The new summer job part five

- Chapter 5

Daniel stood naked in front of John's desk early the next morning as John
continued through some paper work. Finally he looked up.

"Ready for breakfast," he asked unzipping his pants.

His huge cock sprung to life and Daniel moved into position. He looked at
the massive hard rod twitching in anticipation of his mouth. He now knew
this cock almost as much as his own and he knew where the sensitive points
were, how fast he liked the pace and the massive loads of cum it
produced. As he licked from the base to the head, all he thought about was
this huge thing that had become such an important and regular part of his
life. He hadn't finished his first week and yet it seemed like he'd been
sucking this cock forever. He used his tongue to press hard at the point
just below the rim. John liked that. He tickled the spot. He kissed the
head, held his lips tight and pressed till the head popped into his mouth,
John moaned. And then slowly down his throat the thick meat traveled, deep
to the base, just like John liked. He rested with the full length inside
him, down his throat, holding his breath until he had to pull up, breath
in. As he breathed in, he smelled John's smell, he knew he'd never forget
that distinctive essence, the essence of John. He wiggled his nose back and
forth through the black hair, coarse and curly; so different from him now,
naked, shaved, exposed for use. He traveled up the length, thinking and
truly experiencing every inch. Something inside him made him actually want
to please the man, this man he should hate, this man who had taken him to a
place he'd never have believed he'd submit.

Way too soon, he was downing his `breakfast' as John had called it. He
swallowed all, concentrating on the taste, the texture, the amount. He
swallowed and sucked the last drop. He held the cock tight in his mouth as
he felt it shrink, as John's breathing slowed to a purr.

"Good job," John moaned, " good, god damn job."

He pulled Daniel's head off his cock. Daniel's resisted, actually wanting
to hold it there, stay connected longer.

Daniel stood, waiting for his orders for the day, for his uniform. John ran
his hands up Daniel's sides, stroked his totally hard dick, and fondled his
balls. His hands moved around to Daniel's ass and massaged the ample
cheeks. His fingers pressed between them, found his warm hole, and slowly
worked inside. Two fingers from each hand, moved inside Daniel. He threw
his head back and moaned for John.

As John worked his finger in and out, Daniel's cock jumped and jerked with
each thrust. John pulled Daniel forward. Daniel thought for a moment he
might actually take his cock in his mouth, he hoped.

John pulled him forward and down across his lap. He worked the round
asscheeks, grinding them, exploring Daniel's sweet young ass. He pressed
the cheeks apart and then Daniel felt a cold liquid pouring over his
hole. John worked the lube inside and then Daniel felt the hard rubber
thing again, but it was bigger this time, thicker. He relaxed as John
worked the plug inside. It kept going, larger then the day before, thicker
and longer. It slid across Daniel's prostate and Daniel moaned louder.

He felt John's naked cock under him, Daniel's cock hard and demanding was
pressed against John's. They were touching each other. Daniel rolled his
hips pressing his dick against John's. He needed to cum; he needed it
bad. He felt the thick thing buried there inside him, he felt John's
massive cock pressed against his own, he felt the thick pubic hair pressed
against him. And he felt John's hands still working his ass, still sliding
this thick black plug into his ass, pulling back, sliding in, twisting it

John pushed Daniel up. "That sweet ass of yours is so nice," John
commented, "soon you'll be ready for me."

"I like to promote open nudity around the gym," John went on. "So I've
decided you won't need your uniform anymore. You'll just be naked. In fact
I want you to spend a little time this morning in the pool, swimming
naked. And I'd like to see a little color on that white ass and boydick of
yours. Hit the tanning bed for while too, this morning and afternoon. I
want to see that cock tanned, balls too."

"So first the pool, then the tan bed. Make sure you make the rounds in the
locker room, shower, exercise floor. Above all, keep the customers happy,
keep that mouth working."

Daniel felt the hard thing up his ass, he leaned slightly forward to handle
it and nodded. He understood and headed for the door. He felt something
brush against his leg. He looked back and saw a tag hanging from the
plug. A note � he couldn't quite make it out�something, something
`cunt.' He frowned.

Daniel left John's office and headed for the pool. His throbbing hard cock
swung from side to side as he walked. If he got in the water, he'd at least
not be completely obvious with his nudity; he could hide his boner. He
walked into the pool area, four guys were lounging on one side
chatting. They stopped talking as Daniel walked to the side and dove in.

"That's Danny," one of them said. "He's John's new `towel boy.' Cocksucker
in training�so the k** at the desk told me. And I hear he's quite good
at it. He takes care of John every morning in his office. Tony and Pete
have already had a sample in the sauna."

"Damn cute k**," another guy commented, "he's gotta only be in teens and
what's that hanging out of his ass?"

"Let's find out," the first guy replied.

"Hey Danny," the guy shouted as Daniel swam the length of the pool. He
turned and moved toward the group.

"Yes sir," Daniel responded, hanging on the edge of the pool.

"You kinda forgot your suit," the man joked. He was probably in his early
sixties a bit of the gut and frosted with thick gray hair from head to toe.

"Suits are optional," Daniel replied.

"Apparently cockhair is optional too," the guy added. The group joined in a
chorus of laughter.

Daniel said nothing.

"Climb out here," the guy went on. "Let's have a look."

Daniel braced his hands on the edge and jumped up and out. Not one of the
men said a word; they held their breath as the young boy, lunged up and
out. The streams of sparkling water rolled down his tight youthful form,
across his chest, over his tight abs. His golden curls of hair bounced
around his face. His hairless cock and balls were painted with sparkling
light as they sprang into site. One of the guys gasped.

"Nice," the older guy offered as Daniel stood and walked to the
guys. Thankfully, his cock had shriveled. "Hey Danny, what's that hanging
out of you butt?"

"It's�a� well, a butt plug," Daniel answered.

"Stretching that pussy, huh boy," the old guy said.

"Come here," another demanded, "let's see what the tag says."

As Daniel turned around, one of the guys grabbed hold of the tag. He read
out loud. "Not for public use, YET. Pussy in training. Feel free to play
with it, but no fucking. Mouth IS open for business."

As Daniel looked from one guy to the other, he couldn't help notice the
growing bulges in their swimsuits. He heard himself whispering under his
breath, "ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen�"

"Well, I'm not going to pass up this offer," the gray-haired guy stated as
he pushed his swimsuit down. "Here it is Danny. Show me what you can do."

Daniel threw a towel down on the wet cement, dropped to his knees and did
show they guy what he could do. He sucked the rather small cock, actually
swallowed it to the base including his balls.

"Jesus Christ," the guy shouted as the boy devoured him. He grabbed
Daniel's head, stood and rammed his cock in and out. "I've never felt
anything like this. This boy is incredible. He could make me switch to boys

Daniel thrust his head up and down the man's thing. He pushed, burying in
face in the man's stomach to get it all. He drove as deep as he could and
wanted more, like John's. He sucked and tickled, he worked his tongue
magic, and the guy grew weak in the knees, nearly screamed as he emptied
his load. He hands held both sides of Daniel's head and fed the boy,
emptied his seed.

The other's watched in amazement and looking at each other ripped off their
suits. No one was going to miss out on this opportunity.

The old guy pulled his shriveled wet cock out of Daniel and fell back into
his chair, his head back, he breathing still pounding.

Daniel moved to the other three, "Who's next," he asked.

"All at the same time," one of the guys demanded. "We can't wait."

As Daniel opened wide, two of the guys shoved their cocks into his mouth at
the same time, one from each side. The third tried to push in, but couldn't
physically fit between the other two men. He grabbed Daniel's hand and made
him start jacking.

Daniel held in place as the two cocks rammed into his mouth from each
side. His cheeks bulged as the thrusting cocks pushed in, pulled out,
banged against each other and pushed to find his throat. He swallowed one,
it pulled back slightly, he swallowed the other, it pulled back and he
sucked both.

Faster and faster the frenzy continued. The two cocks sinking in, rubbing
against each other, demanded his mouth, needing his mouth. As the wild
scene continued, the third guy went crazy rubbing his hard cock all over
Daniel, around his head, down his back, rubbing against the butt plug, over
the crack and between his legs. He pulled Daniel up on his knees and
holding Daniel's hips, pressed between his legs. Daniel tightened his
thighs together and the Man fucked him between his legs, his cock pounding
against Daniel's balls. He reached around and stroked Daniel as Daniel
devoured the two cocks in his mouth and the one rubbing between his thighs,
against his balls.

The three men used the boy, insane and out of control, the group pounded
and throbbed and fucked and sucked and then swallowed. First one guy shot
his loud, threw his head back and whimpered as he seeded the boy's
throat. The other guy held momentarily as the guy finished, pushed him back
and out and thrust completely down Daniel's throat as he began to unload

When he had finished, Daniel held tight until he too pulled out. The third
guy, quickly pulled back from between Daniel's legs and jammed his
demanding cock in the warm and well-used lips.

Daniel gave him the full treatment, the lips, the tongue, the tightening at
the right time, the ball-fondling, the moaning, the total cock worship.
Within seconds he was rewarded with a fourth full mouth of warm man
juice. He sucked until the guy couldn't take anymore, until the guy pushed
Daniel off him.

Daniel sat on his side, because of the plug, and watched the four sitting
naked, exhausted, spent. He couldn't take his eyes off their dicks.

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6 months ago
I need a summer job.
7 months ago
Fuck dude ur killing me! Daniel needs/wants FUCKED!!!
7 months ago
thats best part we know he needed it but the thrill and antisapaton is keeping me at edge lol
7 months ago
oh fucking awsome dude
7 months ago
great stories keep them coming