College life 2

The next morning Monday, I was up before the alarm and nervous about the
first day here at college. I quietly got up and headed to shower. When I
opened the bathroom door, there were quite a few guys doing the same. I
did my best not to look but I compared like any other gay guy would. I saw
a few I would mind getting to know better but knew I had nothing to be
ashamed. There was one guy, fat and hairy already at the age of 18 plus he
had a small dick on top of that. I waited on a shower stall and did like
what I saw when Jess, a guy I had met, jumped out of the shower. He had a
nice body with a decent cock. I did my best not to stare and jumped in the
shower to do what I needed quickly. I met Kris going out and could tell he
was still sl**py.

I dressed in a hurry but put on some nice preppy college clothes to look
decent for the first day. Kris came back with a towel around his waist and
started getting ready.

"Bet you loved that shower," Kris said sarcastically.

"Fuck you," I said and popped his bare ass with my wet towel. It did make
a loud sound and now regretted doing it.

"Damn that stung," Kris rubbed his cute ass that was now red. "I'll get you
down the road when you least expect it."

I finished up and had my shaggy brown hair just like I liked it with just a
little spray to keep it there. Kris was a good dresser and had a great
sense of style for a straight guy. His hair was uncombed but looked great
on his tan face. It was perfectly fit for Kris.

We got our stuff and headed out. On the way out, he ran his hands through
my hair and messed it up. I was pissed but had it coming to me.

"See!" Kris bolted out.

I quickly did the best I could and walked to finally catch up with
him. "You're a fucking little bitch," I slyly said to him.

"I know how you like and primp your hair. I told you I would get you. I
saw the perfect opportunity," Kris laughed.

We parted ways for our 9 o'clock classes with an agreement to meet for our
break at 11. Kris took the basics where I had a few harder classes to
start my progress towards a degree. I wasn't sure what my major was but
was leaning heavily in the direction of something to do with computers
since computers were here to stay and had lots of job opportunities.

After my second class, I found Kris where we agreed to meet. We had an
hour before our last class of the day at noon. We scrabbled to find
something to eat since we forewent breakfast. Jess, a guy we knew from the
dorm and who I saw coming out of the shower that morning, spotted us and
joined us at our table in the large student union.

"Thank God, I know someone!" Jess said and sat down. Jess was about 6 foot
tall, brown hair that went to the middle of his ears and studs in his ears.

"It's a zoo here, huh?" Kris stated.

"Worse than that," Jess said and started to eat. "How were your classes?"
he asked with a mouth full.

I rolled my eyes at his rudeness, "Mine were okay but could be tough
towards the end."

"Yeah smart ass, you took hard shit. Mine were great. We didn't do
anything the first day. Just how I like it," Kris said. "How were yours?"

"Just okay," Jess said this time without a mouth full of food. "The girls
were totally dope here. This place is covered with some nice ass and

"Tell me about it," Kris said.

We talked and got to know Jess more. He was from a bordering state just
across the line and only two hours away. We talked about this college and
our dorms to kill time before we separated to go to another class.

I headed to the bookstore after my last class and quickly saw it was
hopeless for the day. I hated waiting in line and wading among crowds so
it could wait. I went back to my dorm and found Kris in his athletic
shorts, tee and sneakers.

"Get your ass ready. You're going with me and Juan to the rec center,"
Kris said.

"Give me one second to relax and I'll go," I reluctantly said.

"Okay, that'll work. I'll call Juan to let him know to wait a few
minutes," Kris said. "You like your classes?"

"They were okay," I said. "The last one, art appreciation, may not be as
easy as I thought."

"That's what you get for taking that lame class," Kris laughed.

"You have to take a humanities class you know. I'm getting it out of the
way," I said.

"Any cute guys in your classes?" he asked.

"Of course there were. My eyes were filled with hot guys all day the only
problem is probably none are gay," I said.

"You'll find someone, I bet before too long. The rec center is more of the
same if not better. There were some big dudes the other day in there,"
Kris said.

"I might like it then," I laughed and got ready to go even though this
wasn't my idea of a fun way to spend part of my day.

Juan showed up with Scott right behind him. This was great and now I could
embarrass myself in front of two people. We all rode together and didn't
walk since it was a good ways away. I will admit my college had a very
nice rec center with tons of areas to be athletic if I was so inclined. We
headed to the weight area once we arrived. The guys were all nice and
didn't laugh too hard when I strained to lift the small amounts of weight.
By the end of the work out, I was sore in places I didn't know muscles
existed. It really was the first time I ever had touched a weight machine
in my life and knew now why I hadn't ever done it before. We toured the
facility and really got an eye full at the pool with a few cute guys in
Speedos. It was gay guy heaven but the weight room wasn't bad either
except for a few that had gone too far and was probably on the juice.

We went back to the dorms and showered there. In a matter of minutes, Juan
and Scott were back in our rooms with me still in my towel talking to a
friend. I had to turn to slip on my boxers and shorts, hung up talking and
knew they had seen a guy's ass before even earlier in the shower. I could
see modesty was well on its way out the door here in this dorm. Juan and
Kris left for a second to get something from Juan's car.

Scott looked at me, "Matt, are you...ummm... gay? I waited until the others
were gone to ask you in private. If you are, it's cool. My 16 year old
b*****r just came out. If not, I feel like an ass for asking."

"I am," I stated. "Don't even think Kris is."

"I didn't. Does he know?" Scott asked.

"He knows. He was the first person I told," I said.

"That's so cool," Scott said and the door opened. Juan was back with his
iPod and CDs in his hand. Scott turned to Juan, "I was right."

"Right about what?" Kris asked with a confused look on his face.

"I told him," I said.

"I'll say it now before you get any ideas. Matt's my best friend. You
talk shit to him about being gay and you'll deal with me too," Kris said
with an angry tone to his voice.

"Kris, it's cool with me," Juan said. "I didn't think he was."

"I had a feeling but wasn't sure until today and saw some of his facial
expression when we passed some guys," Scott laughed. "Hey, at least you're
not like my b*****r and just blurt shit out. He's so gay. I knew when he
was 13 he was. He's now so proud and flaunts it so much."

"Matt's not like that," Kris said. "He never pushes it on people. I'm
surprised he admitted it to you, Scott. I just knew he would deny it."

"Hey, it was either that or deny it for some time," I said. "I just ask you
don't go shooting off your mouths and let everyone know. You know what
guys will think of Kris too."

"I hear shit there will be hell to pay," Kris said.

"He's not joking either. He beat the living fuck out of this one guy last
year that was on me constantly. After that the guy didn't say shit to me,"
I laughed and was proud to tell it.

"We won't. It's personal," Scott said. "So Kris you've never..."

"I'll answer that," I said and could see Kris steamed. "We've never done
anything sexual together."

"That's so nasty," Kris said.

"I've messed with a guy before and so has Juan. It's cool as hell but I'm
not really gay. I did it to see what it was like and have the experience,"
Scott said.

"Yeah b*o, you should let some guy blow your shit. It feels great," Juan

"I'll pass and let the girls handle that," Kris smiled. "Have you two?"

"Well... we were messed up and..." Scott said.

"Fucking gross, dudes. Let's change the subject before I spew," Kris said.
"You guys are fucked up worse than Matt!"

"Hey, it felt good and there were no girls around," Juan laughed as did
Scott to get at Kris.

I was relieved somewhat at how accepting they were. Now I did feel more a
part of the group and didn't shy away. They joked a little but I was able
to take it. The best part was they didn't bolt out the door and act
ashamed to be associated with me like some guys from my high school did
when they found out. You know your true friends after you come out with
Kris being the best of them all. The more I hung out with them the more I
liked them and being around them.

The next day after a really great night with more people in our room just
like Kris liked it, I woke again earlier than the alarm clock for my 9:30
class. I was so thankful to listen to some good advice and didn't have any
8 o'clock classes scheduled. Kris and I had the same time schedule and had
the last of Tuesday/Thursday together as planned. It was history where I
excelled and could help out Kris if he struggled.

We quickly checked out the bookstore and saw it wasn't too bad. I was able
to get all but one book I needed. I was so thankful to hand them my card
that I got to pay for my books while Kris paid dearly with his parent's

When we returned, Kris was antsy as ever and left without much badgering of
me to join him. It was fine and time apart would do us well. I looked
through my books and read a chapter for a class. I went to the bathroom
next door and did my duty. While washing my hands, I saw the cutest guy
ever in my life step from the shower area with a towel around his waist.
The water glistened down his body and hot body in my eyes. I was stunned
and in awe.

"Hey what's up?" he asked.

"Ummm... not much," I replied and was scared to talk to him.

"Don't worry. I think you're cute too," he smiled. "I'm Corey."

"Matt," I said.

"Awesome b*o!" Corey said. "Which room are you?"

"Just... next... door," I stated in nerves.

"Cool, you care if I stop by later?" he asked.

"No, anytime," I replied.

"See ya, Matt," Corey said and left with the water still running over my
hands. This encounter was so unlike me. Normally I was calm and cool but

I went back to my room with the image of Corey plastered in my brain. I
was talking to my mother on the phone when I heard a knock at the door.
"Gotta go, bye!" I said to my dear mom and hung up. I gathered myself and
opened the door to see Corey standing there just in his shorts and
flip-flops. He had short spiked dark blonde hair, flawless complexion,
hoop earrings and a rocking body if there ever was one. He was fit but
wasn't muscle on top of muscle. He looked like a fitness model from a
magazine so sure I was in awe.

He stepped inside, "Nice room, Matt."

"Thanks," I replied.

"Chill out b*o. I have a feeling we're in the same boat, huh?" Corey asked.
< 2000 br /> "What do you mean?"

"We're both gay," he said and looked at me.

"Ummm... I am," I said.

He laughed and flashed a gorgeous smile, "I am too. I knew you were by that
stare you gave me. Normally guys just glance and turn away. I liked what
I saw too."

"Dude, I'm so sorry and so embarrassed."

"Oh don't be. It's nice to meet someone who is gay around here. I know
about the other one here that lives across the hall. He's not my type at

I wanted to relax and be normal but couldn't, "He's my... no... he's not my
type either."

"For one, I didn't come here to hook up with you if you're getting that
impression. I want a gay guy here who I can talk to and be friends with.
Normally I'm not this forward either but that look you gave me..."

"I'm so sorry but it was kind of obvious," I said.

"Too obvious but it was nice. I wanted to say hi to see if you were... you
know... feminine type of guy. So how's your roommate working out for you?"

"Kris is great. We are best friends from high school," I said.

Corey's demeanor changed then hearing that. "Damn!"

"No! No! No! We're just best friends and not boyfriends. I would never
even consider doing one thing with him. He's as straight as they get," I
said. "So how's your roomie?"

"Awful! He's a slob and keeps me up all hours of the night. He came in
d***k off his ass two nights already," Corey said. "He doesn't know I'm gay
though. Does yours?"

"Oh yeah, he was the first person I told," I smiled and was more at ease.

"You don't know how lucky you are. My friends left me. With nothing else
to do, I just worked my ass off," Corey said.

"I can tell," I said and smiled with my eyes focused on his abs.

"I came to school here to escape them and home. So far, you are the first
of what I hope is many gay friends. I'm not ashamed to be gay and just
like guys, plain and simple," he smiled.

"I'm the same way," I smiled.

The door opened wide and Kris came busting through with Scott and Jess. I
promptly introduced them to Corey.

"Dude, I know for damn sure you work out all the time," Kris said, seeing
Corey there without a shirt.

"I try but haven't done it yet here. I hear the rec center is sweet,"
Corey stated.

"It's the bomb. We went there and shot some hoops," Jess said. "Or some of
us did."

"Hey I tried. I told you basketball wasn't my game. Go to the course and
I'll smoke your asses any day," Scott stated loudly to get his point

"Hey, is there a course near here?" Corey asked. "I brought my clubs."

"Awesome! Yeah there's one about a mile that we can play at for little of
nothing," Scott said. "We'll definitely have to go sometime."

"Whenever you're ready, just holler at me," Corey said.

We continued talking until time to grab something to eat. Corey went to
find a shirt while the others showered quickly. I sat still in awe but
glad in a way we were interrupted.

"Corey's really a cool guy," Kris said.

"He is," I said.

"Don't tell me you're..."

"A little dream maybe but no way," I said.

"Yeah, he's probably straight and has tons of girls after him," Kris said.

"Did you think he was cute?" I asked for a test.

"Dammit Matt, don't ask me baited questions like that," Kris said.


"Yeah I guess he is. I will give him credit, he was ripped," Kris said.

"He is that and makes me want work out," I smiled.

We headed to eat as a group along with having Juan along as well. Now I
had a group of friends that were fun to be with. Things were really
looking up and making the transition a lot easier for me whereas Kris took
to this like a duck does to water.

The next day after class, I actually wanted to go work out since Corey was
going with Kris, Scott and I. I did my best not to make it obvious that I
was attracted to him around the other guys and out him. He would do it
when he was ready to tell the group. I still didn't like working out much
but did like seeing the others strain and pop out every muscle in their
arms and neck. It was crying shame we had to wear shirts but it was
totally understood.

Later that night I hung out with the group in Scott's room. When it came
time to prove superior at Street Fighter, I was ready to show my expertise.
In short order, I disposed of him and got a weird look from Scott. He
realized the previous game I didn't pull out my bag of tricks. Kris saw it
unfold and knew what was occurring at that moment. I didn't say much to
rub in on Scott.

Thursday it was back to class and having the last one with Kris. Now the
real world had started with our first real lecture. I could see Kris
wasn't ready for the onslaught of a full lecture and gave up half way
through since I was taking careful notes.

"He really went fast and furious," Kris commented after class. "There's no
way I can keep notes in there. I can't write that fast."

"You're damn lucky I have that class with you or else..." I stated.

"I know now I'll have to lean you to make a passing grade or else there
will be hell to pay back home," Kris commented while we kept walking to
grab something to eat before heading back to the dorm.

It was a quiet night. I did hold Kris to his end of the bargain early in
the day and made him spend an hour going over his studies. I could see he
didn't like it but knew it was necessary or the fun would be over before it
really started.

When he finished, Kris headed out the door to roam the halls and be a part
of the action or whatever action there was occurring. About 6, he came
back with Jess and Juan before heading to see a movie offered there on
campus. They invited me but I stayed back to be my normal self.

Not long after they were gone, Scott came knocking at my door.

"Where is everyone?" he asked and made himself at home now like he always

"They headed off to catch that movie showing," I replied.

"That's cool. I've seen it twice already," Scott said. "Matt, I feel like
an ass for asking you if you were gay. I was very wrong in doing that."

"I'm glad you did," I said. "I haven't thought another thing about it. Now
most know and it's no biggie. I'm glad you and the others haven't let it
keep you away. I know full well how some guys are once they find out. By
the way, how's your b*****r making it in school?"

"Not like he expected I don't think," Scott said. "He thought it would be
all great since it was pretty obvious. I think he's had some mean shit
done to him the first week and why I was asking and apologizing."

"People can be cruel and insensitive," I said. "With Matt and a few others
at my back, my experience wasn't so bad. I didn't flaunt it like you can
see and didn't shove 1000 it in their faces."

"My b*****r Shawn is the opposite and sees how things are," Scott
said. "How did your parents handle it?"

"I really just have my mom. She's been the best for me. She knew
something was up before I told her and saw how happy I was after telling
her," I stated and heard a soft knock at the door. I went to the door and
found Corey there as normal in just his shorts. He came right on in and
sat at the other end of the bed from me.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Corey asked.

"No we were just shooting the shit, right Matt?" Scott said.

"Scott, Corey knows but thanks," I said.

"Whew! I thought I was really going to have to monitor what I said," Scott

"Knows what?" Corey asked.

"That I'm gay," I replied.

"Yeah, so am I," Corey proudly stated to my surprise.

"Get the fuck out!" Scott said. "No way!"

"It's true," Corey replied.

"Are you two hooking up?" Scott asked.

"No we're just friends like you," Corey said.

"Yeah but one of you is... ummm... nice looking and built," Scott stuttered
to find the right words.

"Thanks," I laughed. "Go ahead and say something nice about Corey while
you're at it."

Scott laughed, "We were talking about my 16 year old b*****r who just came
out. Putting it nicely he is polar opposites of you two. I was just
telling Matt how hard he was finding it."

"I can definitely relate to that," Corey said. "I felt so alone and
abandoned. The thought of suicide even crossed my mind. I hit the weights
out of boredom and the need be to be safe."

"I bet no one messed with you," Scott said.

"They did at first and it was a living hell for sure. I cried a lot and
cursed the heavens numerous times for being gay. I wanted to be straight
but it wasn't me. Do you know how hard is to try to have sex with a girl
and honestly know you hate it?" Corey said.

"I've never had that problem," Scott said. "My problem now is not enough
sex. I did fuck my ass off this summer with my girlfriend. The day before
I left, she knew I loved her."

"When she coming to see you?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know. If she does make it, Juan better find a way to leave or
else he's going to witness one hell of show," Scott laughed.

"When she does come, holler and we'll make sure you have plenty of
privacy," I smiled.

Scott and Corey hung around in the room until Kris and his crew returned.
After a few minutes, they all dispersed back to their own rooms.

"What you got going tomorrow night?" Kris asked once everyone was gone and
laid up on top of his bed.

"Nothing I know of, why?" I asked.

"If you want, a bunch of us are going to this kick ass party with the
Greeks," Kris commented.

"Ummm... I don't know. You know I'm not a big drinker," I stated.

"I know that's why I was asking you," Kris smiled.

"Kris, I'm not going be the driver for a bunch of d***k freshmen. I'll be
here if you need me but you know I'm not the party guy," I said.

"Well, I thought I would ask. Remember our agreement," Kris said.

"This is different. I know your intentions too well," I said.

"I've been such a good boy though for the week," Kris said. "Matt, I
figured by now I would be d***k off my ass at least thr f5c ee nights."

"You've been so busy and haven't slowed down to take a breath," I
said. "Kris, it has been a blast and thanks for pushing me out there. Such
as tonight, I had a good time talking with Scott and Corey."

"Yeah they're both like you," Kris said.

"You think Scott's gay?" I asked.

"I starting to feel that way," Kris stated.

"He did tell us earlier how he fucked his girl all summer," I stated.

"I think that's Scott talking and be delusional. I have my doubts."

"You haven't been e****ting girls around either."

"I'm just laying the ground work and planting the seeds," Kris smiled. "So
you and Corey got something going yet? I heard he was gay, you dawg!!!"

"I don't know really. I think he likes me but I don't know if it's more
than just having a gay friend to talk with and be friends just like the
rest of the guys. I'm not in his league though," I surmised.

"Would you if he asked?"

"Hell yeah in a heartbeat," I said. "Admit if you were gay and knew he was
as well, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah... I guess so."

"Thanks and glad you see my point."

We turned on the television and watched where the flipping channel stopped
for long enough to see what was on. Kris was very annoying with a remote
in his hand and showed why he was on medication earlier for ADHD. He
probably could stand a pill every day now to calm him down and mellow him
out but then again it wouldn't be Kris.

Once the lights were out, we both wanted to go to sl**p. I turned over
again and slid down my boxers. I kept an ear open for Kris though he was
probably doing the same. My cock was hard in a matter of minutes.
Thoughts of Corey flashed in my head while I jerked off. I was immersed in
it I didn't care about Kris and if he knew. The orgasm was nice and
covered my sheets.

I rolled back over, "Feel better now," Kris laughed.

"Matter of fact I do. I needed that," I said.

"It sure sounded like it," Kris said.

"It's not like you don't jack off," I shot back.

"At least I'm quiet about it."

"So what if I enjoyed it?"

"It does feel good, huh?"

"Like always," I said. I rolled over and was finished talking to him.




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Nah, I reckon Corey has his eyes on Kris
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OK, nice, but hardly waiting for next episode ...
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I agree. it is awsome
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I love how this story is going so far.
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