The new summer job part 16

Danny sat naked from the waist down in a strange man's Cadillac in the
parking lot of the porn video shop. As the man's warm and hard cock slid in
and out of Danny's mouth, Danny thought. He wondered why he was doing it �
sucking this cock. It wasn't to service a client of the men's club, it
wasn't to convince a potential customer to sign up for the club, it wasn't
the save his job, he didn't know why. But he sucked hard and thorough,
making the guy moan, feeling the hard dick slide down his throat. He worked
it with his tongue and his lips and the soft wet skin of the inside of he
mouth. He made the guy moan with pleasure. He didn't know why, but he did
and he did it with gusto, with passion, with lust and with an expertise
that he didn't understand.

And when the man began to shoot the seed, the cum that filled his mouth and
drizzled down his throat didn't disgust him; he liked it, he loved it. He
tasted it and savored the essence of man that he'd grown to need and lust

When the man had finished unloading a well-needed release, Daniel, Danny
held tight to the softening penis inside his mouth. He didn't want to let
go. A fear filled him that the guy would pull out soon. He didn't want to
let go.

The man pulled Danny's head off with an audible `pop.' He pulled Danny's
head up and kissed him. The man's tongue pushed inside Danny's mouth and
tasted his own seed. Danny's tongue rolled round and round the man's
tongue, kissed him hard and deep not because he had to, but because he
wanted to. Thirty men had fed him their cocks, ten today alone, and yet he
wanted more.

Danny ran naked back to John's car and climbed into the front seat. He sat
quiet, still thinking, as they drove away.

When Danny looked up, he realized they weren't headed back to the
club. They had turned into a modern exclusive condo north of town. "Where
are we," he asked.

"My house," John said. Danny wondered but he didn't ask.

They pulled into the sleek glossy black garage. As the door closed behind
them, John got out, headed for the main house, Danny followed.

He followed John through the door to the house, through the modern chrome
and black kitchen, into the living room. John popped one of the DVDs he'd
purchased at the video store, actually that Danny had purchased with his

John sat on the long sleek leather sofa facing the large, flat-screened
television. He patted the cushion beside him for Danny. Danny complied and
plopped his naked butt next to John on the sofa. John put his arm around
Danny and pulled him close. Danny cock sprang hard almost instantly at the
touch, at the closeness.

On the screen he watched the young men, quickly moving into various
positions and situations of cock-hardening action.

Danny's dick drooled with the hot scenes and before he realized what he was
doing, his hand rested on John slacks, on John's hard cock within. He
squeezed and stroked the massive tool. He wanted it. He felt no shame at
being naked, being used, being John's toy. He wanted him now. John knew it
too and smiled. He grabbed Danny's hand and pushed it off his cock. He

As they watched the movie, Danny's cock got harder, throbbed with lust and
passion and he kept looking at John's bulge inside his pants. He tried
again to grab it; John pushed his hand away.

"Please," Danny begged. "I need it. Let me suck you. Please�."

John just laughed.

"Go get us a beer from the frig," John ordered. "Take your shirt off too. I
want you completely naked."

Danny stood and headed back to the kitchen, he opened the frig and pulled
out two beers. He took them back and handed one to John. He twisted the cap
off his and put it down on the coffee table as he pulled the tight t-shirt
off and threw it aside. He stood naked in front of John, John's to do with
as he pleased.

John leaned forward and for a moment Danny thought he was going to suck
him. John leaned in and blew lightly on the throbbing head of Danny's
cock. Danny moaned and pushed his hips forward. John pulled back and
smiled, patted the seat beside him again.

Danny sat back down, took his beer and guzzled a long cool sip. As john
watched, Danny slid the neck of the bottle past his lips, rolled the cold
hard glass neck over his lips along his tongue. John laughed.

Danny reached for John's cock again. John pushed his hand away. They
continued watching the flick, watching the fucking and the sucking, the
multiple cocks and various moment's and lust and cum and action. They
watched and from time to time Danny would glance at John's massive cock
hidden from his view. He tried to remember how many times he'd sucked John
`s cock; he wanted it now. He more than needed it now. He grabbed. He felt
the huge dick, the beautiful cock. John pulled his hand off. He smiled.

"You'll be staying the night," John announced. "You need to let anybody

"Fuck em," was all Danny said as he tried to grab for John's cock again.

Through a few more beers and a second movie, they continued the dance of
Danny groping, begging, pleading for John's cock. John continued to refuse,
pushing Danny's hand away over and over. Each time he did, Danny wanted it
more. He couldn't control the lust. He needed that cock and he needed it

"Come on John," Danny pleaded. "I can't stand it. I need your
cock. Please."

John starred into Danny's eyes, smirking, "not interested in your mouth
right now."

Danny knew it was time. "Fuck me," he squeaked with resolution and
desire. "Fuck me please."

John didn't reply.

Danny stood and turned facing away from John. He leaned down on the coffee
table exposing his virgin ass. Offering it to him.

John didn't respond.

"Please," Danny begged, "fuck my ass."

"Fuck your what," John mocked.

"Fuck my ass," Danny moaned.

"Fuck your WHAT," John shouted emphasizing the `what'.

"�my pussy," Danny whispered, hoping that was how John wanted him to

Danny waited still bent over, his ass toward John. He clenched his ass
muscles over and over remembering the thick cold plug, remembering how it
felt in his ass, remembering when he'd sat naked on John naked lap, that
huge cock of his.

Then, he felt the huge oiled head of John massive cock against his
crack. It slid up and down. He felt oil being poured at the top of his ass
crack. He felt the enormous cock rubbing the slippery oil up and down his

John pulled back. Danny moaned. He waited.

And then, he felt the head again, he felt John's hand grabbing hold of
Danny's hip. He felt the push. It was too big; it would never fit. John
pushed harder. Danny pushed out trying to relax the muscles. John kept
pushing. He grabbed both hips and pulled back as he pushed harder. The huge
mushroom shaped head popped past the opening. The pain shot through Danny's
body, but he held tight trying to relax.

It pushed deeper. Danny felt it, felt the real thing .

It pushed deeper. Danny groaned loud and hard.

It pushed deeper. Danny felt the first couple inches inside him. It was so
different from the rubber thing, the plug, so real, so hot, so hard.

It pushed deeper. Danny felt it moving inside him.

It pushed deeper. It touched a spot inside Danny, he cried out with an
intense feeling somewhere between pain and ecstasy.

It pushed deeper. Danny couldn't believe how huge, how long, how delicious
John's cock was.

It pushed deeper. Danny knees went weak; he almost dropped. John held his
hips tight to steady him.

It pushed deeper. Danny felt with an intensity he'd never known.

It pushed deeper and then Danny felt the thick pubs against the opening of
his ass. He groaned and they both held tight and still, as Danny adjusted
the girth and depth and length and warmth of the incredible thing buried
inside him. A cock, A cock inside his cunt, inside his pussy. He moaned and
groaned wanting to say something, unable to speak. He felt the heartbeat
within the thing, within the cock, within the fuckstick that was inside
him, in his pussy.

And then the thrusting began, out, out, out, out, out, the head at the
opening, and the long smooth glide, all the way in again. Slowly the pace
began to speed up. Danny head tight to the table as the gigantic cock
jammed all the way down and in and all the way up and out. John thrust with
smooth and deliberate movements, pushing deeper each time, deep within the
hot and enveloping warmth of Danny's cunt. Not Danny's cunt anymore, but
John's � he belonged to John.

John fucked him harder and harder each time, faster and deeper. Something
deep inside Danny clicked, something that he realized would never be fully
quenched � a need, a lust, a hunger so deep, so complete, he'd never
fully quench it.

John fucked him over and over, Danny had no idea how long, but he knew he
didn't want it to end. He pushed back against John's thrusts, slammed his
butt into John's hips, unbelievably wanting more of his massive cock. He
wanted all of John inside him, he wanted to give him more.

John fucked with growing lust and passion, loosing control inside Danny's
sweet ass, Danny's sweet cunt.

He fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. Danny groaned and
groaned and groaned and groaned.

Their hearts seemed to beat in unison, faster and stronger and harder. They
both fucked harder and faster, John in Danny's ass, Danny with his
ass. They fucked.

John pulled Danny back to standing. He moved back and sat down on the sofa,
leaning back, pulling Danny down with him. He rested and Danny took over,
as Danny raised and lowered himself, impaling himself on John humungous
cock, on the thick the throbbing meat buried in his pussy, in his cunt. He
fucked himself on John's manhood, he gave up his manhood to John, to his
love for the cock inside him. They fucked, and fucked, and fucked as if
time, this moment would last forever. They fucked and then�.

The lights dimed, all sound ceased, a white and blinding bolt of pleasure
exploded. They both exploded, came, shot, fired, spew � John deep inside
Danny's pussy, Danny all over his chest. The intensity of Danny's cum hurt
him, hurt his cock he fired so hard.

Danny fell back against John's chest, their breaths in unison, deep, hard
and rasping. Danny felt the warmth of John's cum flooding around the thick
cock in his ass. He felt the beautiful cock buried inside, now part of him.
He felt the itch, the electric need, the lust that would never end. Neither
of them could move. They moaned soft and warm, John's arms wrapped around
Danny's chest, kissing his ear, licking inside.

"You all right," John whispered with a warmth and softness Danny had never

Danny couldn't speak through his labored breathing.

Finally, moments later, he spoke, one word.


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5 months ago
FINALLY!!!!! & Danny has several more weeks of this summer "job" left to go :P:P:P
5 months ago
All those first questions can be answered by one word LUST. Lust for cock and that's what I felt when in San Diego. Riding into town from work I would begin to droll a little just thinking about cocks, any cock, invading one of or both of my holes at the same time. I would be so anxious to be naked and giving pleasure to any man who wanted to use me.