Twins have fun

Scott and Luke Pascal had just celebrated their shared 17th birthday. The twins were physically identical in every sense - they had the same electric blue eyes, the same short dirty blonde hair, the same devilish grin when they got away with something wicked. But their similarities didn’t stop at their faces. For the two had well sculpted bodies which they had worked on together for many years. Hours every week were spent in the gym, giving them perfection in their physiques. In truth, Scott was slightly more muscular, but neither one said anything. To each other, they looked like one and the same person.

To any outsider, the sight of two hench, 6 foot, s*******n year olds might be an intimidating one, but they were good natured and kind, most of the time. The only occasions when they broke from this was when they were exercising their love of pranks. A particular favourite of the twins was dating the same girl at once, who was under the impression that there was only one of them. Scott usually made the first move, being the suaver of the two, then Luke would go on the first date. Scott would be the first of them to fuck her, being gentle and romantic, then Luke would see her next and give her a rougher ride. So far their record was untarnished - they had managed to keep a relationship going with one girl for 3 months, always alternating between dates.

One time, she had been riding Luke particularly hard, and when he had ejected a large amount of cum onto her, he had gone into the bathroom to clean up. Scott, who was hiding in there, then came out with his identical boner and gave her a second go. For an entire evening, they had continued to swap while the girl’s remarkable stamina had continued, both of them getting the opportunity to do numerous obscene things to her. They enjoyed the arrangement and both got a lot out of it - the two of them couldn’t have been happier. The arrangement wasn’t restricted to girls either, since the twins had recently discovered a shared bisexuality. They had fucked the same guy in one night, but never each other - not that it hadn’t crossed their minds every once in a while...

A week after their birthday, the Pascal f****y had gone on holiday to Majorca for some sun and relaxation. For Luke and Scott, this meant a bit of showing off on the beach, since both had tanned and toned bodies. Every day they would walk outside in nothing but sunglasses and small trunks and stand on the beach tensing and waving at passing girls, and occasionally guys. They loved the attention they were receiving, and many girls ogled at the hunky twins as they went past. The toned abs, large pecs and biceps were a lot to gaze at, and the seductive poses the boys were putting on helped to create a sensual show.

After half an hour of exhibiting their fine bodies, Luke leant over to Scott and said “I’ve got an idea, there’s something I want to show you”. Luke lead his twin back to their hotel room, and revealed from his bag two matching jock straps. “No way!” said Scott, grinning and loving the idea his b*****r had formulated. Luke simply nodded and tossed Scott one of the straps. When the b*****rs had both changed, they went outside and sought an open part of the beach, but far away from the eyes of their parents.

The jocks hid very little, and accentuated what little was hidden. The large bulges which protruded from both boys loins would make any girl gasp, and once the two had chosen a good position on the beach, that reaction was not the only one they got. The tensing continued, and went even further than before. At one point Luke, with the encouragement of his twin, put his hands behind his head and bucked his hips, making the large bulge bounce up and down, up and down. Girls and guys alike gazed at the large concealed packages of the twins, who had no shame in what they were displaying.

As the show continued, the twins began to remove whatever boundaries existed with both the patrons of the beach, and each other, becoming more extreme with their actions. One young woman in a large bikini was making a sand castle, and had made eye contact with them as they stood there. Scott ran over to her, took his covered bulge in his hand and shook it in her face, much to her laughter and delight, before running back to his b*****r who was guffawing at the sight. The woman winked back at him, signalling her approval, and both twins turned around simultaneously to display and tense their smooth buttocks. The twins became more touchy feely with each other very soon, with Luke smacking his b*****r on the ass several times, and Scott reciprocating with a few large squeezes.

They were getting more turned on by the minute, and noticeably so, since both boys had begun to raise the small material covering their manhoods with sizeable erections. They turned to each other, the air brimming with erotic tension and stared into each others’ eyes, trying to figure out if the other was thinking the same thought as them. As Luke leaned in to bite the bullet, Scott realised he had been right as well, and also leant forwards into the kiss.

In that very moment, which felt like an age, every taboo was broken as their tongues swirled together in intense passion. People from the beach stared at the two teen guys locked together at the lips, but the twins didn’t care. They breathed as one, and their bulging cocks rubbed together from the proximity of their bodies. Their entire bodies tingled, and for a moment, the entire world was forgotten. The twins, ever competitive as they were, fought with each other as they kissed, their tongues battling in the dark cavern to gain control.

And then they broke apart, and only one thing was on their mind.

The two of them sprinted back to their room, firm tanned asses still on display and bulging rods bouncing as they ran. Luke arrived at the locked door first, and bent over to find the key under the mat where they had left it. When he stood back up to unlock the door, he fumbled out of excitement, and took a while to fit key into lock. Scott had no such problem, and as his twin moved the key towards the door, he pushed his concealed cock into the bare asscrack of his twin, humping up and down between the two cheeks. Luke moaned and stopped for a moment in his action, just to feel the pulsating member, identical to his own, rubbing against his sensitive ring. Then he came back to his senses and unlocked the door to the room.

They ran inside, and immediately were on the bed, Scott on top of Luke, once again kissing each other and rubbing their dicks together. Scott started to move down as he continued to kiss. He placed his mouth atop each pec, feeling the muscle beneath as he went, and swirling his tongue around and across his b*****r’s nipples. Again he continued down, kissing Luke’s bulging and veiny biceps and his smooth, hairless abs. Scott placed his hands on his b*****r’s waist, and started to lower the jock strap, which had shown so much and concealed so little. Luke did the same to his b*****r, and soon both twin’s 7 inch members were out in the open and throbbing.

It was only now that they were fully naked that you could see just how identical the twins were. They had the same pert, muscular ass, the same shaped helmet on their large cocks, and the same vein going up the side of the shaft. “Dude, go fuck yourself…” said Luke, once again exhibiting that cheeky grin. “This is as close as I can get, but with pleasure”, Scott replied, smiling back as Luke began to kneel before his b*****r. He placed his hands around his b*****r’s body, one on each cheek, and just breathed in for a second, smelling the stench of his b*****r’s sex. It smelt of man - a mixture of sweat, testosterone and cum - and made his own cock bounce with excitement. Neither twin had been with a man in a good while, so the thrill of returning to those pleasures excited both of them. Scott too placed a hand on his b*****r, but on the back of his head, and the other on the base of his large shaft, angling it downwards.

Scott pushed and Luke pulled, and their erotic Ying and Yang met with Scott’s cock hitting the back of Luke’s warm and wet throat. The moment that contact was made, an electric bolt jerked up Scott’s entire body and made him moan loudly. Luke was encouraged by the sound, and began to work at the shaft, rubbing and sucking all at the same time. His wet tongue swirled the dick around in his mouth, flitting cross his twin’s large red cockhead. Scott pushed his b*****r further, and soon Luke was gagging on all 7 inches of man - the subtle mixture of pleasure and pain was only a teaser for what would come later. Scott began to move back, with Luke’s lips still firmly wrapped around the base, and the twins repositioned themselves so that Luke was now on top of his twin, with his cock positioned over his b*****r’s lips.

Instead of passively lying there like Scott, Luke took a different approach to being blown, and humped his b*****r’s mouth. Scott merely opened wide and received the thick meat which was being offered to him. He too licked, slapping the dick with his tongue and making gagging noises which he knew his b*****r would love. The pair of them gave and received together, and moaned together, the bed shaking with their homoerotic pleasures.

Luke came up for air first, and crawled forwards across his b*****r’s naked and ripped body until his ass was high up in the air above Scott’s head. Scott rolled over and got up, spreading the firm asscheeks apart to reveal and stretch the tight hole before him. He moved forwards, and with the tongue which had previously done so much good work, he poked at his twin’s puckered hole. He wetted the hole, licking inside and out until he deemed it wet enough, while Luke rubbed himself out of enjoyment, almost cumming in the process. Scott then started to use his fingers on the hole, starting with one which he inserted and removed, back and forth. Then two, then three fingers were entered together, until the boy’s hole was looser and ready to receive a large object - his twin’s huge dong.

Scott moved again, while Luke stayed put, and prepared himself for what was to come. Scott was now kneeling before his bent-over b*****r, his large member firmly positioned in front of the now prepared hole which his twin was offering. He spat on his hand and rubbed his dick so that the pain would be less for both of them.

“You ready b*o?” Scott said in a husky tone. “Go for it. Fuck. Me. Now.” Luke replied, and Scott obliged. It felt so intimate and so raw, with Scott gradually pushing more and more of himself into his b*****r. Luke moaned in pain, still unprepared for the full 7 inch b**st entering him, but it was a good sort of pain, which he would enjoy in a few moments. Scott felt the warmth of his b*****r’s insides around his throbbing cock, and started to pump his ass, accelerating constantly until he built up a steady rhythm. Luke pulled his arms back to spread his ass cheeks wider, allowing his small hole to gape more and increase the amount of cock he could take. Scott leant over and embraced his twin’s torso, feeling his strong, large pecs and massaging his upper body.

The moment saw the two of them united as one monstrosity of muscle, the stench of sweat and sex swirled in the humid air and their breathing synchronised. The tightness which they shared made both moan loudly and sensually until the room was filled with the smell and noise that they were creating. The angle which Scott had creating while rutting into his b*****r had hit the perfect spot up Luke’s ass, and with every pump, waves of pleasure rippled through Luke’s tight body. Soon, with Luke pleasured well and Scott getting tired, it was time to switch, and they both stood up and got off the bed. As they walked, both boys’ large cocks bounced and swayed.

Scott was ahead, and walked over to the wall, on which he placed both of his hands flat. Luke walked up behind him and positioned his cock, covered in lubricating pre-cum, in front of Scott’s hole. He too embraced his b*****r, exploring the front of his body with his hands, and kissing the back of his neck slowly and precisely. Then he too began to fuck, and gave long, slower strokes than his b*****r, making Scott enjoy the full length. The lack of lube made it all the more tight for both of them, and the intense pleasure coursed through their entire bodies. As Luke bucked his hips, Scott turned his head to stare into his b*****rs eyes, and Luke leant in to taste his tongue again. In their kiss, the salty sweat of their own cocks was shared, while Luke continued to feel his b*****r’s thick biceps and pump his firm ass.

They continued to share sex for what felt like an eternity, but soon both recognised that their time was almost up. Both were filled to bursting with cum. “It’s time. Get down for me, I want you to taste every last drop” moaned Scott in-between pants, as he felt the final stroke of his twin. Luke obliged and knelt down before his b*****r’s dick, licking and sucking on his large, bursting balls. Scott’s dick felt absolutely raw, but he pumped its entire length with his firm grip until soon, white strands of sticky cum shot into the air and landed slap bang in the middle of Luke’s face.

Fulfilling his b*****r’s command, Luke lapped up every last drop of salty cum from his face, and swallowed it as if it was a refreshing cocktail. But now it was Scott’s turn to taste their f****y elixir. Scott lay flat on the bed, while Luke positioned his groin above his twin’s face, and angled his throbbing meat towards Scott’s mouth. Scott returned to kneading the ass of his twin, as his throat was fucked by his b*****r. As the pumping got faster, every muscle in Luke’s body seized up, and he pushed one more time, making Scott choke while he had 10 ropes of his b*****r’s semen blasted down his throat.

When the juice exchange was over, the b*****rs got up once again and kissed passionately to share the taste of their own produce one more time. Then, with semis still displaying a very large size, they got back into their jockstraps and walked outside. Their bodies glistened in the sun, the sweat dripping down their pecs, abs and asses. And their shows continued on the beach, resorting to even further wickedness in front of the eyes of the other residents. But neither twin cared - they both loved and fucked each other deeply, and knew that every beach-dweller was thinking the exact same thing: “I wonder whose is bigger…"

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4 months ago
Please say they will be a part 2 someday?
6 months ago
Excellent writing! Hot, sexy story, thanks for posting it!
7 months ago
I'm so hard amazing story. I've always fantasised about twins.
7 months ago
Hot story,got me hard and stroking.
7 months ago
So very hot and well written! Had to favorite.....
8 months ago
8 months ago
Good story
8 months ago
It's midnight, but I'm going in bed earlier, with a hardon - hope I'll dream something about that!
8 months ago
got me so damn hard! i want to have sex with them!!!
8 months ago
damn ab! got me hard and shot a load! would love to have a twin sandwich someday! AWESOME da man!! xoxox Troy
8 months ago
very hot! any more stories with these 2 bois?