Hungry Blonde

Hungry Blonde
It was a regular pitch-black Saturday night in Ohio during the middle of February. There was snow on the ground, and freezing cold air all around. I was on my way to a party not far from the nearby college, and I was walking rather quickly because it was so cold out. I was wearing my white North Face coat, as well as black Michael Kors boots, and my long strawberry-blonde hair was capped neatly with a soft pink and black hat which protected my rather tiny ears.

I kept my hands in my coat pockets as I walked; standing 5’7 feet tall and feeling the cold air penetrate my tight jeans and enveloping my long, soft legs in an icy bitterness. Luckily, I only had to walk a few blocks until I arrived at the party. There was a few people outside drinking; all of which greeted me as I ran through the door to the warmth of the house. There was loud music playing, and quite a few hot guys present. I stood still for just a moment, debating where to place my coat, and immediately after the thought passed my mind a hand grabbed mine and tugged me into the next room.

It was a familiar face; A guy from a class I took last semester, and a friend of a few guys that I talk to semi-regularly. The room he pulled me to was quieter, and his left hand is still wrapped tightly around my right hand. He stops and turns around, eyeing me from head to toe, and back up again – before claiming he needs my help with something. “Okay, but I need somewhere to put my coat first.” – I reply.

He smiles, and claims I can use the basement since no one ever goes down there. Once we go through the door, and down the stairs, I can see why. The basement is literally pure storage. The only safe haven is a small pocket of space on the other side of the room, which is barely lit and secluded via a few walls and boxes.

The dim light-bulb barely lights the way as he pulls me toward the open space. We maneuver over boxes and un-used equipment until we finally reach the location with an actual floor. “You can just take it off and set it right here” – he says. So, a better place than the others I decide, I take off my white coat, and hat, and fold them neatly behind the concrete-type brick wall where we’re standing, and adjust my semi-tightly fitting white blouse.

“So, what do you need help with then?” – I ask. “Well Aarika…” (as he lightly sets his hands on both of my hips) “I heard how great you are at giving head, and I’ve got to feel your warm mouth on my cock.” (as he pulls himself as close to me as he can; standing slightly above me, and lightly pushing his bulge against my little belly-button)

I slowly look up into his eyes (which I’m pretty sure are staring down at my 34c breasts) and lightly bite my bottom lip; debating my next action. “I’m 9 nine inches long” – he says. “My cum is always thick too; lots of it always comes out.” – “You like that right? I overheard you mention that last year to my friend.” – he claims.

I chuckle subtlety, and smile at him. “Yeah, I like that. Puddles of warm goo being squirted down my throat and all over my body. It’s great” – I claim. (As I push him against the wall and drop down to my knees instantly) “Tell me what you want; don’t be shy” (As I unbutton his jeans and struggle to pull them down; thanks to his growing bulge)

He stutters, and murmurs that he wants to face fuck me, and smack his cock against my body. He wants to spend the rest of the night giving me his throbbing cock, and he promises I’ll love every minute of it. “And you can just let your saliva pour out of your mouth. You don’t have to swallow anything – well, except for this dick and my huge loads of cum” – he states.

I smile, and finish taking off his boxers – the jeans long gone. (he places his hands onto my head, wrapping his fingers into my blonde hair as he pulls me toward his stiff, pre-cum glazed dick. “Ooh, suck my cock baby; come on – show me how good you really are.”

My soft lips wrap tightly around the head of his penis as I grasp his shaft with both of my small hands. He immediately begins moaning, and I start to lightly glaze his pre-cum and my warm saliva up and down the entire length of his shaft. I watch his huge, cum-filled balls sway back and forth under his groin as he thrusts back and forth; pushing his dick into my warm, inviting mouth. His grip on my head grows tighter, and his thrusts grow more intense. The head of his cock is sliding back and forth on my tongue, and my saliva that I can’t swallow starts to seep out from between my lips and his rock-hard shaft.

“Gag on it Aarika, you slut.” – he mumbles. I look up at him, and take my hands off his shaft; placing them onto the back of his thighs; and I begin to pull myself further down onto his dick – feeling the throbbing cock-head twitch as it pushes further down into my throat. I can feel the pre-cum drizzle out as he thrusts; feeding me the appetizer of his warm gooey seed.

He keeps thrusting, harder and faster – literally glazing the inside of my mouth and throat with pre-cum and forcing my wet saliva out through my lips – which cover his entire shaft and drip down onto his big, swaying balls. “Oh fuck.. *he moans* I bet you like that sloppy wet sound you little cock whore” – “Feeling this pole pound your little mouth; forcing your saliva out onto this cock and your firm little tits.”

He begins to lean over me; pulling my head further into his groin and thrusting his hips as hard as he can toward my face. His ass is against the wall and there is nowhere for me to go; my hands losing grip on his thighs as most of his length is being shoved down my little throat. “I’m gonna cum you little bitch; right into your flat little stomach.” (He continues thrusting, and my eyes begin to roll back into my head; I don’t know how I’m not gagging… I can’t breathe anymore..)

Just then, he moans super loudly – his back arches outward and his cock is thrust out as far as it can go. Six audible squirts burst down my throat. Full length squirts of hot sticky goo; one, two, three…. Four, five, six.. – It feels like a huge puddle of thick salty mush sliding down the edges of my throat, and dripping into my stomach. His hands still grasping my hair between his fingers, and his big, thick, saliva-glazed cock is mostly still in my mouth.

He looks down at me; smiling. Simultaneously, I hear voices of approaching men, and this guy say to me.. “Ooh Aarika.. You’re such a little cum slut.. I bet you liked being fed that huge fucking load, didn’t you?” As I push myself off his dick, and gasp for air… the head of his cock smearing cum all over my chin as it falls out of my mouth. (He pets my hair, and asks.. “Why don’t you clean off my empty balls you little whore?” – * As he tosses his shaft onto my head and places his balls on my lips.* “There you go baby; all for you!” – he claims.

Before I even finish gasping for air, two other males walk into our little confined space – and stand in awe as they see some exhausted guy placed between a wall and this blonde headed girl, and his cock resting on her head as she’s attempting to breathe.

They chuckle. One of them asks.. “What’s going on here b*o? Feeding yourself to a hungry puppy?” – The exhausted guy replies.. “Yeah; I asked if she’d like to take a few loads and she willingly accepted!” – I stare at all three of the males; turning my head away from the cock resting on my head, and smile. – “Well, we wouldn’t mind helping to fill her up if she wouldn’t mind servicing us a little” – the two newly arrived males claim; in semi-unison.

The exhausted male asks. “So what do you say Aarika – Want to take a few extra loads tonight?” – I reply.. (while cleaning up my face with my fingers; feeding any remaining cum to myself) “Sure; as long as they can deliver” – I state, with a wink. (;

So I stand up briefly. I take off my now wet, white cotton blouse – and one of the new males (a rather short black man) unbuttons, and removes, my tightly fitting jeans. The man I was with prior is jerking himself, trying to get ready for what’s to come, and the last of the two new arrivals is complimenting me on my fine ass and firm, supple breasts.

As soon as the two new guys finish taking off their own clothes, they all begin to walk around me… groping my body and rubbing their dicks against my soft skin. “So, Aarika... you like to take thick cock in that little mouth of yours?” – asks the black man. “Yes, I do” – I reply.

“What about taking cock in that tight little pussy you’ve got there?” – asks the newly arrived, taller than me, white male. – “Well of course I like cock inside my little pussy” – I reply. “In fact, maybe I like a few thick creamy loads in there too!” – I claim.

“Enough talk!” – yells the recovering male who’s standing tall with his stiff penis sticking out. “Let’s give this little cum dump what she wants.”

I smile in excitement as the black male orders me to my knees. He tells me to get into doggy position, so he can pound my little slit with his throbbing rod. So I obey – Getting onto my hands and knees, and sticking my little ass out into the air; All while the two white males stand in front of my face; their dicks sticking out and twitching continuously. – I can feel the black male lowering himself behind me. His hands rubbing firmly against my ass… and sliding up to my hips, as he slowly rubs the head of his stick prick against my wet slit.

The two white males begin rubbing their cocks against my lips… smearing their pre-cum against them, and calling me dirty names while they do it. They tell me they’re going to feed me both of their dicks at the same time, and cum in my hair, my mouth, and all over my tiny little ears. (I just went with it when the mentioned the ears) – The black male claimed he was looking forward to pumping his seed deep into my warm cunt, then blowing a few more loads all over my ass and the rest of my lower body.

I was excited, to say the least! So I began to lightly lick the heads of these thick white cocks, and simultaneously await the feeling of the black mans’ dick pressing deep into my tight slit. I licked, and faintly sucked both heads of these thick penises… and out of nowhere, the black man shoves his dick all the way inside me, unannounced, forcing me to screech loudly (which was immediately canceled out thanks to two cocks being shoved into my mouth)
I was being fucked hard from behind. The black male was sliding his rod all the way in, and mostly all the way out… then shoving it all the way back into my warm cunt over and over again. The two white males both had their hands on my head, and both of their cocks pressing against the inside of my cheeks within my warm mouth. I loved it. I was having a heck of a lot of fun, and I was pretty confident these three guys were enjoying themselves too!

“Stick your tongue out slut!” – “Yeah bitch; open wide for this dick” – cry the two white males. – I look up into their eyes, and open my mouth wide open; sticking out my long, wet tongue for them to slap their cocks on – All while rocking my hips back and forth to help the male fucking my little slit, to get even more of his thick rod inside me.

The two guys smile as they begin slapping my wet tongue with their saliva-glazed dicks. The audible sound of liquids splashing was sort of exciting to hear, and from what I could gather, something threw the two guys over the edge… because their penises started to pulsate and twitch, and immediately after - they both began squirting long, thick, gooey lines of cum out from that little slit on the head of their dicks. It was endless! They were moaning, pulling my hair, calling me a slut, bitch, whore, cum-dump, and dirty cocksucker all while their loads were completely covering my hair, my nose, and the rest of my soft face.

The black male saw the two cumming, and fell over the edge too! – He began thrusting his cock deep inside me, and unloading his entire pool of cum into my little body. His hands tugging on my hips, and his words pleasing my ear… “Oooh shit; take my cum bitch – I’m filling up your little stomach with my jizz you whore!” – Over and over, I could feel his thick penis twitching inside me, and squirting endless streams of cum deep inside my tight wet pussy (which I was helping him release his wonderfully gooey load, by milking him with my groin. (; )

When they were finished, they were all panting. My insides feeling warm and sticky, and my face dripping clumps of sperm-filled cum down onto my chin, and down my neck. It was a form of paradise. Cum everywhere – Warm gooey sensations on, and inside, my body. It wasn’t over though! They all simply rotated around my body. Each one pumping their seed into my pussy, and each one of them blowing their huge sperm-loads all over my face, my ass, and my hair. My ears were dripping cum off of them.

Best of all, my stomach was feeling full – finally. All the warm, yummy cum had begun to fill me up! When the three felt they were about to be completely empty, I made one request. I wanted them all to cum in my mouth at the same time, so that I could swallow it all down – Right in front of them. (:

So they all stood around my face; and helped me up slightly so that I could sit on the floor, and be level with all of their groins. They were rubbing their thick cocks on my face, and scooping up each-others cum on the ends of their dicks, and feeding it to me. Like spoonful after spoonful; and it was great. Every once in a while one of them would take a few seconds to brutally thrust their dick down into my throat, just for fun. They were calling me many hot, dirty names.

At the end, I held my mouth wide open with my fingers, and stuck my tongue out – All three cocks being masturbated right in from of my face… Until each of their balls started to release the sperm; and load after load began to f***efully squirt into my mouth; glazing my teeth and the inside of my cheeks – My tongue had mounds of goo sitting on it… and when they finished… what I hadn’t swallowed, I playfully played with – Letting them watch as each-others cum was sitting in my little mouth… Being swished around and dribbled out… until I tossed my head back and swallowed every last sperm. --- It was at that point, that I had my fill of cum, and was no longer hungry.

However, morning comes pretty quickly when you’re having fun! And breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (;

-> Written by user: Aarika / for / I explicitly DO NOT give my permission for my story to be posted anywhere else.
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1 month ago
I'm glad you enjoy it! ;D
1 month ago
i honestly lost count how many times i have read this and how many times it has made me blast a load a bit too soon. this is a awesome story x
1 month ago
eat my loard
8 months ago
Very well thought out. Loved it, very nice read.
8 months ago
Nicely written, creative, surprising . . . Erotica is difficult to do so well. Brava!
8 months ago
This is one of the hottest stories that I have ever read! I'd love to read more filthy stuff like this from you.
10 months ago
Great story...wish you would come ride my long cock and take my load;)
10 months ago
Oh my god, this was so awesome. I was jacking off the whole time I was reading. I actually had to stop for a while so I could finish the story. Good job!
10 months ago
I do like submissive women
10 months ago
I'm glad you enjoyed those details! I've put them into every story I've ever written (of this genre) for quite a number of years. I'm happy to hear they're noticed. (:
10 months ago
I'm glad you liked it! (: - I also agree; I find it quite exciting to be submissive at times. ;p
10 months ago
love it, the fact that you were so obedient makes it even hotter
10 months ago
amazing story, love all the little details you put in to it :)
10 months ago
Thanks! (;
10 months ago
I wish all parties were that awesome. Good story.
11 months ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it! (:
11 months ago
Great story... very hot!