The First Time My Brother Shared Me

I've always thought my big b*****r Donny was incredibly sexy. I've watched him come out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist, his hairy chest showing and his big cock sticking out below. I love checking out his cute ass when he walks around the house naked (it is hot in Florida and we are always naked). I use him in my fantasies to masturbate most of the time. He was and is my first live. Donny has long hair and his blue eyes shine. When he went away to UCSD for a while a few years back, I was so sad, going to high school all by my lonesome. I missed my b*****r and lover. Then he emailed me, saying he was coming home for Christmas, and he was bringing his friend Jonathan, with him. And that probably meant no alone time with Donny.

Jon turned out to be hot. I liked Jon instantly and wondered if his and Donny's cocks would look the same. I felt myself getting wet at the thought of Jon's cock. That night. I fantasized about Jon playing with his cock. I lay in bed, rubbing my clit hard. I had checked out his hands earlier. So it was easy to imagine his hands on his cock as he jerked off. The thought of him pumping his cock and shooting his cum got me off. I moaned as I came. Suddenly a light went on. It was Donny and Jon. They were both in my room!

I was surprised but not shaken. I lay under the sheets looking at them both. Jon walked up to my bed and stood close to my face. He dropped his pants and his cock jumped out. His cock was so beautiful. My legs felt weak and my pussy started getting wet. I might have trickled as I reached for his cock. I wrapped my warm palm around his fat cock and pulled his cock to my mouth. I pumped his cock with my hand as I licked the tip. I could taste some pre-cum. It tasted heavenly! I felt his hands slowly pull the sheets away, exposing my body. His hands covered my boobies. He squeezed my small sized tits and played with my nipples. I felt waves of pleasure surge through my body. Then he reached under my panties and I felt his fingers on my swollen clit. His fingers slipped into my wet wet hole! God, that felt sooo good! I pushed into his fingers as he finger-fucked my wet hole. I continued sucking on his cock this time taking in as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and throat. I felt Jon's hand at the back of my head as he stuffed his cock into my mouth.

Jon pulled his cock out of my mouth. I had cum all over his fingers by then with his sexy cock in my mouth. He turned me over roughly. As he did, I saw something that made my pussy explode. Donny was standing there, watching Jon fuck me while playing with his cock. His cock was prettier and longer than Jon's. He looked adorable standing there watching his best friend fuck his little s****r. Donny was pumping his cock hard and fast in his excitement!

I felt Jon slide his cock into my pussy. His cock filled my pussy and he started fucking me hard in doggie. My pussy opened up and I came all over his cock. He fucked me harder and faster. I watched Donny jerking off and simultaneously enjoyed Jon's cock fucking my hole. It was an awesome experience. Then I heard Jon groan as he came filling my hole with his sticky sperm. I felt his spurts hit the walls of my vagina and that feeling drove me over the edge again. My pussy exploded yet again in a quivering cum. I fell back on the bed semi-exhausted.

But, I wasn't done yet! Donny hadn't spurted yet. I called out to the silly thing. He's always intense and sometimes shy. I asked him to come close to my face as he jerked off. I looked up at him and smiled. I touched his balls and his cock. I flicked my tongue on the underside of his cock. I hit a pleasure spot. He groaned in pleasure. I caressed his ass as he pumped his cock into my face. I opened my mouth in anticipation. His first spurt hit my left-eye. Then he came all over my face and chin. I swallowed as much of my b*****r's cum as I could. His cum dripped down my chin onto my tits as I sat up. I grinned happily at the both of them and kissed them with my mouth still tasting of Donny's jizz. Their cocks drooped contentedly and I felt my satisfied pussy glow from the multiple cums. But this wouldn't last too long. We would need to fuck again...AND SOON!!!
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6 months ago
very good
7 months ago
Good to see you're sharing,,now let's have Donny fucking you
7 months ago
this was a great story!
7 months ago