The new summer job part 15

Daniel stood at the video room door, naked except for his skin tight
t-shirt, not sure what to do. John had left him there with no instructions
and most of all, no pants. He glanced back at the threesome in the second
aisle still sucking and fucking each other. He looked at the young k**'s
cock sliding in and out of the black man's ass. His own hole clenched each
time it slid in. He almost felt it. As much as he didn't want to admit it,
all he seemed to think about lately was being fucked. His own cock
throbbed, rock hard, begging for release but John hadn't given him
permission. He remembered the black butt plug sliding in and out his hole,
he remembered John's announcement that he would be fucking Daniel and he
knew it would be soon. Hw couldn't help wondering how it would feel, a real
cock up his ass. He had submitted to sucking all those cock now,
twenty-eight different guys had used his mouth, but allowing himself to be
fucked in the ass was something totally different. Could he accept it?
Could he make that final submission to another man's will?

He reached for the door handle and opening it slowly he leaned his head out
looking for John. He called his name not wanting to step out into the main
store area naked. John didn't answer, he slowly walked through the door.

John was across the room standing in front of a collection of DVDs. "John,"
he whispered not wanting to draw too much attention. The guys in the room
turned to look at him. John didn't. Daniel finally stepped out into the
dimly lit room, the guys all smiled, one whistled. Daniel's shaved cock had
shrunk back to normal as he walked across the room, next to John.

"John, my pants," Daniel pleaded. "I need my pants, I'm naked here in a
public store."

John didn't answer, he kept looking at the selection of porn videos on the
wall. John was looking at a DVD of two big-boobed women kissing each other,
feeling each other's cunts.

"What do you think," John asked.

Daniel looked at the DVD, back at John, and back at the image on the
cover. "Hot," Daniel commented though unconvincingly.

John looked down at Daniel's cock, still soft. He smiled. They moved down
the row, moving around a couple guys in the aisle who didn't take their
eyes off Daniel's beautiful nakedness. One guy reached out and squeezed
Danny's ass as they walked by. The other guy gave Daniel's cock a feel.

John reached for another DVD from the shelf, he looked at it and showed it
to Daniel. "What do think of this one," he asked again.

Daniel studied the cover with a young guy down on all four in a shower room
with half dozen other naked men waving their cocks toward the boy's mouth
and one big-dicked stud burying his cock up the boy's ass. Daniel studied
the image, looked back at John. He didn't reply.

John looked down at his cock again, totally engorged, throbbing up and down
in the dim florescent light. John smiled. "That's my boy," he boasted as he
reached down and gave Daniel's cock a squeeze.

John picked up several DVDs from the all-male section and headed toward the

Eddy smiled as they approached. "How'd you like the movie?" He asked, not
taking his eyes off Daniel's hard dick.

"Pretty good," John replied, "But Danny here kept distracting all your
other customers from the movie. He worked the crowd nicely."

They both laughed. "Sorry I missed that," Eddy commented.

"What do I owe you for the viewing and these DVDs," John asked.

Eddy continued to look at Danny's dick, thinking. "Well�" he
started. "We might be able to work something out. What about Danny taking
care of me right here? If he does, we'll call it even."

"Good deal," John added. "Danny, go to work!"

"Here," Danny stuttered, looking around at the guys still watching him, his
hard dick, his ass.

"Here," Eddy and John said in unison.

Daniel walked behind the counter and dropped to his knees. He reached for
the zipper of the worn thin, torn jeans. He pulled the zipper down slowly,
looking up at Eddy, back at John, aware of all the eyes in the room
watching. He pulled Eddy's already hard man tool out through the slit. It
was just about six inches long, rather thin, swirled with thick veins. He
raised it toward his lips and he leaned in and licked the head, the slit,
tasted it. Eddy moaned as he watched his needy tool slide past Danny's
lips, slide along his tongue. He moaned again.

Danny sucked hard, pulling the meat all the way in, swallowed to take it
down his throat, movee deep to the base, his nose buried inside the spread
zipper of the old jeans. Eddy moaned louder.

"Come on," a guy from crowd shouted. "We can't see�we want to watch."

Eddy looked around and reaching down, pulled Danny's head off his cock. He
climbed up on the stool behind the counter. "Come on slut," he shouted,
"stand-up so everyone can enjoy the show."

Danny climbed to his feet and took the cock back in his mouth. He rocked
back and forth feeding the hot meat past his lips and down his throat.

The crowd cheered as Danny fucked his mouth on the hot dick, as he gave
them all a spontaneous show. Eddy wrapped his fingers through Danny's hair
and fucked hard, thrust deep, all the way out to pressing against the red
lips, all the way down buried full in the throat.

Danny worked his tongue along the full length pressing up, swallowing,
rolling the hard thing full deep. They both moaned as the crowd cheered and
John smiled.

And then, the crowd began to chant in unison with the thrusts, "Go, go, go,
go�" Eddy moaned loud with each thrust and pushed his hips into the
sweet mouth. Faster and faster the pace went, harder and deeper. Danny felt
the cock thicken, knew he was close. He tightened his mouth muscles around
the hot cock, he pressed his tongue up against it as it slid deep. He
swallowed hard then Eddy grunted loud, held Danny's head firmly against his
groin as he dumped his load, fed the hot mouth wrapped around his manhood,
bred the boy.

Danny swallowed over and over, not wanting to let any of the thick cum
escape his mouth. He swallowed and sucked hard wanting every drop. He
tasted the essence of the young clerk as he finished his massive deposit.

Eddy held the head pressed hard against him as he breathing lightened. He
opened his eyes as the crowd cheered, he smiled and waved to the watchers.

Daniel slowly pulled off the softening cock, he looked around at the
laughing group of onlookers; he looked at John who only smiled standing
back against the wall.

"Wow," Eddy moaned, "he's good. We could put him on staff here and keep ALL
the customers cumming and coming back."

"No," John laughed, "that's his job at my place. Come on Danny, let's go."

The group moaned as Daniel walked from behind the counter. John walked
toward the back door of the shop. Daniel had to push his way through the
group of spectators. They held tight getting a good feel of his young hot
body as he tried to follow John. His ass was squeezed, pinched,
slapped. His cock was grabbed, jerked, his balls felt, lifted, pulled, and
someone jammed a finger up his ass as he moved through the group.

As Daniel pushed on, he noticed John talking to an older guy at the back
door. The man was dressed in a stiff, starched white shirt, a silk tie, and
suit pants. They talked for a second or two and then the man handed John a
couple folded bills of money. They smiled, John nodded and reached for the

As John pushed the door, open, Daniel panicked. He was still naked from the
waist down and John had his shorts. Daniel could see them stuffed in John's
back pocket.

"John," he shouted, moving toward the door. "My pants�. Wait!"

When Daniel reached the back door, John was already out. He opened it; John
was standing just outside, smirking.

"My pants," Daniel pleaded.

"Don't worry about it," John replied. "We all like you that way. Besides
the parking lot is fairly private; you don't have to be modest. Before we
leave you've got one more cock to suck." John looked past Daniel as the
older guy came out the back door. Daniel turned and noted the lustful

"Follow me," the guy ordered as he walked toward a black Cadillac parked
off the side.

Daniel looked around to make sure now one was watching, and followed the
man to his car. He looked back at John who just smiled.

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6 months ago
that was so exciting made me cum all over myself wish it was me
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dam fn hot