Wrestling with my Sister

This happened about three months after we started our relationship.

I was lying on my bed watching the movie No Holds Bar with my t****e year old s****r. I wanted to watch the movie on our living room tv, but it had been broken since last Thursday. It was another hot Florida night. I was in my boxer shorts and Ginger was wearing just a pair of cotton panties. She suggested we watch it in mom’s room, since she had an air conditioner and was at work until about 3:00 a.m. With Mikey at a friend’s house for the evening, we headed off to mom’s room.

"I've always wanted to wrestle someone," she admitted as Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lister began wrestling for the first time in the movie. I laughed. Ginger was only about 4’ 10” and probably barely weighed 90 pounds.

"You would get your ass kicked,” I told her.

"I've got more muscle than you'd think," she protested. "I'm scrappy and I know how to fight dirty. I know I would win."

"Maybe against one of your girlfriends, but any guy could take you," I said.

"Oh really?" she asked. I knew that she was gonna be pissed. Ging hated when people told her she couldn't do something.

"Yea," I taunted. "It's just biology."

She sat up and looked at my body. "Okay Mr. Muscles. I bet I could take you." I laughed. She didn’t know I was stronger than I looked.

"Yeah, right." I snorted. Before I could turn back to the movie, Ging jumped on me. I wasn’t expecting her attack and she managed to pin me on the bed holding my arms above my head with her knees.

She looked down at me and laughed. But my eyes were a looking a little lower. Her panties gapped in the crotch and he could see a little of her smooth pussy.

She saw me looking and asked, "Nice view?" I blushed a little and flipped her over. I managed to capture both of her tiny wrists and was holding them above her head in one hand.

I looked down at the view of my sexy young s****r under me. Her tiny n*****s on her chest were pointed up at the fan. Her breathing was labored and it caused her chest to heave up and down. Without even realizing it, my cock began to harden. Her eyes widened and she looked down to where my hard cock was becoming visible against boxers .
I rolled off of Ginger and tried to change the subject. "This is stupid. Let's just watch the movie." As I stared at the tv, my mind was racing. And I know she obviously felt my arousal.

Out of nowhere, Ging jumped on me again. She sat on my stomach. This time, I didn't try to resist.

"I'm too tired to play stupid games. Get off me, Ginger." I tried to push her off gently but she wouldn't budge. She started bouncing up and down on my stomach like when w use to play horsey.

"You're just scared because you know I can take you," she accused.

"I'm serious Ginger. I'm tired so let's just watch the movie." But the way she was wriggling gave me a full on erection. I wanted to get out of the situation with as little embarrassment as possible. Unfortunately, one of my lackluster shoves pushed Ging back and she felt his cock poking her in the ass.

"Fine then," she said pouting. She pushed her ass backwards until my prick was lodged firmly in her crack. She could feel the light pressure against her mound and she wanted more. "I guess I'll just have to tickle you!” I was her b*****r and she knew all of my most ticklish spots. I was writhing against the bed trying to get away from her as she clamped her thighs around me. One particular buck caused my cock to slip between our bodies. She could feel the outline of it running against her pussy lips. I moaned a little and my hands began to push at her thighs.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I said with my eyes shut tight.

"Do what?" Ginger asked, feigning innocence. She abandoned any pretense of play fighting, and started rocking her hips against my cock.

"We're just rough housing, it’s no big deal." Her fingers on my chest were no longer tickling me, they were caressing me. I looked into her eyes and it was too much to bear.

I grabbed her hips and tentatively began returning her thrusts. As I was grinding against his s****r, I couldn't take my eyes off of her face. Her tits were so fantastic. She took one of my hands and moved it to her breast, and he began to pinch her nipples.

"Oh god," she moaned, "you know just how to tickle me, big b*****r." Gently I pulled her down till she was lying down on top of me. I grabbed her pert ass and pulled her against me. I needed more contact so I quickly flipped her over and inserted my leg between hers.

I could feel her wetness on my thigh and instinctively I thrust my cock forward against her hip. I began gently building up speed until I was practically ramming her into the headboard.

"You like that, Ginger? Do you like rough housing?"

"Uhhhhh. Oh God! Fuck yeah! Oh Donny! Don't stop! Don't Stop!!!" Her legs tightened around my thigh and I looked down as she squeezed her eyes shut and moaned out an orgasm.

I was so close to cumming, but I didn't want our wrestling to be over already. I slowed to a stop watching the aftershocks of her orgasm pass through her body. Luckily, I knew just how to make sure our wrestling match continued. "See? I told you I could take you. I win." I rolled over on my back, hoping that would work on my baby s****r.

"What?" she screeched sitting up. I felt her weight shift and could tell she had gotten off the bed. My heart stopped, had I really upset her? I looked over to see my s****r slide her panties down her hips. My cock twitched. I could see how wet she was. Seeing my smug face and looking at the tent still in boxers, she said, "The score might be one –zero, but this game's only just begun." She had a devilish look in her eye.

"You won Round One, the tickling," she said. "Aren't you hot Donny?" she asked playfully as she slid my boxers down past his hips. She giggled when my cock popped free of the waist band. She threw my boxers on the floor behind her.

"What's Round 2 then?" I asked.

She crawled up my body on all fours, her tight ass sticking up into the air. Her tiny tits were pressing gently against my cock. Her mouth formed an "oh" shape, as I realized she was about to suck my cock. I was surprised however when I felt her lips on my pelvis just to the right of my cock.

"PPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT!!" I jumped in surprise. "Round Two is blowing raspberries," she said, smiling wickedly at me. Maybe challenging Ginger wasn't such a good idea after all. She could be positively evil when she put her mind to it.

I leaned my head back resigned to her teasing. I just hoped that somehow I would get a blowjob out of this. I felt her hand lightly brush up and down my prick. She lifted it and I felt her tongue run along my balls. I felt the hot warmth of her mouth suck up my balls, and then she began humming.

"HMMmmmmmmm. MMMmmmmm. Mmmmm"

"Oh God Ging! You're such a good s****r! I fucking love you. You're making me so happy right now. So fucking happy." I looked up to see her raise her head and smile at me.

"You must really love raspberries," she giggled, "I just have one more spot to blow a raspberry." She wrapped one of her hands around the base of my cock. She looked like she was studying it. I moaned. Slowly, she slid my dick into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and she slowly began working more and more into her warm mouth.

"HHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She began to hum on my cock. The vibrations shot up my lower back. I moaned again in pleasure. I fought the urge to push her face harder onto my cock. My hips began to move of their own accord matching her thrusts.

"God, I fucking love you so much. You're the best s****r in the world. You're so perfect. I don't deserve you baby." I gently rested one hand on the back of her head and she began sucking on my cock even harder. She was bobbing up and down on my dick like it was her fucking job. I pushed her hair out of the way so I could see where my dick was entering into her mouth. "This is the best...." I hesitated, "raspberry I've ever gotten. Please don't stop, I'm so close." That seemed to energize her even more.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I could feel my cock spasm in her mouth and she pulled back until only the tip was in her mouth. Her hands stroked the rest of my shaft. I groaned load and began pumping jizz into her mouth. My s****r didn't even pause sucking down my load until I was completely spent. She gently cleaned off the rest of my cock with her tongue.

"I think it's safe to say I won that round." I couldn't even form words to argue with her.

She curled up against my body and I reach down and lifted her leg up so I could feel her dripping pussy. I absentmindedly began to flick her nipples. I was so fascinated by her lush body that he couldn't help but touch her.

My gentle strokes began to affect Ginger. Her hips started moving slowly against me, rocking back and forth. She reached down and gently rubbed my cock again. I felt the bl**d rushing to meet her touch.

"You know," I said, "I won the first round, and you won the second round. That makes us tied."
"Well that's unacceptable. I always win," she said.

I turned her over on her back. Looking at her, I slipped one of my fingers into her mouth. "Round Three." I stated, not asking her for permission. Gently, I moved my finger down her body and into her slit. Her hips thrust upwards bringing my hand as I pumped deeper into her. She moaned. "Wet willy," I explained.

"More," she demanded. I added a second finger and slowly increased my thrusting. I leaned down and gently ran a finger around her clit. Her hips jerked and I had to hold her down with one hand to steady her.

I wrapped my lips around her bud and sucked as I continued to push his fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Oh my GOD!" she screamed. "Keep sucking. Suck me, suck me suck me!" I increased the suction and she loved it. Her hips pumped as her orgasm rolled through her. Her little juices flooded my mouth and fingers but I didn't even pause until her thighs relaxed. I gently licked the outside of her lips, letting her come down slowly from her earth shattering orgasm. I licked up all her juices and gave her little clit a small kiss before moving up to kiss her sweet mouth.

"You taste amazing," I told her.

"My kiss or my pussy?" she asked wryly.

"Both." I bent down and nibbled at her neck.

"You're such a sweet b*****r, Donny." My cock had growing rock hard again as we kissed and held each other. I rolled on top of her as I gently kissed and sucked her neck. Her whimpers egged me on and I nipped at her earlobe. I hadn't even thought about fucking her for real until I felt the tip of my cock brush against her bald pussy lips. I worked her up into a frenzy kissing her whole body until I could feel her body get tense with desire. I moved my hips until I could feel my cock brush against her pussy again. I wanted to thrust into her so badly.

I reached down and grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip up and down her pussy lips. I looked deep into her soft blue eyes and without a word, she said, "Alright. You can fuck your little s****r if you really want to." "Of course I want to," I told her.

I could feel her juices running along the tip of my cock and I knew that she was ready for me to enter her. I guided my cock into her until just the head was engulfed. I was so scared of hurting her, so I worked slowly pushing into her little by little. I lifted her ankles onto my shoulder so I could get better leverage and began pushing in and out of her. She reached down and began to play with her clit.

Ginger started rubbing her clit faster. This was going to be a quick fuck and she needed to cum again with her b*****r inside of her. With a loud cry, I arched my back and thrust into her pussy burying my cock all the way in her. My fingers held her slight hips as I shot rope after rope of cum into my beautiful sweet s****r. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock and her cries joined him as we came together.

I collapsed on top of her, still engulfed in her warmth. "Too heavy," she told me, pushing me off of her. We lay there for a while, catching our breath. We were still cuddling when we realized mom would be home any minute. I leaned down and kissed her gently. "Thank you," I said sincerely.
"For what" she asked as she flounced down the hall to her room. "We were just wrestling. There's nothing wrong with that."

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4 days ago
Oh, such fun!
2 months ago
you are so lucky what a wonderful relationship to have
3 months ago
sexy Thanks for the posting
4 months ago
good one, just wrestling!
4 months ago
Isn't family sex very relaxing, so much more than sex with a stranger. Much more comfortable.
6 months ago
very intense, thank you
7 months ago
Thanks, I had this exact type of experience wrestling with my cousin Helen when we were brats. It was our first tryst and not the last, because that was they day she discovered orgasm.
7 months ago
This reminds me wrestling with chicks in college years ago..shit was a huge turn on..
use to get me rock hard.Never thought to use it as a segway to sex..massages was my segway...This
story was kinky and taboo..what a turn on.good one.
7 months ago
Reminds me when my brother took me. I didn't fight back too much. Hehe
7 months ago
I loved fucking my sister too
7 months ago
Nice dirty fuckers but why so many. Him me him me in the grammer also what's all the s.......ster b...ther thing? Why the ........?
7 months ago
My brother loved my blowjobs
7 months ago
very good
7 months ago
Wow, That was a real interesting yet hot story!
7 months ago
As for more, my sister and I have been lovers for years. She recently mad love with my wife and I. A lovely experience.
8 months ago
wonderful story...
8 months ago
Awesome story loved reading it. Is there more?
8 months ago
8 months ago
Great story
8 months ago
such a good story, I enjoyed reading and masturbating.
8 months ago
very hot story