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[Story] Friar Ambrose.

Friar Ambrose sat in his private study at the monastery. He often occupied his time before he would administer corporal punishment to an errant boy or girl by reading or thinking back on the wonderful memories he had of a life spent in education,most notably his use of corporal punishment while educating boys in the classics. He closed his eyes and began to think of one particular memory,a memory that often excited him,a memory that often came to mind more so than the thousands of other memories he had of administering corporal punishment. He was back in St.Augustine's School for Boys. A schoo... Continue»
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Girls and boys. I am available to hear your confession. Message me with your confession and hear how I would discipline you if you were before me. Be brave and own up to your naughty ways. I chastise the most errant boys and girls without hesitation. One must have something that one wishes to confess to in private. I have in the past administered corporal punishment to both ladies and gents. I have administered corporal punishment to boys and girls at the same time,sometimes bending my errant penitents over side by side. So are you brave enough to message me in private and confess some errant ... Continue»
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[Story] Mother and Son; A Tale from the 'Monastery�

Paul was constantly in trouble at the Monastery school. Hardly a day went by without one of the monks chastising him.Finally it was the expensive broken stained glass window that brought Paul to the attention of the Abbot Benedictus. Paul walked along the long stone flagged corridor to the Abbot's private study. He had heard that the Abbot punished both boys and girls who attended the school or who came to confess some wrong doing.Paul stood outside the door and read the inscription on the door,'Abbot Benedictus,BA,MA,DD,Prior. He gingerly knocked and a voice from within bid him enter.

P... Continue»
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[Story] Their Suffering!

They had been together for about two years now.They had great sex and even delved into a little BDSM every now and then.They had spoken about their need to be spanked;they both wanted to know how it felt to be beaten together,they agreed it was time to find out and Oliver new how they could go about realising their fantasy.Oliver spoke to Natasha and it was agreed that they would go to the Monastery near where they lived and ask to see the Abbot. Natasha had heard that the Abbot there had beaten a number of people of late. Oliver telephoned the Monastery and made an appointment to meet with ... Continue»
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[Story] The Unfaithful Wife's Confession.

The Abbot Bendictus donned his long brown habit and tied the white cord around his waist.It was 6am and he was getting ready for the day. His day would be spent in quiet contemplation and hearing the confessions of those who came to the monastery chapel to repent their sins. It had been two days since the Abbot had used the cane on Dean and Lorraine and the memory of that day was still to the fore in his mind. He sat at his desk in his study and allowed the thoughts to waft through his mind again. He smiled at the sight of them both bending over,he became aroused at the thought of the cane st... Continue»
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[Story] The Monastery.

The rain beat hard against his study window,it had rained all morning without any sign of stopping. The old monk sat at his desk looking through a bill for a very expensive,broken stained glass window in the church.The mindless act of vandalism that had caused the breaking of the hundred year old window had been carried out by two s*******n year olds.The culprits had been caught and arrested,but what good was it taking them to court? The monastery would be waiting months,if not years to recuperate the cost of fixing the window. The Abbot Benedictus,now sitting at his table in his candle lit p... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents: Jennifer.

Jennifer's husband left for work and she had packed her teenage k**s off to school.The day ahead would be hard,she knew this.Jennifer had been informed by Sr.Marie Gabriel of St.Vincents Convent that her appointment with the Father Confessor was fixed for the nineteenth of the month;the day had arrived.Jennifer had to be at St.Vincents for 11am;she looked at the clock in the kitchen,it was 9:30am.She went up to the bedroom and sat at the side of the bed looking at herself in the mirror.She had always felt a need to be punished,even as a schoolgirl.Now aged forty-seven she still felt that ne... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents:Sr.Frances' Story.

I was always the odd one out,always the one the other girls made fun of.Now I see myself as being able to take revenge.When I was at school I put up with the taunts from the other girls;I knew I was brighter than them.I put up with the name calling,I put up with the wicked moments of pleasure came when,in class,I witnessed the nuns administer corporal punishment to my tormentors.I witnessed the spankings in front of the whole class; and on occasion I would witness the cane being applied to one of the girls.I will confess to feeling aroused by the sight of other girls being sl... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents: Gillian's Dilemma.

Gillian sat and stared at the clock,it showed 10:45pm.Where is she,Gillian thought.She stood up and looked out of the window,the street lights were on all over the city,in the middle distance Gillian could make out the lights of the main building of St.Vincents and just for a moment she wondered could her daughter,whom she had told to be home by ten, do with the discipline that the nuns of St.Vincents instilled in many a schoolgirl and indeed women.
Gillian sat back down,she was worried.She tried to talk to her daughter,Allison who was s*******n,but it always ended in an argument.Allison wa... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents;Janice the Penitant.

Where does one begin when speaking of Janice.Janice was always unruly,always rude and always the schoolgirl that could be seen standing outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study.As she grew into an attractive young woman Janice still found herself getting up to mischief;not turning up for work,parking wherever she liked,;generally giving two fingers to everyone else.
Janice had some hope at school where the nuns of St.Vincents tried to instill discipline in her by means of corporal punishment."I have spanked that bottom so many times," s****r Rita had said to s****r Margaret about J... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents;Agnata's Promise.

Two years ago Agnata moved from Poland to try and make a far better life for herself.In her new country she settled in more quickly than she had thought and was able to get a job as a waitress.She was friendly and out-going and soon made friends.Agnata was attractive and frequently found herself being asked out by men and indeed on two occassions by women more or less her own age.At work Agnata got on with all the other women who worked in the bar and restaurant.It was her good relationship with her work mates that would lead her to experience something she never thought possible.
Three we... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents;Sharon and the Mobile Phone

For Sharon somethings never changed,her schooldays were long in the past.At school she was punished for anything it seemed,usually she would receive the cane for not doing her work,or talking.At thirty-nine she found herself in the same position as she had when attending St.Vincents as a schoolgirl,she was again sitting outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study waiting to receive what had now become known amongst the numerous women who attended for punishment as the Discipline.
Sharon was a woman who enjoyed her nights out,she could be loud and indeed had lost friends because she wa... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents;What Lorraine Heard.

On entering the main convent building Lorraine had been told by Sr.Angela to take a seat outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study and wait to be called in to account for her naughty behaviour.Lorraine climbed the stair case which led to a long corridor,she walked along the corridor glancing out of the windows at the city.Lorraine came to the polished wooden bench outside the Reverand Mother's study and sat down.She knew that this would be the only time she would be able to sit comfortably for sometime.On the three previous occassions that Lorraine had been before the Reverand Mother,s... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents;Clodagh's Story.

Clodagh followed the young smiling nun up the stair case.This wasn't Clodagh's first time she had been at St.Vincent's twice before.She was dreading what Reverand Mother Gertrude would do to her this time.They stopped outside the Reverand Mother's study,the young nun knocked and opened the door ushering Clodagh inside.The young nun closed the door and Clodagh became aware that the nun didn't leave the room.Clodagh moved closer to Reverand Mother who was sitting behind her table.
"Ah,Clodagh,welcome back,young woman",Reverand Mother said with a smile on her face."It seems that women like yo... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincents, Part II

When Catherine arrived home she had went straight to the bedroom she shared with her husband.She had the house to herself;her husband had taken their two young k**s to visit grandparents.Catherine undressed quickly and stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at herself.She turned her body slightly and looked at her bottom in the mirror.Her bottom had turned a reddish colour.She sat on the side of the bed but stood up almost straight away and looked at her bottom again.She touched her bottom,"Ouch!" she exclaimed silently.The memories of how her bottom got to be this reddish colour... Continue»
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[Story] Tales From St.Vincents II

She still couldn't believe it had happened,what was she thinking? It was a day that she would never forget.When she got home Catherine had went straight to the bedroom she shared with her husband.Luckily her husband had brought their two young k**s to visit grandparents.Catherine quickly undressed and stared at herself in the full length mirror.It was a rush,she thought.She turned her body and looked at her bottom in the mirror.Her bottom had turned a red colour.She sat on the side of the bed,stood up and looked at her bottom in the mirror again as if she did not believe what she had seen t... Continue»
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[Story] Tales from St.Vincent's

It was a wet dull morning and Catherine,a thirty-nine year old married mother of two young k**s, stood at the bus stop as usual waiting to catch the No.7 bus to work.Catherine worked in a large department store,behind the check-out.The bus always took the same route,which went past St.Vincent's Convent.Catherine would look out the window of the bus at the convent and sometimes remember her school days,her friends and the nuns who taught her.Catherine also remembered getting the odd slap for misbehaviour.The slap was always given on the hands by one particular nun,what was her name,Catherine ... Continue»
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[Story] Chastising women

I have a number of women who come to me on a regular basis to assuage their guilt.They confess to me the naughty things they have done or the wicked thoughts they might have had.
After listening to their confession I then proscribe a suitable form of discipline.The discipline always takes the form of corporal punishment.I use a variety of slappers and floggers.I always begin with a light spanking.I reserve my cane for the very naughty.
A number of years ago a woman that I was dealing with,aged about 35 at the time,disobeyed me.I will call her "Mary" for ease of purpose.I had set "Mary"... Continue»
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Confession of naughty women.

I invite women who believe that they have been naughty to confess to me.I will then advise on a suitable punishment,which will involve corporal punishment and/or another form of penance.Any naughty acts or immoral thoughts may be included in your confession.So leave your message and I will get back to you.
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