The new summer job part 10

Once the delivery guy had followed Danny's naked ass into the storeroom and
shut the door, Daniel turned and reached for the buckle on the husky guy's
shorts. The guy let him take control, leaned back against the door and
watched the blond-haired jock devour his cock. He felt the intense pleasure
as the boy's tongue made magic on his dick, as his cock was massaged and
worked not only on the talented tongue, but moved to the back of his
throat; as the muscles took it down the boy's throat. He'd heard of
deep-throating, but no one had ever taken his cock completely down before
and here he stood, his cock sucked to the base as the boy's mouth muscles
massaged and worked every inch of his dick. The feeling was indescribable,
simply marvelous. He watched the naked boy's bright blue eyes stare into
his; he actually loved doing this, he worshipped the cock in his mouth and
truly loved it.

As Daniel swallowed over and over the rippling affect sent chills up the
man's spine. It was as if he was caught in a wind tunnel, the vibrations
rolling all along his cock working every sense, working the pleasure points
to the final conclusion.

And it came, like an electric jolt, the room went dark, his body exploded
in a slam of unforgettable pleasure. He came, but like no cum he'd ever had
before, he literally exploded.

"Well," John boasted, as Daniel stood naked in front of him, "challenge
met. Good boy. Here's your first paycheck for a good week's work." He
handed Daniel the envelope, Daniel peeked inside at the well-earned reward
for an inconceivable week�the largest check he'd ever received plus the
bonus for the exec he'd signed.

"I have a planned date this weekend," Daniel stuttered. "I know you've said
no jacking-off, but she'll be expecting some sex when we go out. Is it all
right that I�fuck her?"

"So you wanna fuck a girl this weekend," John asked with a smirk across his
face. "After all the cock that's been buried down your throat this
week. You've still got a taste for pussy?"

Daniel didn't answer. Somewhere inside his head he felt the two facts were
separate. He felt the cock sucking was just part of his job, different from
fucking girls and sinking his cock into a hot pussy.

"I guess if you still want to do it, I can allow it," John replied
reluctantly. "But, I've got a couple conditions. First remember no
underwear, and you've got to suck a cock right afterwards."

"But I'll be on a date," Danny pleaded, "Where�who� how?"

"Just do it," John barked. "And I want you to take home your favorite new
friend, your ass plug, and use it frequently over the weekend to keep
loosening that sweet ass."

"I will," Danny squeaked, staring at his feet.

"And before you go," John went on. Danny knew what he was going to say
before he said it. "Do me again."

Once a second load from John oozed down Danny's throat, John pulled him
across his lap and grabbing hold of the black rubber end of the thing
protruding from Danny's ass, he pulled slowly out, twisting as he did. Then
he slid it back in. He pulled it out and pushed it slowly in again. In and
out it went, as Danny's cock throbbed, begging for release. John kept it up
till Danny grunted, moaned and shot his load all over the floor between
John's legs. John withdrew the plug.

"There," John laughed, "didn't want you to waste all that built-up cum on
some cunt. Now lick it up."

Daniel crouched on the floor, leaned over and reluctantly licked up his own
gooey seed. He let it follow John's down his throat.

On Saturday night, he was sitting next to a perky blond at the drive-in
theatre. She was pressed against him in the front seat; his arm wrapped
around her shoulder. As she nuzzled into his neck, she gave him a quick
kiss on the cheek. He didn't move. She reached over and pulling his face
toward her, kissed him hard and deep. He kissed back as she plunged her
tongue into his mouth. He kissed back.

She continued to kiss him waiting for his usually aggressive fondling,
pulling at her clothes. He knew what she wanted, he usually was the one
that by now would have her breasts exposed and her cunt soaked.

She reached down and felt the lump in his pants, and reached for the
zipper. She was used to the sucking he liked to get things rolling. She
undid his pants and as he raised his hips, pushed down his jeans. She

"Wow," she exclaimed, "no underwear. I guess you were more than ready for
me. And since when have you been shaving your hair off?"

Daniel stuttered. "Thought you'd like it," he squeaked.

She didn't reply. She leaned down and took his still soft cock in her
mouth. As she sucked, Daniel closed his eyes, laid his head back,
concentrated on getting his dick hard. He didn't want to explain why, if it
didn't get hard. He'd never in his life had a problem with that.

Finally he rose to the occasion, his cock hard and filling her mouth. She
gagged as usual, groaned cause she never really liked doing it.

As she continued to suck, things kept flooding Daniel's head, the wrong
head and his cock started to go soft.

"What the fuck," she shouted. "What's with you?"

He pulled up his pants, got out of the car and headed for the restroom.

"Damn," was all he could say, over and over again.

He was sure it would be okay, it was just the week he'd had, his new job,
what he'd been made to do. It would be okay, he was sure.

In the restroom, he stood at a urinal, thinking about the sex he'd just
passed up. Thinking about what she was probably thinking right now,
thinking about his cock. He imagined his cock sliding into her wet cunt,
the feel of it wrapped around it, the feel of fucking her hard and
fast. His cock was still limp.

Suddenly he realized someone was standing next to him. He found himself
glancing at the piss pounding out of the black guy's cock. He noticed it
was thick and dark, cut and long. He realized he wasn't just glancing out
of the side of his eyes, he'd turned his head and was staring at the guy's
cock, the black cock.

"Like what you see boy," the guy said.

"Sorry," replied Daniel as he stared back straight ahead.

"Follow me," the guy ordered. "I'll let you get a close look."

Daniel stood silent as the guy turned sideways, waged his stiffening cock
up and down, pointing it at Daniel. Daniel tried not to look, tried to
concentrate on the cunt waiting to be filled back at his car.

The guy stuffed his thick cock back inside his pants and started walking
toward the door. Daniel was compelled against his will; he followed.

They walked through the rows of cars to the back end of the theatre
lot. The man stepped into the back seat of and old chevy, rusted and worn
blue. He left the door open. Daniel hesitated for only a moment and then
grabbed the door handle, stepped inside, shut the door.

There was another black guy in the front seat who gave Daniel a confused
look, moved his gaze from the other guy back to Daniel. "What's this," he

"This white boy's got a mouth that needs filling," he laughed. "Couldn't
take his eyes off my dick in the head. Okay boy, start eating."

The guy slid his pants completely off and spread his legs to give Daniel
full access. Daniel didn't hesitate; he dove on the thick black cock, his
first black cock, his nineteenth cock.

"Jesus," the guy grunted as Danny worked the thick dark meat down his
throat, as he swallowed the entire thing. "Never had anyone take my dick to
the base. This mother fucker is incredible, glad I went for a leak."

As the guy in the front watched, Daniel sucked and stroked and fucked his
own mouth with the guy's long hard cock. He fondled the guy's balls,
stroked his chest and drove the man wild.

"That's a boy," the guy grunted as he bucked his hips to send his manhood
deeper and harder and faster. "Suck that black dick you white whore. Eat
that meat. Suck it!"

He lunged faster driving the thick black pubs against Daniel's nose. He
pounded Daniel's face as he drove the thick meat in and out of the bright
pink lips of the white boy eating his cock, as Daniel moaned with pleasure.
And then he pushed Daniel up and against the back of the seat, he straddled
Daniel's body and pumped his cock as fast as he could down Daniel's throat.

He nearly screamed as he unloaded a huge load deep inside Danny, as he fed
him his thick, rich seed, as he unloaded every white drop.

After a few seconds, as he breathing eased, he pulled out and wiped the
long black tool across Daniel's face. "This fucker is the best ever," he
exclaimed. "You've gotta try it."

As the first guy slid back around, sitting on the black leather seat, his
friend replaced him, shoving his quickly hardening cock into Daniel's
mouth. After watching the hot scene, he was more that ready to share in the
action the share the sweet pink-lipped boy's mouth.

"Take that cock you cunt," he shouted as he fucked was a passionate rage.
He jammed it deep and full as Daniel worked it with his tongue, as Daniel's
cock pressed hard against the inside of his jeans. Daniel unzipped his
pants, and took out his cock, stroked is as the guy fucked him, face-fucked
him. He'd been given permission from John to fuck, he used his own hand,
not a cunt to work his dick. He needed it. He stroked and as the guy filled
him, filled his mouth and his throat, he shot his load up his own chest,
over his t-shirt.

In a final complete moment, they both dropped, exhausted and spent.

The second guy, pulled up his pants and crawled back over the seat into the
front. All three sat silent for a minute or two, no sound but the relieved
breathing of three spent cocks.

Daniel wondered what he was going to say or do about the girl waiting for
him and his cock, back at his car. He wondered; he worried.

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5 months ago
Yes, he is gay all the way.
5 months ago
Most people would have quit the job... morals and all that
6 months ago
good story
6 months ago
wow its awsome he dont need the girl i hope she catches him