Tales from St.Vincents:Sr.Frances' Story.

I was always the odd one out,always the one the other girls made fun of.Now I see myself as being able to take revenge.When I was at school I put up with the taunts from the other girls;I knew I was brighter than them.I put up with the name calling,I put up with the wicked insults...my moments of pleasure came when,in class,I witnessed the nuns administer corporal punishment to my tormentors.I witnessed the spankings in front of the whole class; and on occasion I would witness the cane being applied to one of the girls.I will confess to feeling aroused by the sight of other girls being slapped for their wicked behaviour or their disobedience.I took pleasure in the sight of the girl having to bend over and the nun admonishing her and then that first stroke of the cane,her cries and pleads and the cane coming down on her bottom again and agin.I admired the nuns for their treatment of these very naughty girls.
One instance will,however,always stand out in my mind.One day ,as class prefect,I was asked by Sr.Thadeua to take a note to the Reverand Mother.I duly obliged.When I walked along the corridor to the Reverand Mother's private study I became aware of a series of muffled screams.As I came closer to the Reverand Mother's study there was a woman sitting outside the door.As I approached, this woman said to me that the Reverand Mother was busy and that anyway she was next.I stood opposite this woman and it suddenly dawned on me that the screaming was coming from inside the Reverand Mother's study.After about ten minutes the door to the study opened and a woman aged about forty came out,she was rubbing her bottom and had obviously been crying.The Reverand Mother came to the door and ordered the woman who had been sitting down to come inside,then the Reverand Mother saw me, she asked what I wanted.I explained that I had been given this note by Sr,Thadeua;the Reverand Mother read the note and smiled at me.After a moments silence I was asked to come inside and witness the punishment of a very naughty woman.
That day changed my life,what I saw made me want to be just like the Reverand Mother.Inside the Reverand Mother's study the woman who had been sitting outside was already bending over.The sight of this woman's bottom and the antiscipation of what was about to happen made me become aroused.The Reverand Mother gave this woman a beating on her bottom that,even to this day,I am sure that the woman did not forget.I was not sure at the time why I was chosen to witness this beating but when the Reverand Mother had finished paddling this woman,and the woman had left;the Reverand Mother explained to me that the woman was the mother of one of the girls who bullied me.I was fifteen at the time.
Today I am a nun and I discipline women at St.Vincents.I have heard it all.The behaviour of women who come to the convent leaves a lot to be desired.When I was professed a nun and I was faced with the task of punishing my very first girl I was hesitant;but now I will not think twice about putting a naughty woman over my knee and administering the punishment that she sorely deserves.I would not be human if I did not experience some "satisfaction " when punishing a woman.I love the the antiscipation;when the woman to be punished is standing in front of me,telling me the naughty deeds she has done and promising me that she will not mis-behave again.Of course I do not believe a word of what is promised.I feel the "excitment" grow when I order the penitant woman to bend over my knee and I place my hand on her bum.I do like to spend a few moments rubbing the womans bottom;making her wait for her spanking.I often wonder what goes through her mind before I commence the spanking;I certainly know what goes through my mind,how excited I become.Then I begin to spank.Listening to her cries and the sound of my hand landing on her bottom.The sight of my hand landing on her bottom;what a view.Then when I tell her she can leave;oh yes;the sight of the woman rubbing her bottom as she leaves my study.
Well enough reminicing.I have bottoms to spank."Next girl,come in!"
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