College life 1


Following as close as possible, Kris and I sped down the long and fairly
boring interstate in separate cars to start our freshman year of college.
I was excited yet nervous about what lie ahead for me at college. I had
never been away from home and going almost 4 hours away was scary to me.
Thankfully, my best friend, since I can remember, would be there with me
and be my roommate. Going this far away wasn't my first choice but Kris
and I talked since we were freshmen about rooming together in college. His
father went here so Kris was dead set on going here to keep the f****y
tradition alive. At times, I was against it but decided to go along and
keep the friendship alive, despite hearing tales of not to room with your
best friend, and having a cool roommate that I knew.

Kris led the way when we entered the spacious campus. I had visited one
time and it looked so much bigger now that I was really here for good. He
knew exactly where we were going and drove straight to our dormitory.

He jumped out of his car and was the excitable Kris I always knew, "This is
so sweet!"

"Yeah, I guess so," I replied and turned off my car.

We headed inside to get our room assignments. Luckily we landed a second
floor corner room. We climbed the stairs and opened the door.

"This looks like home," Kris said.

"It does," I said and eyed the blank room. "It's small, you know."

"It is but we'll survive," Kris smiled.

After a few trips in the hot sun, we had our things inside the room. I
organized my things while Kris was being Kris and horsing around. He
rubbed my shaggy brown hair and joked as always.

"Someone's not feeling this," he said. "I'm so fucking pumped... it's
totally unreal!"

"Good for you," I said.

"You're nervous as a cat about this, aren't you?" he asked and calmed down.

"Yeah, I want to be part of the guys and be accepted. Once they know I'm
gay, all hell will break loose and I'll be alone for four long years," I

"Matt, when I have not had your back?" Kris patted me on the back. Kris
wasn't your prototypical bodyguard in the fact he was 5'10" maybe 165
pounds, surfer blond hair and a cut to match. "Just relax. I didn't rat
you out when you told me 2 years ago and don't plan on doing here with
total strangers. How would that make me look?"

"You're right as always," I said and smiled. "You are the best friend a gay
guy could have."

"I wouldn't say that dude," Kris laughed.

"Well you are. You always took up for me when everyone knew last year.
You have never questioned why and accepted the facts. You have never once
said one derogatory thing to me or about being gay. You have never had
jokes about gays or not least around me you haven't. Every time I need a
lift you have been there through the years, especially these last few

"I guess we have been through a lot. Don't you dare get me to do something
since we're so far from home, either," Kris laughed. "Let's finish
unpacking. Matter of fact, you help me and get my things neat and straight
like your things."

I had to laugh, "You see one of the advantages of living with me already."

"Yeah and you'll keep us half way decent."

"My side will be decent. You're on own and won't have Mommy to pick your
clothes and trash up," I laughed and felt a little more at ease. I
finished in no time and migrated over to help Kris with his things and had
his bed made for one time. I snapped a quick picture for us to remember
the moment.

We hung around the room and talked on our cell phones. I called my mom to
let her know I made it and was settled while Kris talked with his dad and
mom. We bored quickly and headed to explore the campus that would be ours
for the next four or more years if things worked out as planned in my head.

That night we sat and adjusted to dorm life somewhat. Kris was his normal
friendly and sociable self and had to mingle around the halls of our dorm.
I was content on staying where I was and letting things happen. I turned
on my computer to check to make sure my schedule was perfect. I was lucky
and did have a full ride here thanks to a great ACT score. Now there was
the added pressure of maintaining the grade point to keep me there whereas
Kris was on his dad's check. It wasn't that he wasn't smart; he never
applied himself like I did and was more interested in being part of a crowd
like he was now.

An hour or so later, Kris was back in the room. "Get your ass up! You're
going with me!"

"Fine," I said and rolled back my eyes.

He d**g me two doors down to meet two guys, Scott and Juan. I introduced
me to them. They were like me and looked like typical freshmen, thin and a
head full of hair, Scott's dirty blond and Juan's curly black. Kris
brought me here so I could show them who was king of Street Fighter, which
was my favorite. Scott challenged me to a game immediately while Juan and
Kris watched and talked. Neither one of us wanted to lose but I did in the
end. Next was Guitar Hero which was fun and allowed us time to talk and
laugh at each other. I found the two were from the same area as Kris and
I, which gave us quite a bit in common.

We left after an hour or so. "You let him win at Street Fighter, didn't
you?" Kris asked while walking down the hall.

"Well... I couldn't whoop his ass and have him hating me after just meeting
me," I laughed and opened the door.

"See it was fun, wasn't it?" Kris said and kicked off his flip flops into
the floor. Next were his shorts and then his shirt. I had seen his cute
athletic toned body countless times so it was no biggie. I did the same
since we were comfortable in our boxers together.

"I'll admit it was fun," I said.

"I think you liked those guys, didn't you?" Kris said. "Both of them are
pretty straight like me."

"I bet you know their life history, don't ya?"

"Ummm... most of it. Scott has a younger b*****r and s****r. Juan lived
with his grandmother for most of his life and has..."

"I get the picture," I said.

"Let me finish. He has an older b*****r and s****r," Kris said.

"There is one guy that has possibilities for you. He lives across the hall
three doors down. His name is Stephan," Kris said.

"Please. Now you're already trying to hook me up. How do you know he's
gay?" I asked.

"Well... something just tells me like that flag," Kris said.

"Whoa! He's very bold," I commented.

"Yeah and has a single rooooom..." Kris laughed.

"Is he cute?" I asked and baited him.

"How the hell would I know? He looks to me like every other guy with
straight blond hair and a pierced eye brow," Kris said.

"OOO, I think someone else is after him," I said and felt a pillow across
my head. Kris jumped on me and playfully wrestled while laughing
hysterically the entire time.

"Now I'm all hot and sweat. Thanks!" Kris said and jumped back in his bed.

"Kris, I need to at least get you to admit if a guy is cute or not. I know
you can tell. You aren't totally blind," I said.

"Fine, he was sort of cute but like the others, except for this one guy.
He was the biggest damn dork ever. All he needed was a pocket protector,"
Kris laughed.

"I think I saw him too," I laughed.

We turned on the television to watch it and get acclimated to the channels.
About the third time through the channels, I screamed at Kris to leave on
one channel for more than 10 seconds at a time. Now I could see the
advantages of having a friend as a roommate. We could do things to each
other or say things like I just did and not get mad. I knew what set Kris
off and he knew the same with me. Despite my coming out, Kris and I still
stayed at each other's house quite often but not like we did before to keep
the whispers down for Kris' sake. I never tried anything with him and
respected him highly. Sure there were chances but I didn't see having a
few minutes of fun was worth ruining a lifetime of friendship. As much I
wanted, I never even dropped a subtle hint about us getting together since
I thought Kris would end our friendship there.

I was up first the next day which was Saturday before classes started on
Monday. By now, most of the students were here and moved in, especially
the freshmen eager to start college life. I headed to take a shower which
was conveniently just a short walk away. I heard another shower running
and stepped into the private stall to do my business. I stepped out and
felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked up and knew instantly it was Stephan
by Kris' earlier description. I only nodded and acknowledged.

"I'm Stephan," he said with his hand outstretched.

"Matt, I live in the first room," I said while shaking his hand.

He was not shy in the least with his towel around his shoulders. I dried
quickly and slung the wet towel around my small waist.

"Nice to meet you," Stephan said now with his robe on. He exited quickly
before another guy walked in. I looked at the floor while he got naked and
into the shower.

I went back to my room with Kris still sl**ping and lightly snoring. I
remained quiet and gather up my things. About an hour or so later, Kris
woke and stretched out his body.

"You're up early as always," Kris stated. "Thanks for staying quiet." Kris
got out of bed with his boxers tented. It wasn't the first time I had seen
his morning wood and kept silent. He dropped his boxers right there
without a thought and found his things to shower. I could swear he was
teasing me and took his sweet time.

"Matt, I forgot my soap. Can I borrow yours for the time being?" Matt
asked still naked. I pointed to my cabinet where he was. He walked over
and found the new bottle of soap. "Thanks!" Kris said. "You know it is so
cool rooming with someone you know. I can walk my naked ass around and not
worry about it. It's not like you never seen me naked before."

"You're right there," I commented with a laugh.

"I swear I think you like seeing me in all my glory," Kris laughed and
wrapped his towel around his waist.

"I have no comment," I smiled to keep things the way they were.

I continued doing what I was doing which was playing a game online. It
occupied my mind and passed the time for me as well as being a challenge.
Kris was back in no time with his hair dripping wet. Again he gave me show
if I was so inclined to see.

"Kris, I'm glad we're friends and know each other well or else I think you
were intentionally flashing me," I said.

"I know. I feel like I'm at home here with you and just do as I normally
do to get ready. You know how I am," Kris said and began to shave off his
light stubble.

The rest of the day we continued to explore the campus that was filling up
by the hour. We went to check out the city that surrounded us to become
oriented with all that was around. I was impressed to see the number of
businesses just outside campus that catered to us students. If we grew
tired of campus food, there was an array of eating establishments a short
drive away plus a huge Walmart a mile down the street for needed items such
as Kris some soap.

When we returned, Kris changed clothes to my amazement. "You wanna go with
me to check out the rec center?" he asked.

"For now, I'll pass and hang here," I said since I wasn't athletic one bit.

"Okay then. I'll ask Scott and Juan if they want to go with me since they
mentioned in passing last night," Kris said and left with his things.

Again I called my mom to check up on her. This move might be as hard on her as it was me. She quickly answered and generally excited to hear my
voice. She wanted every detail of what I had done. I gave it to her. We
talked for at least 30 minutes before I had another call. It was just my
other best friend. She was checking up on me and seeing how Kris and I
were making it there together. I hung up with her after another long talk
and set up my PS3 to our nice television to at least have it going when we
wanted it. It was nice in that I could lay in bed with the wireless remote
and easily play my games.

Kris came busting in the door with Scott. His hair was soaked as was his
tee that clung to his body. "You should have gone. It is the best weight
facility I've ever seen. They can have 100 people in there and still not
be crowded."

"Matt, you need to come next time. Next time I hit the pool for some
laps," Scott said and threw off his shirt. He was just as thin as I was
but more defined in the abs with a treasure trail down his shorts.

"I might," I said. "I've swum in the past and suppose I could do that."

"Your ass needs to be active or else you'll get fat," Kris laughed.

I lifted up my shirt, "I would give anything to have a little more weight
on this body."

"You're like me but my dad was the same way. Now he's a good 240 with the
biggest beer gut around," Scott laughed and used my towel to wipe the sweat
from his body.

Scott left after a few minutes and returned with Juan and Wyatt, who was
his neighbor on the other side. Now he and Kris had showered since their
funk was almost gagging me. I was slowly meeting people like Wyatt every
time I turned around. Naturally, Kris was outgoing and made everyone feel
like his best friend. As we talked, Wyatt talked about being wild and
enjoying the college experience for all it was worth. I kept quiet when
they started talking about women and all that was on campus.

Later we had two more guys down the hall, Jess and Robert join in. Having
a big group of people around was definitely to Kris' liking. He was having
a blast meeting all he could and making new friends. I enjoyed it as well
but stayed in the background as much as possible in a small room. At least
now I was starting to put names with faces I had seen up and down the hall.

The next day was more of the same with Kris rarely in the room. The only
time I saw him was time to eat or when he needed something from the room.
I stayed to myself and confined to the room with my game system.

About 11, Kris came in the door that Sunday night and jumped into bed. "You
are being very anti-social," he commented to me.

"Maybe I like it," I replied.

"You're missing out on the one of the best parts of college, meeting new
and interesting people," Kris stated.

"You have your way. I have mine," I said. "I'm perfectly happy and content
with the way things are."

"I would be so damn miserable all cooped up in this little room," Kris

"You're Kris and I'm Matt. I was the same way in high school just like you
are the same way," I said.

"I bet you're afraid someone will find out you are gay," Kris stated.

"Well...I am but it will get out in time whether I want it to or not. I'm
not ashamed now of being gay but don't go around announcing it."

"You need to just get out there and have fun. Dad was right in that this
is the best time of my life."

"Kris, you could have fun and meet people at a damn funeral. Just accept
the fact I'm not as outgoing as you."
"Matt, it's because you're scared of putting yourself out and meeting new
people. You have the same friends since the 8th grade where I love it and
find other people interesting and fascinating."

"It takes me some time," I said. "In case you have forgotten, classes do
start tomorrow."

"I know. Classes are the worst part," Kris laughed. "That's one area I
envy you."

"It takes a small effort. If you're out every hour, you will not make it
and have one pissed off Dad on your hands I bet."

"Ummm... you're right there," Kris said. "Matt, it is your job to make me
sit down and study every night. My job is to make you be more open and
outgoing. Deal?"

"Errr... okay. If you break your word, I get to do as I please. If you
don't, I'll go with you wherever and whenever you want."

"Hell yeah, it's a deal," Kris said. He turned on the television since we
both slept with it on all night.

I rolled over and slipped down my boxers to take care of some overdue
business. I slipped my hand over my nice cock. It felt so great. I snuck
a peek to see I wasn't the only one who needed relief. It was very obvious
what we were doing and had done it a few times discretely when we stayed at
each other's houses. I could hear Kris breathing hard and knew he was
about to cum. I went slow and wanted to enjoy the moment in a different
setting. I heard him stop and reach down. I shut my eyes and continued to
jack off. I felt relief with my load coating my stomach. I stayed still
until I heard him sl**ping. I reached to grab a cloth positioned perfectly
to wipe the drying cum from my body. I pulled up my boxers and felt
great. Now I could sl**p like baby after finishing my business.


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6 months ago
A nice teasing story, like an overture to these, what's coming!