The new summer job part 17

(This is the last chapter I've access to at this point in time)

Early the next morning, barely before dawn, Danny slowly opened his
eyes. He was hung-over, not from drink but from cock. He cooed thinking
back on the repeated fucking John had given him, on John's huge massive
dick. He felt the smooth cool satin sheets beneath and around him, felt the
warm body pressed against his ass and felt that rigid huge dick still
buried inside. How natural it felt, how he wanted to never loose that
feeling of John's beautiful tool inside him, in his boypussy. Danny pushed
back against John's body, pressed the cock deeper and tightened his ass
muscles around the massive thing, inside where it belonged. The sheets
beneath him were wet with cum that had oozed out during the night. He felt
John's deep breathing as his chest heaved against Danny's back. Danny
pressed back and John's arms wrapped around him, pulling him tight.

Danny had to pee badly, but he didn't want to move, he didn't want to pull
off John's beautiful throbbing manhood. He remembered the euphoria as he
was entered for the first time, that incredible wave after wave of hot
passion that had raced through his body, dominated his thoughts. The pain
had been fleeting, replaced quickly with a feeling of uncontrollable
submission; his final and ultimate surrender. He was all John's.

Soon John moaned and leaned in and kissed Danny's neck, sucked and bit as
he began fucking again, thrusting in and out of Danny's well-used ass. He
fucked faster until he shot his first load of the morning, deep inside
Danny. Danny moaned as he felt the hot cum filling him inside again. His
long exhales of fulfillment and pleasure caused a wave of warmth through
Danny's body, from deep inside his boy-cunt all the way to tips of his
fingers. Danny moaned as he felt the warm cum splash inside him. All he
knew at that moment was the completeness he felt, unlike anything he'd
experienced before.

Later in the shower, John had Danny wash him from head to toe with special
time and attention to John's massive, manly cock. Danny nuzzled and sucked
till John fed him his second load of the day. Danny swallowed and savored
every drop, John's essence, his sweet cum which to Danny was different,
more special, than any other cock he had sucked.

Once Danny had dried and dressed John, he followed him into the
kitchen. John prepared a hearty omlette for both of them with coffee and
orange juice. Before Danny could sip his coffee, John pulled him up and sat
him on the breakfast table. He pushed Danny back down against the smooth
glass and grabbing Danny's cock, stroked and stroked and stroked, smiling
as Danny moaned louder and louder. Just and Danny as about to cum, John
pulled him up, grabbed Danny's coffee cup and let the boy's morning load,
fill the black steaming coffee with cream, boy-cream.

"Now that we've broken you in completely," John started, "your ass will be
put to use on a regular basis. First by me every morning, and by anyone
else who wants it throughout the day. I want you to understand an absolute
`must'. No fucking of your pussy without a rubber, no exceptions, except of
course, mine. Clear?"

"Sure thing," Danny replied.

"And," John went on, "as an added incentive and treat for those cocks, I
want you to learn how to put the condom on them�no hands, with your
mouth. It's gonna take some practice but you WILL learn how and quickly."

Danny scratched his head, puzzled. No hands? How, he thought. "Is that even
possible," he asked.

John blurted a half-laugh. "Practice makes perfect, and you will be my
perfect cocksucker and boy slut. You can start practicing on our drive into
work this morning. And, if you don't manage it by the end of today, we'll
take you back to the porn shop to keep practicing on whoever will let you
on their dicks. Your dad might even be up for it, you never know. I can't
think of one guy who wouldn't let you practice on them. It's gonna make
wearing the condom an unforgettable and enjoyable part of the fuck."

"My dad," Danny asked, puzzled.

"Your dad," John replied, "bet he'd enjoy his son as much as I do."

"My dad," Danny mocked. "Can't imagine him even enjoying sex."

"Oh he does," John poked. "He does."

"How do you know," Danny responded, the subject made him uneasy.

John didn't answer.

They put the dishes in the sink and headed for the door.

"Um," Danny stuttered. "What about my clothes?"

"They're in my car, but you don't need them. My windows are tinted and
we're just going to the club."

As they drove out of John's garage, Danny took the condom he'd been handed
and ripped it open with his teeth. He took it out and glancing at John,
popped it in his mouth. He felt the flexible disk laying on his tongue. He
moved it around, tried the roll it over and over.

"You're gonna have to work it in front of your teeth and tightening your
lips to hold it in place, use your tongue to roll it over the head of the
cock," John started.

Danny reached over, undid John's slacks and pulled out his hardening
cock. He went to work, he fumbled and dropped the rubber over and over,
trying to position it at the head and slide it over John's huge dick. Over
and over he tried and tried. When they pulled into John's parking place
behind the building, he'd not yet got the sheath anywhere near placed.

John grabbed the rubber and pushed his uncovered tool deep down Danny's
throat. He pumped feverishly till his third load was sent home, down
Danny's throat.

Danny followed, naked, as John went into the building, the condom and his
task in hand.

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5 months ago
I hope it doesn't end here! This is one of the best stories I have read- thanks for sharing it
5 months ago
john just wanted danny to him self nice
5 months ago
That was interesting. The entire time I was in San Diego no one ever used a condom on me. It was all bareback and I was so glad.
5 months ago
well that was great I just came again