The new summer job part 12

On Monday morning, Daniel was naked and sitting on John's couch waiting for
him. He'd spent Sunday with no cock to suck, reflecting on the guys at the
movie, and his visit to the neighbor. Most of all, he thought about passing
up the sweet piece of ass he'd fucked so many times.

That morning, he was shaved clean and smooth and more than ready for John's
cock again, ready for his second week at the gym. As he sat waiting, Justin
walked in the office. He smirked at Daniel sitting naked ready for a

"Wow," Justin beamed, "now that's a dedicated cocksucker. You ready for
this?" He grabbed his crotch and shook it toward Daniel. Daniel didn't

"Come on cunt-lips," he chided, "I've got your breakfast for you. On your
knees dick-lips."

Daniel groaned with seething hate for the guy as he dropped to his knees.

Justin dropped his pants and quickly planted his already hard cock in
Daniel's mouth. He jammed it full-deep with one quick thrust. Daniel
sucked. He swallowed the smooth long dick to the base. He closed his eyes
to not look at the guy as he throated the tool, as he felt the pulsing
thing buried down his throat.

As Justin fucked away, John walked in the door.

"Well," he commented, "I see our cocksucker is hard at work. Good boy."

Justin laughed as he fucked harder.

John walked up behind Justin and grabbing his ass, pushed his young cock in
and out of Daniels mouth and throat. And then he pulled Justin back,
popping his dick from Daniel's lips. He grabbed Daniel's arm and pulled him
to his feet.

"Kiss him," he demanded, looking at Daniel. "Pretend he's the cunt you
fucked this weekend and you're trying to get into her pants. Kiss him
full-mouth, tongue and all, show me and him you want it. Kiss him deep."

Daniel stared at John and then at Justin who just smiled.

He leaned forward and closing his eyes, kissed a weak peck on Justin's

"Come on," John shouted. "I said kiss him, deep and hard, like you love
him. Kiss him like you want him to fuck you, like you'd kiss a slut to make
her wet. Kiss him with you full body."

John leaned in and pulled Justin's shirt off, shoved him against
Daniel. Their bodies pressed hard together. They wrapped their arms around
each other and pulled tight, no space or light between their young naked
bodies. Justin smiled and rubbed hard against Daniel. Daniel kissed him,
plunging his tongue deep inside his wet mouth. They pressed their faces
tight and hard, swinging back and forth, exploring each other's lips and
mouth. Arms flailed up and down each other as John watched with heated
intensity, as the boys made love to each other for him. Justin licked
Daniel's face, bit his neck, sucked hard leaving marks along his neck --
love bites. Daniel kissed back, kissed his lips, his face, his neck, trying
not to feel the hatred for him. He kissed not for Justin's pleasure but for

"Turn him around," John continued. "Kiss down his back, lick and tongue his
ass. Make love to him, like you love him and every part of his body."

Daniel did with convincing fervor. He kissed and licked and stroked his way
down Justin's body, into his ass. He probed deep with his tongue, inside
the tight hole as Justin moaned loud. Justin pulled off Daniel's tongue and
turned, fucked his throbbing cock deep into the boy-slut's mouth. Fucked
hard and without notice, fed his first morning load to the wanting lips of
the hot fuck on his knees in front of him.

Daniel swallowed.

As Justin's prick shrunk, he pulled out, patted Daniel's blond hair. "That
a good cunt," he mocked.

Daniel just sat on his heels, head down, red with anger.

"You guys have got me so hot I can't breathe," John moaned. "Get over here
Daniel and go to work on me." He pushed his pants off and sat back in his
leather chair.

Daniel didn't have to be told twice, he crawled across the room and went to
work on John's huge pulsing dick. He made REAL love to the piece of
manhood. It was the cock he thought about all the time. When he sucked the
guys at the theatre, when he sucked the neighbor, he'd thought of John's
cock. He was ready. He wanted it all.

"Justin," John ordered, "get Danny's plug put in before you get work." He
handed Justin the thick black rubber cock and a bottle of lube. Justin took
his time working it deep into Daniel's ass, pulled it back and forth a few
times for good measure and gave the boy's ample butt a couple slaps just
for fun.

As Daniel drove hard on John's thick meat, Justin dressed and went to
work. Daniel fucked his mouth on the impressive lengthy shaft, on his new
obsession. He worked his throat to please John, to really make love to him,
to his cock, to consume and take it all.

As John shot, Daniel savored the intensity, the taste, the warmth and
full-maleness of the essence of man sliding down his throat. He worked hard
with his tongue on the underside to intensify John's pleasure as he
completed his cum.

Minutes later, John pushed Daniel off, he patted his head too, but with
true appreciation for a job well done.

John asked how Daniel's weekend fuck went. Daniel explained how he'd passed
up pussy for the cocks at the theatre, how he'd visited the neighbor
afterwards. John smiled. "Promising, most promising," was all he said.

Later that morning, as Daniel was walking through the lobby, his heart
sank. There at the desk, talking to Justin were three of his friends from
school, Eric, Jason, and Phillip. They were guys he'd kicked around with
frequently, joked with about fucking girls and shared fuck stories. Daniel
froze, he didn't know what to do or say.

"Daniel," Jason shouted, honestly surprised. "Hey man, what are you doing

"Well," Daniel stuttered, "I'm.... working here for the summer."

"Really," Jason continued. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"You know," was all Daniel could say.

"Why are you running around naked," Eric asked.

"It's pretty loose," Daniel offered. "Clothing optional type of place, you

Justin laughed, Daniel held his breath hoping the idiot wouldn't say
anything. "With Danny boy, clothing is not an option," he laughed. "He's
our `special benefits option.'"

"Special benefits," Phillip asked.

"It's nothing," Daniel interjected. "Can I show you guys around?"

"Oh it's more than nothing," Justin went on. "He's our resident... `are
you ready for it?' Cocksucker."

"What," Eric blurted. "Cocksucker? He's k**ding right?"

"Yah, he's k**ding," Daniel groaned. "Let me show you around."

"k**ding" Justin laughed. "We weren't k**ding when me and the boss dumped a
hot load of steamy cum down ole' dick-lips mouth this morning. He's open
for business boys, if you are `up for it.' Get it? Up for it. He'll do
all three of you too."

Daniel hung his head. The three guys just stared.

"Go ahead," Justin urged. "Take him in the locker room and let him show you
what a great blow-job is really like. You'll love it. He can't get enough."

"He's not serious, Right?" Eric asked, trying to get Daniel to look him in
the face. "A cocksuker? He's bullshitting us, right? Daniel?"

Daniel didn't respond.

"Daniel," Phillip pushed, "come on man, is this dickhead for real?"

"Come on Daniel," Eric added, "he can't be serious. You! A cum-sucker?"

"Tell them," Justin demanded, "John wouldn't be happy, you not pleasing the

Daniel stuttered, stammered, hung his head, wanted to disappear. "It's part
of the job I guess. I didn't want to, but you know how much my old man was
ragging on me to get a job. I didn't want to, but the money was fantastic
and I figured it wouldn't hurt. I... never intended for you guys... for
anyone to know. FUCK!"

Daniel looked at Justin smiling from behind the counter, if looks could
kill, he would have exploded in a cloud of red flames.

"Man, if you're giving out blowjobs," Eric went on. "I'll take one."

"Me too," Jason added. "Life as we know it, Daniel sucking cock, has been
turned upside down. I'll take one too. I fucking can't believe this."

"Me too," Phillip chimed. "Me first."

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6 months ago
Wow what a turn, can't wait to find out what happens next