The new summer job part eight

Towel Boy Plus

As Daniel left the office, Justin didn't miss the new addition to his work

"Cock ring and the next size `ass-jammer'" he mocked. "That sure makes that
dick of yours up-front and ready for action."

Daniel didn't reply as Justin walked over and grabbed hold of Daniel's
package jutting forward on display. He stroked Daniel's cock till it was
hard and pointing for the ceiling again. "Now take these towels to the guys
on the work-out floor," he continued. "They'll certainly like the new

Daniel did as he was told. He entered the gym with the pile of towels in
front of him and his silver-ringed cock ready for action. About a dozen
guys were going about their individual work-outs; they all stopped what
they were doing as Daniel entered. They laughed and commented on the hard
dick, the ring, and the protruding butt plug in his ass. One guy snapped a
picture with his camera phone.

"Over here Danny-boy," one of the guys shouted. "I'll take a towel."

Daniel walked over and handed the guy a fresh white towel as the guy
grabbed hold of his cock and gave it a couple strokes. "So you're the new
cocksucker," he asked stroking the naked ringed cock.

"Yes sir," Daniel grunted as the guy handled his dick and hairless
balls. From the look on the guy's face, the intense glare in his eyes,
Daniel figured he had number one for his mission.

The guy was probably in his mid-fifties with silver-white hair and bright
blue eyes. He had a fairly good body for a man his age and was lying on his
back working some weights. He wore black nylon shorts and no shirt. Daniel
noticed his sweaty body and the cling of the fabric of his shorts, showing
off a cock that was definitely getting bigger. As the guy let go of
Daniel's cock, Daniel reached down and gave his a squeeze.

"Wow," the guy said with surprise. "Guess you want to taste the
merchandise. Let's go somewhere a bit more private."

He got up, adjusted his hardening cock that was pushing out the front of
his shorts and walked into the changing room.

As Daniel walked in, the guy grabbed him and smashed Daniel's body against
his. The guy went wild, feeling and squeezing and pulling Daniel all over
him. He pressed his lips against Daniel's and f***ed his tongue in the
boy's mouth. Daniel had never kissed a man before but he knew better than
resist, he let the guy mouth-fuck him with his tongue. Their naked chests
pressed together, the guy's sweat worked to lube the movement as they
squeezed together. He turned Daniel around and ground his hard cock still
encased in the thin workout shorts into Daniel's crack. Daniel felt the
demanding cock rub against the plug end protruding from his hole. Daniel
moaned to let the guy know he liked it. He needed the guy's cock.

The man's hands traveled around Daniel and pinched his nipples, squeezed
and twisted them. He took Daniel's constantly hard dick and stroked it,
felt his hairless full balls, felt the cum boiling inside, felt Daniel's
desperate need for release.

He took Daniel to the far benches in the last row in front of the lockers
and laid him down on his back. He stripped off his shorts, his cock was
sticking out the top of the jock that tried to contain the straining
manhood. Then he ripped off the jock too. His cock, rising from thick gray
pubs, bounced up and down as he moved up Daniel's body, his legs straddling
each side. He moved up till the focus of Daniel's attention was right over
his mouth.

He leaned over till the tip brushed Daniel's lips. Daniel opened. The guy
jammed home, Daniel swallowed, relaxed his throat and took the welcomed
assault. The guy leaned down resting his hands on the bench over Daniel's
head and fucked like an insane madman. His hips rolled back and forth,
pushing his needy cock in and out of the boy's now experienced lips. Daniel
worked the tool like an expert with a combination of tongue and lips and
throat and all his muscles. He suctioned the thing begging for its reward,
begging to be fed. More than just the quota challenge, he needed it.

The guy did not disappoint; he fed Daniel. If he hadn't been supporting
himself on the bench, he'd have collapsed from the intensity of the cum. He
grunted like a bull in heat as he emptied his last drops. Daniel sucked it
all, swallowed it all and registered blowjob number one.

Daniel saw Justin standing just inside the door. When their eyes met,
Justin used his finger to chalk-up an imaginary mark for Daniel's first win
of the day. He raised one finger confirming the score.

The older guy pulled on his jock and shorts and as he moved past Justin,
they high-fived each other for a job well done. Daniel still lay on the
bench watching them.

Once the guy had left, Justin quickly dropped his sweats, no underwear, and
moved to take the guy's place and he too fucked Daniel's mouth.

Within seconds Daniel was swallowing another load, a third for the day and
he hadn't even been at work for an hour. As Justin fucked his mouth, Daniel
mentally registered a second blowjob to his challenge. He sucked hard to
get it over with and was not disappointed when Justin quickly drained his
load down Daniel's throat. He pulled out and wiped his wet cock across
Daniel's face, laughing as he looked down at the boy.

When he's climbed off Daniel, they stood and Justin gave the thick black
plug a twist as he fondled the cock and balls clenched inside the shiny
ring. "Well you've got one done," he laughed. "Four more to go."

Daniel pulled back and glaring at Justin he shouted, "that's two you
asshole." He was not happy that Justin knew about his mandated challenge.

"No, YOU asshole," he replied giving the plug another twist. "I don't
count. John wants the five to be NEW cocks for you to blow. So my
cunt-lipped friend, you've got four more to munch before the end of the
day. And, I'll be watching, keeping count."

"Shit," was all Daniel could say as he walked away leaving Justin with his
sweats still around his ankle, his wet shrunken cock hanging loose.

After Daniel had taken care of cleaning and picking up the locker room and
shower, he made the rounds again through the pool, the work-out floor and
the lobby. He kept trying to connect, to make eye contact with his second
cock for the challenge. He did get stares and smiles and the occasional
slap on the ass, but no one seemed to be making a move toward filling his
goal. He stared at every cock, wiggled his ass, flipped his ringed package
at one guest then another, but no one took the bait.

He followed a couple guys into the sauna, hung out with them, even played
with his cock in front of them, but they didn't respond.

He took showers next to customers in the open shower, spending an
especially long time soaping his cock and balls, his ass with the plug
still protruding, nothing.

As he exited the shower, Justin was standing in the dressing area with two
younger guys, obvious friends of his.

"Hey cunt-lips," he chided, "don't say I never did you a favor. These buds
of mine have a couple sets of full balls that need emptying and if you're
nice to them, and me, we'll give you what you need. But you gotta beg, you
gotta tell them what a cunt you are and what a whore for cock you've

"If you convince them, and me, we'll fuck that sweet mouth of yours and
give you numbers two and three. IF you convince us."

Daniel hated Justin, he wanted to punch his face, kick him in the balls,
but he did need more cocks. He needed four more before the end of the day
and it was already after lunch.

"Okay," he groaned, "I want your cocks, let me suck them please."

"Oh, you've gotta try harder than that," Justin laughed.

Daniel swore under his breath, he moaned and gritted his teeth. "I'm a
cock-whore and I really want to suck your cocks. Feed me please." He spit
the words with disgust and loathing.

"I don't know," Justin whined, "do you think Blondie's mouth needs a
fucking? Do you think he deserves to have a gut-full of spunk from us."

The guys with him laughed as they pulled at their cocks through tattered
dirty jeans.

The shorter of the two, began to pull at the snap on his worn jeans, "I'll
give the preppy-jock-punk a chance. I'll use that sweet mouth. On your
knees boy, or should I say cunt."

Daniel dropped as the k** pushed his jeans down. His cock was already hard,
buried in thick tuffs of black pubic hair, his balls hidden in the dark
patch. Daniel wanted to laugh to make fun of his puny size, but he knew
better, he needed it. He lunged forward and nearly knocking to k**
backwards, took his cock.

"Jesus," the k** moaned, "he IS a cock-whore."

Before the guy could take over, Daniel dove all the way to the base,
swallowing the k**s stiff member, working his cock, anxious to get it over
with, to move on the second k** who already had his pants down and was
stroking his meat.

As Daniel worked on boy number one, the second guy, jammed his cock all
over Daniel's face, rubbing it, sticking in his ears, rubbing it over his
nipples, through Daniel's blond curls. Justin stood and laughed.

"I told you he was born cocksucker," Justin boasted. "He'll drain you
before you know what's hit you."

And Justin was right, before five minutes had passed, the first k** was
emptying his seed down the cock-whore's throat and the cock-whore was
taking it, sucking him dry.

When he had finished unloading, he pushed hard to break free of Daniel's
mouth. He laughed and flipped his wet cock up and down with pleasure and
delight at the job well done. He dragged his shrinking prick up and down
Daniel's face.

The second k** with long wiry dirty blond pubs, quickly jumped into
position and replaced one cock for the other. He grabbed hold of Daniel's
hair and pumped like a piston driving at super speed. He jammed and jammed
and Daniel swallowed it all. He lunged forward each time the k** thrust in
all the time sucking and tightening around the prick.

As he took the assault, the fucking, Justin knelt behind him and worked the
plug in and out, almost completely out and then drove it al the way
in. With every thrust down Daniel's throat, Justin rammed the imitation
cock deeper into the studs butt, burying it between his ample ass cheeks.

The first k**, using his phone, took shot after shot of the second guy's
cock disappearing down the jock's throat and the black thing disappearing
up his ass. They all laughed with delight as the cock whore moaned with
unabashed ecstacy and out-of-control lust.

Suddenly the second k** jerked Daniel's hair and head off his cock and
sprayed cum all over Daniel's face. It splattered his hair, ran down his
nose and cheeks and dripped onto his chest.

More pictures were taken as he rested on his knees, as he panted and
breathed in the humiliation of the moment.

Despite their laughter and jeering, he closed his eyes and tried to regain
his composure, to slow his breathing. Three down!


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6 months ago
can't wait for the next chapter this is a great series!
6 months ago
loving them ab! you have gotten my cock hard with each one! I have read them before bedtime and then in bed I "pleasure" myself thinking about what I had just you so....keep up the great writing!!! xoxoox Troy
6 months ago
fuckin story is off the hook im luving it
6 months ago
well that was exciting made me cum again I need a cock in my mouth