The Fuck Club

This is Abbey. This is one of my stories about my own personal experiences. I'll get to way I titled this story The Fuck Club.

My husband and I used to go to this bar in town with our friends on a pretty regular basis. pretty soon we were regulars there and we would go even when our friend didn't go. I would even go without Dave. The guys there were always pretty cool and didn't paw at me too bad......unless I wanted them too.
On one particularly hot night in June, I went down there without Dave. He was working late and if I waited for him the bar would've been closed and I needed to get out and relax. The plan was for him to pick me up after he was off work.
I was dressed so hot. I had my little short "fuck me" skirt on and a tight black v-cut shirt and my tall black stripper boots. No panties. I was dressed like I was ready too fuck......even though I didn't expect any action. Little did I know this was going to be one of the most exciting nights I've ever had.
I walked in and didn't see anyone I really knew. Just a couple of people I would say hi to and the band, The usual crowd. I went to the bar and started my tab. The band just got done with their set and got off stage and came to to the bar and some went to their own table. Not really that exciting so far. I was starting to think I was all dressed up for nothing.
Just when I thought about calling Dave to see if he could leave early and come get me, this guy asked how I was doing. He was good looking and smelled good too. I said "I'm are you?" we chatted for a minute or so then his friend joined us and started talking to me too. He was hot. Not regular hot, but HOT. Cowboy hat, duster, big belt buckle.....and he made it look good. I was fucking wet just looking at him.....I didn't hear a word he said. I was so into him. They both sat with me looking me over. It was very obvious they were looking me up and down. I didn't mind. My pussy was so wet that I was really enjoying the attention.
WE all talked for an hour and a few drinks. I was feeling good and fucking sexy. My nipples were tingly and my pussy was starting to get achy and needed attention. It was wet and my big pussy lips were sticky. I needed to pull them out because its uncomfortable when theyre wet and sticky and stick to my leg or I sit on them. I told them I would be right back. I went to the bathroom. I didn't have to go but I really needed to pull my pussy lips apart and let them hang down. I felt my how wet my pussy was. I was soaked! My fingers slipped between my lips so easily and parted them just to let more of my pussy juice drip out!
I stepped out of the bathroom and Jason was standing outside waiting for me. He asked if I smoked. I said ya. He said we should go out and smoke. Jason was the first guy that talk to me. I asked where his friend was. He said " you want him to come too?" I said hell ya! He went and got his friend Tyson. The sexy cowboy. I had goosebumps.
We all smoked and chatted for a second and they got right to the point. Quickly too. Jason looked at me and asked "So...Do you wanna get fucked?" I was floored! Finally guys that don't beat around the bush. I said "Sure...When and where?" thinking theyd want to go to their place or go to mine when dave picked me up. Jason said "Right here, right now" I couldn't believe it. "What...Out here? Fuck that....People are gonna see that" I wasn't really turned off by that thought though.....It made me even more wet and Tyson was fucking hot! I would've done anywhere with him.
Jason said "No one is gonna see....we'll go the alley and right there by that little brick wall. No one is gonna see.....or hear. trust me." I said "Ok......but Tyson has to come too. I wanna fuck both of you" Jaso and Tyson were both smiling and Tyson said "You got it.....We'll fuck you at the same time." My pussy was like a flood running down my thigh! I wasn't even thinking about Dave or where he was or that he called and text my phone like 300 times wondering what the fuck was going on. My pussy was calling the shots. I was gonna tag teamed by 2 fine as fuck guys and it was outside. I was in a trance.....all I kept thinking about was good this was going to feel and how naughty I was being and wrong it felt at the same time. I should wait for Dave so he could watch but I didn't want to either. I wanted it now. My pussy was so achy and it needed to be stretched out.....I wanted to cum.
we walked down the alley to the little brick wall they talked about. I squatted down and they started to undo their pants. My pussylips hung freely down and I started to play with them as they watched me stretch them out and pull them down. "Holt shit!" Tyson was seriously impressed with my lips. Ohhhhhhhh....That was what I wanted to hear! He was fucking hot and he loved my lips! Jason was just watching me pull on them and open them up.
Theie cocks were out and I just had to suck on them. Their cocks were gorgeous. Jasons cock was about 8" and Tysons Cock was.......was......was and oh my god!!! It kept growing as I sucked on it! It throbbed and grew .....longer and thinker......OH MY GOD......OH MY GOD!!!! His cock was huge I could barely get my lips around it! His cock head took up my whole mouth. Jack pot! I had to go back to sucking jasons cock to give my mouth a break. He was hard and his cock tasted so good. His precum was lubing my mouth and throat. His got wet! it was so hot. my pussy was dripping down my my big pussy lips and started to make a puddle on the ground. That has never happened. This was the wettest my pussy has ever gotten. After Jasons cock and precum made my mouth all wet and lubed I went back to Tysons Huge cock......It was still throbbing. I put it back in my wet mouth and pushed into it.....I had to f***e my mouth over it. I wanted it to fit....I couldn't disappoint him. I needed it to fit. He felt me pushing my mouth over his cock and pushed back. His cock jumped like it I hit a good nerve with my tongue. It went to the back of my throat. He pulled out and then shoved it back in.......YES he started face fucking me! I had tears in my eyes....I had the biggest cock I have ever had in my mouth and I was taking it! He pulled all the way out and shoved it all the way back in to the back of my throat. then I'd go back to jasons cock to relax my jaw and have his precum get my mouth all wet and lubed for Tysons cock. I sucked their gorgeous and sexy cocks till my jaw hurt.
Jason stood me up and leaned against then..... grabbing their cocks for balance. I looked down and saw a huge puddle of my pussy juice on the ground..... my nipples were on fire and pussy sooooo achy and now my hole was throbbing too. Jason pushed his pants down to his ankles and sat down on the brick wall. I bent over and started sucking his cock again. Tyson came up behind me and lifted my skirt up over my ass. I felt the head of massive cock rub up and down my pussy lips spreading them open with his cock head.....this was it. My pussy was going to get the biggest cock I have ever had. I tried relaxing all my muscles so he could fit. I felt him push his cock head into my pussy hole.... I reached back with both hands and pulled my pussy lips open and out of the way. It was going in and opening my pussy like a wedge. I went down farther on jasons cock so I wouldn't moan or scream.
Tyson's huge was all the way in my pussy and it was stretching me out good. His cock was 13" long and wider than a silver dollar......And I was taking it!! Jasons cock was throbbing now too. He wanted more. He pulled my mouth off his cock and said"I want your ass" He didn't give me time answer. Tyson pulled out of pussy and Jason turned me around. I put one leg up on the wall and squatted over Jasons cock with my asshole. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. his cock was so wet with his precum and my spit that I didn't have any trouble sliding it into my ass. Fuck It felt so good. His cock had the perfecr curve for my asshole. I bounced myself up and down on just his cock while Tyson watched and watched my pussylips jiggle and I went upand down on Jason's cock with my asshole.
Jason grabbed both my legs and leaned me back on his chest. he pulled my legs open and held them for me. My pussy was wide open for Tyson's enormous cock. He get between my legs....he flopped his cock out onto my belly....It went passed my belly botton.....I grabbed it both hands and there was till more of his cock to go! He pulled back and then shoved into my super wet pussy. His cock felt even bigger in this position especially since Jason's cock was in my ass and it put pressure on my pussy hole. His cock pulled my lips inside my pussy as he shoved it in. It hurt....but in a good way. I let out a big moan....I thought someone heard me for sure that time, but no one even bothered to come out to the ally.
Jason and Tyson were fucking my holes so good.....sometimes they would go in and out at different times and sometimes they both go in and out of my holes at the same time. I was breathless.....I was in heaven. My holes were being stretched out at the same time and that achy feeling turned into a growing throbbing feeling.
Tyson's was feeling my tits and fucking my pusy so good while Jason was fucking my ass with his wet cock. His precum was lubing my ass with every thrust he made into me. my ass was wet and lose His cock was thicker at the base and really opened my asshole up every time his cock went all the way in.
They fucked my like that for what I thought was like 10 minutes. It could've been longer....or I didn't really care how long it felt fucking good and my pussy making a puddle in my chair just writing about it now.
Tyson looked at me and said "I want to fuck your" I melted. I really wanted to impress this guy bad......I want to be the best fuck he ever had. Id do anything he wanted. He just had that vibe and I would worship his huge cock anytime he wanted.
Jason helped me up and I turned around and climbed onto jasons cock with my pussy. His cock slipped right in.....It wasn't Tysons cock and I could barely feel it after Tyson stretched my pussy out so good. his cock was all the way in before I could even feel the base of his cock.....and then I felt his curve...mmmmmIt hit that spot in my pussy. I moaned again. Fuck ya. I rocked my hips so that curved cock kept hitting that spot just right. The spot that makes my squirt a little when I get close to cumming. Then......You guessed it.....Tyson put his cock against my asshole. I stopped rocking my hips so he push his cock in.......he spit on my asshole and rubbed it in with his head. I reached back with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks open so my asshole was fully exposed to him. I needed his cock in my ass soo bad......god I wanted him to fuck me and stretch my asshole out. then his cock went eyes rolled back in my head. I could hear him spit on his shaft and he slid more of his cock in. I had to breath and relax my muscles again.......he pushed further into my ass....I pushed back because I wanted it so bad. I needed his cock in my ass. I really did. I cant explain why I wanted him so bad. I cant even explain why I was so attracted to him or his cock or why I need him to want me and be impressed with me and my skills. It was an obsession that almost ruined my marriage.
Tysons cock was all the way in my ass felt twice as good as before. The both pumped me and my holes loosened up and their cocks just slid in and out and my throbbing feeling was building up making me more tense and my clit started to tickle and throb too. I was about to cum. I stopped rocking my hips and held still so they could do the work. Jasons cock was hitting that spot in my pussy and making my pussy wet. I'm sure I soaked his balls.Tysons cock had my asshole nice and stretched out now and it was going in and out with ease. they both were fucking me so hard. I could hear our skin slapping together in the perfect rhythm. It was too much....the feeling started in my asshole, then my pussy hole then my clit. I threw my head back and exploded! I came like I never came before. My asshole throbbed and quivered and it even felt like it got wetter....not with gross shit or anything because his cock was clean when he pulled out, but like my asshole had an orgasm too. My pussy squirted and soaked Jasons cock and my clit got so ticklish. I collapse on top of Jason. They both kept pumping my holes...slowly but they kept me wet and open.
I climbed off of Jason and stood up to stretch my legs. I looked at both their cocks and they looked so sexy. still all hard and throbbing. I squatted down again so I could suck cock again. I was ready for it this time. I knew to suck jasons cock so it lubed my mouth and got it ready for Tysons cock. I put jasons cock in my mouth and sucked my pussy juice mixed with my ass off his cock. I was sucking his cock good too. I had a good rhythm. He was face fucking me too. I was going to switch over to Tysons cock but Jason grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock back into my mouth. I felt his cock grow and throb and then he came. His cum spirted out in a heavy jet then 3 little ones. It was hot and creamy feeling and tasted so good. I swallowed all his cum and kept sucking to make sure I got all of it out of cock and balls.
Tyson didn't want my mouth. he bent me back over the little brick wall and shoved his cock back into my asshole. He shoved it in hard. He fucked me hard. My asshole went numb and stretched out more the harder he fucked it. My knees buckled. He was fucking my ass so hard that my feet would lift off the ground. Tears were pouring out of my eyes I was moaning so loud and didn't even realize it. Then It happened. He came. It was the most intense feeling Ive ever had with my asshole. like another orgasm. My asshole was numb but his cum hit that tissue of my asshole it was hot and soothing. He came a lot to. it was like filling me up. I thought he'd never stop cumming and I didn't want him too. He and his cock were so amazing.
After a while he pulled his cock out of my ass. It was so long and shinny with his cum and my ass cum all over it. I suck it clean for him. the taste of his cum and my ass juices was so good all over his cock. I needed it again and again and again but those are different stories
here the end of my story and here are some details that I didn't know about till later. They called the fuck club because that's what they started every Thursday and Friday night when the band played. The other detail about it was they used to hang a blue first place ribbon on the handle of back door of the bar so everyone in the bar knew not to go out there because There was fucking going onin the alley. I wasn't the first woman that Jason and Tyson fucked out there. and there were other guys that fucked girls out there too...They are other stories too. And now last but not least......Dave, My husband, had left work early when he couldn't get a hold of me on my phone to come to the bar to make sure I was alright.....well he got to see it all. He went to the back parking lot first....Like he just knew I was being a good scandalous whore.....and he waited and waited till finaly we came out. He snuck up and hid behind the dumpsters and watched the whole thing from less than 10 feet away and I didn't know till after he pretended to pick me up on time. We fucked forever that night. He was so proud of me for being a naughty whore. and my holes were so stretched out that he had a hrad time getting of on them. He finally came in my ass. I came again too.....that warm throbbing orgasm feeling again from my asshole. I was hooked. Tysons cock became a regular part my sex life. I needed it to get off....Or at least I had myself convinced I did

The end

And yes......this is a true story.
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2 months ago
fucking sexy
2 months ago
that's when things can really be hot when it's so spontaneous .very smoking hot story.
3 months ago
Damn girl, THAT just got my cock throbbing and HARD for your luscious pussy, mouth, and asshole, and I've already shot my load 3 X today. Damn I'd love to do that with you.
4 months ago
very sexy
4 months ago
I wanna be your backdoor man.
6 months ago
8 months ago
great story..... would like to read more. thanks for sharing
11 months ago
Amazing story thanks for sharing
1 year ago
lucky girl
1 year ago
Damn. I would love to have been the one fucking both your holes and exploding deep inside you.
1 year ago
Omg. Love this. You are a lucky woman.
1 year ago
This story really made me hard. I was imagining I was your hubby watching. I love how you describe how you cum and how you accommodate Tyson. I love your pussy lips and what a treat it has been to read this story and learn how you used them mmmmmmm. Very very nice!
1 year ago
Great true story! Made me hard!
2 years ago
Abbey you got my bbc going down my leg and i'am at work.
2 years ago
Hot! Do you have more? Love to read them. Thx for sharing.
2 years ago
abbey that was an incredible story! thank u so much for sharing it and i hope u write more! i would love to read more of ur adventures