I Was Her Pet (an almost true story)

I knocked on the door not sure what to expect, my knuckles seemed sweaty and I was a little stiff, obviously nervous. The drive to her apartment wasn't twenty minutes but I was very excited, this was going to be a fun new experience.

After chatting on-line for a couple of weeks she agreed to meet, both our interests and concerns seemed to line up, neither of us would find a better opportunity. I liked to please a woman no matter what it took, and confided to her that I had a bit of a submissive side. She was so concerned that someone might recognize her that she never sent a picture or met anyone in real life from her on-line play. Most importantly she liked the idea of taking control.

From beyond the door I heard footsteps, silence and then, "I see you, and it's not what we agreed upon". I realized instantly that she was watching me through the peep hole. "Oh sorry" I replied a little startled. I reached into my pocket and took out a blindfold, slipped it over my head, and tightened the strap, this thing was not gonna come off. "So you will do whatever I ask?" The sound was muffled and nervous probably a lot like mine. "I would like too, I mean yes whatever you say" I replied. She already knew my limits I should have simple said yes.

"Ok then, strip," I hear a little joy in her voice, sounds like she is loosening up.

"Here?" I ask, "there are like 20 doors on this floor what happens if someone comes?"

"So your questioning me already?"

"No No, I'll do it." I really did want this to happen but already my limits were being pushed. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, listening for the slightest noise, I slid my shirt off off found the door handle and hung it. I then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, that's when the elevator noise hit me. Nervous I grabbed my shirt and started to put it back on, it's then the sound started to fade.

"Chickening out already?" The voice mocked me.

"Sorry I just thought I heard something"

"So what if you do, now strip"

I had to continue. Soon my pants were off and I was only in my tight boxers. "Is this ok?" I inquired.

"Oh no, I want you all the way nude" The sexy voice came back.

And with a nervous sigh I slid off my last rag. "May I come in?"

"First turn around I want to see your bum" and so I gave a little twirl. "Now go on your hands an knees". That's when the door opened and she put a collar around my neck. "Come on in my little pet" she pulled a the leash and I followed on all fours.

Part II
My pet had arrived and I was excited, and nervous. I’ve been pretty wild on-line but not in real life, and never like this. On-line it’s so easy and men are more than willing to undress for me on webcam and all I ever had to do was turn on my microphone. When the blindfold was suggested I decided to take a chance and invite this one over. There were so many things I have wanted to try, or seen in porn or read about now I would have a chance.

I never thought he would have the nerve to get naked in the hallway. I almost wish the old lady down the hall came out, oh well. It was hot the way he promptly executed my orders, well not so promptly but still he did it. He followed me in, walking on his hands and knees, and I put his cloths on the corner table right by the door. As I lead him down the hall over my new Ikea rug I realised that I was turned on, and getting more so by the moment.

“You’re a good pet”, I said wanting to break the silence.

“Thank you, I’m your pet to use however you like”

“I like the sound of that”

By then we were in the living room. I put down the leash and walked around the boy taking in his nakedness. My finger nails caressing and scratching him as I walked around his pale body, and very white bum. This whole thing was sexy and I was getting moist. I took the leash in hand and sat on the sofa. I lifted my skirt, removed my panties and quickly rubbed my clit soon I was dripping wet.

I pulled on the leash to bring his face closer in between my legs and scooped some juice on my finger. “Does my pet want to taste some of his mistress juice?” With no answer required he was licking my fingers in an instant.

“Now lick me properly”

He lifted his hands placing them on my thighs and separating my legs even more.

His tongue caressed my inner thigh working it way up. When it finally reached my pussy I was so wet. He lapped it all up like the good dog he was, and started to lick. His tongue explored my pussy moving up and down rhythmically. One of my hands clench a pillow while he other caressed his hair, I wanted to feel his movements. I was moaning by then and with each loud utterance he moved more vigorously. I grabbed his hair in a tight fist and pulled him towards me.

"Right there, yeah" I heard my breathy voice say. "Oh yeah lick me just like that". My hand f***ed him up and down nice and slow, exactly where I wanted him. I probably kept this up for a dozen minutes it was hard to tell. "Lift my legs higher". As he did I f***ed his head down to lick my ass, and he did, how obedient.

"That's enough" I ordered.

He pulled away breathing hard and catching his breath. He managed a meek "Thank you" between breaths.

"That's thank you mistress" I replied

"Thank you mistress, how was I?" He was almost recovered.

"I've had better", I lied.

PART III (to come)

(Part II not finished)

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