Story (continued)

He's railing me hard and I know neither of us has much left in the tank, but I want my guy to see everything. I'm so turned on at him watching, it’s unbelievable.

I lean in and tell Rick's buddy to talk dirty to me. He raises an eyebrow and asks me if I’m sure I want to do this in front of my boy, and in between gasps I nod. He smiles, I know he’s wanted to anyways and was just holding back. With his next thrust in me he calls me a slut and tells me how tight my pussy is, and then just keeps it coming.

When he’s about to cum, he slows down and asks my guy where he should do it. I almost laugh out loud because my guy has no idea. I decide to save him, and ask for it on my face, but Rick’s buddy doesn’t let me off easily. He makes me beg for it. I’m about to orgasm as well, and I want it so bad, so I beg and plead with him to “cum on my fucking face”. I orgasm just as he pulls out, and can hear myself yelling “give it to me, give it to me” as his cum splatters over my face. I take his dick back into my mouth to not waste a drop, and hear him say “my god, you’re such a fucking good whore”. I continue sucking until he goes limp, and finally the show is over.

After I see Rick’s buddy out, I go and find my guy sitting in the living room, looking shell-shocked. I ask him if he’s okay, and he nods, then says “That was amazing!” I’m pleased, so I asked him what he liked best and am doubly pleased when he tells me it was how I looked, how much fun I was having. I might’ve even blushed at the compliment. He continued with “When you were having sex, I mean, when he was fucking you…your breasts looked great. They were just bouncing around like crazy”. I laugh and tell him that I guess he’s a boob guy. He looks down at my chest instinctively, and his gaze lingers. I’m still feeling a little naughty, so I pull up on my shirt and show my breasts to him. As he stares, I put a hand on the back of his neck and draw him in so his mouth is just over one of my nipples. I whisper in his ear to go ahead and suck on them, and feel his lips close over it. I run my hands through his hair as he sucks on one, then the other. My nipples respond to his lips, getting harder and giving him even more to grab hold of. As he works my chest, I can also feel my pussy responding. I whisper in his ear again, telling him he’s making me wet and he stops for a second and smiles at me. And then “Can I see your pussy?”

The words are like an electric shock running through my body, and for a moment I can’t even speak. I just nod, and reach down and pull them off for him, then lean back on and put one leg on top of the couch beside him. I’d just thrown on my panties after sex, and my pussy is gaping slightly, letting my own cum dribble out of me. He puts a finger on me and rubs gently before pulling it away. His finger is shiny with my cum, and for a moment he just looks at it. Then slowly, he pushes it towards me, towards my mouth. I’m shocked by his boldness, but am undeniably turned on. I open my mouth and take his finger in, then suck my cum off it. He asks me, earnestly, if I like the taste of my pussy. I tell him I do, but I do it mostly for the men I’m with. “Do you like seeing me do it?” and as he nods, I slide the finger I’d discreetly put inside myself out and put it in my mouth. “Now you do it again.”

As he slipped his finger back into my mouth, I worked on his pants, pulling them off. A moment later I had his dick out, hard and impressive in my hand. “Is it alright if I put it in my mouth?” He nods and I take him in, working it slow and deep. His dick stiffens as my tongue dances over the head, and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this. And then suddenly I hear myself saying “I need you inside me, now”. There’s no hesitation. A moment later, I feel his cock press up against my pussy. My pussy spreads slightly to accommodate his girth, then tightens down as his head pushes into me. As he pushes further, he fills me up completely. When he pulls back for the first time, I already miss the feeling of him completely inside me. I’m already purring…“My god, I can’t believe how great you feel”. The good guy he is, he compliments me on how tight I feel. As he slides in and out of me a few times, I’m already lost in ecstasy. It barely registers when I hear him call me a slut, but as it sinks in I realize he’s probably emulating what he’d just seen. I debate whether to tell him that not all girls would want to be called that, but truthfully I found it hot. I could always tell him later. Instead I found myself gasping in pleasure and begging him to fuck my slutty little pussy.

His stamina is better this time around. I’m on my back on the couch, with my legs wrapped around him as he thrusts in and out of me, hard. He’s close and I can tell, so I tell him he can cum anywhere. He’s not sure, uncertain of himself, so I go with a choice I’m sure will look good. “When you’re close, pull out and cum all over my tits”. He fucks me a little while longer and then he pulls out as I tell him to “cum on my fucking tits” again and again. He doesn’t disappoint me. With his dick pointed strait at my tits, he came hard, splattering an impressive load over my breasts. As he sat upright he looked down at me and smiled, telling me I looked like a porn star like that. I laughed out loud and joked with him “And how would YOU know that” with a smile on my face.

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very hot!