First time adventures

I shifted to a PG accommodation last month and my room is the only one on the terrace of a 3 storey building. I share the room with two other guys, Raj and Manu. As we sat together and talked and got to know each other on the day I shifted, Raj told me that he and Manu were gay, and asked if I had a problem with that. My heart beat wildly as I confessed to being attracted to men myself, and I confessed my fantasy of having gay sex.

Manu smiled and said that it would be a great way to bond on a Saturday night, lets have some fun tonight. With a heart bursting and a body heating up, I said yes! I spent the afternoon in preparations, shaving my pubic hair and that around my butthole. I also skipped my meal in order that I may have a clean butt by night.

It was past 10pm when Raj and Manu got back from where they had gone for they evening. "Lets get started," Raj said, and we took turns in the shower. I was last to go in and cleaned up thoroughly, and emerged in my underpants, with a growing erection and a body heating up. Raj and Manu were in their boxers, on the bed, waiting for me.

It was a warm night, I switched off the light and joined them. "Please be gentle, I begged. Its my first time.""Don't worry, Raj said" You will love it. We took off our pants, and I stared at the two dicks in front of me. Manu worked out regularly and had a body to die for. His cock was thick, and of medium length, I guess 6 inches.

Raj was slim and so was his cock, but also about 6 inches long. My dick was somewhere in between in terms of girth. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed each other, and ran our hands all over. "Now service us," said Raj. He and Manu stood up on the bed, while I knelt and took Raj's throbbing dick in my mouth and Manu's in my hand.

It felt a little weird, the taste. But I soon shed all inhibitions, and took turns sucking both cocks like my life depended on it. In between I tried to stroke my own with my free hand. Manu and Raj did not try to gag me either. I stopped when my mouth started to ache.

"So who do you wanna get fucked by first?" Raj asked. I was a little apprehensive of the pain, so I chose him since his cock was thinner. "lets get to work then." I lay on my side, while Raj and Manu gently caressed my body, squeezed and sucked my nipples and stroked my cock. Then, Manu and I got into the 69 position lying sideways, and Raj went to work on my butt.

Raj opened a tube of lube, generously smeared the cool liquid on my butt, and slowly worked a finger into it. My ass resisted only for a second, before welcoming him inside. The cool lube felt tantalising. Raj put in more lube, worked a second finger, and then some more lube and a third finger. My ass clenched and unclenched as the sensations flooded me, and I f***ed myself to relax my butt.

After loosening me up, Raj ordered me to get on my knees on the bed, with my ass facing outwards. He got off the bed, and stood on the floor behind me and my butt was perfectly lined up with his dick. I bent my upper body lower, hiked my ass higher and waited for the painful thrusts to come. Raj licked my butthole and his warm tongue sent shivers through me.

I buried my head in a pillow and let out a soft moan. "I want you to moan like a bitch" whispered Raj, and I nodded. He started rubbing his dick around my opening, put some more lube onto his dick, into my ass, and pushed in.

Raj pushed the head in past my opening and stopped. My butt unclenched and clenched, trying to f***e him out and I struggled to relax it. I was able to relax it soon, and Raj slowly started rotating his hips in circular motion. And then, slowly, bit by bit, he pushed all the way in. It hurt.

My ass started to clench again, and I struggled to relax it. Slowly, the pain subsided, while Raj stayed still inside me, not moving. And then, the sensations began to be felt, the warmth of the dick and the coolness of the lube. Raj started rotating his hips slowly again and I let out a long low whimper. He then started to slowly thrust inside me, and I let out moans of pleasure like a bitch in heat.

This was it, I was getting fucked by a man and I was loving it. I slowly lifted my head, and called Manu who was feeling neglected, so that I could suck him off. Raj went on thrusting slowly, and then asked me to rear up, and he caressed my body so gently, it felt like electric currents. Manu bent over and sucked my cock for a few moments before starting to caress me too.

I felt like I was in heaven. The sheer friction of skin against skin and my moans and whimpers were erotic. I closed my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity in bliss, Raj asked me if I was willing to let him come inside me and I quickly agreed. With a loud grunt, Raj ejaculated and I could feel every twitch of his dick as he spurted six long hot shots of load inside me, and collapsed on top of me.

Manu wanted to get a go at me too, and I was quite eager despite my ass feeling quite sore. "Fuck me Manu, I want more" I said. Manu quickly lifted me up in his arms, strong guy that he is, and tried to insert his dick in the standing position itself. It was quite painful and I begged him to stop.

So Manu lifted me, and placed me on my back on the table in our room, he lifted my legs high in the air, keeping one on his shoulder, lubed himself and me up, and entered me. My already loose asshole welcomed him, and through his thrusts I gazed at him, moaned like a bitch as he came inside me, twice as hard as Raj had.

We lay down, covered in sweat, panting, my ass feeling sore but my cock feeling highly dissatisfied. "Now its our turn to get fucked by you," said Raj. He quickly started to suck me off while Manu started to suck Raj off. As soon as I felt the slight sensation of my own orgasm approaching, I asked him to stop. Now it was my turn, I turned Raj over, lubed up his butt and my throbbing cock, and entered him.

The feeling of entering a real ass can never come close to masturbation. Warm and tight, his ass throbbed as I slowly pushed in. "Fuck me hard without a care in the world" said Raj, and so I started thrusting. I tried to caress his body too, but Raj and Manu were already doing a 69 and did not react. I counted 25 of my own strokes and then I could not hold it, and I cummed hard inside Raj, my hot dick spurting out 7 shots.

Manu wanted to be fucked too, and wanted to be lifted and fucked. He was heavy, so I sat on the edge of the bed, Manu straddled me, I entered him,and started thrusting upwards. I had come once and it would take time before I cummed again. So after about 2-3 minutes, I put Manu on the table, and fucked him the same way he fucked me. I went on and on till my dick started to ache, and finally I came.

"Mindblowing" was my only reaction. We were exhausted and our throats were parched and we were covered in sweat and traces of cum. We took a shower, joined our beds and snuggled together. Raj was on one side of me, Manu on the other. We kissed, put our arms and legs around each other and drifted off to sl**p naked.

It was about 4 in the morning when their movements woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Manu reaching for my cock and I could feel Raj's erect dick at the entrance of my asshole. I gave the most wicked smile ever. And the fun began again.
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8 months ago
I think we all want that invitation! Thanks for sharing such a hot well written story!
8 months ago
so fucking hot and erotic hope you can invite me nextime
8 months ago
I always enjoy a good writer
Thanks for posting this.
8 months ago
My 1st time was not that glorious, but if I put together some of best experiences, I can came closer :)