The new summer job part seven


It was Friday, the end of Daniel's first week at the club. He lay in bed
awake, well before the alarm. There was something about the day, the
excitement of his first paycheck, all that money, yet something more that
made him wake early with anticipation. His dick was raging hard, more than
just the normal morning wood. It throbbed, standing straight up making a
tent in the sheet.

He reached under and wrapped his hand around it; it felt so good, hairless,
hard and demanding. And yet, he couldn't go any farther. He reached under
his butt and his fingers found his hole, moved in, one, then two, then
three fingers. It was looser, easier to enter. He thought about walking
around naked the day before with that plug there all day long. He thought
about how it felt when it had been pulled out. He thought about all the
cocks he had sucked so far. He thought about being naked for display, for
use. Mostly, he thought about John. He was confused by all the things he
was feeling.

As he lay naked under his sheet, one hand wrapped around his cock fighting
the urge to jack off, the other fingering his ass, his alarm rang.

In the shower his still hard cock continued pointing toward his head,
continued begging for attention. He washed it thoroughly as usual, shaved
around it as part of his new required routine and prepared for the day. He
opened his drawer and took out a pair of boxers. Just as he was stepping
into them, he remembered and put them back in the drawer.

He arrived earlier than usual at work, knocked at John's door and entered
before John had a chance to respond.

John was sitting behind his desk, face buried in a morning newspaper, his
feet up on the desk edge. John was completely naked, his cock already hard
anticipating Daniel's arrival. Daniel had not seen him totally naked before
that moment, only his cock and balls. He couldn't stop staring at the
well-defined chest, the packed arms, the muscular thighs and the huge cock.

Daniel stripped off his shorts and t-shirt, kicked off his sandals and
before John could say a word, Daniel was on the floor in a flash and
devouring John's cock. It was a routine Daniel took in stride with almost
pleasure and pride. He'd learned how to devour the huge cock with no
hesitation, and actually no regret. He sucked and licked, he played with
John's balls, rolling and gently cradling them. He rubbed up John's chest,
played with his nipples and felt the firmness of the man's body, the thick
chest hair, the well defined pecs and abs.

And then, he heard the heavy breathing, the low moans and knew the eruption
was near. He sucked harder, pressing his tongue under the rim on John's
cock to make his climax more intense, to please him. John emptied shot
after shot and Daniel swallowed hard and fast to take it all. He too moaned
as he took the last drops of his bosses load.

He sucked gently, nursing the last drops of fluid, rolling the softening
cock around in his mouth. He continued until John pulled Daniel's head off
and pulled him up and into his lap.

Daniel could feel John's wet cock against his ass, he wondered if today it
was going to happen. He feared it, was disgusted at the thought, but still
he couldn't stop imagining that huge cock actually in his ass. He moved his
hips to roll John's cock into his crack. He began rubbing back and forth
along the still massive dick. He felt it begin to enlarge.

John rolled him over and reached in his drawer for the lube. He rubbed the
oil over Daniel's ass, along his crack and into his hole. Daniel relaxed
and gave the man easy access. Then he felt the cold rubber again, even
bigger this time, thicker. He pressed out to help the thing enter his
ass. John pushed in, Daniel pushed back and then the head of the huge
thing, the fake dick popped in, began sliding deep. Daniel grunted as John
pushed the thing deeper, as he rubbed all over Daniel's butt. Finally it
was firmly planted to the base.

"I've got something special to celebrate your first week," John said as he
pulled a small box out of the desk drawer. He opened it and took out a
shiny silver ring, too big for a finger, a key ring maybe.

"Stand up," John continued.

Daniel stood in front of him, feeling the thing in his ass, noting how much
bigger it was than yesterdays. He wiggled his butt and hips to feel its
depth, its thickness. His cock banged against his stomach as the thing
stimulated him from inside.

"You're gonna have to shrink that cock of yours to get this on," John went
on. "It's a cockring and you'll wear it to really accentuate that dick of
yours. Now concentrate on something else so that hard-on goes away."

Daniel tried to concentrate. He thought about school, his dad, the upcoming
weekend. He thought about his upcoming weekend date with a girlfriend from
school. He wondered how disgusted she'd be if she knew what he'd been
doing. His cock began to subside.

When it was finally semi-soft, John grabbed hold and worked the ring down
his cock and then, one by one he worked Daniel's balls into the
ring. Daniel moaned from the pushing and pulling. His package jutted
forward, sticking out farther from this body. Daniel studied the ring, his
penis and balls protruding proudly from his body. He wiggled the gathered
package back and forth. John smiled.

"Yes," he boasted, "that'll make the guys take notice. I want you to meet a
quota today," John instructed. "I want you to suck five guys before the end
of the day. If you don't, you'll be done here. Understand?"

Daniel stared at him. "Five blowjobs?"

"Five," John declared. "You know you can do it. And that fat paycheck will
be ready for you when you've accomplished your task."

Daniel left John's office thinking about his task at hand. He'd sucked
thirteen different guys so far and now he had to add five more before the
end of the day. If the guys didn't make their moves, Daniel would have too.

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7 months ago
same as jeremiah4, but I hope he gets overtime pay for sucking more than 5!!!