Chastising women

I have a number of women who come to me on a regular basis to assuage their guilt.They confess to me the naughty things they have done or the wicked thoughts they might have had.
After listening to their confession I then proscribe a suitable form of discipline.The discipline always takes the form of corporal punishment.I use a variety of slappers and floggers.I always begin with a light spanking.I reserve my cane for the very naughty.
A number of years ago a woman that I was dealing with,aged about 35 at the time,disobeyed me.I will call her "Mary" for ease of purpose.I had set "Mary" some penance by means of punishment.She refused to do her penance.The way to deal with "Mary" was to spank her.I ordered "Mary" over my knee and I spanked her for quite sometime."Mary" has not defied me since.
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2 years ago
both slave ariana & tusker are correct. you need corrected for lack of details & doscriptions
3 years ago
you could be more detailed about the transgressions and if the punishments fitted them.
A xxx
3 years ago
bit short mate, did you run out of ideas?