Daniel p

Daniel is ready to give it up to you guys again. Please remember this is a
sexually driven story, if that offends you......or you are not 18 please
stop now. Otherwise get ready to blow another load.

My mouth began to salivate as I looked at the huge erect cock
standing in the doorway. My Uncle walked towards me, slowly stroking his
long hard fuck tool. He was as tall as my Father, but about 8 years
younger. His hair was dark, thick, and hung down over his shoulders. His
hairless body was lean and every muscle pronounced and almost glistened
with the little bits of sweat that seemed to be natural to his sexuality.
I instinctively opened my mouth as I got to my knees and braced for
his invasion. He grabbed the back of my head as my mouth began to engulf
his large dick . His cock was huge and stretched my mouth so wide it began
to hurt. I tried to pull back a bit, but his hands pulled my head forward
as he continued to plow is hard fat cock into my throat.
I could see my b*****r David out of the corner of my eye, he was
sitting right next to me watching as this torpedo type cock was slowly
disappearing into my mouth. I gagged and swallow as the head of my uncles
cock hit the back of my throat and began its journey deeper inside me.
Soon my nose was tight against his bushy pubic hair and his cock was deep
inside my throat. My muscles began to relax and the pain subsided as he
began to swing his hips, slowly fucking my mouth.
He moaned softly as his hard shaft was being pleasured by my warm
wet mouth. I took hold of his balls that were hairy and quite large. They
made me week with anticipation of the load of cum he would soon be giving
me to eat. That's about when I felt a warm sensation on my own cock. I
looked down and David had taken my entire hard cock into his mouth with one
gulp and was going down on me with great pleasure to us both.
I lifted myself up on my knees so he could get better access of my
hard tool.. Now I could see us all in the mirror as our sexual trio
continued. I was sitting up on my knees with my b*****r under me with his
mouth around my cock and his head deep in my crotch. My uncles gorgeous
ass continued to plunder my mouth with his massive fuck tool. I knew we
weren't going to last long in that position, my balls were already starting
to restrict as they began to produce a load of cum to spew into my b*****rs
wanting mouth.
Then the door opened and closed almost instantly and my Father
stood there looking at the situation. My Uncle Chad, immediately leg go of
the back of my head and began to pull his cock away from me. I followed
with my mouth, not allowing his cock to escape. I could see in the mirror
a look of almost terror on his face as he looked at his older b*****r.
"Chad, the other end is the prize" He said as he undid his jeans
letting them fall to the floor, exposing his already hard cock.
I knew what was cumming and I began twitching with anticipation as
he moved around the three of us and got down on his knees behind me. And
with one sure thrust his hard prick was deep inside my ass, instantly he
was ramming his cock in and out of my wet fuck hole. I was in complete
ecstasy as my ass was getting fucked, my mouth had a huge dick sliding in
and out of it, and my cock was being sucked by an expert. All with my
Mother and Grandmother only steps away!
The relentless pounding my father was giving my ass with his
massive cock was making it almost impossible for David to hold onto my cock
with his mouth. Finally he gave up and quickly turned around and looked at
our Father.
"Hey Dad" He pleaded, "Slow down on Daniel for a second, I want him
to fuck me while you are fucking him, then it will be like you are fucking
us both at the same time."
I loved the idea, David had never let me fuck him. And so did my
father, he stopped thrusting his hard cock making me whimper with desire.
But soon my b*****r was moving up against my hard cock, which he took hold
of and directed right into warm ass hole. My cock slid in without any
hesitation on David's part. He just backed right up onto my hard tool and
soon my cock was deep inside his ass hole.
I began to fuck him slowly moving my hips back and forth, allowing
my cock to slide in and out of his ass, along with my Fathers cock that
began to penetrate my ass again. He remained still for a few while my
b*****rs ass got the feeling for my invading cock. But my fathers desire
for my ass soon took control and he quickly began to pound his cock deep
inside me again, forcing my cock to slam into David's ass making him groan
loudly and now I knew our f****y fuck was gratifying for all.
After a short while I realized that I still had a hard cock fucking
my mouth. While concentration on my ass getting fucked and fucking my
b*****r, I neglected the massive tool still protruding out of my mouth. I
began to move my head back and forth against the smooth skin of his cock.
Feeling the helmet shaped head slide across my tongue until it was so far
down my throat that my face was deep into his dark pubic hair. I was lost
in sex not knowing which person to concentrate on, not a bad position to be
in, but never the less, I was lost. So I just let my self go and let
everyone do me, my father fucked my ass, my uncle fucked my mouth and my
b*****r was fucking my dick.
Lost in sex, yes I was, until I began to choke on a load of cum
that you would expect from a large a****l. My uncle's cock instantly
flooded my mouth, and throat with so much sperm that it actually came out
my nose.
As I began to swallow his white gooey liquid his cock was spewing
into my gut, my own balls blasted a load deep into my b*****rs ass, my cock
was spilling it's seed like it was piss inside my b*****r warm whole. Then
I felt the warming sensation in my ass as it was being filled with liquid
heat as my father shoved his dick so far up my ass, his pubic hair was
scr****g the nape of my back. He stopped humping, he just left his cock
deep inside me as it deposited his maleness far within my body. All the
while my uncle was still pumping my mouth with his sweet cum and I was
eating every ounce he could produce.
The room was a choir of moaning, grunting, and heavy breathing
coming from all three of us as our orgasms exploded simultaneously. We
were so lost in our sex to even care about the 3 other people some where in
the house, until our loads had been spent and my uncle began to pulled his
deflating cock out of my mouth. It actually made a popping sound when I
reluctantly let go of the long shaft, which brought us all back to reality.
My father pulled his long semi hard cock out of my ass and pushed it back
into his jeans, which didn't conceal much as his semi hard cock tented his
left pant leg.
They left together, looking back at David and me, my hands still
wrapped around his waist, still mounted together, with my cock still hard
and deep within his ass.
"Boys, don't take to long to clean up, you don't want your
grandmother to wonder
what happened to you." My father said as he closed the door.
David turned his head up towards me, and I knew the look on his
face. I grabbed on to him tight and began to hump his ass plunging my cock
in and out of his hole, like a machine. He braced himself for my assault
on his moist fucking ass, and moaned with great pleasure as my cock
penetrated deeper and deeper inside him.
Then he pushed himself up off his hand and knees until he was
sitting on my cock. He grabbed his own hard cock and began to stroke
himself wildly until he shot his load high into the air. Spurt after spurt
of cum flew from the head of his hard pulsating cock landing on the floor,
joining the puddles of cum that he had shot earlier. At the site of his
explosion, my cock erupted once again filling his tight hot ass with
another load of my sweet white jizz.
I pulled my cock from his ass, as he bent over and began to lick
his cum puddles off the floor. I turned around and joined him, running my
tongue through the globs and puddles of his warm cum that he had spewed on
the floor.
With both our asses and mouths filled with cum, we pulled up our
jeans and left the bathroom. I could feel the stickiness of my fathers
fuck juices on my legs and ass as I walked down stairs, making me want more
any way I could get it. And with a house full of horny cocks, I knew it
wouldn't be long before my ass was again being fucked by a nice hard dick.

As we came down stairs, my father, uncle, and b*****r were all in
the kitchen talking with my mother and grandmother. Todd looked at us with
questioning eyes, but continued telling our mother about his semester in
college. I could see in his eyes, he knew he had missed a fucking
fantastic time. I winked at him and grabbed a handful of cookie and went
outside with David following close behind.
We sat at the picnic table in the back yard behind the kitchen
window. Todd was looking directly at us, watching our every move, not
wanting to be left out of any fun that might be had before dinner.
I filled Dave in on my trip with Dad, and then the night with Todd.
My graphic description of the night was making us both horny again, as my
cock was now hard and tenting my jeans. David's wood was so hard he had to
adjust it upward to relieve the pain. We both laughed at the loud sound
his now hard cock made hitting his skin as he lifted his zipper and
released his one eyed monster from his pant leg.
I could see Todd through the window getting fidgety as he spoke
with everyone. So, as you can imagine, it wasn't long before he was
heading out the door and walking towards us.
"Hey little dude, Dave, it is so great to see you again. I really
miss you guys." He said as he sat down next to Dave. "How are you getting
along in my room Dave, you keeping the action going on that bed of mine."
"Oh, most definitely! I get off every time I get in that bed,
knowing that your naked body slept there night after night, shooting your
cum on the sheets and all over your hot body." Dave continued, "I guess I
can tell you now, I used to watch you almost every night, as you took off
your cloths and lay on top of your sheets. Your naked, hard body ready to
give you pleasure, and it always did. I watched as you stroked your hard
cock until it came all over you, the floor, bed, everywhere! I couldn't
believe how much you would cum. But night after night like clock work you
put on a show for me"
"Well, um....I.....I don't know what to say, you saw everything."
Todd said as his face reddened.
"Yea, don't worry, I never told anyone about it, not even Daniel."
Dave said looking over at me as I listened intently.
"Um...okay, this is a little embarrassing, but I guess we are all
guys right, and we all jerk off."
"You taught me a few things, that's for sure". David said with a
smile and a wink. "But some of what you did to yourself wouldn't really be
classified as jerking off, at least not in my book."
"What the hell did you do up there?" I said, very curious and a
little jealous too.
"Little Dude, you are way to young for this conversation." Todd
said to me, as he looked over at David.
"Fuck you b*o......I am almost 16, and have probably fucked more
than you have ever dreamed of, and as for beating off, well lets just say I
cum at least 3 times a day. So, what the fuck did you do up there?"
"Okay, okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, I would be
so embarrassed." Todd said as he face reddened as the thought began to
invade his memory.
"Boys, come in for Dinner" my mother call for us from the back
"Later guys, but I will definitely tell you tonight little dude, or
maybe show you." Todd said as he got up from the table and walked towards
the house.
"Come on David, tell me! I can't wait until tonight....." I
pleaded, as David also walked away from the table following Todd.

The Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful, my grandmother was a great
cook and we all let her know that, as we sat around the table looking at
all the empty plates. Soon my mother and grandmother got up and began
clearing the table to make room for the fresh baked pies that would
complete the meal.
I was sitting next to Todd and David sat across from us. I looked
at Todd, and again for the umpteenth time, asked him to tell me what he had
done in his bedroom. He wouldn't answer me, but what he did next made me
jump. Causing my b*****r David looked over at me questioningly.
What he didn't know and neither did anyone else at the table, was
that Todd had just shoved his hands into the top of my baggy jeans and
bagan softly stroking my cock. Of course I became hard within seconds as
his hand slid up and down my stiff shaft with great ease. I looked over at
him, wondering what sort of plan he had in mind. But he just smiled at me
knowing that he had me totally in his control. I squirmed a little as he
continued to pump my cock with his closed fist. But the table was still
oblivious to what was going on. David kept looking at me, wondering what
was happening, he knew something was up as both Todd and I were just
sitting silently in our seats. Then it happened, and everyone stopped and
looked in our direction. The sound that every guy knows, the sound of your
piss hole getting jerked as pre-cum begins to develop and it begins to
makes that smacking sound. I tried to cough to cover up the sound but Todd
just stroked faster making it obvious to everyone what he was doing to me.
Soon my toes began to curl and my balls we so far up inside me that it
almost hurt. I closed my eyes and held my breath as my cock exploded with
an orgasm that shot cum all over the inside of my pants soaking my leg and
covering Todd's hand. I shot at least 7 good loads of my jizzum making
quite a mess.
"What did you ask me about, Little Dude?" Todd said to me as he
let go of my spent cock, wiping his hand of the reminisce of my orgasm on
the leg of my pants. The grin on his face made me remember that he was
defiantly my older b*****r and not to fuck with him.
Everyone was looking at us, having just realized what had just gone
on under the table. David had a goofey look of pleasure on his face, I
know he was playing with himself now, My Father and Uncle just stared in
disbelieve at what we had just done at the Thanksgiving table.
"Daniel" my Father said "Why don't you go clean your self up before
"Who's ready for pie" And they both walked back into the room.

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5 months ago
Another terrific chapter. Always gets me hard and jacking.
5 months ago
The sight of even a soft cock approaching me was always a turn on and to finally slide it into my mouth, feeling it get harder and harder as my tongue would caress it would always give me a sense of power. The chance of having 3 men use my naked body for their sexual pleasure was an awesome feeling.