Tales from St.Vincents: Jennifer.

Jennifer's husband left for work and she had packed her teenage k**s off to school.The day ahead would be hard,she knew this.Jennifer had been informed by Sr.Marie Gabriel of St.Vincents Convent that her appointment with the Father Confessor was fixed for the nineteenth of the month;the day had arrived.Jennifer had to be at St.Vincents for 11am;she looked at the clock in the kitchen,it was 9:30am.She went up to the bedroom and sat at the side of the bed looking at herself in the mirror.She had always felt a need to be punished,even as a schoolgirl.Now aged forty-seven she still felt that need and she could fufill her need at St.Vincents;besides she felt it was good to confess to the nuns and accept a spanking for her sometimes deviant ways,she felt cleansed after the discipline.
She had heard stories from other women about the "strange,short,fat monk" who visited St.Vincents from time to time and administered corporal punishment to women.One of her friends,Sonya, had received a punishment from him.Sonya had told her that as well as been spanked.the monk had given her six strokes of a cane before sending her on her way,rubbing her bottom.An appointment had to be made to see the Father Confessor as he was extremely busy,Jennifer had been told by Sr.Marie Gabriel in the administration office of St.Vincents.Jennifer had asked for an appointment.
Now sitting in her room Jennifer decided to wear her black jeans,they might afford some protection,she thought.She dressed in her black jeans and white t-shirt and pulled on her track suit top.She drove across the city to St.Vincents and parked outside the main school building.Jennifer then had to walk from the school building to the main house at St.Vincents where the punishment of women took place.The building looked austere as Jennifer approached.The building's grey stone work and cell like windows gave her the creeps.Jennifer knocked on the heavy wooden door and almost immediately the door was opened by Sr.de Pazzi,a nun Jennifer knew well,both from her school days and more recently.Jennifer was beckoned inside."I have an appointment with the Father Confessor,Sr.de Pazzi",Jennifer said.
"Yes,indeed you do,"Sr.de Pazzi said looking at a ledger on a table next to the door.All appoinments for the day were written down in this ledger.Sr.de Pazzi looked at Jennifer and smiled.There was something behind that smile that made Jennifer feel very uneasy.Sr.de Pazzi directed Jennifer to the Father Confessor's room.
As Jennifer walked through the old corridors to her meeting with the Father Confessor she could hear muffled screams coming from a number of other rooms she passed.At the end of one corridor there was a woman about her own age kneeling in front of a picture of Sr.Methodious Augustus,the founder of St.Vincents convent.Kneeling in front of this picture was a penance after punishment that a woman would receive.Jennifer noticed that the woman every now and then put her hands back to her bottom and rubbed gently.The severe look of Sr.Methodius Augustus glared down on the errant woman.Jennifer quickly passed by and arrived outside Room 35,the room used by the Father Confessor.Jennifer took a few moments to gather her thoughts and then knocked at the door.A voice from inside bid her to enter.
Jennifer came into a room that was completly lit by candles which cast shadows along the book lined walls.In front of her behind a large old wooden table she could make out a figure wearing a long black habit,similar to what the nuns wear.There was a large hood on the habit and the sleeves were wide."Come closer,woman",the voice said suddenly and cut through Jennifers thoughts like a knife.Jennifer approached the table and then she could fully make out the feature of the man who would discipline her.He was indeed fat and and she knew he was small in stature,even sitting down.He was balding with stray wisps of hair.He had staring eyes that Jennifer felt went right through her.She felt deeply uncomfortable and all of a sudden getting her bum wacked by a nun wasn't such a bad idea.
"I am Reverand Abbot Bendictus Gropius and I have heard all about you Jennifer from the nuns.You have felt the need to be punished by a confessor ,i believe?" the monk said.His voice was stern and his eyes were still boring into her.
"Yes,Father,I have been bold",Jennifer said meekly,fuck that sounded like been back in school,Jennifer thought.
"I see,well let us not beat around the bush woman,I am very busy today,Jennifer;let us get right to the bottom of things,"the monk said with slight smile.
The monk stood up and walked over to a chair,he sat down and smoothed down his long black habit."Come over here Jennifer and bend over my knee,"the monk said with a tone of satisfaction in his voice.Jennifer did as she was ordered and lay face down over his knee,as she placed the palms of her hands on the floor she wondered how hard was this going to get.Then this thought was interupted by another,she felt the monk getting sexually aroused.Her body was pressing down on his hard erect penis.This made her fell very uncomfortable.The last time she had been smacked by a man,another monk,she was at school and then she had to bend over a desk and was slapped with a ruler about twenty times.She understood now that that monk must have been getting an erection under his habit.
Jennifer could fell the Father Confessor rubbing her bum and he was mumbling to himself.Then he slapped her with his hand,it was hard.Another slap and Jennifer jerked her body,she felt his penis move."Stay,still Mrs.Dineen or this will get a lot worse for you,"the monk said slightly out of breath.
"Sorry,Father,"Jennifer replied.
More slaps followed and Jennifer felt her bum really begin to sting.The Father Confessor was clearly enjoying himself as Jennifer felt his penis move again.His hand came down again and again with maximum effect.Jennifer began to scream out.Her bum was really stinging now,despite her jeans.The short,fat,monk really knew how to spank.The spanking continued and Jennifer could hear the monk breathing heavily.As he spanked with his right hand the monk had to use his left hand to keep Jennifer down.Jennifer was now struggling and begging the Father Confessor to stop but the spanking was relentless.The slaps seemed to be getting harder.Jennifer still struggled and begged but to no avail.Jennifer thought that her ordeal would never end but then the monk ordered her to get up and go over to the long table which occupied one corner of the room.Jennifer didn't argue she was glad the spanking was over.
Jennifer went to the long table and stood waiting for the monk's instructions.She glanced around and saw that the monk was still sitting on the chair,he looked out of breath and was still clearly excited.He saw Jennifer looking at him and ordered her to take down her jeans and lie face down on the table.
"Please,Father no",Jennifer pleaded.
"I have told you to do something,woman;do it or you will be back over my knee",the monk said angrily.Jennifer quickly pulled down her jeans,slipped of her runners and took her jeans off.She lay face down on the table,her outstretched hands gripped one side of the large table.The monk approached and Jennifer felt his hand on her bum.She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.The monk went to the table he had been sitting behind and opened one of the drawers.He took out a leathar strap and went back over to Jennifer who by now was begging him not to slap her anymore.Her pleads fell on deaf ears.The first slap of the strap made Jennifer scream.The second brought tears to her eyes.The strap was brought down across her bottom so many times that Jennifer lost count.All the time the monk was calling her an errant woman who deserved to be punished.Finally after what seemed to Jennifer a long time the Father Confessor told her to get up.As Jennifer got up,she was grateful that the monk had at least left her leave her black knickers on during the beating.She pulled on her jeans and her bum was stinging as she pulled her jeans up over her sore bottom.She slipped back into her white runners and stood facing her tormentor."Come over to the me Mrs.Dineen",the monk said,still out of breath.Jennifer noticed that the monk had his hands under the table and she couldn't help but wonder was he touching himself.Jennifer stood in front of the table,facing the monk.
"As further penance for your errant and disobedient ways you will kneel for one hour in front of the painting of Sr.Methodius Augustus,founder of our convent.During that time you will reflect on your wickedness and beg forgivness,Mrs.Jennifer Dineen,do you understand.
"Yes,Father," Jennifer said keeping her eyes firmly fixed on the floor to avoid that gaze.
Jennifer left and went to the painting of Sr.Methodius Augustus,founder of St.Vincents.The other woman was still kneeling there.Jennifer knelt down and looked up at the painting,the old wrinkled nun looked sternly down on them.
"It fucking hurts,doesn't it,"the woman whispered to Jennifer.
"Ya,it really does,I thought I'd never get out of there".That was all they said both thought it best to keep silent.
After an hour Sr.Bede came and told Jennifer she could leave.As Jennifer stood up Sr.Bede said to the other woman,"Now Linda,the Reverand Mother will see you now"..Jennifer watched as Linda followed Sr.Bede down the corridor and up the familiar stair case to Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study.
When Jennifer sat into her car she almost screamed out from the sharp pain she felt.Her bum was really sore.Jennifer looked at herself in the rear view mirror and smiled.Mad fucking monk,she thought.
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