Tales from St.Vincents: Gillian's Dilemma.

Gillian sat and stared at the clock,it showed 10:45pm.Where is she,Gillian thought.She stood up and looked out of the window,the street lights were on all over the city,in the middle distance Gillian could make out the lights of the main building of St.Vincents and just for a moment she wondered could her daughter,whom she had told to be home by ten, do with the discipline that the nuns of St.Vincents instilled in many a schoolgirl and indeed women.
Gillian sat back down,she was worried.She tried to talk to her daughter,Allison who was s*******n,but it always ended in an argument.Allison was hanging around with the wrong crowd and showed no respect at home and a total disregard for her school work;Gillian regretted not sending Allison to St.Vincents Secondary School which she herself had attended many years ago for her education and only a month ago for the "Discipline".Gillian could feel her stinging bottom now.Her thoughts were interuppted by the front door banging shut and a moment later Allison entered the living room.Within moments they were arguing and Gillian finally snapped and told Allison that she could look for somewhere else to live.Allison became quiet and said you can't kick me out,you're full of shit.
"I have enough of you,Allison,and you can stay with one of your friends,I can't talk to you any more,you treat this place like a dump and me like shit;go and see will someone else put up with you."Gillian broke down crying,Allison stood there staring at her mother and then said,"look,okay what do you want me to do".
Gillian looked at Allison for a few moments."There is a place that can help you,the way I was helped when I was about your age."I was a real bitch to my mother too,but I was sent to St.Vincents and they straightened me out."
"That creepy place where the nuns live,no way,I heard what they do to girls in there,no way,there're not getting me,"Allison said.
"It's the only way,Allison,"Gillian said with resolve."Go to St.Vincents or leave,but I can't put up with this anymore."You don't have to go to school there,just go there for direction in your life,talk to one of the nuns and see what they say."
Allison stood in silence for awhile:"I heard they slap women there,is that true?"
"Yes,but it does help,you'll see,please Allison it's what you need a bit of discipline in your life",Gillian said knowing what was in store for her daughter but equally knowing that the treatment she would receive at St.Vincents would do her good and perhaps change her for the better.
Allison thought for a few minutes and stared at the TV which was on mute."Okay,mum,I'll give it a go."I'll go in tomorrow".
While Gillian knew that the initial meeting for her daughter at St.Vincents would be hard,she knew that it was for the best.
Allison woke the following morning and went down to the kitchen.Her mother was sitting at the breakfast table sipping coffee.Gillian looked up at Allison as she came in."Have you changed your mind?"Gillian asked.
"No,I'll go after school,but I'm not wearing my school uniform going there,I'll come home and change first;do I have to make an appointment?"
"I'll give them a ring,there's always someone there you can see",Gillian replied.Allison stood up and kissed her mother,"I'll give it a try,mum".Allison left for school.Gillian went to the phone,took a deep breath and dialled the number for St.Vincents Convent School.
Allison came home from school and immediately went upstairs to her bedroom.She changed from her school uniform into her jeans with their designer tears bown the back of the thighs,and a white t-shirt.
Gillian was at work and wondered would her daughter keep her end of the bargain when she received a text message which read,"on my way,saw your note will be there by five".Gillian so much wanted to stop her daughter but deep down she knew this was for the best,she couln't go back to the endless arguments again.Gillian sent a text to Allison,"good luck,it's for the best,love you,mum".
Allison walked up the drive-way to the main house of St.Vincents convent and knocked at the door.The door was opened by a young nun who introduced herself as Sr.Frances."Come in Allison,you are expected". Allison entered the big entrance hall and stood looking around."Your mother made an appointment for you,she explained that you have went off the rails a bit but you want to be corrected,is this true,Allison?" Sr.Frances asked.
"Yes",Allison replied.
"At St.Vincents,Allison you must address us by our titles,you will address me as Sr.," Sr.Frances said with a stern look on her face.
"Sorry,I mean,yes,Sr.Frances",Allison said noticing the look on the nuns face and suddenly aware that she was at their mercy.The stories she heard of women being slapped came flooding into her mind.
Sr.Frances looked Allison up and down."The way girls dress,leaves a lot to the imagination;Allison,follow me".
Allison followed Sr.Francis along a corridor.Allison couldn't help noticing the way the nun was dressed in a long black habit, a black veil,white coif and a thick long black strap around her waist which swished from side to side when the nun walked.They stopped outside a door and Sr.Frances knocked once and went in,Allison followed.The room was lit by candles,which cast shadows around the book lined walls."Reverand Abbot,this is the girl you were told about,Allison Whitley,"Sr.Frances said.
Allison could just make out a middle-aged man sitting behind a long table.He was wearing a long black habit and scapula,his face was pale and fat,he was almost bald with just a few wisps of grey hair left.He was wearing small round spectacles which he removed and glared at Allison.Allison felt a great unease come over her.Fuck what have I done,Allison thought.Sr.Francis turned to Allison,and smiled a smile of satisfaction."Thank you,Sr.Frances,I will deal with the errant girl from here",the Reverand Abbot said.Sr.Frances left and for a few moments there was silence.Allison stood rooted to the spot while the monk returned to a book he was reading.
Suddenly Allison jumped with fright as the monk closed the book with a thud.He glared at Allison again."I am Reverand Abbot Benedictus Gropius and I am what is called a "Father Confessor",I have heard all about you little girl and I must say that you certainly deserve to be punished."Rudeness,cursing,playing truant,disobedience;yes Allison,here at St.Vincents we are able to access the school reports of any girl who comes to us,it is all here in this file,"the monk said,tapping a folder on the table"Yes,disobedience will not be tolerated".
The monk stood up and Allison saw that he was short and fat,she was taller than him by a good two or three inches.The monk's habit swished from side to side as he walked slowly but purposefully to a chair which stood in front of one of the book shelves.Allison again noted the long black strap that hung down from the monk's waist.She followed him with her eyes,wondering what was going to happen.She fully expected to be slapped by a nun,so she guessed that the monk was going to hear her confession first before telling her off and handing her over to one of the nuns.She guessed wrong.
The monk sat on the chair and stared at Allison.He had a slight smile on his face and Allison could make out little beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.
She could see that the monk was a bit excited as he looked at her.Then most men and boys always seemed to look at her with desire.She liked when they looked.
"Come over here Allison and stand at my right hand side,"the monk said.Allison detected a change in his voice which seemed suddenly higher, a bit breathless.She moved slowly over to where he was sitting and expected to be told to confess.She stood at his right side."Now,Allison,I want you bend across my knee".
Allison thought she didn't hear him correctly."Sorry,what".
"You will address me as Abbot,and I will tell you again,bend over my knee,little girl."
"I'm s*******n,I'm not a little girl,Abbot",Allison said regretting what she said the moment the words were out of her mouth.
"You are such an insolent girl,if you do not bend over my knee I will have you caned by six nuns,do you understand that LITTLE GIRL",the monk said sternly.
Allison decided to let the remark go,she had a vision of six nuns with sticks wacking her bum.She smirked at the monk and bent down over his knee placing the palms of her hands on the floor.She suddenly remembered the slits cut on the back of her jeans and became aware that the monk was aroused,she could feel his erect penis under her.She laughed and stopped herself.
"I will give you something to laugh at,Allison",the monk said looking down at her bottom and the her almost bare thighs through the slits cut in her jeans.
"I bet you will,ABBOT",Allison said wickedly.
"Insolent and disobedient girl,"the monk said still staring at her bottom.
Allison felt the monk place his left hand on the end of her back and then she became aware of a sensation she knew when her boyfriend placed his hand on her bum,but this time it seemed strange,the monk had placed his right hand on her bum and was rubbing her bum while he mumbled to himself.She lay there,staring at the floor wondering what the monk was saying,wondering how hard the slaps were going to be,and wondering why she hadn't been a good girl.
The first slap caught her by surprise and she screamed out more out of shock than pain.His hand came down again.Then he rubbed her bum again before recommencing with a rythmic spanking across her bum.The slaps became increasingly harder and Allison began to feel some discomfort.While the monk spanked her Allison every now and then could feel his penis pulsate.Pervert,she thought.The spanking continued and Allison could hear the monk breathing heavily.She knew he was enjoying every moment of this.There it goes again,his penis,she thought.
The Abbot knew he was aroused by this naughty girl who was so insolent and disobedient.He was in the enviable position of administering corporal punishment to naughty women on a daily basis,but many of the women he dealt with tended to be aged between thirty and fifty.Very rarely did he have a schoolgirl to deal with and especially this particular schoolgirl who was very attractive,the pleasure he felt in spanking her was immence.
He brought his hand down again and agin and finally Allison began to scream out."That's it little girl,now I know I am getting through to you,that's the girl."Allison began to cry;the slaps began to really hurt now,but she bit her bottom lip and tried her best not to scream out and give the monk the satisfaction of knowing he had indeed beaten her.
However her resolve didn't last long and she began to cry out at each slap."Yes,that's what I want to hear,let it all out,Allison,you must suffer for your wickedness.spanking can be very theraputic,"the monk said clearly sounding excited.
Finally,after what seemed a very long time,the spanking stopped and the monk spent a few moments rubbing Allison's very sore bottom.She could still feel his penis under her but she felt it go limp.She wondered had he ejaculated?
"You may get up,Allison",he said out of breath.
Allison stood up and immediately put her hands to her bum and rubbed gently.She could see by the Abbot's face that this gave him pleasure.
"Now,Allison,this has been your first session,I will be recommending more appointments for you at St.Vincents;you have a long hard road in front of you little girl,but we are here to guide you,"the monk smiled.Allison could now see that he was sweating profusily."How do you feel,Allison?"
"A bit sore,Abbot,"Allison replied.
"You may go for now,little girl".
Allison left the room quickly and walked as fast as she could out of the convent.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
When Allison arrived home Gillian was waiting in the kitchen.Allison ran to her mother and hugged her.They sat in silence for awile before Allison just blurted out everything that had happened to her at St.Vincent and at the hands of Reverand Abbot Benedictus Gropius.Gillian knew the monk,she had received the cane from him sometime ago and she told Allison this.
"Are you going to go back,you don't have to you know,I think you learned a lesson,"Gillian said.
Allison took a few moments before she answered."Yes,Mum,I going back,"Allison replied.
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