The new summer job part one

Only two weeks left. School would be out and Daniel's Senior year would be
at an end, high school was over. He looked forward to some fun and wild
times with his friends despite his father's continued pushing for him to
get a summer job. He looked forward to sl**ping late, eating, beaching,
cycling and most of all fucking as many different girls as possible. He
looked forward to it all until he came home and found a summer jobs listing
his Dad had left on his bed. There was no getting around it; he knew his
father would win. Daniel's dream of a summer of debauchery seemed to fade
before his eyes, even before the fun got started.

He and his dad had this conversation many times, so Daniel shouldn't have
been surprised. He knew he'd have to do it. One classified listing caught
his eyes. `Men's Health Club -- Towel boy wanted.'

That might not be too bad. Working in a health club, exercising, free
workouts, building up his body. He called the number and an appointment
was set for later that day. His dad would be pleased and it all just might
work out. If he really had to work, it might not be a bad way to spend the

At four that afternoon, he parked in front of the Health Club located near
the downtown business district. It was a modern looking building of
polished stone and glass, he'd never heard of it before, but there were a
lot of health clubs these days, more than you could count.

As he entered, he took in the sleek white interior, white walls, mirrors
and modern black furniture highlighted the impressive lobby. He met the
owner John at the front desk, an older guy, nicely built as to be expected
for a club owner. After a quick introduction and firm handshake, he
followed John into his office. The owner's office was equally impressive
and modern. Black leather furniture, and glass desk set centered in the
room facing the door. The walls were highlighted with black and white
images of strong developed males posed to emphasize their bodies and

"So you want to be my towel boy for the summer," John asked, taking his
seat behind the desk gesturing to the chair facing him for Daniel.

"I do," Daniel replied trying to sound confident and interested.

"We're a men's club here," John began, "mostly business men working out
around work and f****y responsibilities, almost exclusively professional
types, older. We work hard here to please them and keep them happy and
coming back. If you work here, you're gonna work hard to please them too."

"I need a k** like you to service the guys; make sure they have what they
need, towels, soap, whatever. You'll spend most of your time in the
dressing room by the shower. Any problems so far?"

"No," Daniel answered, "surely think I can handle that. Do I get to use of
the gym when I'm not working?"

"No problem," John replied. "I expect the guys that work here to be
well-built, healthy specimens. But during working hours, I expect you to be
on call whenever clients are around. Looks like you've got a pretty good
build, that's important to the image of the Club."

"Thanks, I work at it," Daniel boasted.

"I'll need to check you out a little closer," John went on. "Take your
clothes off."

"Now," Daniel sputtered, surprised at the request.

"Yes," John snapped, "now, strip!"

Daniel could see that he wasn't k**ding and that he obviously didn't like
being questioned. This guy exuded an impressive confidence and control that
Daniel liked. He stood and slowly pulled his shirt over his head. He stood
and waited as John checked out his chest. He wasn't very hairy, his chest
and arms, and legs were fairly hairless. Daniel flexed his arms and his
chest to show off as much as possible.

"Not bad," John commented, "keep going."

Daniel hoping the shirt would have been enough, reluctantly undid his jeans
and pushed them down, stepping out. He kicked off his sandals and stood in
just his boxers.

"Turn around a couple times," John ordered.

Daniel felt his face flushing as he turned to let this new perspective
employer actually check out his ass and legs.

"Boxers too," John went on. "I want to see the full package."

"What for," Daniel moaned, seriously thinking this job might not be a good

"I told you," John barked, growing impatient and irritated, "we have
standards here, and I want to make sure you're willing to do whatever is
necessary to service our clients. Now get `em off!"

Daniel thought a moment and reluctantly slid his boxers down, kicked them
aside. He'd never been ashamed of his body, knew his dick was good-sized,
six inches soft, but being put on display like this was too weird,
definitely out of the ordinary.

"Not bad," his new potential boss went on, "good-sized cock. Does it get a
lot of use?"

"What do you mean," Daniel grunted, nervous, unsure of the situation.

"Do you fuck, jack-off, you know what I mean?"

"Yah," Daniel sputtered, I�.guess so."

"You guess so," John shouted. "Do you fuck or not? Guys or Girls? If you've
got a problem with this, you'd better just get the fuck out of here. I want
a guy who's willing to work for me, no questions asked. Got it?"

"Yes," Daniel grunted, "I fuck, girls, and jack-off regularly."

"You ever played around with guys?" John asked concentrating on Daniel's

"No," Daniel replied, offended at the question, "never."

"God- Damn it," John muttered. "I want a guy who's willing to suck a cock
if a client asks and not give it a second thought. I guess you're not the
guy for the job."

"Wait, wait," Daniel pleaded. He'd never thought about it, never wanted to
or thought he'd ever� "How often�where�."

"Whenever and wherever you're told," John smirked. "And for that and other
services I'll pay you a thousand a week, but I demand complete discretion
and compliance with whatever you're told to do. If you're too uptight to
give a guy a little fun, then you're not right for this job. Now you're
wasting my time k**, unless you've got the balls to agree."

"A thousand a week," Daniel blurted, shocked by the amount.

"Yes, a thousand a week, you interested or not?"

"I'm... Daniel stuttered.

"For Christ's sake," John shouted, "Get the hell out, you're wasting my

"No, wait," Daniel begged, thinking about all that money. "Guess I could
maybe.... give it a try."

"You guess you could," John shouted, "either say Yes Sir or get out."

Daniel stood staring, thinking. The idea of sucking a guy's cock grossed
him out, the idea of that much cash on the other hand. He stood naked,
thinking, considering the possibilities.

John stood and pointing at the door, shouted "Get dressed, leave!"

"No," Daniel argued, "Can I go home, think about it?"

"This is a one time offer k**," John replied. "It's now or never. There's
hundreds of guys willing to do as I demand for that type of money."

"Okay," Daniel responded with as convincing a tone a possible, "I'll do it,
I'll take the job."

"So it's yes�..what?"

Daniel didn't understand at first and then he replied, "yes Sir."

"Good," John boasted, pleased at his new hire. "To make sure, get over here
and suck mine to seal the deal."

"Now," Daniel asked, eyes wide, fear spreading.

"NOW," John snapped as he began to undo his belt. "If you've never sucked a
cock, you're gonna have to learn how fast."

John stood and dropped the dress slacks he was wearing exposing his cock
and balls, no underwear, and leaned back in his leather desk chair.

Daniel moved around behind the desk and looking at the thick cock, knelt in
front of him. `A thousand bucks a week' he kept repeating in his head. `And
my dad off my ass about a job' he thought. `A thousand bucks a week' he
kept thinking.

"How do I... he stammered. "Do I just...

"Jesus," John sighed. He grabbed Daniel's head and jammed his mouth against
his growing cock. "Just do it! Suck, kiss, lick, whatever feels right. Any
guy knows what a cock wants. Just do it. No whining."

Daniel's face was smashed into John groin, his cock pressed against
Daniel's lips. He knew better then pull back. John rubbed his face back and
forth across his cock, down to his balls, up the growing shaft again and
pushed Daniel's mouth on his cockhead, now hard and demanding. Daniels
tightened lips relaxed and the cockhead pushed in. He hadn't had time to
think about it before he tasted his first cock, a cock actually in his
mouth, on his tongue. It was thick and huge and hot. He didn't think, he
pressed his tongue up against the head and shaft as John began to pull back
and forth, moving the thick tool along Daniel's tongue toward his
throat. He moved slowly back and forth moaning.

"That's it," John grunted, "feel it, tighten your mouth around it and for
God's sake and yours, don't let your teeth sc**** against it. Your job is
to make me feel great, you know what a cock wants, what makes it feel
good. Use your mouth to please me."

Daniel tightened around the throbbing thing riding his mouth, felt it move
back and forth, deeper each time. His eyes were open, looking at the thick
patch of black pubic hair in front of his eyes, at the tight male abs
above, and up at the smirking face of his new boss, of the first guy to use
him this way. His head spun with thoughts of shame, regret,
second-thoughts, his dad screaming about getting a job, and back to all
that money. He closed his eyes and let it happen, accepted it. He'd felt
his cock many times, the only cock he'd ever felt. This was different, it
was another guy's cock and he had it in his mouth, using him. It was thick
and hot; he felt it throbbing against his lips on his tongue.

After what seemed like hours, John's thrusting increased, his moaning got
louder and then the first splash of something, Daniel knew what, against
the back of his throat. Then more, and more, and more.

"Swallow," John ordered. "It's part of the full-service package. Tighten
your mouth more as I finish."

Daniel swallowed the bitter thick cum filing his mouth. He kept swallowing
till it was gone, his eyes still closed. He sat on his heels, naked, used,
vulnerable and totally humiliated.

John finally pulled Daniel's head off his cock, it popped free, wet shiny,
still hard.

"Lick the tip again to make sure the last drop is gone. I don't want any
cum on my slacks."

Daniel looked up at John, disgusted, but did as he'd been told. He leaned
in and sticking out his tongue, wiped the last drop of cum off John's cock
tip. He swallowed.

"Look there," John said pointing at Daniel's cock. "Nice and hard, I guess
you didn't hate it too much."

Daniel was shocked that he was hard and throbbing. He reached down and
wrapping his fingers around his cock began to stroke it. No reason to be
modest here, not anymore, not after what he'd been made to do. He began

John grabbed his hand, stopped him. "No, not until I say so."

"What," Daniel moaned.

"You heard me," John smiled. "I'll tell you when and where and I'll know if
you don't comply. If you ever don't follow my orders, you're fired and
you're gone. Clear?"

Daniel hung his head, "clear," he squeaked.

"Did pretty good for your first time k**. But I did the pumping. You're
gonna have to take control of the speed and depth depending on what the
guys want. Understand?"

"Yes," Daniel added. "How often will I have to do this?"

"All depends on what the clients want, what they demand. One more thing,"
John added. "Before you show up tomorrow for your first day, I want those
pubs shaved off, I want your cock and balls as hairless as a baby. Guys
love that. Especially the older clientele here."

"Shaved," Daniel spouted with disgust. "My pubic hair?"

"Shaved," John shouted, "every hair. You got a problem with that?"

"But�." Daniel pleaded.

"No buts, just do it." John stood and pulled up his pants, fastened
them. "Get dressed and I'll show you around."

Daniel could hardly concentrate on the tour or anything John was saying. He
kept tasting the stuff that had filled his mouth, he kept thinking of the
cock that had filled him, had used him. A cock had actually been f***ed
into his mouth, his mouth. John's cock had dumped a load there. He'd had a
guy's thing in his mouth. The thoughts swirled through his head and despite
the reality of a thousand dollar weekly benefit, he gagged, almost sick at
what had happened.

That night as he sit quiet in his room, he couldn't stop thinking about the
day, what had happened and what he had to do before his first official day
at work. He pulled up the waistband of his boxers and looked at his cock,
at the hair surrounding it. Could he actually shave it off as he'd been

As he sat thinking, his bedroom door opened, his dad stuck his head in.
"How'd the interview go?" he asked. "Did you get the job."

"I got it," Daniel replied, not wanting to talk about it.

"Great," his dad beamed. "When do you start."


"Great," his dad went on, "proud of you. Make sure you work hard and do
whatever they ask."

"But," Daniel stuttered, "I not sure it's right for me. Not sure I want to
do the things they ask."

"Damn it Daniel," his dad barked before Daniel could elaborate. "You've
gotta learn to do what's necessary in life to get ahead. You've gotta work
this summer. College is right around the corner. You can't just waste your
life. Sometimes we have to make the hard choices. We have to make
sacrifices. Take the job and do it!"

"Okay," Daniel replied, defeated. If his dad only knew what he'd done
today, what he'd probably have to do tomorrow.

Once his dad left, he went into the bathroom, locked the door. With
scissors and a safety razor, and a whole lot of shaving cream, he
accomplished the grooming requirement. He looked in the mirror at his
hairless cock and balls, smooth and baby pink as ordered. The only hair
left was the curly blond hair that fell around his face. He felt
humiliated. He remembered when his blond pubs first started growing in, he
couldn't keep his eyes or his hands off. Now it was hairless like a baby,
like John had ordered and he wasn't even allowed to jack-off to break-in
the new look. He went to bed.

When he arrived the next morning he was instructed to report to John's
office. With a sigh, Daniel knocked at the door.

"Enter," came the reply from inside.

Daniel turned the knob and went in.

"Close the door behind you," John ordered, sitting behind his desk in a red
pull-over and khaki slacks.

Daniel did as instructed and stood in front of John's desk.

"Get your assignment done," John asked looking at Daniel's crotch.

"Yes," Daniel whimpered.

"That's `yes Sir,'" John corrected. "Let's see."

Daniel reached down and undid his pants, pushed them and his boxers down to
his thighs exposing his newly shaved privates.

"Good job," Daniel smiled, pleased with the site. "Come around here, let me
check it out."

Daniel walked around behind his desk as John reached out felt his cock and
balls, checking the closeness of the shave, the smoothness of his soft pink
skin, his loose balls.

"Yep," he beamed, "that's the ticket. I do feel a little stubble. Make sure
the next time it's really close. I don't want to feel any hair at all. Now
I've got something for you to wear, your uniform if you will."

"Uniform," Daniel asked.

"Uniform," John confirmed as he reached in his bottom drawer and took out a
very small pair of nylon shorts, white. "Put these on, no underwear."

Daniel took the shorts and after kicking off his jeans and boxers, stepped
into them.

As he pulled them up, they barely fit over his ass, he had to stuff his
cock and balls inside to get them buttoned. They were so short, he was
afraid his balls would hang out. Three buttons was all that held the front
in place.

"I think they're too tight," Daniel pleaded. "They're squeezing my balls."

"They're just right," John corrected. "And here's your shirt."

He handed Daniel a too-tight cropped shirt that barely went below his
nipples. Daniel would have never gone out in public in this outfit and now
he had to work in it. It left little to the imagination, showing the
outline of his cock and balls and pulling tight into the crack of his ass.

"Are you sure this is all right," he asked. "You can almost see my dick."

"That's exactly what I want," John smiled. "Besides, we're all guys here,
everyone knows what's under your clothes and the clients will like the
view. Turn around a couple times, let me check it out."

Daniel slowly turned as John felt his ass through the thin clingy
material. He gave Daniel's butt a couple slaps and told him to follow.

"My clothes," Daniel added, "what shall I do with them."

"Leave em," John ordered. "You won't need them till you're ready to leave."

John walked around the desk toward the door, Daniel followed, his hands
partially covering the front of the tight shorts.

As they stepped into the lobby, a young guy, thin, with red hair gave him a
once over and smiled at the nice view. Daniel tried not the blush with
embarrassment. He was glad there were no customers in the area. He followed
John into the men's dressing room.

There were a couple guys with towels around their waists shaving at the
sink area, they turned to check out who had entered. They smiled when they
saw Daniel's outfit.

"Nice," one of the guys commented.

"This is Danny," John announced. "He's our new towel boy, here to serve
guys, here to serve. If there's anything you need, feel free to let
Danny-boy know."

"Nice outfit," the other guy added, "but it looks a little big for him."

All three of them laughed. "I'm sure he'll grow into it," John chuckled as
he gave Daniels cock a squeeze through the thin covering. "Okay Danny you
just hang out here and let me know if you have any questions. There's a
stool by the shower room door where you'll sit and wait for
instruction. Other than that, just keep the place picked up and clean."

"Yes," Daniel whimpered.

"Yes, what," John snapped.

"Yes Sir," Daniel quickly corrected as John turned and left.

Daniel sat at the stool, checking out the piles of towels, the hampers, the
lockers and the guys at the sink still watching him from the reflection in
the mirror.

The first guy, was tall the thin, probably in his late forties with a black
goatee. He turned and cleared his throat. Daniel looked his way.

"I could use a little help here drying my back," he announced.

Daniel swallowed hard and got up from the stool, walked over to the
guy. "Yes sir," he replied.

The guy pulled the towel from his waist exposing his dangling cock and
balls, surrounded with a dark nest of black hair. Daniel tried not the look
as he took the towel. The guy turned around and placed his hands on his
waist, waited.

Daniel had to do it. He began at the guy's shoulders and wiped down his
back stopping short of the guy's ass. He did one side then the other. The
guy raised his arms and let Daniel continue around to the front. "I think
my balls are still wet," he laughed.

Daniel backed away. "I think you're dry now." He tried to hand the towel
back to the guest.

"I said my balls are still wet," he repeated impatiently.

Daniel moaned and reached down with the towel and dried the guys loose and
heavy balls. The guy spread his legs making it easy for Daniel to take care
of him.

"There you are sir," Daniel said. "Will that be all?"

"I think you still need to do the crack of my ass," the guy added as the
other man laughed.

He turned around and Daniel pushed the towel over his ass cheeks into the
crack and dried down to his balls.

"Nice," said the guest as he pushed back against Daniel's hand.

The other guest moved close behind Daniel, rested and hand on each shoulder
and leaned over him to watch the action. Daniel's back was pressed against
the guy's naked chest, couldn't move without bumping into one of the other
of the naked men.

"He's gonna be okay" said the one pressed against Daniel's back. "He sure
fills out these shorts," he added as he reached down and gave Daniel's cock
a squeeze.

Daniel groaned, didn't say anything.

"I think we're gonna use the sauna for a while," said the second
guy. "Would you spread towels on the benches in there for us Danny Boy?"

"Yes sir," Daniel replied not liking the shortened version of his name John
and these guests were now using.

He handed the towel back to the guy and grabbing some fresh ones went into
the small dark sauna. He spread towels out on the benches and before he
could leave, they walked in, naked and ready for a bake.

"There you our sirs," Daniel said trying to get past them, out the door.

"Where you going," one guys asked.

"I'm�you're all set here," Daniel sputtered, nervous.

"No we're not," the second guy added. "You'll need to spritz us with water
while we're cooking."

"Not sure I'm supposed to do that," Daniel muttered.

"Sure you are," the first guy corrected. "You're supposed to do whatever we

"Yes sir," was all Daniel could say.

The guys laid on their backs on the toweled benches and placed their hands
behind their heads. "Okay k**, start spritzing."

Slowly Daniel ladled water over their bodies, from neck to toes, one then
the other. The heat of the steam room was overwhelming, sweat rolled down
Daniel's back making the thin t-shirt and nylon shorts stick even tighter
to his body. As the shorts got wetter, the more transparent they
became. Daniel hoped they wouldn't notice. They did.

"Hey," said one of the guys, "I can see right through those shorts. Danny
boy shaves and not just trims but completely shaves. That hot Danny Boy."

"Turn around," barked the other guy, "let me see too."

Daniel slowly turned back around.

"Damn," that's nice. "Hey Danny Boy, why don't you drop those wet shorts
and let us check it out? You've seen all we got, only fair if we see
yours. Isn't that what your boss meant when he said whatever we wanted?"

"I don't know if I'm supposed to do that," Daniel stuttered.

"Sure you are. Drop `em."

Daniel signed, looked at one guy then the other and then slowly unsnapped
the tight shorts and peeled them down past his thighs.

"Nice," the one guy shouted. "Smooth as a babies bottom. Balls too."

"He's giving me an old woody with that hot bod of his, and hairless dick,"
the other guy added.

"Guess that means he'll have to take care of that too," the first guy
laughed. "After all he made it happen, he should take care of it."

"Sounds right to me," said the second guy. "Here it is Danny Boy, get to
work." He held his rigid cock toward Daniel waving it back and forth.

"Get over there and do it," said the first guy, giving him a shove.

Daniel knew better than to refuse, to piss his boss off on the first day,
so he leaned down and took the guys hard cock into his mouth, a second cock
in two days to pass his lips. He sucked around it and remembering what
John had told him about doing the work, began sliding up and down on the
hard tool. The guy moaned the other guy laughed as he watched the action.

"When you get done with him Danny Boy," said the observer, "mine's next."

Daniel moaned.

While he sucked and pumped up and down on the first guy, the second guy
reached down and took Daniel's shorts the rest of the way off. He pressed
his wet naked body against Daniel's back pushed his hard cock into Daniels
crack and with the hot wetness between them slid up and down the length of
the crack moaning.

Suddenly the door opened, John walked in. "That didn't take long," he
laughed. "Glad you've put our boy to work. Let me know if he doesn't meet
your expectations. He's new at the cock sucking stuff, so be patient with
him. We're here to serve and Danny is here to suck."

John watched for a couple minutes as Daniel thrust up and down on the first
guy's cock, as the second guy slid his waiting dick up and down Daniel's
crack. He reached in and pulled Daniels t-shirt up and as Daniel lifted off
the cock, he pulled it over his head and off. Daniel was completely naked

As he pumped away, he heard the guy's moans get louder, he knew he was
getting close. He didn't want to have more cum in his mouth so just as the
guy began to shout, "I'm cumming," he pulled off. The guy shot three or
four streams of cum up, out his cock down across his belly.

"Yah," shouted the second guy, "nice load man." He gave Daniels ass a firm
smack congratulating him on the good job and reached around to give Daniels
throbbing cock another squeeze.

"Hey," the first guy shouted, "I wanted to cum in your mouth, you dick. Now
lick it off me."

Daniel groaned and leaned down licking the sticky cum off the guy's hot
damp stomach, licked until it was all gone, swallowed reluctantly.

"My turn," interjected the waiting cock holder. "On your knees,
cock-boy. I've got a load for you too and you'd better swallow mine."

As the first guy sat on the edge of the bench playing with his spent cock,
Daniel dropped to his knees and took the second guys dick, began pumping
hoping to get it over with as soon as possible.

It didn't take long. Without any notice, the guy was blasting his load down
Daniel's throat, Daniel swallowed this time, every drop. As he pulled off,
the guy wiped his cock on Daniel's face. "Thanks k**, good job. We'll tell
John you did okay."

As they left the sauna, Daniel sat there thinking about it all. A whole
summer of this kind of shit, a summer of sucking cock, of being used by
these old guys. He'd sucked three cocks now and he knew it was only the
beginning. But it was great money and his dad would be more than pissed if
he quit. But if his dad knew what they were making him do; he couldn't
quit, no matter what he'd go through with it.

He pulled on the tiny pair of shorts and the cropped shirt and went back
into the main dressing room. Everyone that came in checked out the get-up,
checked out his ass and the visible lines of his cock and balls, by the end
of the day he was almost used to it, almost.

Fortunately, the rest of the day was uneventful. Guys came and went without
cumming, Daniel handed them towels at the shower and kept the dressing room
picked-up and in order. Other than the occasional joke and ass slap,
nothing more happened.

At his quitting time, he went back to John's office, knocked on the door.

"Come in," he heard and he entered.

"Well, Danny Boy," he started. "How was your first day?"

"Good, not bad, okay." Daniel offered. "Okay if I leave now sir?"

"I guess so," John snapped. "Strip and I'll get your clothes."

Daniel groaned as he pulled off the tight outfit, stood naked again in
front of John.

"I suppose you want one for the road," John joked.

"That's all right," Daniel replied, hoping to get dressed and get out.

"I know you want one more cock to suck before your go," John beamed. "And
I've got one for you right here. As long as you're naked, no sense wasting
a another blowjob. Get over here."

Daniel signed as he walked around the desk and took his position on the
floor in front of John. John leaned back, put his hands behind his head
and waited.

He was about to yell, when Daniel went to work in John's hard cock. For a
second time, John was fucking Daniel's mouth. Riding deeper and deeper
toward his throat. Although this time, John didn't have to show him how, he
learned quick and thrust faster and faster on the huge throbbing pole. A
couple time, Daniel gagged by pushing too deep, too far down his throat.

"All you have to do," John barked, " is open wider and relax your throat,
swallow at the same time. You'll get used to it."

Daniel tried and it did get a bit easier, he did manage to go farther.

"Run you hands over my body," John continued, "play with my balls, have
fun. It makes me hotter and the cum quicker."

Daniel started at John's thighs, ran his hands up and under his balls, up
his chest, down his arms. The more he did, the more John moaned and, the
harder Daniel's cock got. He hadn't cum in days and he needed it bad.

A couple times he squeezed his own cock as he sucked away on John. Every
time he did, John growled letting him know that was not allowed, yet.

While he was sucking, the office door opened and Justin, the k** from the
desk walked in with the mail.

"Sorry, sorry," he blurted. "I forgot to knock. The mail...

"Front door locked," John groaned.

"Yes sir."

"Then get your ass naked and your cock over here for a quicky. We've got a
cocksucker in training here."

Daniel groaned, number four in the wings. He watched as the k** ripped off
his clothes and came around and sat on the edge of the desk. His cock was
instantly hard. His pubs, probably red like his hair, were nowhere to be
found either. His cock was cut and long and thin, his balls hung loose and
swayed as he walked.

"I want you to go back and forth between our cocks Danny Boy," John
ordered. "And when you sucking one, you'll be stroking the other with your

He pulled off John's cock and continued stroking him with his hand as he
swallowed Justin's meat. Justin laughed and rammed his tool as deep as he

When he couldn't take the jabbing or he started chocking, he'd switch back
to John's cock and continue with a hand-job on Justin. Daniel's cock and
throbbing hard again and his breathing fast and hard. Two cock's at the
same time. Was he a cocksucker now? Though he was still repulsed by the
act, it was hot and wild playing with two cocks.

He switched again, sucking Justin, a hand-job for John. He switched again,
back and forth he went from one to the other. Suddenly Justin jammed deep
and filled his throat with a huge load, a young guy's load, full wet and
hot. He groaned as he emptied the last drop. He pulled his sticky dick from
Daniel's throat, patted his head and laughed.

"Yah, he's gonna be a fine summer fuck," he joked.

Daniel went back to work on John. Justin knelt on the floor and started
playing with Daniel's ass -- kneeding, stroking, squeezing, slapping and
then he pushed a finger into his hole.

Daniel groaned and tried to pull away from his hand. Justin held tight and
pushed his finger deeper. "Tight ass," he commented with a sneer.

"He's not ready for that, yet," John replied, emphasizing the `yet', "but
we'll work on him."

As Justin continued to pull and push his finger in Daniel's ass, John
thrust his cock deeper each time. Daniel worked hard relaxing his throat
excepting more and more. He closed his eyes and felt the sensations, the
cock in his mouth, the fingers in his ass. He moaned. He hoped they hadn't
heard that, he didn't want to let them know he was getting pleasure from
it. But he moaned again, his cock throbbed.

Soon Daniel heard John moaning louder, "Fuck yah," he groaned. "Suck that
cock you fucker, yah, gonna feed you soon."

He started ramming faster, held Daniel's head and jammed deeper. Daniel
swallowed hard trying not to gag, He opened wider and bent his head back as
John went deeper. And then, the explosion, the flood of cum shooting down
Daniel's throat. But the odd thing was, Daniel exploded too, without
touching his cock, it spurt and he shot cum up his chest and drooled it
down his cock over his own balls, pooling on the floor.

As John recovered, he looked down, saw the cum. "I told you not to touch
yourself," he shouted.

"I didn't, Sir," Daniel pleaded. "It just happened."

John smiled. "Well, guess we know who's found a real cock sucker, guess we
know who does really love cock. You're gonna have one fun summer k**."

Daniel hung his head, he didn't want to hear what John was saying, it
couldn't be. He sat back on his heels looking at all the cum. He'd never
shot that much before.

Justin stood over him, he rested his cock on Daniel's head, laughed.

"Wipe it up and eat it," John demanded, sitting there with his pants still
down, smiling.

Daniel wiped as much as he could, sucked it off his fingers, continued till
it was all gone, none left. He swallowed and sat flat on the
floor. Exhausted.

John grabbed Daniel's hand, pulled him up and onto his lap. He ran his
hands through Daniel's hair, down his back, over his ass. "Yes," he moaned,
"you're gonna work out fine."

"Well thanks boss," Justin said, "guess I'm gonna head out. See you
tomorrow, you too Daniel, especially that sweet mouth."

"Give Justin's cock a kiss goodbye," John ordered, chuckling.

Daniel did. Justin pushed his soft cock into Daniel's mouth, held his head
a minute and then dressed and left.

"My clothes," Daniel squeaked. "Where are they?"

"In the closet by the door, " John answered, "hope you enjoyed all that

Daniel didn't answer. He dressed quickly. "Good night, sir," he said as he
headed out the door.

That night, Daniel went to bed without supper. He sat on his bed thinking
about the day. What bothered him the most was he couldn't stop thinking
about those cocks, those dicks in his mouth, Justin's finger up his ass. He
knew he should be pissed, disgusted, mad, but he wasn't and that bothered
him most of all. And as he sat thinking about the whole thing, his hard
cock gave him away most of all.

100% (43/0)
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1 month ago
Mmmmm fuck yeah that's what life should be like mmmmm
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2nd time reading this and its just as good
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Definitely a towel boy I'd enjoy regularly... Ready for the next segment of the story now...
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Can't wait for what comes next. What a great job.
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god damn i wish i got that job
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wonderful!! thx for sharing
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Damn.... very nice story, hope there are many parts to come
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WOW! I can't wait to see what happens in Part 2. Very hot and well written.
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Seriously - this job was a great idea!
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I wish that someone had offered me that job when I was that age. Instead I joined the Navy and became a slut to any man who wanted to use my body which was probably just as much fun.
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good story
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wow very hot story, well done
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wow what a hot story. I was hoping that Daniel's dad was a member of the club, maybe that will come later. Thanks for your efforts