My Road Trip Part 2

She was teasing my clit with her tongue. I looked at her while she was doing it. Her tongue was just flicking my clit making it throb and tickle. She put 2 fingers in my pussy. I reached down and held my lips open for her.
Tyson had his huge cock laying on her ass. it was so big that it went from her ass to her lower back. I wanted him to fuck her now. I wanted to see her little pussy get stretched out like mine. He pulled back like he was taking a long stroke. He put his cock head against her pussy. she let out this moan like she new this was going to be the biggest cock she'll ever have in her. Tyson was trying to get his cock to go limp enough to fit in her tight pussy. Remember, his cock was still hard enough when its limp to put in me and it grows inside me while he pounds me. I knew that's what he was trying to do with her. it didn't take long before he worked his cock into her pussy. She couldn't even lick my pussy any more when started pumping her pussy with his monster cock. She was just moaning and panting. he pushed her head down into my pussy. he started slamming into her forcing her face into my pussy. her open mouth and nose bounced off my pussy and clit. I was so turned on. I could feel my pussy dripping down onto my asshole.
Tyson stopped pounding her and fucked her slow for a while. That meant he was playing with her asshole. I reached down and grabbed her hand that 2 fingers in me and made her finger me faster. then I made her put another finger in me. then another. she was 4 fingering me but I knew that wasn't enough to open me up for Tysons cock. I told her to fist me. She looked at me like I was crazy. I said "Fist me bitch!" she spit on her hand and my pussy and slipped her thumb into wwet spit covered pussy. She worked it and slowly her whole hand went in. I was the one that moaning and panting now. Her hand inside me was almost enough to make me cum. she kept spitting on my pussy and pushing it in further. She was all the way to back of my pussy when she opened her hand as far as it would open. she rubbed my cervix and stretch my hole everytime she went to pull her hand out. She never pulled it out all the way. My lips kept being pulled in with her hand. I tried to pull them out of the way but She was fist fucking me good. Then it Hit me like a truck. I came. I came hard. My pussy squirted and she pulled her out and my pussy cum came out with it. My pussy was soaked and stretch.
Tyson put her next me doggie style and then he put his cock right in my pussy that was still twitching from the amazing fisting that I just took. I squirmed and screamed. His cock was so huge. It still bigger than her hand but my stretched out pussy was lubed from her spitting on it and my cum that his cock had no problem sliding in. He pulled out of me, his cock was dripping wet with my cum. His put in into her wet open pussy. He still had f***e into her. Her pussy was still too tight. I sat up and held her ass cheeks open for him. He made me suck the head of his cock and spit on it. I rubbed her clit as he put his cock back up to her open pussy. His head slipped inside. I grabbed her hips and start rocking her into his cock. She took the hint and started pushing against his cock. I kept licking his shaft and spitting on it so it was slippery and would him get his whole cock into her. Unfortunately she couldn't take his whole cock. She wasn't deep enough. He had 6 inches of cock that wouldn't go in her. I reach down and stroked his cock that wouldn't fit into her. So now he was fucking and stretching out her pussy and getting a hand job at the same time. God I love this mans cock. I love his length and his girth. This was so hot watching his cock fuck another woman. I would never do this with Dave. I always got too jealous, But watching Tysons cock getting wet and stretch out her pussy while I stroked his left over inches was too much not too love.
I started licking her asshole and fingering it. I knew Tyson wanted to fuck her ass too. I want him to fuck her ass too. I was so wet just licking her asshole thinking about It. I didn't put all my fingers in her ass, I just put 2 fingers in her and kept opening them up and tongue fucking her ass. She relaxed and asshole was really loosening up. I put 3 fingers in her. She was really moaning now. I spit on her asshole and my fingers. they were sliding in and out of her asshole so good that Tyson saw and wanted her asshole that I got ready for him. He put his cock up to her asshole and again I helped her get her hole open for his cock. I a finger from each hand into her asshole and pulled it open. Tysons cock head disappeared into her asshole. I almost couldn't get my fingers out of her it was so tight. Again I spit on and lick his shaft for him so he had no problem working it into her asshole. This sexy bitch took his whole cock this time. There wasn't an inch left over for me to stroke. I told her she was a good whore and pulled her hair.
I got doggie style next to her. I want it in my ass too. I wanted him to switch holes and go back and forth fucking our asses. He put 4 fingers in my pussy and get them soaking wet the he started rubbing my asshole. I was already nice and relaxed. I was used to his cock in my ass. He loved fucking my ass more than my pussy. I leand over and kissed her while Tyson rubbed my asshole and fucked hers. She licked my lips and was breathing heavy into my mouth. That was so sexy and hot. Her hot breath and tongue in my mouth made me want Tyson's cock in my ass right now. I told him to put it my ass. I want it now. He had no problem with my request. Tyson wasn't so gentle with my asshole as hers. He knew I could take it. He shoved it in. His cock slid in all the way on his first thrust. I could feel all way inside me. I really loved his cock. I needed it in my ass more than he needed to fuck it.
The other girls ass juices were enough to lube his cock to make easy for Tyson's cock to slide in and get him to pound me. He was fucking so good and hard in my ass that I was ready to cum again. I was rubbing my clit and getting r4eady to squirt again. Then he pulled out. He pulled out so fast that asshole didn't even close up. I could feel the cool air of hotel room fill it up. He slammed his cock back into her asshole. He wasn't nice about it with her this time either. He started pounding her hard and fast too. She was moaning and started biting the blanket as fucked her. He was pounding so hard that he was lifting her legs off the bed. I loved watching that. He did that with me and now I got to see hoe it looked and it was so hot. She stopped biting the blanket and threw her head back and screamed that she was cumming. She screamed and moaned, but Tyson didn't stop fucking her ass. He kept going. HE pounded her faster. She was mumbling now about how good his cock felt in her ass and kept say fuck my ass fuck it hard. She threw her head back and screamed and moaned and came again. this was the best anal I've ever watched.
I wanted Tyson to cum in her ass. I wanted to watch her take his cock and cum. I sat up and kissed him while he pounded her. I told him I wanted him to cum in her. I laid down on my back and showed how wet it made my pussy thinking about it. I told him that I want to watch him pull his cock out and cum in her gaped asshole. he was getting closer the more dirty I talked to him and banged my pussy. I could see it in his face. I looked at me and said he was going to cum. I sat up so I could see how huge and gaped her asshole was. He pulled out and started stroking his cock at the base while his cock head was up to her asshole. I grabbed it and held it still for him. I didn't want any of his cum to miss her asshole. As soon as I grabbed his cock and he knew it wasn't going to miss his mark he cam. he came hard. He squirted his hot cum into her stretched out gaped asshole. He cock unloaded 5 good shots of cum into her. I stroked and squeezed his cock to get every drop out of his throbbing cock. I sucked and lick his cock head and cleaned her ass juice off his shaft. I watched her asshole slowly close and little drops of cum slipped out dripped down her pussy slit. I licked them off her ass and off her pussy.
After tasting his cum mixed her ass I wanted to eat it all. It was soooo good. And Ladies if you have the chance to do this I highly recommend it. I told her to squat over my face with her asshole over my mouth. She was happy to let me suck the cum out of her ass. Tyson got between my leg and put his cock into my pussy. He wasn't his full size but he was still way bigger than most guys. I licked her asshole while she pushed his cum to the rim of her asshole. My tongue went into her ass and opened it up. It was like a cum flood into my mouth. There was so much that it filled my mouth up and went all over my face and it was still coming. It tasted so good. I swallowed and swallowed. I licked her ass to get more out. My tongue was inside her ass trying to lick up as much as I could. When There was no more cum and her asshole was clean she got off my face and off the bed. Tyson wasn't going to get hard again after that huge load he put in her. I could tell this scene was done. she started putting her cloths on and Tyson was tucking hug cock back in pants. I got dressed too. We said our good byes to the girl that I never asked her name and we left. We went back our room. Now we were tired and It was such a long day. The next day would be another adventure for me........Yes that means there is a part 3 :)
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4 months ago
Wow. I love your adventures
1 year ago
I can picture our hotel room in Moab-you're naked on the bed while my wife is enjoying her first time with a woman. I'm stroking my cock as she starts to lick your pussy & ass, but not letting myself cum. As you start to go down on her, I get on the bed & put my cock in her mouth & it doesn't take long before I feel it coming. She moans around my cock as she reaches orgasm, & as you lick your way up to kiss her, I explode all over her lips & tongue and watch as your mouth consumes hers in a hot sticky kiss.
1 year ago
I've read all your stuff! Really hot, made me get my dick out!
1 year ago
Oh yes! That was a great part 2! I was stroking myself the entire time and can't wait to read more... Thanks!
1 year ago
Love it!
2 years ago
Eating his load from her ass sounds so fucking hot! I really want to do that with my hubby and some girl now!!!
2 years ago
cant wait for the next installment of this road trip!