Memorial Day Sexscapades

So it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve been on to post anything, but Memorial Day was a ton of fun, so I figured I’d share Julia’s experiences. If there’s a better way to honour the men and women who died fighting for our freedom than free love, I’m not sure what it is!

That day, my br*ther came over for some backyard BBQ, and as you’d expect things ended up in the bedroom. Julia had been with him before, but I’d never actually been there to watch them together, so it was a huge turn on seeing them get it on.

The fun started a few beers in when he slipped his hands up the front of Julia’s tank top. She was going braless that day, so it was instant access to her tits. The sight of his hands roving around under her shirt was amazing, but I wanted to see the action unhindered so I walked over to the two of them and asked him if he waned to see her tits. He told me to pull her shirt up, which I did, exposing Julia’s soft breasts to the outside air. It was a warm enough afternoon, but the touching and slight breeze did instant wonders on Julia’s nipples. Noticing how erect they were, my br*ther took one into his mouth, sucking on it gently before moving over to the other one to give it the same work over. As he finally released it from his mouth, Julia told him not to be shy, that he could be as rough as he wanted. It happened almost immediately. Gone was the gentle, exploratory touching, and it was replaced by his primal a****listic urges. He grabbed her nipples between his fingers and pulled her breasts towards him, before releasing them and letting them jiggle back into place. He did it again, this time using her nipples to slap her boobs against each other, before letting go and watching them sway back into place. At this point I realized people might notice us doing this in the backyard, so I suggested we take it inside.

By the time they made it in the door, Julia was stepping out of her shorts and my br*ther’s hand was bulging the front of her panties outwards. And then in a pleased voice he told me “Wow, is she ever fucking wet”. Looking at the crotch of Julia’s white panties I could see the discoloured damp spot that gave away her arousal, and with that in mind I told my br*ther that he should fuck her now. Julia gave a slight laugh and said that she thought it was about time he fucked her as well.

I helped pull Julia’s panties off, feeling the wetness in my hand as I balled them up and tossed them to a corner of the room. As my b*****r slid his dick up and inside, he told her how fucking awesome her cunt felt, then told me how lucky I was to have such a tight whore. Listening to him call my girlfriend a whore as he put his dick inside her got me even harder, so I continued the conversation with him, as if Julia wasn’t even present in the room. “You’re fine with fucking her knowing how many guys have been in that pussy?” He laughed, and then said “She’s tight and wet for me…and it’s fucking hot knowing that she’s a submissive slut”. He looked down at Julia then, and asked her if she was going to let him do whatever he wanted to do. Julia nodded meekly, and as a response he slapped her breast from the side, jus hard enough the make it jiggle enticingly before settling back into the swaying motion of his thrusting. “Don’t just nod! Tell me!” and with that Julia blurted out that she wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her body.

In response, he pulled his dick out of her pussy, and then told her to sit up. As soon as she was upright he eased her head downwards to his dick and put it between her lips. Julia let his hard cock, slippery with her juices, slide between her lips and he asked her how her pussy tasted. Julia smiled at him, and my br*ther told her that she was “the most amazing fucking whore he’d ever seen.” Once she’d sucked his dick clean he put it back inside her for a few thrusts, then pulled out and shoved it back towards her mouth. “Suck it clean you fucking slut.” Julia did, and soon she was repeating he process a 3rd time as he idly played with her tits. Julia is very talented at giving blowjobs and as she worked she brought my b*****r to the brink of orgasm. Julia felt him throb and was about to pull him out (assuming he’d want to facial her) but my br*ther grabbed the back of her head and drew her in close as he came. It was a beautiful sight: Julia’s lips wrapped tight around the shaft of my b*****r’s dick, so deep in her mouth that his cum must have sprayed directly down her throat.

I hadn’t consciously thought of it, but at some point I’d pulled my dick out and suddenly I realized how close the whole thing had made me. A moment after my b*****r pulled out of Julia’s mouth, I moved in, aimed my cock at her face and came on her. My b*****r was all eyes, telling me to “Facial that fucking whore” as Julia took three good bursts of cum over her cheeks, making her look the hot mess that she was.

Julia cleaned up after my facial, but never put clothes back on. The three of us hung out drinking and watching some movies until she had enough and nodded off to sl**p next to us. When the movie we’d been watching ended, my b*****r’s gaze returned to Julia and he told me (again) how lucky I was. And then, “A shame she’s asl**p now” with a laugh. I laughed too, and then gave Julia a light shake, telling her we might want a round two. Julia nodded slightly, giving consent, and that was all we needed.

A minute later and my b*****r was giddy, whispering to me how insane this was, as he explored Julia’s inert body with his eyes. We’d propped her legs apart, and her thin strip of public hair drew his eyes directly between her legs. Not waning to wait any longer, I placed my fingers on either side of Julia’s pussy and gently spread her wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. I kept her spread while my b*****r explored Julia’s most private area, running his finger gently in circles over her exposed clit. After a few moments Julia stirred slightly, moaning in enjoyment, while she became noticeably more wet. My b*****r slid his finger lower and applied pressure, letting it slide up inside Julia, then slid another finger in, gently working her open so that when he pulled them out, Julia gaped open nicely for him. And then finally “I can’t take it anymore, I need to fuck her.”

I lay beside Julia and watched as my br*ther got between her legs and slid his dick into her for the 2nd time today. He took her at a nice steady pace, and Julia responded positively by spreading her legs a little wider and some soft moaning. As her tits jiggled slightly with my br*ther’s thrusts, suddenly I had an insatiable urge to cover them with my cum. Acting on this, I pulled my dick out and before long I’d emptied my balls over her softly rocking breasts. A moment later my br*ther slammed his dick deep into her one final time before letting out a great moan as he came. When he pulled out I was expecting to see a mess, but he’d done it so deep there was actually nothing to see.

After finishing the two of us cleaned up then came back to the TV room to find Julia where we left her. She seemed comfortable (and looked hot covered with my seed) so I after I said goodnight to my b*****r, I left her there for the evening.

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