Tales from St.Vincents, Part II

When Catherine arrived home she had went straight to the bedroom she shared with her husband.She had the house to herself;her husband had taken their two young k**s to visit grandparents.Catherine undressed quickly and stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at herself.She turned her body slightly and looked at her bottom in the mirror.Her bottom had turned a reddish colour.She sat on the side of the bed but stood up almost straight away and looked at her bottom again.She touched her bottom,"Ouch!" she exclaimed silently.The memories of how her bottom got to be this reddish colour came flooding back.
Catherine had stood in the main hall-way of St.Vincents Convent while the young nun who had let her in went to see if Reverand Mother Gertrude was free to see her.Catherine looked around the hall at the many religious and school photographs that hung along the walls at either side.She remembered what her friend Karen had told her about being slapped with a strap by Reverand Mother Gertrude for trespassing in the convent gardens.Catherine also wondered did other women have the same fantasy as she did;a fantasy to have her bottom spanked.She had broached this topic with her husband,but he wasn't into this stuff."The Reverand Mother will see you now",the young nun had appeared behind Catherine giving her a start.Catherine simply said,"Yes,s****r".
The young nun led the way up a stair case,turning left along a corridor Catherine wondered what she would say to the Reverand Mother;how would she explain that she wanted to be punished.They stopped outside a door and the young nun left Catherine.Catherine took a deep breath and knocked at the door.A shrill voice from inside said,"Come!"
Catherine opened the door and walked in,closing the door behind her.The Reverand Mother's study was lined with book shelves full of books,on the right there was a table and in the centre of the floor a chair.The old Reverand Mother was sitting behind a large oak table straight in front of Catherine.Catherine guessed that it must have been twenty-three years ago since she had her out-stretched hands slapped by Reverand Mother Gertrude for being late or something,she couldn't fully remember.The old nun must be in her seventies now,Catherine estimated.
"Now,what is your name young woman?"the nun asked,staring at Catherine.
"Catherine MaCarthy,Reverand Mother",Catherine replied wondering how she was going to explain her visit.
"What can I do for you,Catherine".
Catherine was stuck,what was going to say,she felt embarressed,she had to think quick.
"It has been a long time since I was..." her mind went blank.
As if the old nun could read her mind she said,"Is 'punished' the word you are searching for,Catherine".
"Yes,Reverand Mother,it has been a long time since I was punished",Catherine said with some relief.
"Were you punished at school,young woman?"
"Yes,you punished me when I was a schoolgirl.Reverand Mother,a long time ago now",Catherine said.She felt an anticipation rise from somewhere within.
"Well,you know how I deal with women Catherine?"the old nun said still staring at Catherine.
"Yes,Reverand Mother,you recently punished a friend of mine,Karen O'Connor,for being in the Convent gardens",Catherine said.
"Ah,yes,Karen;she has not been the first woman to try and take a short-cut through our gardens to get to that housing estate",the Reverand Mother said,and added,"and she will not be the last."
Catherine wondered how many more women had been caught and punished at St.Vincents.
"Tell me Catherine,have you transgressed in your life?"the old nun asked with a slight smile on her wrinkled face.
"Yes,Reverand Mother,a lot of times since I was punished last,"Catherine said,the anticipation was growing,what was the old nun going to do to her?
"Well,since it has been some years since your last atonement I suggest that we get to the bottom of things and begin your punishment,Catherine."
Catherine began to feel a mixture of excitement and fear as she stood in front of Reverand Mother Gertrude.Was it to be the hard strap that Karen spoke about with dread,she thought.
"Go and stand next to that chair,young woman",the Reverand Mother indicated to the chair in the centre of the room.Catherine turned and walked slowly over to the chair.The Reverand Mother followed and sat down.The old nun placed her hand immediately on Catherine's bottom and manoeuvred her to the right hand side."Now,Catherine bend over my knee",the old nun said.Catherine could hear excitement in the nun's voice.Catherine bent over Reverand Mother Gertrude's knee and placed the palms of her ands on the floor.
"Now you will atone for all your transgressions,young woman,"the old nun said groping Catherine's bottom."How old are you,Catherine?"the nun asked.
"Thirty-nine,Reverand Mother,"Catherine replied feeling embarressed and wondering why she hadn't worn her jeans instead of the black trousers the material of which was going to offer very little protection.
"Well,you have a lot to confess,young woman",
The first slap made Catherine cry out more out of surprise than pain.Then another slap and then another.The old nun rubbed Catherine's bottom again before commencing a rhythmic spanking.Her hand fell and rose with great effect on Catherine's bottom.Catherine cried out at each slap and felt herself thightening the muscles of her bottom in anticipation of each slap.The spanking continued,the slaps got harder.Catherine began to cry.
"That's it,Catherine,let it all out you have much to atone for",the Reverand Mother said punctuating each word with a slap on Catherine's bottom.The spanking continued unabated.The nun was enjoying herself in stark contrast to Catherine whose bottom had at first felt warm but now was stinging.Again and again the slaps landed on Catherine' bottom.The only sounds to be heard in the study was the old nun's heavy breathing,the slap of her hand on Catherine rump and of course Catherine's cries whch by now had turned to the odd scream.
The spanking continued and Catherine realised she had lost all track of time,how long have I been here.Fuck,it hurts she thought.In contrast Reverand Mother was quite enjoying the experience,you naughty woman,oh,you have a delightful bottom,take that and that,oh yes,the old nun thought to herself.Then the spanking stopped and the old nun took a few moments to rub Catherine's buttocks,then a few more slaps before Reverand Mother told Catherine that she could get up.
Catherine stood up and immediately rubbed her sore bottom.Catherine noticed that the old nun looked flushed and was sweating slightly around her fore head and the band of her veil."Do you feel you have been properly chastised,Catherine?"the Reverand Mother enquired.
"Yes,Reverand Mother,thank you",Catherine said meekly in between sods.
"You can come here anytime Catherine you feel that you need to confess and be disciplined for any wrong doing you have committed.
"Thank you,Reverand Mother",Catherine said still rubbing her throbbing bottom.
"You may go,young woman".
Catherine left the room and was surprised to see the same young nun who had brought her to the Reverand Mother,standing outside.They walked back down the stairs and into the long hallway.Catherine recognised another woman sitting on a chair in the hall way."Hi,Clodagh,"Catherine said.
"Hi,Catherine,have you been to Reverand Mother too?"Clodagh asked
"Ya",Catherine said.Both women looked at each other in silence for a moment.The young nun had opened the door to let Catherine out and returned to the foot of the stairs."Come,Clodagh,you must not keep the Reverand Mother waiting",the young nun said gently.
"Good luck",Catherine said.
"Thanks,girl,I'm going to need it",Clodagh said as she followed the nun.As Catherine left she couldn't resist a look back,she turned and saw Clodagh following the nun up the stairs.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Catherine looked at her bottom in the mirror,.She felt sexy and very girlie.Sex would be good tonight.She again thought of about what had transpired that day and she could only think of one thing,her next appointment with Reverand Mother Gertrude a week from today.

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