First time adventures part two

So, it was about 4 in the morning when Raj and Manu's movements woke me up. Manu reached for my limp cock, and Raj already had his erect cock at the entrance of my butthole. I gave the most wicked smile ever. Raj started to move his cock around my asshole, and then jammed it along my ass crack, and I squeezed my buttocks to hold it there.

Manu was stroking my cock and it was erect in seconds. Manu then kissed me, and started to suck and pinch my nipples. The excitement started to rise again, and Manu went on sucking and pinching till my nipples hurt and were red around. Then I pulled Manu up, sucked on his nipples and reciprocated by stroking him. In the meantime, Raj had freed his cock and was busy jerking it.

"Lets do an anal train" said Manu. I was quite excited. We quickly lubed ourselves up, knelt, and I entered Manu. He took me in smoothly, and I started to fuck him with slow, long strokes, and I could tell he was loving it as much as I was. Raj lubed me up, and entered me from behind.

Raj was gentle as always, and the sensations were overwhelming. Fucking and being fucked slowly was bliss. Manu's dick was neglected so I reached around and stroked him too, and he let out a long "mmmmmmm". I could not hold my orgasm this time, and I came, though very little. Raj came a few strokes later, and Manu came in my hand.

We were exhausted and hungry, and it was getting daylight. We wiped ourselves with a towel, and lay down to catch some more sl**p. Later in the day, we woke up, and they asked me "How was it?" "Mindblowing and sensual, and I want more." I replied. "Well, would you like to try a gangbang? We have two other friends who live nearby, I think they would love it too." said Raj.

I was getting turned on at the thought of a gangbang, but at the same time a little apprehensive of the pain I could be in with all those cocks. Raj read my mind, and reassured me it was going to be all right.

That evening, I met their friends, Vinny and Abhi, who were Raj's classmates. They lived in a rented house nearby, and they were quite eager. Our session was scheduled for the following Saturday and it meant a week of waiting and fantasizing. I was eager for another round that night but Manu said "No way. Hold your cum for a week, and don;t masturbate. It will be worth it." It was a difficult task but I was ready to agree.

It was hard trying to focus on work for the next 2 days, and it tool all my self control to keep my member under check. Several times I had the urge to jack off but resisted. In the evenings, we 3 would gather around the laptop and browse for some unique gay sex postures that we could try, as long as it was not painful.

There were quite a few that I was turned on by and couldn't wait for the weekend. The week dragged by somehow and it was Saturday again. I skipped my meals and shaved my crotch which had become prickly with new hair. And around 9pm we made our way to Vinny and Abhi's house.

I immediately took a liking to Vinny, he was my age and similar build, but quite fair and a body perfectly waxed. Without further delay, we stripped down to our underpants and spread the mattresses in their bedroom. The strange thing was their bedroom had no windows, only a small ventilator high up. It was going to hot for sure.

We locked the main door, turned off all the lights except the bedroom light, and kept that door half closed. Turned the fan on at full speed. "Okay Ashu, you're the new guy, so lets see what you've got" said Abhi. I stripped my underpants and let my member free. Vinny smiled, and the rest of them stripped too. 5 young horny men in a room, this was going to be wild.

"Lets get started" said Raj, and immediately went to work with his mouth on Abhi's cock. I pulled Vinny close to me, and kissed him passionately like a lover. I bit, nibbled, sucked, licked and squeezed him tight till both of us were gasping for breath. Then the four of them stood in front of me, cocks pointing.

I squatted on my toes and spread my legs apart, and began to suck them all off till my mouth ached. Then, we lay down and sucked each other at random, I was sucking Abhi who had a cock just like mine. Vinny was sucking me and trying to finger my asshole as well. After some minutes, Raj said "time to fuck the new guy" and I immediately bent over and begged to be fucked by Vinny.

There was a single chair and table in the room, Manu went and sat on the chair and Raj straddled him and started to give him a lap dance of sorts. In the meantime, Vinny was quick to lube his cock and my ass. Without loosening me up, he pushed straight in, and I gasped in pain. It took a few minutes for my ass to relax and the pain to subside, and Vinny kept still.

Only when I uttered an 'aaahhhh' of pleasure, did Vinny start to stroke. Abhi lay on his stomach, wriggled into place in front of me and tried to suck me. I let out the same bitchy moans of pleasure and it turned on everyone in the room harder. The next time you have sex, try moaning without a care in the world. It is a huge turn-on for you as well as your partner.

Vinny pulled out of me and lay down on his back, and asked me to ride him, cowgirl style.It was a little painful, but I was beginning to enjoy it. Vinny suddenly twitched his dick and came inside me without warning. It was a bit of a let down, but hey, there was plenty of more cock left! We had forgotten about the positions we wanted to try out, and it was good Raj reminded us.

The first was a standing 69, and Manu quickly lifted me up, turned me around and nudged his mouth around my cock, while I tried to reach for his dick with my head pointing at his feet. I gave up after a few tries as the bl**d rushing to my head was getting too much. Next, Raj and Abhi went to work while the rest of us lay and stroked ourselves.

Raj stood with one leg on the ground, the other on the chair. Abhi went down licked his butt, and then started to fuck him standing with upward thrusts. Raj's body shook with each upthrust and he let out some really pleasurable moans. It was a very erotic sight, Manu and I couldn't take it any longer, so Manu went and sat on the edge of the table.

I straddled him by placing both my legs on the edge while he held me, and slowly lowered me on to his dick. I whimpered and moaned and begged for more, and kept shaking my ass till Manu stiffened, and let out his huge load inside me.

My ass was sore and I needed a break, but I also wanted to fuck someone, and Abhi readily came forward. He lay on his back, I lifted his legs and pushed them above his head, and slowly entered him, This was my favourite position from the gay sex guide, and I enjoyed myself to the fullest while slow-fucking Abhi.

It was a sudden surprise that while fucking Abhi, Vinny came from behind and inserted his dick in me again. I couldn't take it and came hard inside Abhi, and tried to free myself from Vinny, who held me tighter, and pumped harder. The pain was getting unbearable and I was almost in tears when Vinny came again and finally left me alone. We decided to take a break.

After about half an hour we started again, the pain in my butt had subsided but I wasn't letting Vinny near my ass anytime soon. Now it was Abhi and Manu, with Abhi lying on his back and Manu straddling him, jumping up and down oh his dick. The sight of two dicks so close together, one disappearing and reappearing, was a huge turn on for me, and I went to work on Raj.

I licked his asshole, I caressed him and finally entered him again, and this time I was on my back and let him ride me. I cummed again, this time after a much longer session. Our fucking went on till late into the night, and everyone fucked and was fucked by everyone else in a variety of postures.

We caressed, licked, sucked, moaned and whimpered and thrusted and came over and over and over again, recalling which is sufficient to make me start leaking pre-cum now! Our dicks and asses were sore and red and our mouths, arms and legs ached. It was past 3am when we finally collapsed in each other's arms and drifted off to sl**p, covered in sweat and cum. I wish I could write all the details but it will become a very long story.
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so fasanating incredible story you can invite me nextime