Tales from St.Vincents;Clodagh's Story.

Clodagh followed the young smiling nun up the stair case.This wasn't Clodagh's first time she had been at St.Vincent's twice before.She was dreading what Reverand Mother Gertrude would do to her this time.They stopped outside the Reverand Mother's study,the young nun knocked and opened the door ushering Clodagh inside.The young nun closed the door and Clodagh became aware that the nun didn't leave the room.Clodagh moved closer to Reverand Mother who was sitting behind her table.
"Ah,Clodagh,welcome back,young woman",Reverand Mother said with a smile on her face."It seems that women like you never learn".
Clodagh said nothing,she was still wondering why the young nun had not left the room.Usually it was just her and the old Reverand Mother."Nothing to say,Clodagh?"
"Let's get it over with,"Clodagh said.
"Such a wicked attitude,we will have to beat that out of you;perhaps the strokes of the cane will help you to mend your ways,young woman,"the old nun said.
Clodagh became aware of the cane lying on the Reverand Mother's table.She suddenly felt a mixture of fear and shock.Shit!this was going to hurt,she thought.
"Bend over the table,Clodagh and prepare to receive what you sorely deserve",Reverand Mother said with a smile of satisfaction on her face.Clodagh was determined not to give the old nun the satisfaction of seeing her fear.Clodagh bent over the table and fixed her eyes on a spot on the table,she resolved herself to try hard not to make eye cantact with the Reverand Mother.
"Sr.Brid will cane you while I will watch your punishment."Sr.Brid has experience weilding the cane on naughty women's bottoms,Clodagh."
"I bet she has",Clodagh said defiantly,still focused on the spot on the table
"Such a wicked attitude;you may begin,Sr.Brid",the old nun said.
Sr.Brid took the cane from the table and positioned herself behind and to the left of Clodagh.Fuck you,bitches,Clodagh thought and closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip in anticipation of what was to come.The first stroke wasn't that hard.Clodagh took the second and third strokes with ease;her blue faded jeans were acting as a cushion against the cane.It was the fourth stroke that made Clodagh wimper a bit.The strokes began to get harder as they were administered with expert percision.The smiling young nun certainly knew how to cane,Clodagh thought.Clodagh continued to focus on the table.
"Give it to her harder,Sr.Brid,it seems that Clodagh can take it,not like some of the women who come to us and scream out at the first stroke",the Reverand Mother said.The cane came down harder,Clodagh had lost count of how many strokes she had received,she was trying her best not to scream out.Then it happened,the cane came down again and Clodagh screamed out,looking up at the Reverand Mother.Again and again the cane came down.The only sounds were the swish of the cane through the air the crack sound it made as it connected with Clodagh's bottom and the Reverand Mother's voice scolding Clodagh for her transgressions.
Clodagh look at the Reverand Mother and saw that she was enjoying the spectle unfolding in front of her.The cane came down again,the strokes got harder until finally Clodagh broke down.The tears streamed down her face and she screamed,"Sorry,Reverand Mother,please tell her to stop,please.".
"Do you promise to mend your ways,Clodagh?"the Reverand Mother asked.Another stroke landed,Clodagh screamed another stroke followed.
"Yes,Reverand Mother,I promise I will try",Clodagh said between her cries.
"Very well,two more strokes Sr.Brid and then we will give Clodagh the chance to mend her ways.The last two strokes were the hardest.Clodagh screamed out and just managed to stop herself cursing.
"You may get up Clodagh",Reverand Mother said.Clodagh stood up and immediately rubbed her bottom.Her bottom was stinging and felt sore.Sr.Brid stood there still holding the cane and still with that smile on her face.Clodagh saw the young nun lick her lips."Thank Sr. Brid for caning you,Clodagh",Reverand Mother ordered.
Clodagh turned to Sr.Brid and could see that the young nun had enjoyed herself."Thank you,Sr.Brid",Clodagh said
"You are quite welcome,Clodagh",the young nun said in a squeaky voice.Clodagh continued to rud her bottom.
"You may go for now,Clodagh,but remember we are always here when you feel the need to be punished again.",Reverand Mother said,still sitting behind her table.
"Thank you,Reverand Mother",Clodagh said meekly.The young nun put the cane on the table and accompanied Clodagh out of the room.As Clodagh walked down the stairs Sr.Brid walked behind her.Clodagh could feel the young nun staring at her bottom,the bottom she had caned with great effect.

* * * * * * * * * * *
At home Clodagh knew her husband was away on a business trip so she had the place to herself.She went the bedroom and took off her jeans,she pealed down the g-string and checked her bottom in the mirror.Her bottom looked sore,there was red lines across her bum.She touched her bottom,it was indeed sore.Clodagh spent the rest of the evening sitting on a soft cushion.The memory of the day would not leave her for a long time.
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2 years ago
i always thought nuns were kinky
2 years ago
is there some more to this story please? it ended so suddenly.
2 years ago
WOW!!!!!!! Another hot one thanks..