Rome was the city that had it all - the sights, the sounds, the nightlife. It was a fascinating ancient city by day, and a bustling hub of energy and passion by night, if you knew where to look. Liam Lovell was there on holiday for a week in the middle of July with his friends from school, celebrating the end of their time at St. Catherine’s Academy. He was free of it all, the bullies and the secrets that he had had to put up with for so many years now. And now he was in Rome, Italy’s sweltering capital, for a whole week with his closest friends in the world.

Except that there was one thing that he had kept secret from them - he was gay. The realisation had come a few years before when he was just over 16 years old. He had been changing at his school after P.E., and had caught sight of one of the rugby players getting out of the shower. The muscular jock had stood there for a second, as if trying to catch his classmates out with his sizeable penis, and Liam had simply stared. He took in the jock’s entire body in that second, ogling at his smooth pecs, strong arms and the distinct V that pointed down towards his meaty prize. That evening, the image had stuck in his head, and he couldn’t help but jack off his uncut dick at the thought of fucking that meathead slowly and sensually.

In the time that followed, thoughts continued, and he soon accepted that boobs and pussies could no longer turn him on. He wanted cock, and he wanted it bad. He couldn’t tell anyone, though, because he would have been beaten to a pulp. The one guy who was out in their year had once been taken outside in lunch break, out of sight from any teachers, and punched by the whole rugby team. That wasn’t the only occasion where Liam had seen him walking inside with a black eye and badly bruised jaw, and he feared what his own punishment for his sexuality would be. So Liam lay low for the remaining years at the school not telling a soul, not even his close friends. This meant that he was not sexually active. He was too nervous to go to gay clubs in his area, because someone he knew might recognise him and out him.

Little did Liam know that 18 years of virginity was soon to be lost on that fateful Tuesday evening in July. The boys had all gone to visit the Colosseum earlier in the day, and went back to the apartment they had hired to crash before dinner. When they had been walking back to the apartment, Liam had spied a black building with a neon red sign called “Stalloni”. He figured he knew what it meant, but checking in his dictionary, he saw “Stalloni (n) - stallions, studs”, which confirmed his theory. This was a gay club, finally somewhere he could explore his sexuality.

Liam was a fairly attractive 18 year old, some might even say cute. He had the look of many twinks which he had seen with their lips wrapped around a cock on the internet, with scruffy blonde hair and black rimmed glasses. He was not that muscular, with a flat stomach and thin arms, but a plump and sexy ass, which was his best feature. His own cock wasn’t bad either, standing solid at 6.5 inches, and with a noticeable girth. Sure, he was no 9 inch rugby jock like the one that had caught his eye all those years ago, but he filled out his underwear very nicely.

When they arrived back at the apartment, Liam went to the room that he shared with Fred, his best mate, and lay on his bed while the others discussed plans for the evenings. After about 15 minutes, he came back out again, coughing and speaking in a croaky voice. “Guys…” he paused and coughed loudly. “I’ve had a nap and am feeling really ill all of a sudden. You’d better go out without me, I’ll manage. Go have fun, bring me some pizza back tonight.” His acting was awful and he knew it, but the boys bought it and proceeded to leave soon, leaving him all alone in the apartment to get ready.

Liam rushed to his room to change. He stripped out of his shorts and Tshirt, looking at his naked self in the tall mirror in the room. 'Hmm, could do better', he thought as he looked at his flat chest. Three measly press-ups later, he decided against trying to make himself look more of a jock, and focussed on his clothes instead. He took out of his suitcase the tightest pair of pink boxer-briefs that he had, which gave definition to his plump ass and lifted his cock slightly. One of the benefits in Liam’s manhood was that there was not a big difference between soft and hard, so a large bulge sat in his pants, waiting for action. This was both a blessing and a curse, because he had occasionally been accused of having a boner when stripping off for P.E., something he tried so hard not to do. He also put on a pair of short, skinny shorts which allowed some of that now concealed bulge to come through, and a white cotton T-shirt with short sleeves. Looking at himself up and down in the mirror, he thought he looked pretty sexy, so he waited for it to get dark and then left the apartment.

Stalloni was brimming with sex and energy. The black and neon interior was full of tables, platforms, and most importantly men. Not just any men, but a large number of hot Italian men in skimpy clothing and trying to show off to each other. It was clear that this was not the sort of place that you left alone. The loud dance music pumped through the speakers, meaning that Liam could barely think about anything, so he focussed on the sights available to him. Liam walked up to the bar, attracting a few glances from other customers as he walked, allowing his pert bottom to sway slightly as he went, and ordered a beer.

“English, huh” said the sexy waiter, giving him a cheeky smile as he poured the drink. “We don’t get a lot of hot English boys in here. You’re going to be very popular this evening. You here... alone?”

“Yeah, just me unfortunately,” Liam replied, his brain racing to try and and figure out what exactly the bartender was getting at.

“Ah well, perhaps you want to meet someone who can give you a fun evening? We’ve got a few boys in the back, I think Rocco would have some fun with you. Tell him Alessandro sent you, and that è fresco, fa' cazzo vuo'. Got that? Enjoy, pretty boy. Buonasera.” With another smirk, Alessandro handed Liam his drink, and pointed in the direction of a corridor on the other side of the bar. Liam got up, crossing the floor with the stares of Italians continuing to be fixated on him. He felt a few hands pinching and smacking his ass as he walked, and secretly Liam loved the attention he was getting. He knew what was going to happen to him that night, and he was so ready for it.

Liam turned the corner into a corridor and saw a black door with one word on the front in electric blue lighting - Rocco. Liam knocked three times, and in no time the door opened to reveal a spectacular man. Liam blinked rapidly to ensure that he was actually seeing it, and sure enough there was still a man there after he opened his eyes again. This man was everything Liam had ever fantasised about and more. He was an average height, muscular stud, with greased back black hair and smooth tanned skin. His face was well shaven with barely any stubble, and his black eyes pierced Liam with a sexy stare as he looked the teen up and down. He couldn’t have been more than 23, but his muscular development was incredible. There must have been 12 stone of dense muscle which was pushing against his tight clothing. On Rocco’s top half was a skintight hoodie, with the zip done up just above the bottom of his round pecs, teasing Liam slightly. His shorts were just as tight, with a huge bulge sticking through the front at the top of his large muscular thighs.

“Chi sei?”, the man said in his smooth Italian voice.

“Alessandro sent me to you. He says, erm…” Liam hastily tried to remember the phrase that Alessandro had given him, not knowing its meaning but knowing that it had some importance. "He said ‘è fresco, fa'… fa’ cazzo..."

“Fa' cazzo vuo'? Good to know. Nice to meet you English boy. I am Rocco, I shall be yours for the evening, yes?” Liam nodded slowly, still trying to fully take in the situation. “Good, then you’d better come in. We’re going to have a lot of fun, and I’m going to, hehe, scopare il tuo culo”.

“What does that mean?” Liam asked as he walked into the sexy boy’s room.

“You’ll find out very soon,” replied Rocco. He lead Liam to a couch at the end of the black, dimly lit room, and sat him down. There was a pole in the centre, which Rocco stood at once Liam was sitting comfortably, his dick already growing at the sight of this Italian god before him. Rocco stood and stared right into Liam’s eyes, standing with his feet shoulder width apart. Without breaking the gaze for a second, he lifted his right hand to the zip of his hoodie, and began to move it lower and lower. Soon Rocco was topless in the room, and Liam was mesmerised by the clean set of washboard abs, his veiny, muscular biceps and pecs with large nipples that he just wanted to lick all over.

Rocco began to dance against the pole, grinding it between his firm ass cheeks and feeling himself all over as he went. His hands rubbed his chest muscles, and his pecs tensed with pleasure as he put on a sensual show. The dark room smelled of sex and oil, with its strong aromas reaching Liam’s nostrils and inhabiting his brain. Already the thought of this man fucking him senseless occupied his mind, and the guy wasn’t even naked yet. But this was soon to happen, since Rocco was already unbuckling the belt of his shorts. He slid the shorts down his legs and kicked them off, revealing the tight white jockstrap beneath.

Liam stared at the enormous bulge that the strap contained, which bounced as Rocco walked very slowly towards him, licking his lips. The muffled sound of bass reached the room from the main part of the club, and it was now mixed with the sultry deep breathing of the Italian hunk. Rocco took something from under the couch and stood over the boy on the couch. Liam saw that he had picked up a bottle of oil, knowing exactly what was going to happen to it. Rocco handed it to Liam and gave him one instruction: “I’m all yours now, English boy. Go on: Rub.”

Liam poured large amounts of the golden oil onto his hands, and then began to rub them around Rocco’s hard body. He started at the pecs, making large circles around the nipples, occasionally glancing over them as he made the stud’s upper torso shine. The oil’s smell added to the sweat which the room carried with it making for an erotic musk which the two of them basked in. As he worked, Rocco moved his crotch forwards, beginning to dance on top of Liam’s still growing crotch. He bucked his hips, making his bulge collide with the English k**’s package, while Liam’s hands continued to wander around his body. Once his tight torso was all covered, Liam began to work the entire length of his arms, feeling the biceps as Rocco tensed. Then he reached around to work his back, and Rocco decided to make his job so much easier by turning his whole body around. Liam squirted the bottle onto his back and rubbed more vigorously now, especially when he reached the Stallone’s firm ass cheeks. He kneaded them like dough, spreading them and pinching them as the stud continued to shake his package back and forth, in an almost hypnosis-inducing manner.

When all of his bare body was glistening, Rocco moved his ass back towards the boy’s face, and Liam stuck his nose up against his asshole, taking in the strong scent and licking the sweat off his bare skin below. The salty taste aroused him even more, and he continued to kneed the slippery cheeks of the Italian as he licked. Rocco turned around now to show Liam the thick hard-on which had developed in his jockstrap. He clutched the top and was about to lower them when Liam said “No, wait!” and grabbed the bottle of oil once again. Rocco stopped, and allowed Liam to drench his covered meat-pole in oil, making the white material stick to his skin and display the definition of his bulbous cock-head and thick muscular shaft.

Liam’s right hand reached out to the top of the covered shaft and started to stroke. He could feel heat radiating through his grip as he worked his hand along the pulsing stick. He rubbed faster and faster, and the already-huge dick strained against the fabric until the jockstrap almost ripped. “Okay okay, let’s not go too quickly” said Rocco and he moved backwards. “For a fresco, you sure know your stuff. How about we get you naked?” Liam stood up and pulled off his T-shirt and shorts as quickly as possible, until he too was in his underwear with his thick, slightly smaller cock, tenting the boxer-briefs. They stood before each other for a second, with Rocco still glistening with a mixture of oil and sweat, and then they kissed for a long and passionate minute. Their tongues did battle in that dark chamber fighting for dominance, while their hips bucked against each other, mirroring the fight above.

Their kissing and frotting became more and more intense as the second past, and the world seemed to spin with them as its centre, every action was suddenly focussed on their passion. And then they broke apart, and the split in connection caused fire to blaze in both of them. Suddenly both were a****ls, and as Rocco’s infinite black eyes continued to penetrate Liam’s soul, they removed what little clothing each had. Rocco was becoming more intense now, almost consuming Liam’s entire face as he kissed him again and again. As they kissed, Liam was pushed back across the room towards the couch, completely submitting to Rocco’s firm and strong push. At the couch, Liam’s knees buckled and he sat down as Rocco towered over him and the hard-on which currently stood tall between his legs. At Liam’s eye level was Rocco’s own offering, hovering in mid air in its thick 8.5 inch glory.

“Now normally, English boy, I would make you suck it first, just to get a taste of what will soon be inside you. I would occupy your mouth and fuck your throat so that you couldn’t even scream with pleasure. I would make you gag on all 9 inches of my hard body and beg me for more afterwards. But you’re a fresco, and a hot one at that. I want the first time that I’m inside you to be your culo, not your mouth. So you’re going to bend over for me, and I’m going to bury myself deep inside your ass.”

Liam wasted no time once Rocco’s speech was over, and hastily turned around so that he could present his virgin hole to the Italian Stallion. Rocco took the oil again from the couch, and squirted a large amount all over the boy’s milky white cheeks, spreading it around until they were tinged with gold. Then he worked his fingers around the puckered hole in the centre, loosening it slightly and preparing it for what was to come. Nothing had ever entered this part of the boy’s body, and as a result it was tight and almost unmoving to his poking fingers. This was going to require some more work. Rocco gently pushed his index finger into the boy’s depths first, and Liam gasped as he felt the other man inside of him for the first time. The entire length of the finger, helped by copious amounts of oil, slid inside making Liam’s eyes nearly roll to the back of his head. Rocco wiggled it around, moving it back and forth until Liam was ready for a second, and a moment later, a third.

Liam was positioned with his face pressed against the back of the couch, and he kept his eyes closed so as to focus on every one of his other senses. The sound of muffled bass and heavy breathing and the smell of oil and sweat continued, but this new physical sensation was added to the mix. He felt totally aware of his surroundings and was now preparing himself for that which he had never experienced. In that brief moment he tried to think of all of the things it was going to be - the pain, the pleasure, the excitement, the intimacy. He heard an Italian grunt, and felt the three fingers currently inhabiting his asshole be slowly removed. As he felt his hole close up again, there was a new feeling back there - something bigger, fatter…

Rocco now teased the boy, knowing how nervous and excited he would be. He knew that the English virgin would be expecting him to plunge in immediately, and that he was close to begging point, but Rocco drew out the moment slightly longer. He positioned the tip of his cock at the bottom of the valley between the two asscheeks. Slowly and confidently, he humped back and forth, lingering on the sensation of his dick positioned clearly before the hole, before sliding up again without entering. Every time he passed it, Liam took a sharp breath in and screwed up his eyes, suddenly scared for what was going to happen, and Rocco chucked at the sigh of relief that followed. ‘Was this boy really ready?” he thought to himself. “He’s just a k**, he doesn’t know…”

Rocco ignored his internal monologue, and started one more time from the base of Liam’s ass. This was it, and when he reached the hole this time, he altered the trajectory of his meat, so that in one slow and full push, the entire length of his cock was buried deep in the boy. Liam screamed, he couldn’t contain it. There was so much of Rocco, and he could feel him straining against the inner lining of his anus. His eyes felt like they were going to burst out of their sockets as the scream continued, and a sharp bolt coursed through his own dick, making it expand and strain to its fullest size. The scream complimented Rocco, like some acknowledgement that his endowment was appreciated, and he looked at the boy’s open eyes now filling with tears at the pain. He withdrew himself, until it was only the top half an inch of his cock left inside. Then he pushed again, and started to build up a slow rhythm as he fucked away the boy’s pain.

It took about 20 long strokes until the conversion in Liam’s mind was made. His hole was now gaping wide, as if begging for more every time Rocco withdrew, and his cries were now of intense pleasure rather than pain. He pushed his ass up higher, repositioning his body slightly and Rocco adapted, continuing to adore the feeling of the fresco’s tight hole clamped down around his shaft. He felt the boy’s body heat scorching his skin as he continued to fuck him, accelerating more now until there was proper speed in his actions. The repositioning had created the perfect angle for Rocco to enter, hitting Liam’s G spot every time and making his whole body shudder with the previously unexplored pleasure. His hands reached down to his own cock and began to stroke quickly and violently until his whole body erupted from the small hole at the end, and he ejected searing white cum onto the black couch.

Rocco chuckled, having mentally won the situation since he had managed to last longer, and placed his large hands on the boy’s hips, allowing him now to fuck with all the f***e in his body. It was as if the earth moved with every stroke and Liam continued to revel in the violent sodomising he was receiving. When Rocco finally felt ready, having exhausted doggystyle with his continued thrusts, he removed his cock from the boy’s ass and told him to turn around again. He looked at the tears which had run down the boy’s face and which signified that he had done a good job in snatching away his virginity. Liam knew what was going to happen, he’d seen it plenty of times on the internet. But he took the initiative and wrapped his lips around the Italian hunk’s rod. The taste of sweat and Liam’s own ass hit his tongue and he continued to adore these undiscovered sensory explosions. He had taken Rocco completely by surprise, and the Italian had to adjust his routine so that he was at the mercy of the English boy.

Liam knew exactly how this was done, he worked the shaft with one hand, stroking it up and down and enjoying the warmth which radiated into his palm. With the other hand he returned to feeling the stud’s ass and now feeling his sweaty balls as they hung low below the base of his shaft. And with his tongue, he caressed, beat and slurped on all 9 inches of meat, ravishing it as if he hadn’t eaten in days. He could feel the contours and veins of the shaft as he worked, and loved the sensation of the bulbous tip hitting the back of his throat every time he f***ed his head forwards. Now Rocco moaned with excitement, his hands exploring his own hairless chest and clutching at his skin with pleasure. He had never seen a virgin boy perform like this before, and he wasn’t going to last long.

“I am going to fuck your face off until you have swallowed every last drop, you hear my English?”

And with that as his only warning, Rocco now burst into the k**’s mouth, filling the dark cavern with his sticky and salty spunk. The taste excited Liam more than anything before, and he lapped it up. Rocco could see a hunger in his eyes that hadn’t been there before - it was as if he had unlocked passion in the twink and there was nothing else he wanted now. Liam got up, barely able to walk from the pounding he had received only minutes previously, and Rocco kissed him again. Liam had left over a tiny bit of cum in his saliva, and now the Italian could taste his own juices on the boy’s tongue. Their embrace could have erupted into flames, while their skin rubbed together in its sweaty state.

They broke apart. “My god, you English boy-slut! I haven’t fucked like that in a long time. You are something else. And the night is still young, we have the entirety of Rome to visit. So my question to you is - dove accanto? Where next?"

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3 months ago
man great story
6 months ago
I overlooked those Italian stories. First I quickly flew over them, but they are just too good. And then - took some time to consummating them, after several readings. Now, finally, I done it with first part.
Amazing, real novel!
And the 2nd part is waiting for me till tomorrow ...
6 months ago
I think there r more stories to tell.....
6 months ago
I wish it was me
thanks got so horny I got my dildo out and fucked myself silly