New summer job part nine

Three down! Two cocks left to suck. Daniel thought about how he'd expected
to spend his summer -- fucking girls and raising hell, except he was the
one getting fucked -- mouth fucked everyday now -- sometimes several times
a day. Sixteen different cocks had dumped their loads down his throat in
his first week as towel boy at the gym. He f***ed to parade around
constantly naked in front of others with a huge black thing rammed up his
ass and a boss preparing to use his butt like he wanted to use girls. His
boss had laid down an order to suck five cocks before the end of the day,
two more to go.

He sat on his stool at the shower room thinking about his situation,
glancing at the silver cockring holding his shaved dick and balls tight and

"I'll take one of those," a voice announced, interrupting his thoughts. "A
towel, I need one."

"Oh, sure, sorry," Daniel replied handing one to the tall naked man. His
eyes went first to the penis, long and thick. The man was in his late
forties, tall and thin with a neatly trimmed black goatee -- a handsome
guy, professional man. Daniel noticed the man checking out his
silver-ringed package. Daniel rocked his hips forward and back to work the
thing in his ass, to get his cock to start to harden. As the man watched,
Daniel's dick achieved full rigor, pointed up toward his chin.

"I think I'm going to like this gym," said the man. "William's my name. And

"Danny. Nice to meet you." He realized he'd introduced himself as `danny;'
he didn't like that, no one had ever called him danny before this job.

"Is everyone here as friendly as you Danny," William asked studying
Daniel's flexing meat.

"It's my job to keep the customers happy," Daniel said. He noticed the
guy's cock was thickening and getting longer. He decided to make the first
move and reached out and took hold of it. "Can I do�anything� to make
you happy sir?"

William didn't reply. Daniel began squeezing and pulling as the cock got
harder, rose to full erection, as William began to moan. He grabbed Danny
off his stool and pulled him into the shower. Under a stream of hot water,
he hugged and fondled the boy, his tight body and his demanding boy
dick. The hot water, the soap, the steam of the shower let their bodies
slide and move all over each other. As he reached Daniel's butt, he
squeezed and smacked the ass over and over then he felt the plug.

"What's this," he asked, "I guess you're ready for a real cock."

Before Daniel could resist, he pulled the plug out with a loud pop, dropped
it on the shower floor, and inserted his fingers, feeling the well-opened

"No," Daniel shouted, "I can't, my boss, he�"

"You said `keep the customers happy.' And this will make me very happy."

"No, you can't. I'll give you a blowjob, you can fuck my mouth, but you
can't do that."

"I am going to do it," William insisted. "This tight little pussy of yours
is just begging for a real cock. You advertised, and I'm taking it."

He turned Daniel around and bent him over, pulling Daniel's hips back
toward him. He grabbed his soapy wet cock and positioning it at Daniels
ass, rubbed up and down the crack. "Your ass is mine now boy."

Suddenly the guy was jerked back. As Daniel turned around, he saw the man
lying on the wet shower room floor, John standing over him.

"His ass is mine," John shouted. "Now if you want to use his mouth, feel
free. But until further notice the boy's cunt is off limits. Got it?"

The guy got up and stormed out.

John pulled Daniel up from the wet floor.

"Thanks," Daniel said.

"Better get busy," John continued. "You've got two more cocks to suck and
get that plug back in your ass."

After John had left, Daniel took the thick black rubber thing and worked it
back into his ass. He noted how easily it slid in; it had been there so
long, repeatedly for a few days now and it felt�he couldn't say it.

Only a couple hours were left for his workday, a panic started to set in
about the two more cocks he needed. As he stood in the shower, two guys
came walking in to wash away the sweat from their workout.

They looked at Daniel, confused about what he was doing. Daniel looked at
them, at their cocks and dropped to his knees.

"I need to suck a cock," he stated, a desperation in his voice. "Would you�
will you?"

"Damn," the one guy said, "how could you turn down a sweet mouth like

He stepped up and gave Daniel what he was begging for; he fed him.

That's number four, Daniel thought, finally, and maybe number five too.

When number four had deposited his juicy treat down Danny's throat, he
pulled out with a smile and a sigh. "Now you can wash me up since we're
here in the shower."

Danny took the soap and starting at the guy's shoulders, washed him, his
body, from head to toe.

Danny turned to the other guy, "now you?"

"No k**," the guy responded. "I don't do guys."

"Go for it," replied his partner. "The guy is really good and no one will

"Nope," the second one emphatically replied and walked out of the shower.

With only one hour left to quitting time, Danny was in serious `panic'
mode. Not that he wanted another cock in his mouth, but he had to get one.

Danny dried off, and decided to walk through the gym searching for number
five. The pool was empty, no one in the sauna, and the guys on the workout
floor glanced his way, but nothing.

As he was passing through the lobby, he noticed a delivery guy dropping off
a package at the front desk. Justin was signing for it as Danny walked up
beside them.

The well-build, sandy-haired delivery guy in the tight fitting brown shorts
took in the full view of Danny standing naked beside him.

"Loose dress code," he commented, noting the silver cock-ring.

"Yah," Justin laughed, "that's our local cocksucker. He just can't get

The guy stared from Danny to Justin and back to Danny's cock.

Danny looked at the front of the tight shorts that began to get even
tighter. "I can show you where to put that package," he said.

"What package," the man asked adjusting the front of his shorts.

Danny reached out and give the obvious growing cock a squeeze. "This one."

Danny turned and walked toward the storeroom. The man, now known as number
five for the challenge, followed.

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yea bravo fn awsome i luv it