Tales from St.Vincents;What Lorraine Heard.

On entering the main convent building Lorraine had been told by Sr.Angela to take a seat outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study and wait to be called in to account for her naughty behaviour.Lorraine climbed the stair case which led to a long corridor,she walked along the corridor glancing out of the windows at the city.Lorraine came to the polished wooden bench outside the Reverand Mother's study and sat down.She knew that this would be the only time she would be able to sit comfortably for sometime.On the three previous occassions that Lorraine had been before the Reverand Mother,she had been caned,paddled and on the last visit Lorraine had to bend over Reverand Mother Gertrude's knee and the old nun had spanked her using her hand for quite sometime.Lorraine sat and waited for the Reverand Mother to call her inside.
As Lorraine waited she could hear muffled voices coming from inside the Reverand Mother's study,she knew the reason she was waiting was because the old nun was chastising another girl.Lorraine looked along the corridor,which was clear,she decided to take a chance.Lorraine stooped down and looked through the key hole she could just make out a woman standing with her back to the door and facing the Reverand Mother.Lorraine could hear the Reverand Mother scolding the woman.Words like "Naughty","Wicked", were being used.Every now and then the woman spoke in a meek voice,Lorraine couldn't make out what she was saying.After about five minutes of the Reverand Mother berating this woman, Lorraine heard the old nun order the woman to bend over the table.The woman immediately bent over the table and Lorraine now could clearly see the Reverand Mother stand up and take a wooden paddle in her hands.Lorraine recognised this paddle,it was the one with the holes bored into it.The one that had been used on her in the past.
Lorraine's legs began to ache so she knelt down and continued to peer through the key hole.She was intrigued at the sight unfolding before her.Lorraine witnessed the first slap of the paddle being applied to the womans rear.Lorraine got a start and bit her bottom lip.More slaps with the paddle were applied across the womans behind.Lorraine could see the Reverand Mother's long black habit swish from side to side as the old nun put all her strengh into using the paddle.Fucking pervert,Lorraine thought to herself as she witnessed the Reverand Mother rubbing the woman on her behind between the slaps.The paddling continued with the Reverand Mother calling the woman a wicked,naughty woman.The woman by now was crying and begging the Reverand Mother to stop but Lorraine noticed that the Reverand Mother was smiling and seemed to be enjoying the pleas for mercy from the woman.
The paddling continued and Lorraine thought to herself that the short blue summer dress the woman was wearing offered no protection against the paddle.Then the Reverand Mother told the woman to stand up and Lorraine thought the spectle was over but the old nun then sat down on a chair and ordered the woman to bend over her knee.As the woman turned to face her disciplinarian it was then that Lorraine was more than surprised to see that the woman who had endured the beating with the paddle was her friend Eleanor.Poor Eleanor,Lorraine thought herself.But Lorraine wanted to see what would happen.Eleanor bent over Reverand Mother Gertrude's knee and the Reverand Mother began to spank her with her hand on each rump.It was a hard spanking and Eleanor,whose bottom was sore from the paddle,now felt more pain as the old nun enjoyed administering the spanking.
Lorraine was so engrossed by the sight of the spanking taking place that she did not hear Sr.Severia coming up the corridor.All Lorraine felt was her left ear being tugged as she was pulled up into a standing position."What are you doing"?Sr.Severia demanded.
"Nothing Sr,"Lorraine said,she knew she was in deep trouble.
"How dare you blatently lie,you were looking through the key hole,"Sr.Severia said.Lorraine knew it was better to confess and take what was coming.
"Sorry,Sr.,I...",Lorraine began.
"Oh,you will be sorry indeed for this,face the wall,"Sr.Severia ordered.
Lorraine slowly turned and faced the wall,she then received a sharp slap across her bottom from Sr.Severia who had used the end of the long strap the nuns wore around their waists.Sr.Severia then caught Lorraine's left arm with her left hand and using her right hand spanked Lorraine a number of times,while this was taking place the door to the Reverand Mother's study opend.Sr.Severia stopped the spanking.
Elaeanor and the Reverand Mother came out."Hi,Lorraine",Eleanor said,her eyes were red from crying and she was rubbing her bum.
"Hi,Eleanor",Lorraine replied but she was struck with fear as she saw the strict look on the Reverand Mother's face.
"Silence,girls",Reverand Mother said."Eleanor leave at once.".
Eleanor smiled support at Lorraine and left.
"I caught this woman looking through the key hole,Reverand Mother."Sr.Severia said.
"Indeed,"Reverand Mother said."Well we will have to beat Lorraine in the same way she witnessed,Sr."
Lorraine followed Reverand Mother into the study with Sr.Severia behind.
"Now,Lorraine you will be more than sorry for what you have done",Reverand Mother said.Lorraine's heart was beating faster,her bottom already felt warm with the antiscipation of was was about to happen.Lorraine's fear increased when she saw Reverand Mother Gertrude produce two wooden paddles from a drawer.The Reverand Mother handed one of the paddles to Sr.Severia who accepted the paddle with a clear sign of satisfaction on her face,she stared at Lorrine with a strange look,Lorraine guessed that the nun was getting some sexual enjoyment out of what she would be doing to Lorraine.
"Bend over the table Lorraine,both Sr.Severia and myself will paddle you,"Reverand Mother said.
"Please,Reverand Mother,I promise I won't do it again,"was all Lorraine could come up with as she stared at the two paddles,the ones with the holes bored through them,now in the hands of the two nuns.
"If I have to tell you to bend over again,Lorraine,I will also order you to bare your bottom,;is that understood,woman",Reverand Mother said .Lorraine bent over the now familiar table and awaited the first hard slap.
"You may begin,Sr.Severia",Reverand Mother said.
"Oh,thank you Reverand Mother",Sr.Severia said.Lorraine could hear the excitement in the nun's voice.Sr.Severia placed the paddle on Lorraine's bottom,then raised it up;Lorraine closed her eyes,the nun brought the paddle down on Lorraine's bottom again,gently as if to take aim,then raised the paddle again and brought it hard down across Lorraine's bottom.Lorraine cried out.Both the Reverand Mother and Sr.Severia delivered alternate slaps with their paddles to Lorraine.
By the time they had finished Lorraine had been sorely reminded that in future the best policy was to mind her own business.

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2 years ago
i bet the nuns got off on it they still did it when i graduated i was told, also in public schools which i knew about in 68
2 years ago
Wow, that was so hot. Looking forward to the rest.....