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I'm:Adán, 27
From:United States
Languages:English, Spanish, Italian
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Education:Associate degree (2 years college)
Star sign:Virgo
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Grey
About Me
Hello and welcome to my profile the most important stuff at top (profile picture is not me)

update 15 August 2014
I clean out users every day so if you retire for a short time you will have to request friendship from me again
My profile is now open to all registered users if you request friendship from me please have some type of gay material seeing how I am 100% gay if you have straight material I don't mind but their needs to be a good mixture of both types for me to accept friendship I don't accept very many couples so don't be offended if you request friendship and I decline. I will usually post a response to your request explaining why I declined you please do not take offense to this I am just trying to help you become one of my users. I usually will post the comments on your profile and then send a private message if you request friendship a second time. However if you send a third request without contacting me or making changes to your profile so I can see your material I will block you it's nothing personal it's just a way to keep my friends list down there needs to be some type of friendship or mutual respect between me and other users if I am showing you what I like why can't you show me what you enjoy ? That's my philosophy My photographs are set to private friends only because of someone who keeps downgrading photos for no apparent reason I am not the only one that this tactic is used against its really a shame because I like to show what I have on my profile. If you send me private messages I will respond when able to but rude, C2C requests and hi messages will be ignored so if you message me please have something to say to me.

Friend Requirements

You must be of legal age to view this content depending on your country
you must have some type of content preferably gay but I have been known to make exceptions so message me if you have questions

Information about content on this profile

[bPictures I have uploaded several hundred pictures some of me however you must be my friend to see that particular content I would love to keep my profile open to everyone but because of someone who keeps downgrading movies and pictures it is necessary for me to keep them protected . You do not need a password if you are my friend

Movies there are no original movies on this profile if there is a padlock visible you must click on the padlock and become friends person who originally uploaded the film.

Stories there are no original stories on this profile if you think I have one of your stories please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible thank you
Other information

I love my friends on this website after the last five months they are my family :-)

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4 days ago
thanks for the add
4 days ago
Thanks for the acceptance
8 days ago
Grazie per i nuovi capitoli
9 days ago
Thanks for the friendship!!!
9 days ago
Thank you!
9 days ago
I know your vacation was very special for you! Glad you made it back safely!
9 days ago
Hope you had a great VACATION
13 days ago
More bullshit from the ass-fuck Tony Orlando in the grave loser, huh, kid? Well hell, son- wear it as a badge of honor. Anybody that would jump CUNTryBLUBBERS bones must have a rock instead of a brain and whatever they call a lobotomy of the sex drive. That motherfucker is PeeeeeYewwww... and I don't mean Purdue fighting song!

Hang in their son- and hope you are enjoying the San Juan beaches if you aren't home already!

13 days ago
Just stopping in to check out your profile. Seen it linked by a lunatic on capo's page. LOL
15 days ago
Great stories and vid favorites.... always come back to check you out!
16 days ago
How are you? I haven't heard from you for a while.
25 days ago
Good BSA photos. I was the BSA decades ago and never knew about that activity. Was there a badge for sex in the woods with a man? Only if you were wearing your uniform.
27 days ago
I wish you a healthy and happy new year 2015 may all your wishes come true,

kiss Bernd
27 days ago
Bon Voyage to you good buddy! I wish you the safest travels, keep the wind over your wings, remember your best exit may not be in front of you, placing my order for a gorgeous tan and beachfront real estate. Have the greatest time and live it up...but remember to come back! I'm sure you would agree things are going very well and we'll chat and touch base as things progress. Ciao! B
27 days ago
Happy New Year
28 days ago
Yes it is apparently just like a gay bottom boys paradise. I can think of much more harsh things getting fucked repeatedly every night having three meals every single day free medical care it's like a country club LOL it like you I have nothing to do so he should sign me up… oh wait a minute he doesn't actually have any proof proof on record LOL I'm sure if he did have any semblance of any proof the FBI the CIA day or whatever would be knocking on my door right now.… We're sorry sir Jimmy McKinneysays that we have to arrest you for making in human comments about his mother LOL :-)
28 days ago
Isn't prison in the US kinda like a Mega-Bareback-Darkroom? Sure the sex gets violent but there are gangbangs at every corner ;3

Perhaps Jimmy can find some homeboys to hang out wit, be tha bottom bitch in of these cozy little places of the Arkansas Department of Correction.

Just look at these faces, all the hope & passion in their eyes!


Like this young fella...

"Damn.. Fuck.. Fuck.. Fuck.. I can't wait to get my ass split in a dribble penetration.. let me in!"


"I'm gonna find me some white boyz yo! Ain't much to do till 2045 yo!"
28 days ago
Very nice. Any chat available
28 days ago
Happy New Year, son!

29 days ago
thanks for the add nice profile!!!!
29 days ago
Grazie per aver deciso di continuare a pubblicare "College life"
29 days ago
thanks for the add dude - great profile! :)
1 month ago
Hi ab8715, have nice evening and I hope you did not misunderstood me... :-)
1 month ago
And additional, People like this guy are no lovers of partnerships of men. They are fighting against it. I am i Opposition to this People! I want to live my way and I will give People a small window and let them see some pics and vids. That guy will takes all that from us. And I am fighting against this!
1 month ago
No Iam no racist, I am for freedom an peace, but we must be against racism by all ideologies against us. And a guy who says all People on this site are wankers, is a racist. on his Profile he is baiting against this community and he has linked vids. He send me a dirty comment an I do not accept this. Thank you for your question...

So are you a racist or something? You do know that if Hitler had his way all transsexuals and good people would've been exterminated just like the Jews so I would suggest you be careful what you say and write on other people's walls
1 month ago
Great stories..love to read more.
1 month ago
Great reading your story.
1 month ago
Happy Christmas my mate x
1 month ago
I wish you nice holidays I kiss you:)
1 month ago
merry christmas one and all, wishing you all the very best. and also wishing you a very happy new year for 2015.

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