College life 3

I hope you enjoy!!!


Friday's classes were intensified and made me see that college would be
different than high school at the end of the first week of classes. I knew
that going in but the professors started early here and barely let us get
adjusted to being in college. I meet my roomie and best friend Kris along
with Jess again to grab something to eat. The food here was actually
decent with some fast food chains there as well. I ate whatever had the
shortest line without a thought of gaining an ounce. The fact was I was
hoping to put on a few pounds and not look so skinny and frail. Kris was
helping me and got me to work out to see if that helped plus made me get
out of the room.

After we ate, I went to my art appreciation class. The professor was
different than any I had encounter. He was funny, crude, laid back but
knew his stuff. At the end of class, he gave us an assignment of sorts to
tour the local art museum here and to write a short essay on what we saw.
He said just doing it would give us points and wouldn't be graded on
content. He wanted to see how we thought about art initially.

I was sitting peacefully and almost asl**p when Kris came bouncing in the
door as he normally did. Kris was hyper and always cheerful but when he
got pissed, you better watch out. I had seen it too many times but he was
over it shortly and back to being jolly Kris.

"Get your ass up from there. This is our work out day," Kris said.

"Okay," I stated since it was part of our previous deal.

"I think half the floor is going," Kris said.

"I know you love that shit," I smiled and said sarcastically. The sad part
was it was the truth.

"No but more the merrier. You like hanging with all of us, Matt," Kris
smiled and undressed there in front of me as normal. I did the same and
found some old shorts and a tee to work out in.

Without knocking, Scott came in the door with his shorts on. "Hey Matt,
you wanna hit the pool today instead of the weights?"

"Yeah, I could do that," I said.

"You bring a Speedo or any shorts to swim?"

"I have some board shorts," I stated.

"I got a pair of Speedos if you wanna go that route. It'll be easier
swimming laps and not hold you back," Scott stated.

"Yeah but they may be big on me," I said.

"What size?"

"Ummm... 28 waist," I said.

"Damn, you are skinny," Scott laughed. "I wear 30 so maybe they would fit
if you tie them tightly."

"That'll work," I said. Scott left to retrieve the Speedo for me.

"See I told you he was gay. No straight guy has Speedos," Kris stated.

"He's a swimmer, dumbass. Swimmers wear Speedos, straight, gay or
whatever," I said.

"We'll see tonight at that party how fucking straight he is," Kris said.

Scott returned with the Speedo in his hand. I turned around and put it on.
It was loose but did have a draw string. I threw back on my shorts over
the Speedo and headed out.

The worst part about going to the pool was missing seeing Corey and the
others work out. I knew swimming wouldn't add weight but I liked it and
was great exercise. I swam competitively until I was 15 and didn't have
the time or desire to continue. Scott and I dropped our shorts and waited
for a minute for two lanes to open up. We gingerly entered the warm water
and swam slowly to loosen up. After we determined we were warm, we started
swimming. Scott thought he was damn Michael Phelps and took off at a
torrid pace. I was content in taking it nice and easy. After a few laps,
I saw how out of shape I really was. The next few laps were hell. I was
barely able to exit the pool with Scott slowing down as well. I sat down
to catch my breath and watch the others.

"You're good," I told Scott when he finished. If nothing else, Scott's body
was easy on my eyes with his very tight abs and nice V-taper at the top of
his Speedos.

"Thanks, I should be. I've been swimming since I was 8 and medaled at
state last year," Scott said.

"No wonder you wanted to come here and show out for me," I said.

"I do love the water and hitting the pool when I can. I've sort of missed
it you know," he said. We washed off the chlorine, dried off and went to
find the others finishing up their circuits in the weight room before we
headed back to the dorms.

Kris and I were back in the room after he and the others had worked out.
He grabbed his phone and called home. It gave me the same idea and did the
same to my mother since I wouldn't be home for the Labor Day weekend that
was here. Some were starting to exit the campus but most if not all my new
friends were staying since we just moved in. Most were like Kris and me
and lived too far really to waste the gas on the trip. I wanted to hang
around and see what it was like on campus, plus there was a game on
Saturday at the stadium as well. I wanted to go for the experience of
college football but wasn't a huge football fan.

"I'm so pumped about tonight, my first college party," Kris said and kicked
his feet on the bed like a k**. "I know your ass is going with us to the
game tomorrow."

"I'll go," I said.

"You were at the games in high school," Kris said.

"I know. I want see if this is any different," I said.

"It'll be totally different with 3 times the people. Now I'm psyched about
that now. Damn, fucking college is the shit, huh!"

I had to laugh at my friend. I only thought he was hyper in high school
now he had kicked it up even more. He bolted out the door like normal
where I took advantage of the peace and quiet for a short nap.

It wasn't long before Kris was back. Shortly he started dressing and used
my opinion on what looked good on him for the first time. I gave an honest
opinion and knew what Kris wanted to accomplish. About 6:30, Kris and some
of the others, Scott, Juan, Jess and Robert headed out to grab something to
eat before the parties they had planned to hit.

I dressed with the intention of getting the art museum gallery out of the
way since it stayed open on Friday nights until 9. I opened the door and
saw Corey walking my way in just shorts like normal.

"I just knew you would be going with the rest of the crew," Corey stated.

"Nah, I'm just hanging here," I said.

"So where you off to?"

"You really want to know."

"Sure," Corey said.

"Well... I was going to the art museum in town here for a class to get it
out of the way," I said.

"I'll tag along with you if you want some company," Corey said.

"It's up to you," I said.

"Sure, I'll go. Come with me and I'll get dressed and we can go. Why
didn't you ask me earlier?" Corey asked while we headed in the direction of
his room. "My roommate is gone home for the holiday but I didn't want to
party tonight with the crew."

"I... seriously didn't think anyone would want to go," I said.

We entered his room. Corey's side was neat like mine where his roommate's
side was a disaster. "Thank God, the dick is gone. Now I can have peace
for a few nights."

I had to laugh and was used to his pet name for his roommate. I had met
him earlier and agreed with Corey's assessment. I sat and diverted my
attention away while Corey quickly dressed, spiked his hair and brushed his

We headed out with me driving since this trip was for my benefit. I found
the museum without too much trouble and paid our way inside. I first walked
to the area my art professor wanted our opinion. I easily found the area
of local artist and saw a girl from my class. I looked at the painting and
sketches and amazed at the skill of the artist. I saw Corey looking as
well with his hands on his hips.

"Do you have a clue what you're looking at?" Corey asked quietly.

"Somewhat. I know this style and medium. It is watercolor on cold-pressed
paper I think," I said.

"Damn, you're good," Corey said.

"I can read too," I said and pointed at the sign below the painting with
the full description. Corey laughed as did I at my smart comment. I walked
around with a pen and paper to scribble down a few things while Corey
continued to look.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Let's keep looking. This is not as bad as I thought but I don't get those
abstract ones," Corey said.

"I don't either," I laughed. "Any human with half a brain could throw some
paint on a canvas and call it art." Corey agreed.

We toured the museum and saw all what it had to offer. It wasn't the best
I had seen but was nice considering the size of town here. We were very
impressed with the Native American pottery and art along with a few pieces
of furniture in the largest gallery of the museum.

We found something to eat off campus and headed back. Corey insisted we go
to his room since we were always in mine. He sat on his roommate's bed and
turned on the television for us to watch. I could see him looking at me
and I was looking at him. He got up and moved to where I was.

"Matt, I really do like you," Corey said with a serious tone in his
voice. "Tonight with just me and you was fun."

"Thanks, I like you too and yes it was fun having someone go with me that
shares my taste," I said.

He continued eyeing me with his deep blue eyes. I wanted him to make the
first move to know I wasn't pressuring him into something he didn't want.
We kept watching television and soon felt his arm around my waist.

"Is this cool?" he asked quietly.

I wanted to scream but remained calm, "I like it, Corey."

He pulled me closer. I knew what was next. He leaned over and kissed my
lips. I enjoyed the wet kiss.

"I'm a total ass," Corey said. "I just kissed you without asking."

I kissed him back, "I'm an ass too then."

"Matt, you're the second guy I ever kissed. You want the facts. I'm a
virgin with guys," Corey said. "I've fucked two girls like I said earlier
out of pure peer pressure. It was pure hell!"

"I'm honored you would even tell me that," I said. "Corey, I think you know
how I feel. I won't do one thing you don't want or uncomfortable about."

"That's why I really like you. You're as real and genuine as they get
here. Any other gay guy would have pushed themselves onto me. You're so
different and have yet to make me feel uncomfortable other than the first
time we saw each other," Corey laughed. "Take tonight for instance. You
were going alone because you didn't want to inconvenience me or anyone

"Hell, I wasn't going to ask you to go somewhere I wouldn't really want to
go. It is rude and inconsiderate," I said.

"See exactly what I'm talking about. You actually consider other's
feelings before doing things. As you saw, I went to get out of here but
mostly be with you tonight alone where we could really talk privately and
personably like we are now. Sure being around the other guys is great and
a lot of fun but I wanted to get to know you more outside the little circle
we've formed. Without all of you, I would be very miserable and might be
considering going home by now but there's no way I would even consider it
now unless I flunk out or some shit," Corey said. "Matt, accept the fact I
like you and want to be with you."

"Ummm... we feel about the same way here," I said and felt his lips touch
mine again. There was something special to this kiss. I could feel the
spark. We broke the kiss and Corey tossed off his shirt. He lifted off
mine and I'll admit it was hot in his room between us and the temperature.
He kissed me again and let his hands 2000 run down my back. I couldn't resist
and had to touch him. He was so soft and toned. I probed my tongue in his
mouth and feel on top of him. This was really happening for me.

I loved looking in his eyes when perched on top of him. His hands were on
my ass and felt like they belonged there. He smelled so divine. I was
satisfied the way things were at this very moment. We kissed again and
felt him pushing down my shorts with his hands now on my bare ass. Now I
could feel his shorts poking me from his hard cock. He had my shorts off
my ass but still up in front. He had total control of me and I loved it.
He pushed me off.

"You wanna... ummm... get..."

I smiled, "Hell yeah!"

I pushed off my shorts and heard my belt hit the floor. I seductively
pushed down my boxers and watched his face. I freed my cock and saw a huge
smile on his face. I had nothing to be ashamed of for my cock was over 8
inches cut. I was proud to have a long cock and let my friend see it as

"Damn is all I can say right now. I wasn't expected a skinny guy like you
to be so hung but you look even more hot naked," Corey said. He stood and
dropped his shorts. He took his time and revealed a nice thick probably 6
and half inch cut cock that was hard.

He reached and grabbed my cock while we sat as close as ever. "Feel so
good. Your dick is the first one ever to be in my hands other than my

I grabbed his, "Corey, you are not my first but damn you're so fucking

I leaned over and had the time of life exploring his taut fit body. This
was every gay boy's dream to have someone like Corey there. He watched me
lick, suck and kiss his body like it was aching for. I kissed him again
and went for the prize. I licked a few times and cupped his balls. I
opened my mouth and tasted his hard cock. I do enjoy sucking off other
guys and Corey was the most enjoyable of my short gay life. Now this was
fucking college for me! I heard him moan.

"Why did I wait so damn long?" Corey moaned. "Your mouth feels so good!"

I eyed him and licked his abs to slow the stimulation down. I went back
down and loved knowing what I was doing. I went slow and savored each
moment. He felt his strong arms pull me up.

"I guess it's my turn," Corey said. "Don't laugh at me."

"I would never," I said. "Just take your time and do whatever you feel most
comfortable with."

"Here goes," Corey smiled. He kissed my chest, sucked my nipples and
kissed my stomach. He hesitated slightly but stuck out his tongue. It was
wet and felt so good. He forewent my balls and opened his mouth. I felt
my cock slip in his virgin mouth. He looked up at me while I rubbed the
back of his head.

"Feels so good, Corey," I moaned and didn't lie. I had yet to feel a mouth
on my cock that didn't feel great. "OOOO yeah babe!"

He gave his best effort at sucking my cock. He only went a few inches
which was okay by me. He licked up and down my hard cock as well as
sucking on it.

"Let's just jack each other off now," Corey said.

"You're in control," I said. "I'll suck you until you nut!"

"I'm good," Corey said. "I don't want you do anything I won't do."

"Hell the pleasure is all mine," I said.

"Fine go for it," he said. I went back down to suck and jacked his hard
cock while Corey reached around to grab my cock. I could sense he was
about after only a minute back down on him.

He pushed me off quickly. I sat up and saw his defined abs contract
followed by one hot shot of cum after another shoot out of his cock. He
rubbed it in with his hand. I did get a taste of his sweetness when his
hand was at my mouth. He jacked me off and took a minute for me to bust.
I shot a nice load across my stomach and down my pubes.

The after sex make out was awesome. Corey was passionate and loving. Sex
is great but the other things make for a great relationship with someone.
We broke the kiss and sat quietly.

"Can we just hold each other until you need to leave?" Corey said.

"I can go for that," I said. He held me close while we recovered and
focused on the television that was still going. I think we both nodded off
here and there. Feeling his strong arms hold me was like a great dream.

I looked at the clock and saw it almost 2 in the morning. Reality hit me
then. "I really need to get back to my room. I bet Kris is wondering where
I am."

Corey laughed, "He may be so d***k he doesn't care."

"Tonight was special to me," I said, looking into his eyes.

"More so to me, Matt. I sucked my first cock ever and had my cock sucked
for the first time by someone who knew what the fuck they were doing," he
said. The kiss goodbye was slow and left me longing for more.

I dressed and walked down the quiet hall. The lights were off in the room
with Kris in his bed. I pulled off my shorts and quietly crawled into bed.

"How was Corey?" Kris asked and scared me.

"OOO fine," I replied.

"Now that I'm awake, I want the scoop," he said.

"I don't kiss and tell for one."

"Fuck that shit. I know you are dying to tell me."

"He was great and there is something there between us just maybe. His
roommate was gone so we had some fun."

"What a crock of shit, Matt. Did you fuck him or he fuck you?"

"None of your business. That's personal."

"I bet you were too scared and didn't even get naked with his ass," Kris
prodded me.

"Why do you care?"

"I care because I'm your best friend. I'm well past the fact that you want
to do shit with guys sexually. I totally get that part, just like I crave
pussy and tits."

"Matt, we swapped blow jobs," I blurted out quickly.

"Was he good?"

"Tell me one time you had a bad blow job," I laughed.

"Damn you got me there. Maybe once or twice when I was too fucked up to
know it but it was still all good."

"Let's change the subject. Did you have fun?"

"The best. I was just buzzing. You're right I had more fun socializing.
Do you know that d**gs were big here?"

"Not really, are they?"

"There was shit everywhere. Pills, weed, X."

"Did you?"

"I took one hit of a blunt and nearly killed me. Now that damn Scott can
smoke some shit let me tell ya. Robert was fucking hammered off his ass.
Juan was cool and drove us."

"I wondered who sacrificed a good time and was the DD."

"We all had a blast. I still don't know the answer to the question about
Scott since we got separated at times. He was as normal as any guy there."

"Okay, I'll see ya in the morning or now maybe afternoon," I said and
rolled to my side. I didn't go to sl**p right away until I imagined
Corey's hot naked body holding me tight.

Waking the next day Saturday around noon, I checked my phone which I had
left the night before. I was shocked to see Corey had left me a text
message even though we all had each other's number in our phones by now. I
stepped out in the hall in my boxers and called him. He answered right
away and was starving. I agreed and went back to dress.

He looked great and stylish as always. "Matt, I want you to know I regret
not one thing we did last night except maybe not going further."

"That time will come and be the greatest," I said. He kissed me inside and
had my day started off right.

We walked to find something to eat in the rather quiet sedated campus.

"I wish I could hold your hand," Corey said. "Matt, I'm falling for you
hard here."

"I wish we could too but let's not. I'm falling just as hard," I smiled.

We found something to eat. He wanted to see how things went so we went
back to my room. Kris was awake now and watching college football in bed.
"I know you both are going to the game tonight."

"I am," Corey said.

"I told you I was," I said.

"Great then, we're meeting at 4 to tailgate in the parking lot. If I were
you, I would stay close. I heard the lot fills up way before game time,"
Kris said.

"So how'd it go?" Corey asked.

"It was the fucking bomb but not near as good as you two had," Kris said.

"Yeah we had some fun together," Corey said. "Your friend is the best."

"Yeah, he's learning," Kris said. "Man the party was great and there were
chicks... wait neither of you care shit about that."

"Hey it's cool," Corey stated.

"Anyway, I learned a lot about our friends. They showed me a different
side," Kris said.

"Was it bad or good?" Corey asked.

"Neither really. We're just a bunch of guys looking for girls and having
fun different ways," Kris said. "Excuse me but I got to go take one
massive dump."

Corey and I laughed and watched Kris leave. "You are so lucky, Matt," Kris
said. "I wish my roommate was a tenth as cool as Kris."

"I am lucky and know it now. You know at first I thought he would drag me
here and desert me but it's been the total opposite of that. I think our
friendship is getting stronger. He tells me a lot and as you heard, I do

"It's fine with me," Corey said. "What did they expect from two available
gay guys?"

"Yeah," I couldn't help but smile.

Kris returned and gave us full details like we really wanted to hear about
his shit. He was keeping it about as real as it gets and told us a few of
the details about the party and then the plans for the night.

"I have one big question here. How are we tailgating without food?" I

"I got it under control. We got everything set up so don't worry about
it," Kris said.

After an hour or so and now more in our room, I found out what he was
talking about. His parents were in the parking lot unbeknownst to me with
a big surprise; my Mom was there as well.




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Finally, more than just sweet talking!
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