Tales from St.Vincents;Janice the Penitant.

Where does one begin when speaking of Janice.Janice was always unruly,always rude and always the schoolgirl that could be seen standing outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study.As she grew into an attractive young woman Janice still found herself getting up to mischief;not turning up for work,parking wherever she liked,;generally giving two fingers to everyone else.
Janice had some hope at school where the nuns of St.Vincents tried to instill discipline in her by means of corporal punishment."I have spanked that bottom so many times," s****r Rita had said to s****r Margaret about Janice.
When Janice found out,through one of her friends, that the nuns at St.Vincents had devised a programme to deal with women who were miscreant in their behaviour and who would submit themselves to the nuns and their methods of correction,Janice decided to give it a try ,even if it was for a laugh.Janice always thought that nuns were bit funny,a bit weird and a bit perverted when it came to slapping schoolgirls as Janice painfully remembered.But she decided that she would enter this programme and see what happened.
The memories came flooding back as Janice walked up the long winding drive-way that led to the main house of St.Vincents Convent.To her left was the austere school building,to her right the private gardens which Janice use to sneak through to and from school;she had only been caught once and ended up getting six strokes of the wooden paddle from s****r Severia.Janice remembered bending over a desk while s****r Severia brought the paddle down across her bottom, hard.Janice remembered the nun getting excited and telling Janice how naughty she had been.Perverts,Janice thought to herself and at that moment decided that she would have a little fun with the nuns and show them that they couldn't break her no matter what their methods.Janice had heard from other women about the beatings that the nuns dished out to errant women but she was resolute,they would not break her.
Janice knocked at the door and waited,she knocked again impatiently.The door was opened by a middle-aged nun who scowled at Janice."Yes,woman,what do you want?" the nun asked
"I have an appointment to start the programme",Janice answered back.
"Well,what is your name and by the way you will show me the respect I deserve and address me as "s****r",is that clear, woman," the nun said staring at Janice.
Janice felt uneasy,it had been so many years since she was before a nun,she knew what they were capable of.Janice introduced herself not forgetting to address the nun correctly and was admitted.The door closed with a heavy thud and Janice felt suddenly scared and uneasy of what was yet to come.
Janice followed the nun up a flight of stairs."Now Janice you will be dealt with according to Reverand Mother Gertrude's directions.They walked down a long corridor.Somewhere in the distance Janice could hear a girl screaming out and then a door banging.What have I got myself into,she thought.They stopped outside a room and the middle-aged nun told Janice to face the wall and not move until she was called into the room.Janice obeyed,surprising herself.The middle-aged nun entered the room and Janice could make out more voices coming from inside and one voice clearly excited asking " is it really her?"
Janice stood outside facing the wall for what seemed about ten minutes.Janice could hear muffled voices coming from the room but found it hard to make out what was being said.She could hear the odd word like "slap","cane","strap",then she heard the two words that really made her regret coming to St.Vincents;"attractive bottom".
The door opened suddenly and the middle-aged nun ordered her to come inside in a stern voice;there was three other nuns in the room,they were older than Janice remembered but she knew them the minute she saw them and instinctivly put her hands behind her as if to protect her bottom.The four nuns were smiling.It was the middle-aged nun who spoke.
"Now,Janice,I am s****r Concepta and I would like to welcome you to the programme for errant women."I take it you already are familiar with s****r Rita,s****r Margaret and s****r Severia",s****r Concepta said.
"Yes,s****r,"was what all Janice could come up with,her courage had slipped in the face of her long time adversaries.
s****r Concepta went on to explain that the programme was designed to help errant women mend their ways and that a number of sessions would be required,Janice would also be expected to obey all orders given by the nuns and would also be required to perform menial tasks around the convent to teach her humility;any transgression or disobedience would be dealt with by means of corporal punishment.
Janice only heard some of what s****r Concepta said she was too busy staring at each nun and more particularly what each nun was holding in her hands.s****r Rita was holding a wooden paddle which had holes drilled into it,s****r Margaret was holding a thick strap,s****r Severia was holding a wooden spoon and when she had stopped speaking s****r Concepta went to the table and took up a cane.Janice was at their mercy,if she chickened out she knew she would never hear the end of if from her friends.
"Now,Janice,let us commence,bend over that table,"s****r Concepta said pointing to a large table to Janice's left.Janice could see that each nun had a slight smile on her face.Janice turned to face the table and from somewhere her courage seemed to come back,she bent over the table and stuck her bottom out.She could hear someone coming behind her and then she recognised the voice of s****r Rita."I have waited so long for this Janice,I was beginning to think that we would never have you hear."
"Just get on with it,"Janice said.
"Insolent woman",s****r Margaret said.
s****r Rita placed the paddle on Janice's bottom and raised it up only to place the paddle back on Janice's bottom softly,as if to take aim.The next time the paddle was raised it came down hard.Janice squeeled softly.Track-suit bottoms were completely the wrong attire to have worn to an appointment at St.Vincents.The paddle was brought down five more times and by now Janice felt sore.
"Remain bending over,"s****r Rita said,somewhat out of breath.
It was s****r Margaret's turn next with her thick leathar strap.The first stroke caused Janice to scream out."We seem to be getting through to you,Janice,"s****r Margaret said.
The strap was brought down five more times with great vigour on Janice's bottom.Janice by now was really sore and wondered was she up to the wooden spoon and the cane.Her legs were trembling slightly and she silently cried,but she would not give them the satisfaction of knowing she was beaten.
s****r Severia approched with her wooden spoon and delivered six hard whacks to Janice who screamed out and even asked s****r Severia was that the best she could do,the reply was swift,"you have a long way to go in the programme with that attidute,Janice".
Finally it was the turn of s****r Concepta and her cane.Janice braced herself,closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.The first stoke hit a very sensitive spot and Janice cried out and called the nuns perverts.The next five strokes were deliverd with great precision.
When the beatings were over Janice was told to stand up and she had to thank each of the nuns.The nuns seemed amused at the sight of Janice crying and rubbing her bottom.
"Now Janice follow me,"s****r Rita said.They left the room and Janice could hear the nuns laughing.Janice followed s****r Rita to a part of the convent she had never been to.An old nun opened a door at the end of another long corridor and Janice was amazed to see five women ,two of which she knew,all on their knees scrubbing a large flag stone floor.
"This is the first of many menial tasks that you will be given Janice to teach you humility.Menial tasks and corporal punishment will help you mend your ways,"s****r Rita said.Janice was shocked at the sight that she hardly took any notice of the fact that s****r Rita had slipped her hand onto Janice's bottom and was rubbing very slowly.After a few moments s****r Rita pointed to a bucket and scrubbing brush and orderd Janice to get on her knees ang begin scrubbing.Janice hesitated.
"Alternatively,Janice we could return to the room we were in and we could recommence with corporal punishment",s****r Rita said,with a smile of satisfaction.
Janice immediately went to her bucket and brush,got on her knees and began to scrub.s****r Rita left and the old nun produced a leathar strap and began to beat one of the women who had stopped scrubbing.Janice kept her head down and knew that the programme was going to be very severe indeed,very severe.

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2 years ago
I assume Janice learned her lesson, albeit, the hard way.
2 years ago
all of them probably