The Unfaithful Wife's Confession.

The Abbot Bendictus donned his long brown habit and tied the white cord around his waist.It was 6am and he was getting ready for the day. His day would be spent in quiet contemplation and hearing the confessions of those who came to the monastery chapel to repent their sins. It had been two days since the Abbot had used the cane on Dean and Lorraine and the memory of that day was still to the fore in his mind. He sat at his desk in his study and allowed the thoughts to waft through his mind again. He smiled at the sight of them both bending over,he became aroused at the thought of the cane striking their bottoms followed by their cries for mercy.Above all what excited him was the sight of their naked bottoms lined with the marks from the cane,the cane he had used and then the aftermath; he sat on his chair and took a few moments to just look at their naked bottoms before reaching out and rubbing first Dean's and then Lorraine's sore bottom with his hand.He had to drag his thoughts away from that wonderful memory;there was confessions to be heard. Before he left his study he picked up his copy of "The Confessions" by St. Augustine. "Punishment is justice for the unjust",the quote by St.Augustine made the Abbot Beneductus smile.

The Abbot Bendictus walked to the chapel and entered the Confessional.He sat in silence and began to read his St.Augustine. A few moments passed before he heard the door to the penitants side of the confessional open and then close,someone had entered,he could hear the pentitant shuffling as the person knelt down. It was dark in the confessional,all the Abbot could hear was the penitant breathing,a soft sounding breath;the old monk immediately deduced that the penitant was a female.He opened the grill between his side and the penitants side of the confession and a female voice suddenly burst out sobbing.
"Calm yourself,woman;make your confession and ask for forgiveness for your sins," the old Abbot said.
"Bless me Father for I have sinned,it has been three years since my last confession",the woman said ,now beginning to compose herself.
"What would you like to confess"
"I confess to lying,stealing, cursing,drinking and partying...."
The old Abbot had heard all this before from numerous other penitants,but the woman's sobbing indicated to him that there was something far graver she wanted to confess to,
"Do you have immoral thoughts?",the Abbot inquired.
There was a moment of silence.
"Yes...yes,I have had an affair,I am married but I have had an affair,Father,please forgive me",the woman said,the sobbing started again.
"It is not for me to forgive you,young woman,but for God;I merely am hear to facilitate if I can."
"I am sorry,father,but the temptation was too great,the sex was fantastic,the affair is over now and my husband knows nothing,but I feel guilt."
The Abbot could feel himself getting aroused when she used the word "sex". HARLOT!,he thought,she needs to be punished before she can be forgiven,she needs to be punished in order to assuage her guilt.
"Let marriage be held in honour among all...for God will judge the adulterous",the Abbot said.
"Yes,Father," the woman simply replied.
"I feel there is a way for you to make ammends but you must suffer before you can dispel your guilt,you must accept to be punished and punished severly before you can put your wicked,abhorrent acts behind you;I can help you do this,young woman,if you so wish?" the Abbot said,knowing full well what he had in store for this woman;corproal punishment.
"Yes,father,what do you want me to do?"
"I will bring you to a room in the monastery and chastise you,the way you should be chastised."
"Were you punished at school?"
"Yes,Father...but that was...spanking!"
The old monk immediately felt his penis harden.He could just make out what she looked like,but it was the need to chastise this woman which was making him just want to take her over his knee for what she had confessed to.
"I want you to leave the confessional and go the the door that you see on the right hand side as you exit."Wait by that door and I will be with you presently".
"Yes,Father",she said as she stood up and exited the cnfessional.
He heard her walk away and opened his door ajar.She was wearing blue jeans and had a delightful firm bottom. The old Abbot touched his hard penis,before putting down his St.Augustine and exiting the confessional.The chapel was quiet and as he walked to where she stood,by the door as directed,he could see what she looked like.

She was aged about thirty, had blond,shoulder lenghth hair,she had this pouting look to her face which made her very attractive.She glanced at him and smiled.The old monk could see that she would very easily lead a man astray Her smile was lascivious,the smile of a Harlot,who would do anything to get her own way,but then want forgiveness when things go wrong.The old Abbot could feel he was very aroused but he had to chastise this errant young woman for her own good.He looked at her sternly and he could see a change in her face;she stopped smiling,she knew she was in trouble. The old Abbot opened the door to reveal a long corridor,They stepped inside the door and the Abbot closed the door behind them. Suddenly and without warning,even surprising himself,the Abbot reached out and caught hold of the woman by her right ear.
"OUCH!",she cried,please...please stop,Father.
"Your punishment begins now,young woman",the Abbot said with excitement in his voice.He led her up the long corridor to his study and pushed her inside.
She looked around his study at the book-lined walls and then looked at him.He sat on a chair and ordered her to come over to him. She brazenly walked over.
"Bend over my knee,you naughty harlot!"
The Abbot found himself taking a deep breath to try to control the excitement he was feeling as she went over his knee. He looked down at her bottom,so round and firm.
"You are in desparate need of chastisement,you errant young woman!"
"My name is Karen,father,please try to remember that," she blurted out.
"Insolent, and a common harlot,well you have also earned some strokes with the cane," the Abbot said as his hand landed hard on her right rump. He brought his hand down on her left rump and then began to find his rhythm. She cried out as the old Abbot spanked her,his right hand falling and rising with even rhythm on each rump of her beautiful bottom.She was writhing on his lap as he spanked her. Her body moving at each slap made the Abbot feel very sexually aroused,to a point where he came inside his habit,but he was enjoying himself too much to stop.He continued to spank Karen for sometime.She was now at a point of screaming out in pain as the old monk brought his hand down in chastisement.Finally he stopped and ordered her to stand up.She did and he again caught her by her ear and led her to his table.He bent her over his table and went to fetch his cane.It had been two days since he used his cane on the bottoms of Dean and Lorraine;now Karen would feel the licks of the cane in the hope of chastisement for her adulterous ways. The Abbot stood behind and to the left of Karen,placed his cane across her bottom to take aim,raised the cane up and listened to it whistling through the air on its way to inflict pain on the bottom of naught,adulterous Karen.

When Karen had left,the old Abbot sat in his study,the cane resting across his lap,he was tired after his exertion but pleased that yet again he saved a person from sin while at the same time getting some satisfaction himself.He smiled and wondered who would be his next penitant?

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