Their Suffering!

They had been together for about two years now.They had great sex and even delved into a little BDSM every now and then.They had spoken about their need to be spanked;they both wanted to know how it felt to be beaten together,they agreed it was time to find out and Oliver new how they could go about realising their fantasy.Oliver spoke to Natasha and it was agreed that they would go to the Monastery near where they lived and ask to see the Abbot. Natasha had heard that the Abbot there had beaten a number of people of late. Oliver telephoned the Monastery and made an appointment to meet with the Abbot;when he hung up he looked at Natasha and asked if she really wanted this;"Yes,lets do it!",was her response.

The following Tuesday morning Oliver and Natasha went to the Monastery.They entered through the old gates and before long found themselves sitting on a long ,hard wooden bench,in a long corridor outside a door.There was a name plate affixed to the door which Natasha read in an audible whisper as they waited: "Abbot Bendictus,BA,MA,DD.,Prior". She looked at Oliver and smiled,it was a nervous smile and it was returned by Oliver.Before either of them could speak the door was opened and a short,fat,balding ,elderly man stood there wearing a long brown coloured monks habit with a long white cord around his waste,he wore sandals on his feet and had a strange smile;he glared at them both and without saying a word he beckoned them to stand up and come inside..He stood aside to leave Oliver and Natasha walk into his study.As they walked passed him,the old monk could not help but allow his eyes to be drawn to their bottoms,the bottoms that he would very soon be slapping! The monk entered behind Oliver and Natasha and closed the door,privacy was assured.

"I am Abbot Benedictus and I will be administering to you today: now you may introduce yourselves," the old monk said in a clipped tone of voice,there seemed to be an urgency to get to the bottom of things as quickly as he could.
"I'm Oliver,Abbot," Oliver blurted out suddenly,clearly a little apprehension had set in.
"My name is Natasha."
The Abbot looked at them both.
"I know what you have requested and I would only be too pleased to see to you both," the Abbot said,trying hard to conceal his excitement
Oliver and Natasha stood there,waiting for some direction,but the old Abbot walked to another table. It was Oliver who saw what the Abbot was holding first,it was cane.The Abbot swished the cane through the air,making both Oliver and Natasha flinch.
"Now,Oliver and Natasha,approach the desk," the Abbot said,beckoning them to a table at the right of the room,surrounded by book lined walls
Oliver and Natasha exchanged quick glances and walked over to the table.The Abbot watched,not saying anything.He could feel his penis had become very hard and he knew he was going to enjoy every moment of this.
"Oliver,I want you to pull down your trousers,the monk ordered as he stood behind them both.
Oliver was wearing navy coloured track suit bottoms and felt really uncomfortable with the order,but something,perhaps his own sexual excitement made him comply. As Oliver pulled down his track suit bottoms,the old monk noticed that Natasha looked quickly at Oliver.He noticed that her eyes went to Oliver's penis.This made the Abbot very aroused.
"Now,Natasha,pull down your jeans,"the old Abbot ordered.As he spoke,the old Abbot could see Oliver glance side ways at Natasha as she unbottoned her jeans and allowed them fall to the floor.
"Oliver,you may leave your shorts on;and Natasha you may leave your panties on,until I direct otherwise," the old Abbot said.
Oliver and Natasha stood side by side,facing this old school desk.They could hear the old monk behind them and every now then they could hear the swish of the cane through the air as if the monk was practicing his stroke.The Abbot was savouring every moment.
"Bend over the desk,side by side,Oliver and Natasha," the Abbot said,and watched with ever increasing excitement as both of these errant individuals done as he ordered.When they were positioned over his desk the old Abbot approached and placed the cane across Oliver's bottom.Oliver moved a little.
"If you do not keep the position you are in,I will thrash you harder,boy," the Abbot said sternly.
The Abbot raised up the cane and brought it down with one swift movement across Oliver's bottom.Oliver placed his forehead on the desk but the Abbot ordered him to raise his head and look straight ahead. Natasha had closed her eyes when she heard the sound of the cane stiking Oliver's bottom.The old Abbot brought the cane down again,slow,hard strokes were what the Abbot liked to administer.Oliver cried out softly and somewhere on the Monastery grounds a bell was ringing.Both Natasha and Oliver became aware that the Abbot was breathing heavily,he sounded excited and Natasha couldn't resist a quick glance behind. She could see complete satisfaction on the old monk's face,he was smiling and staring at Oliver's bottom as he thrashed with the cane.She was shocked to see,that while the old monk used his right hand to bring the cane down on Oliver's bottom,his left hand was clearly touching himself.She returned her eys to the desk and closed them again when she heard the cane come down,this time viciously on Oliver's bottom. Oliver cried out loudly,clearly in discomfort.
"That's what I want to hear,boy," the Abbot said with glee.
The Abbot landed a number of more strokes with the cane across Oliver's bottom before turning his attention to Natasha,who bit her bottom lip in expectation.

They were bending over side by side,Oliver was moaning,his bottom was stinging.The old monk placed his left hand on the end of Oliver's back as he reached across to cane Natasha.The monks long,brown habit brushed off Oliver's bottom as he raised the cane to administer to Natasha.
"Fuck,what a turn on," Natasha whispered as the Abbot brought the cane down in one swift,practiced stroke.She screamed out.The cane came down again and again.Natasha felt as if her bottom was on fire.The Abbot felt Oliver move,he still had his left hand on Oliver's back.The Abbot guess correctly that Oliver was sexually excited,but he was concentrating too much on caning and enjoying the experience to chastise Oliver. The Abbot brought the cane down with great precision across Natasha's bottom. The old monk was experiencing such pleasure,he loved administering the cane to errant people.The cane whistled through the air and landed across Natasha's bottom a number of more times before the old monk,clearly tiring from his excertion,decided they had enough.

The Abbot sat on his chair,cane lying across his lap and ordered Oliver and Natasha to come over to him. Both were clearly in pain,but done as they were ordered.Natasha stood at the Abbot's right hand side while Oliver took up a postion on the Abbot's left hand side.
"Now,Oliver and Natasha,bare your bottoms,pull your underwear down and let me see how effective the cane was!" the Abbot said,out of breath slightly. The Abbot watched as Oliver pulled down his shorts,the boy had become fully erect and the Abbot knew he had to chastise Oliver further. The Abbot ordered them both to turn around and witnessed the red lines across the bottoms of these two errant people. He smiled.
"Now,Natasha bend over my knee,Oliver,while I spank your girlfrind you will face the corner and listen to her chastisement;then boy,I will deal with you."

Oliver lost count of how long he spent facing the corner,listening to the sound of the Abbot's hand, spanking, landing on Natasha's bottom.She was screaming out and by now even crying.Oliver heard the old Abbot scold Natasha for being,"...a harlot,and a wicked girl!" Each word the Abbot spoke was punctuated by a resounding slap on Natasha's bottom.Then finally the spanking stopped;Oliver knew it was his turn next.
"Natasha,get up and face the wall,girl;Oliver,come over here to me boy and bend over my knee."
Oliver walked slowly over,Natasha glanced and smiled,with tears in her eyes as she took up her position facing the wall;it would be her turn to listen to Oliver being spanked by the old monk. Oliver stood at the right hand side of the Abbot.The old monk placed his hand on Oliver's bare bottom and ordered him to lie across his knee..As Oliver complied he saw the old monk look at his erect penis.
"Naughty boy,this is punishment,not something you enjoy," the Abbot scolded. As Oliver waited for the spanking to begin, the old monk took a few moments to rub his hand around Oliver's bottom and then glance with increased excitement at Natasha'a bare bottom.The Abbot looked down at the target over his knee,the red lined target of Oliver's bare bottom,and then began to spank!

When Oliver and Natasha had left,the old monk sat on his chair,he was still very aroused but already looking forward to the tenth of next month when Oliver and Natasha would return.He closed his eyes and listened to the Monastery bell ringing.
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