My Little S*s - WOW!

I moved out of my mom's house while I was in college. Mom was very supportive to me, even helping me set up my apartment. Being on my own was great but... I missed my s****r.

Ginger was just about to turn 17. She had started to fill out every inch of her petite 4’ 11'' figure. With blond hair and 34 B tits, I craved every quick view I could find her in. And Ginger loved to go out with "bad boys" as often as possible. I must have trained her well in her sexual activity.

I decided to come over for a visit one hot Florida Saturday morning. As I came into the door, mom apologized "Honey, I’m so sorry I can't be here this weekend. You picked the only weekend I've had off in two years and I made plans with Sherry. Do you mind terribly if we go ahead and go?"

"Not at all, Mom. You and Sherry have a great time," I said truthfully. "I'm sure Donny, Mikey and I can get along with some rental movies and pizzas for a weekend.”

"Oh, Mikey is going to spend the weekend with Jimmy’s f****y. They’re going to Universal Studios for the weekend. It will just be you and Ginger. Thank so much, Dear. I’ll see you Sunday night!" she said fleetingly, as Sherry was closing her Mustang’s trunk.

After closing the door I turned to see Ginger in the living room. She was wearing some cotton lounge short-shorts with a white, muscle-style T-shirt. I can't believe how well she filled out!

Her braless tits were pushing hard against the tight t-shirt, and her nipples were hard and nasty, while her shorts seemed to cut into her pussy.

"Hey Donny!" she quipped. "Long time, no see."

"Hi, Ging. You sure look hot today! Wanna rent a movie tonight?"

"Sure, but I get to pick, OK?" she said.

"Fine." I said. But I knew I'd be looking at Ginger instead of the movie. She got into her car and left for the rental place. While she was gone, I decided to shower and cool off. I also thought of masturbating to the thought of my s****r's fine sexy body. But I never liked shower sex, so I toweled off and put on just my boxer shorts. I figured if Ginger could be sexy, so could I. They barely concealed my now 8 inch cock, which was the reason I wore them.

I came into the living room to a very seductive environment. Ginger had turned out the lights and positioned herself in a sexy pose on the couch. "Ready to watch the movie?" she asked.

I can only tell you I was amazed as she turned on a triple XXX rated fuck-flick.

"Wow. Nice pick." I said, as I sat down next to her on the couch.

"I though you might like it, Donny. I picked it because I hope it turned you on. Is that so bad?" she cooed.

"Not at all, Ging. You know, I've loved have sex with you since ever you turned 1 1. The way your firm little tits move and become erect so easily. How you dress so... sexy. You know, I do pay attention.

She scooted next me on the couch. "Oh Donny!” She whimpered, "I've never wanted anybody so much in my life." Her hand moved from my chest to my already hard cock. Her blond hair raked across my lap as Ginger pulled out my cock and started to suck on it. I was powerless to resist.

Just as I was getting really going, Ginger lifted her lips off my dick and said "Donny, please don't hold back. I love getting fucked by you hard and nasty. If there is anything I can do... I will do it. Understand?"

"I think I get it, Ging." I answered. "You want me to fuck you like hard and messy?"

"Yes!" she whispered. "Now!"

That's all I needed to get going.

I had her take off all her clothes. I told her I wanted to rub my dick on her face, as a warm up, so I positioned her at the end of the couch and did just that. I was enjoying it so much, even allowing myself to let my balls sc**** against her mouth. I always wanted to "face fuck" a nasty girl. What a pleasure it was Ginger!

I told her to lick the head of my dick. Lick it and suck my balls. I even had her lick under my balls. I asked her for a good ass reaming. She flicked her tongue everywhere I wanted, driving it home hard.
Taking control even further, I positioned ourselves so I could stick my dick between her luscious firm tits. "Titty fuck me, Ging. Be a good s****r and take my dick in your mouth with each stroke."

"Oh, Donny. I love this soooo much!" she cooed.

I started jacking harder and harder through her tits and into her mouth. She didn't pull away, but stood her ground, saliva smeared all over her lips and tits. "I'm going to cum on your face, Ging. Would you like that?" I asked.

"Oh God, yes! Cum on my face!" She said.

I drove my cock thru her tits and into her mouth. Finally, I pulled back and out, grabbed it by the shaft, and directed my spray all over her face. Huge globs of cum plopped onto her nose and eyes. She had her mouth open slightly while I tried to spray directly into her mouth. I was so turned on watching cum drip around her lips and down her cheek. Now was the time I wanted to rub it in, too.

"Ginger." I whispered "I want you to lick it up. Be a good little cock-sucker and start cleaning."

"OK, big b*****r! Make me a little whore. I want it! I need it." She said with passion and enthusiasm. "I'll do anything for you, Donny."

True to her word, she cleaned me everywhere. Several minutes later, I got off the couch and went to the remote. After a few control adjustments, I found a portion of the movie where the guys are fucking some chick in the ass. Now, I wanted Ginger that way.

"Ging? Do you see that? That's what I want, now" I said.

She looked deep into my eyes and said, "Donny, I told you, I'll do anything you want. I want to be your whore always!”

"Get on all fours." I directed.

Ginger turned and lifted her naked ass onto the floor. "I have a surprise for you, too." She said. "I brought some KY oil. I want to make myself really slick."

"Do it. I've never messed around with oil before." I pleaded.

She then treated me to a nasty show of her rubbing oil all over her tits and stomach. She turned and showed me her asshole, while she slicked it in and out of her hole. Her pussy was bald and she poured the oil in and around all of it. She rested her forearms on the ground, and her ass was stuck high up off the floor.

"Beg me to fuck you." I said. "Beg me or I won't touch you."

"Oh, God, no. You've got to fuck me, Donny. Fuck me hard. Please, big b*****r! Please. Fuck me hard and nasty!" she whimpered.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I positioned myself to fuck her ass from behind. I slapped my cock across her pussy and her ass, just to warm her up. I fingered her in her pussy and in her ass. I aimed the head of my cock at her virgin ass hole and rammed it in hard! She didn’t scream or yell out in pain. She was writhing with pleasure and pushing against my cock with each thrust.

It didn't take long before she was fingering her clit while I slammed into her ass. She was mumbling something while she came, but I couldn't make it out. Finally, when I couldn't stand it any longer, I jerked my dick out of her gaping hole and came around to her face. "Suck me dry, Ging." I ordered. "Suck me till I cum in your mouth."

My obedient little s****r wrapped her lips around my cock, directly from her ass. She let me face fuck her until finally, I held her head hard against my body, and squirted cum stream after cum stream into her hot little throat. I dropped to the floor, exhausted, and she licked me clean again.

Ginger looked up at me and said, “I bet we make up for all the time you’ve been at your apartment this weekend! I rented six movies!"

"You got that right, s*s." I said. "Could be a very, very long weekend." But I really needed to tell her, I found a new girlfriend at college. What I didn’t know was how she would take it.

That story is for next time…

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