The new summer job part 11

When Daniel went back to the car, his girlfriend was furious. She demanded
to know where he'd been.

"No where," was all he said as he started the car and left the drive-in
before the movie had even ended. He said nothing more on the drive home and
when she stepped out of the car, he pulled away, still without a word. He
was at a loss, for what to say and why he'd passed up a hot fuck with the
girl he'd screwed so many times through high school, and why he'd sucked
those guy's cocks.

It wasn't even ten, when he returned home and disappeared quickly to his
room. Alone, he stripped off his jeans and t-shirt and jumped in the shower
to wash the dried cum off his chest. Standing in his bathroom, he studied
his reflection in the mirror; studied the naked, shaved, cocksucker he'd
become. He thought about the black cocks that had pumped loads of white cum
down his throat just a little bit earlier that evening and as he thought,
despite his disgust, his cock grew.

His dick was getting nice and tan from the work in the booth at the gym and
the shaved pubs did make his cock look even bigger. He wanted to jack it
again, but he couldn't, he knew John wouldn't approve. As he thought of
John, his cock got harder; it throbbed. He held it pointing it at himself
in the mirror. He liked his naked male form, his well-developed and sizable
cock. Instinctively he licked his lips.

He went back into his bedroom and retrieved the plug John had given him. He
held it firmly in his hand and returned to the bathroom, to the mirror. He
held it feeling the firm hard surface, the dark black color, the thickness,
the length. It looked exactly like a cock, a dick, a black dick. Without
thinking he raised it and opening his mouth, pushed it in. He felt the
hardness between his lips, the coolness of the thing as it moved along his
tongue. He didn't like seeing himself do it, he closed his eyes. He pushed
it to the back of his throat and swallowing, allowed it to travel down his
throat. He felt the power of the thing, imagined it to be a real cock as he
sucked it deep. He pulled it in and out, all the way to his lips, and
pressing hard, pushed it past his lips to the base again, and again, and
again. It looked like a real penis and except for it coolness, it felt like
a real penis. It looked like the black penis' he'd sucked that night.

He could hear himself breathing, hard and fast as he kept the thing in his
mouth as he fucked himself. He didn't want to take it out, he wanted the
real thing, he wanted to cum.

He couldn't sl**p yet; his mind swirled with lust and confusion. He decided
to take a walk. He liked the exercise and the quiet of late night walks
around his neighborhood. His parents were already asl**p as usual. As he
walked out the front door into the cool darkness of the evening, he noticed
Thom Robert's lights on; he was still up. He wondered.

Summoning his courage, overcome with lust, Daniel walked up to the front
door and knocked quietly. No one answered at first. He was about to leave
when the porch light went on.

"Daniel," Thom whispered with surprise as he looked out the door. "What's

"Have you seen our cat," Daniel stuttered noticing Thom's pajamas and
robe. He had no idea whether the stupid cat was in the house or not.

"I haven't," Thom answered, checking out the significant bulge in Daniel's
pants. He glanced up and down the street and across to Daniel's house. "Why
don't you go around and meet me in the garage. We'll see if the cat's in

Daniel smiled. He stood at the garage side door and then heard the lock,
the door opened. He stepped in. Thom shut the door and locked it again. A
low light over the workbench was all that illuminated the dark space. Thom
had shed his robe and dropped his pajama bottoms somewhere along the way
and stood naked from the waist down.

"I wondered when you were going to make time for a visit again," he
said. "I've been waiting and so has my dick."

"Your wife," Daniel asked, wondering if it was safe, if he should have come

"She's sl**ping," Thom replied with an obvious tone of relief in his voice.

He grabbed Daniel and ripped his shorts down, laid him across the hood of
his red mustang and grabbed hold of Daniel's already hard cock. "I see
you're ready for our visit too."

"I am," Daniel grunted as Thom stroked his needy cock.

"You really didn't seem that into it the last time you visited," Thom

"I'm into it," was all Daniel could say.

Thom climbed up on the hood and straddling Daniel's face, gave him what he
wanted - his cock.

Daniel suckled the man-tool like a starving c***d, like his very life
depended on it. He sucked the sweet cock, uncut and full of rolling
foreskin deep into his mouth. His tongue dove under the loose skin and
rolled round and round the thick hard, smooth cockhead. Thom tried not to
moan. He let Daniel feed on his cock just as he wanted. He let him set the
pace, the depth, and the movements. He held still and gave the boy what he
needed, what they both needed.

Daniel ran his hands up under Thom's pajama top, circled his nipples, felt
his chest hair, the hair under his arms, rolled the palms of his hands over
the man's body like he was exploring an unknown territory with curiosity
and intense interest. He made love to every inch of the older man's frame,
every inch he could reach. He rolled his hands around to the ass cheeks and
grabbing hold, pushed to work Thom's cock down his throat. He felt the
foreskin help the rigid pole slide easily home, to its base. Daniel
swallowed over and over as Thom moaned louder and louder.

Daniel worked the cock out and back, in and down, up and out with attention
and incontrollable pleasure not only for Thom, but for him. He loved the
feel of the thick maleness buried down his throat, the man smell plastered
against his nose, the man's pleasure his goal, his lust, his mission.

And then, all too quick, he sensed the rising tide, the massive imminent
eruption, the passion, the lust, the essence of the man. The climax shook
them both, shook the car, the frame creaked, the rubber of the tires
squeaked against the cold cement floor of the garage. Thom bit his lip to
keep for waking the world with his rolls of fulfilled joy. His hands barely
supported him as he leaned against the windshield of the ruby-red car, his
dick buried in the beautiful young boy under him.

Once his thing had subsided, once he'd gone soft, he began to pull
out. Daniel grabbed hold of his ass and held tight to the cock buried
inside him. Thom stayed.

Minutes later, Daniel let the soft sweet thing slip past his lips, he
kissed it, licked it once and watched as Thom pulled away, got down and
pulled on his bottoms.

Daniel laid breathing, watching the man dress, watching the dark robe cover
him again.

Thom picked up Daniel's shorts and as the boy raised his legs, he slid them
back on patting the still hard cock before he covered it. He took Daniel's
hand and pulled him down and to his feet. He scooted him out the door with
a deep kiss on the lips.

"Later," was all he said.

Once in bed, Daniel used lotion to grease the black tube of the hard rubber
cock and pressing at his hole, he slid it home. He felt whole again with it
buried inside him. He thought of John when he'd sat naked on his lap and
felt John's hard dick under him, felt it pressing against his hole. He
thought of all those cocks, twenty now that he'd been used by. Tomorrow was
Sunday, right after Sunday, it would be Monday morning again, and he'd be
standing naked in front of John. He slid off to sl**p, his throat still
coated with Thom's warm seed, with warm and torrid dreams to fill his

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6 months ago
love your writing ab! my cock gets hard with every one you write...wish you were here to take care of it for me with your mouth!! love ya babe! xoxo Troy
6 months ago
Love your stories keep up the great work
6 months ago
wow my friend its getting really fn hottt now
6 months ago