Me and my boyfriend

Well its my first time to write here so please bear with my story I hope you like it :)

It was my first time to have a boyfriend and i never thought that he will also be the one who will take my virginity. It started when we first text each other, im younger than him so he treated me like a lil s****r later have I known that he loved me more that a lil s****r. He confessed his feelings then we started dating. It was our first date when we he kissed me. I was talking to him in their living room (his parents are gone) then he when I faced him he kissed me suddenly I was shock. We went upstairs in his bedroom we sat in his bed then he whispered "Nie. Can I kiss you again?" I didnt hesitate then we kissed each other in a long time. We just keep on kissing as he lock his hand in mine.He stop then he looked at me intently the he smiled "Your my first kiss Nie" . I was so shocked "I thought you had 2 gf already" then he answered "yea but your the only one that I have kissed" Then he kissed me again ..he opened my mouth using his lips then inserted his tongue.We french kissed it was madness im beginning to feel something in my underwear. After that we got tired as his parents came. Its okay for them me hanging out there for they know me already. After weeks and months of dating we went again in his room that time he made me sit on his lap. We were kissing each other so wildly i was touching his face as I pushed my lips into his. He touched my face then he went down...He touch my breast I was enjoying the feeling as he play with my breast. He lift up my tshirt not the whole but til my breast only then he began licking it as he squeezed the other. I was moaning in the euphoria im feeling. He just keep doing that then he went back kissing my lips we kissed like there are no more days to come then he remove the buttons of my jeans and he inserted his hand as he bit his looking in his eyes I can see right through him that he wanted me so bad plus I can feel his penis being hard under his jeans. He inserted his finger in my vagina and then I started moaning. "shhh dont be so loud baby someone might come home" he whispered then i said u*********sly "Faster baby faster...insert two fingers" he smiled then he inserted his two fingers and I was crying and shouting because of pain its like his piercing my vagina out. As i cried he bit his lower lip then he smiled."I want you so bad baby..I want to eat your vagina". I dont know what happened but my body reacted when he said that my nipples hardened he I place his left hand under my shirt then he pinch it and lick it as he fuck my vagina using his finger and because of that I shouted because it feel so great. When he got tired i opened his jeans then played with his penis. I looked at his penis then said to myself *fuck its so big* I looked at him as he loved it when im adoring his big cock. I began licking it and inserting it in my mouth he moaned *baby ohhh.where did you learn that..yes yeas faster faster yes yes ahhhhh Its comming out ahhh" as he held my hand and made push and pull it in his penis then he expelled his cum into my mouth .It was hard coz its so big so I cant really swallow that easily. Then he pushed me under his bed "Baby I want you so bad please baby I love you so much" .I kissed him then he removed my shirt after that he played with my breast I was moaning again then he licked me then remove my pants then lick my vagina " yea..lick me lick me more baby!" I shouted he smiled "sure baby. I hope youll like what i will do" he said then he lick me faster faster then as he put his thumb in my clitoris. "yes baby yess" .He went under me then kissed me again. he placed his cock in my vagina opening then he inserted it easily because I was so wet. He pushed himself to me "baby it it hurts " I said as I feel the pain as my hymen break "Yes baby i want you so bad baby ill be gentler" he said. "it hurts baby ...ouchhhhhhhhhhh" I shouted as tears flow into my cheeks and as i held his back. After that he went inside me then out faster and faster and faster the pain is no longer there but pure feeling of greatness. I can feel his cock as he went faster and faster "baby yes baby faster baby!" i shouted as he bit his lip and he went faster I can feel his penis inside me so hard.He moaned then whispered "baby your so delicious I want you more and more" as he went faster and faster and as I shouted."Im cumming baby im cumming " he said "wait for me baby" I shouted in euphoria. After that he went faster then we both shouted as we both release our cum..he breath heavily as i catch my breath I can feel his penis throbbing inside me.."I love you so much baby" he said then kissed me..after that we slept at each other side :)
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yes good
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Good story