My Road Trip Part 1

You remember Tyson from my first story The Fuck Club? Well he becaume mt personal obsession for a very good reason.....a very big good reason. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It 13' long and 4" or 5" wide depending on how excited he got. No one believes me or that I can take that size cock. Well its true and I was a very determined woman. If you knew what I was risking to have that cock stretch out my hole you'd want it in you too.
Tyson invited me to go to Wendover NV with him for the weekend. I didn't know how to break it to Dave....My mind was already made up no matter what he said. He was actually pretty excited about it since he hid and watched me get fucked by Jason and Tyson in the alley. He gave me our video camera and said film whatever naughty stuff went on.
My pussy was drenched. I was so excited. I called Tyson and packed for the weekend. I packed every slutty outfit I had. Tyson picked me up and we were on our way. It was an hour and half to Wendover from Salt Lake. He had a van so the trip could've longer. We teased and played with each other the whole way out there. He loved it when I banged my pussy while he drove. He loved my pussy lips and loved watching me pull them apart and rub my clit. It was so hard not to cum while he watching me play with my wet pussy.
We finally got to Wendover and checked in. We got our room and I started going for his cock but he stopped me. I asked him "Whats wrong?" he assured me that nothing was wrong and that we should go down and play on some of the tables for a while. He loved gambling. I was kinda disappointed. My pussy got turned down for card games.
We were at the tables all night. Hours had gone by since we checked in. 13 to be paresis. I was one cranky bitch. I wasn't getting laid. I wasn't getting d***k and I wasn't having any fun.
He finally left the table and we went to the buffet. I really wanted to go back to the room and get naked for the next 2 days. My pussy was so achy again. It throbbed and it was still wet from the drive. I needed his huge But Tyson had other ideas. He was going back to the tables....he was on a fucking role. Oh boy. Fuck. I wasn't going to sit there and watch. We fought for a few but I could change his mind. I went for a walk. I had to cool off.
I got back a couple hours later. He was still at the table. Go figure. But.....what the fuck! He had some chic hanging on him and getting him drinks. Oh fuck that. I went and confronted him at the table. "What the fuck Tyson?!...Did you bring me out here to ditch me for the table and some bitch?" He said "I couldn't find you and I'm not playing youre games. You wanna throw a temper tantrum after I paid for the room were in and this whole weekend....Then fine.I'll fuck her instead." I said "Fine fuck her then"
I left the floor and went to the room. I guess I dressed up for nothing.I guess I left my husband In another state for nothing. I was feeling guilty and ashamed. I fell asl**p.
I was woken up by my phone going off. It was Tyson. He asked where I was. I told him in the room. He said If I wanted to have some fun to come to room 108. He was going to party with or without me so it was my choice. Fuck it. I couldn't feel any worse so I went.
I knocked on the door and Tyson answered. It was just him and that bitch from the table. I was furious! I sat down on the bed with my arms crossed and My legs crossed. He wasn't getting any for sure now. I said "What the fuck Tyson? Did you call he down here just so guys can fuck and rub it in my face?" he Said "That's a good start. Actually youre going to bang your pussy while shes sucks my cock" I said "Fuck No!" I went to stand up to leave but he pushed me down on the bed. I tried to get up but he kept pushing me down. this time he threw my skirt up so my bald pussy was now out. He was strong as fuck. He pushed my legs open and Said "Bang it" I said no and tried to squirm away. He said "Bang it!" It intense....It sent chills threw my body. I slowly started playing with my pussy like he ordered me to. It started to tingle and get even wetter. He was on top of me holding my legs open. I was so made and so fucking turned on right now. I couldn't help but get so excited about this. He was so f***eful but I wasn't scared. I was mad. He looked at me and said "That's my good whore" ooooo That was what it. That's what I needed. I said "Fuck you!. I hate you! Make me bang my pussy. Make me bang it!" He slapped me and I moaned. I was really banging me pussy so fast right at that moment.
Now I have to explain how I can his cock when its so big. Its important for the next part of my story. His cock limp is 9 1/2" long and 2 1/2" thick. even limp its still hard enough to put it in my pussy or my ass. then he starts to get hard. and fast too. I could feel his cock throb and grow while he fucks me. It gets bigger inside me and stretches my holes to take his cock. Its so amazing being stretched out by his cock. I miss it to this day. I have inflatable dildos now because of him
I scooted to the edge of the bed. I was rubbing my pussy like he told me to. He sat down in the chair and that scanky bitch started undoing his belt and pants. She pulled his cock out and the gasped. Ha ha bitch. You didn't expect that. I started smiling. This was going to be good. He told her to suck it. She put her mouth on it and swirled her tongue around hid head. I could see his cock throb and start to grow with her mouth on it. She sucked it and put it deeper in her mouth. it was so fucking hot. She was actually doing a good job. I was banging my pussy hard watching this bitch sucking my boyfriends cock. I was making a wet spot on the bed. She sucked his cock until it wouldn't fit in her mouth anymore. His cock was wet and throbbing and my pussy was achy.
He stood up and pulled me off the bed and pushed me down on my knees. He put his cock between us. I knew what he wanted. I started running my mouth up and down the side of his cock shaft. He grabbed her head and pulled toward his cock. She started doing the same thing. We licked and kissed our way up and down his huge huge cock.I reached between her legs and felt how wet her pussy was. She was dripping wet too. I found her pussy hole with my middle finger and slid it toward her clit. She let out a whimper with her mouth still on Tysons cock. She Started to play with pussy too. She funbled around with pussylips for a minute but I was used to that. Then Bam. She found her mark. She went right for my clit. she grabbed in a light pinching style and it made me jump everytime she sqeezed it and rolled it around between her fingers. we both played with each other pussies while we licked and kissed each side of his cock. Our lips met at his head and shared a passionate kiss with the head of his cock coming between our lips like it was jealous.
Tyson told me to lay down on the bed. He then told the Other girl to eat my pussy. I laid back and held my lips open so she didn't have to fumble around with then. She went for my clit again. she started kissing and sucking it and then flicking it with her tongue. She was good! She licked my hole and then went back to my clit.

75% (13/5)
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2 months ago
So sexy and fun
1 year ago
mmmmm I just have another visual of this story and damn you get me hard describing how you two were sucking that cock while your hands were on each other's pussies. Can't wait to read the next one :-)
1 year ago
Your good friend brought you some pussy to spice things up!
1 year ago
i know there is more to this story! i wanna hear it
1 year ago
I enjoyed your story very much
1 year ago
im sure you have more of this hot