my head. He groaned a mix of slight pain and ecstasy. John stiffed his whole body.
"don't go more" he said
"i won't"
Brad tongue John's cock and caressed his balls.
Slowly I slip in a bit further
"ok, that's good" John said.
Gradually I worked in further and further. I could tell my head hit something good as John moaned in pure pleasure.
I pushed in all the way slowly and firmly. There we sat locked.
I started slowly backing out and John gasped more.
I whispered into his ear "I want you to work brad's ass ready for us. Save something for there."
I pulled back until I fell his butthole against my knot of a head. I paused.
I pushed back in, slowly, but faster than before.
It went on for what seemed like hours. I'm sure it was mere minutes as I pumped John's ass. I had barely noticed he had worked a second finger into Brad's butthole. Finally John started thrusting back into me hard and rapidly and forward into Brad's mouth. I felt his butthole clench so tightly. It was like it was milking my cock.
John came another 5-6 ropes into Brads Mouth. As he did I Felt my head swell one more time. I couldn't help myself and pounded John's ass hard. It felt amazing to fuck and ass for the first time and feel it orgasm around me. I felt my load around me in John's ass. After savouring it, I pulled out. I saw Brad swallowing the load John had given him. John's fingers were still in his ass and I could see his large cock had gotten hard again...
"Fuck you guys, that was crazy, I'm so horny again"

TOO be continued..
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Hot !
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That was very exciting. Young exploration of horny teens is so stimulating. Please come back and continue this! Hugs, Jenna
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Fucking hot!
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I am sooo fucking hard! Thanks.
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this is soo HOT!! i came soo hard!!!!
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Fucking hot story.
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Amazing story! Hope you write the sequel very soon. Thanks!
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Great story!
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That was Hot! Can't wait for the Next one!